Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pretend it's Saturday.

Well, so much for my epic idea of posting more often. It's been a week. Again.

It has been a very long, very difficult, roller-coaster of a week, and I don't want to talk about it.

This post was supposed to be up on Saturday, but things were chaotic on Saturday.... and Sunday.... and I worked all day Monday. Today is the first time I've really been able to catch my breath.

So now we have more to share, because it's been a bit since I last posted, and I've been drawing rather a lot.

1.) Le Elven Queen. Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little bit like Amanda Seyfried?

Just me?

2.) Le boys from Jack's book. I actually kind of hate this picture. Something about it is off  and I can't put my finger on what. Just overall it did not turn out the way I envisioned and it bugs  me.

3.) Le sketch I did that reminded me a lot of my sister, so... here, Bella, that's for you.

4.) Le All Seeing Eyeball.

5.) Le girl that reminded me of Katniss. If Katniss was... happy.

6.) Le Franz from Brother's In Arms. (Yeah, you guessed it. Jack's book. Which I have read and you have not. Suckers.)

7.) LE ADORABLE HAPPY GIRL. I dunno. I just love her so much. I think she is adorable and cute and exuberant. I giggled when I drew her. She reminds me of a grown up Vanellope von Schweetz.

8.) Le Creepy Smiley Girl that I can't decide if I like or not. I like some about her. I don't know though. She's funny.

9.) More art for Brothers In Arms. (FYI, B.I.A. is not a romance. It is... a war story that.... it's a war story. Romance is not in it. At. All.)

10.) Le two minute sketch that I did when I was reminiscing about the ending scene from Mark of Athena. (Thus meaning, yeah, it's really rough, don't judge me.)

11.) Le other rough sketch I did was I really wanted to kill someone. 

12.) Le Studious Snakey.

13.) Even more from Brothers In Arms. (Please note how I'm trying to break them up so they're not all in one clump....)


15.) Le Angsty One. To Dad.

16.) Le Other Angsty one. Also to Dad


I think I'm going to draw a signature for put at the end of all my posts. What think you?

Which drawing is your favorite?

Until I get my signature drawn, this'll have to do. Cheers and God bless.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Involving gifs, apologies, and lameness.



How are you all?! I've been a horrible blogger.... can I hear an AMEN?

I am sorry.

I have had an attack of the busies, which consequently has resulted in a case of the lazies, and a lack of the energies.

In other words, I've have been a couch potato, who sits there and eats her troubles away.

(LIES. Eating does not make the troubles go away. It temporarily relieves stress, but leaves you feeling sad and fat.)

But anyway. Yeah. I need to figure out how to work blogging into this new adult life that I'm taking a really long time to adjust to.

On an upside, I've got drawings to share on this coming Picture Saturday, my uncle is coming out to visit this weekend, and I've been able to hang out at the car repair shop! (That's really fun for me, because I used to babysit for our mechanic, and he's like my adopted uncle, and he's just fun to be around.)

So now, we can have an update on my life. (HA! What life?!)

1.) Because I now am in possession of money, I have come to the conclusion that I have a slight fetish with Starbucks and other coffee shops. Seriously, they're the bomb.

2.) I also have a harder time not buying stuff... especially when I'm in the art section of Michaels or something. I drool over drawing books, and Prisma Color Pencils. I caress the sketch books, and stroke kneaded eraser packages. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING CRAFT STORES SMELL!? They smell like happiness and creativity.

3.) I watched God's Not Dead recently.

Hee. Yeah, okay.... I kind of loved it a lot.
I mean, sure... I wish they had focused more on the two main characters having their discussions. As it was I felt like they forced too many stories into the same movie and it would have been more epic if we had dealt with The Antagonistic Atheist Professor VS. The Cute Christian Student, and less of the All The People Suddenly Converting.

But I really loved the:

               "God is good."
                        "All the time."
                                     "And all the time?"
                                               "God is Good."

thing that two of the characters kept saying back and forth to each other.

4.) God's Not Dead really put me in the mood to watch Fireproof again.

Men, take heed.

5.) I may or may not have bought myself the first series of Doctor Who. Because I am a geek, and it was like $15 dollars at Walmart.

note my Doctor Who shirt that I was actually wearing
when I bought the series. Can we say NERD? 

6.) I came this close to buying the first season of Supernatural at said Walmart. But it was slightly out of my price range. I'm hinting for Christmas. Hint. Hint.

7.) It's starting to feel like Autumn here. It makes me very sad. Very sad indeed, that summer is almost over. I love going barefoot and not being freezing. (My winter clothes are really cute though, so I am looking forward to lugging those out of the closet.)

8.) I made this at work.

9.) Guess who gets to wash buckets....

10.) We watched the first season of Crossing Lines. 

And oh... It's one of my favorite shows. It's about a team of people who take on crimes that are committed in more than one country, and.... hot diggety dawg, it's good! I'll need to review what I've seen of it soon. (season two is either airing or just aired, and we can't find it anywhere.)

But yeah... Tommy? Tommy is aaawwesome.

And Irish. 

Heeeeeeeeeee. He makes me.... very happy.

Seriously, the guy is adorable. 
darn my feminine hormones!  

Basically I just wanted to pop in and say hallo, and remind you all that I'm not dead. (I'm not dead, in case you were wondering.)

I need to post more often.

I plan too!

I love you all.



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Picture Saturday -- Stuff

Picture Saturday has become tricky for me.

Suffice to say I keep having to work on Saturday. And it's annoying.

ANYWAY, I like to think I've managed to keep up my drawing fairly well in spite of my job.... unfortunately, the pictures have become less than high quality because the only time I have time to draw is in the evening, when the lighting's bad, and I'm tired, so.. mostly we just have sketches.

First off! We have the failed Psych fan art which I gave up on cause it sucked. :)

The baseball picture that I mentioned last time I posted! This one's to the song Play-By-Play, which makes me all reminiscy about when I was in my tweens, playing baseball with all the neighborhood kids. It is one of my favorite songs, and I don't know why. Listen to it!

(The lyrics are in red, and the baseball quotes.... aren't. :)

And then we have the girl. She's odd, but I like her.

And then we have a ton of.... fan art.

Again sorry for the poor quality in the sketches and the pictures. The camera's acting a little funny.... and most of these were done fairly late at night. 

And that's it, I'm afraid. I need to get ready for work. On my day off. ..... Yeah. I'm being a brat about it.

So I'm going to proof this and go, because I'm in a bit of a rush. Which picture is your favorite? TELLL MEEEEE!

And now I go to work.