Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter Seven! {and an update}

So. Hello. How are you? Miss me?

Guess what!! Remember my laptop? The beautious thing that my uncle got for me for a Christmas/Graduation pressie?

I had to send it in to be fixed because it was overheating and the fan ran loudly all the time, and it had taken to turning off on its own. Which is.... you know.... a problem. So I wanted to send it in to get fixed before the warranty ran out.

So I have no 'puter at the moment.

Let us take a moment of silence for the absence of a dear friend. *bows head*

Alright, so you all see how I feel about my missing laptop. It's a tragedy, really it is. It's so sad.
AND seeing as I have no laptop on which to write blog posts and do other nerdy internet things, I have been using my dad's computer. Which is why my commenting on other people's blogs with be.... less now. Sniffle. You're so sad about that. I know you are. Hehehe.
Anyway, I thought I'd clear that up.
SO! I shall now proceed to let you read the next installment of the letter game. (The first of which, you can find on the letter game page on the right.) This was written by Amy as Peggy to me as Joan.
Cheers and God bless!

From: Miss Peggy Douglas
To: Miss Joan MacTavish
December 14th, 1924

Dear Joan.

Thank you for your concern, but I’ve decided not to let your father, or mine for that matter, know about the bomb. My Father would worry so much, and I’d rather not drag you father into this. Don’t get me wrong, your father is wonderful—almost an Uncle to me—but you know as well as I do that he’d probably assign me a body-guard and that is too awkward for words. I will not be followed around for the unforeseeable future even if it is for my own safety.

And you should know me well enough, Joan, to remember that I always carry my pistol with me. Mother was quite insistent on that point. But honestly, I don’t see what on earth that would do for me. I mean, I can shoot decently, but that doesn’t do me much good against an assassin.

But never mind about that.

Sean has been ‘detecting’, as he says, and so far has told me nothing. I don’t know if he just hasn’t come up with anything or if is just very guarded about how he does his job. It’s frustrating, though. He stops by at least twice a week to let me know he is still on the case, and to make sure his safety spell is still on. Oh yes, he came over shortly after I hired him and put a spell on the flat for me. He says he can’t have his clients die while he’s working a case. Apparently that sort of publicity is very bad for business. I wonder why?

Thank you for doing a little research on him for me. I did some of my own, but I don’t have the resources you do and it does make me feel better to know that he is upstanding.

Still, he is without doubt one of the most annoying people I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve come close to firing him at least three times and I’ve only been acquainted with him for three weeks…slightly less, even! He’s just so—ooooh! He’s so, smart! I mean, I’m not all that dim myself, but when I’m around him, I feel like a nitwit! No matter what I say, he has a cleaver repartee to toss back, turning my words into dithering’s. I can’t stand that. But the more clever I try to get, the more he outdoes me. It is ever so vexatious.

I pray he solves the matter soon, as I am beginning to feel warn thin.

I won’t bore you with the details of work. Let’s just say that I am losing patience with humanity in general. People are rude, always in a rush, and never tip well. I want to strangle someone. A little part of me wonders what Mother would say to all this. She was always so convinced that I would follow in her footsteps. Funny how life makes its own decisions, isn’t it?

Well, quite enough about me.

Dominic sounds like a real bother. I am sorry that you are stuck working with him. One day you should let your left jab find its way to his nose. It might be good for him. Then again, I might not be the best person to take advice from right now.

It is true, the whole city is abuzz with gossip about the King and his Board. People are afraid. If the Magicians gain control, the Philosophers will have no way to curb them or their control and the King will surely be dethroned. And still he does nothing? How could a man such as the King’s late father have produced such a weak son? He must put his foot down soon, and I pray that he does. The country wont be able to handle the unrest for much longer and I shudder to think of another civil war.

Take care, my dear! And don’t worry about me. Nothing terrible has happened and I’m beginning to think that perhaps I over-reacted to the whole thing. And please don’t tell your father, or anyone, about that bomb. If word gets to my father he will definitely come rushing home and I can’t have that. He’s far too busy. I worry about him sometimes. I mean, with all the unrest in Parliament, being a Philosopher isn’t the safest of things. I don’t want him to be distracted.

I will write you as soon as I know more about the bomb, who sent it and why. If, that is, I ever find those things out myself. I might strange Sean Stevens before he gets that far.

Your friend,


Saturday, May 18, 2013

A massed tag thing


I did a thing.

A scary thing.

And vlogged.

I cannot even describe the extent of my nervousness. 

But I am being BOLD!

And I'm  going  to  post  it.

Sorry for the sudden music in the middle. I had to take a break do something, and when I came back, I forgot to turn it off. 

So, here are the links I mentioned..... ^^^^

The lovely ladies who tagged me: 

Miss Melody Muffin who gave me the Getting to Know You / Just Because tag

Rose M.  who gave me the One of the Greats blog award 

Caitria  who gave me the Liebster Blog award

And the blogs I most enjoy reading are: Jack's, Rachel's, Mahri's, Kat's, Amy'sBella's, Noni's, and Natasha's

And now I will hide and lurk until my nerves calm down. 

And here are the questions for the taggees.
1.) Which TV show's world would you like to live in?
2.) Do you have a weird talent? (Like, can you wiggle your ears or something?)
3.) Name three of your favorite songs
4.) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
5.) What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone new? (if it's a guy, or a girl, differentiate.)
6.) What's the last movie you saw and what's it about?
7.) What's your family like?
8.) What's your biggest goal in life right now?
9.) Do you know what a southpaw is?
10.) Can you do the "live long and prosper" sign?
11.) Do you like or hate giving speeches. 

I'd am not going to nominate a lot of people because I'm not that cruel. MWAHAHAHAH. 

Pick a tag you want, ladies, and I challenge you to be brave and do it vlog style.... like me. 

Cheers and God bless!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

"I thought I didn't qualify. I was considered, what was it...volatile, self-centred, and I don't play well with others."

So, I've been wanting to do a post in defense of Iron Man / Tony Stark for a while now. Because several people I know don't care much for him.... *cough* You know who you are. :)

 I really like him, and I wanted to explain why. But I put it off until I saw Iron Man 3, so that I would be even more well versed on the subject than I already was.

We went and saw it on Monday.... and ooooh. my. gosh. I loved  it!! Tony was a lot more vulnerable in this one than he was in the others, his relationship with Pepper is adorable, and he has to rely on his wits more in this one than the first two.

 There were a few things I didn't care for: really quick unnecessary scenes with scantily clad ladies... three, I think. And the bad guy felt a little Die Hard-esque. He wouldn't die. But other than that.... wowowowow!

Anyway, back to the point. There'll probably be spoilers in from Iron Man 3 in the rest of this.

So (there's that pesky word again). I know why people don't like Tony. They say he’s selfish, he’s a jerk, he’s arrogant, he’s annoying….

And I get that. I really do, I can see how you wouldn't like him, and I can see how you would think he’s not fantastic


I…. respectfully disagree. (See what I did there?)

I mean sure, he can be a jerk. He can be arrogant. He can  be selfish. So I can  see how it could be hard to like Tony Stark.

But he's not always those things. Think about it, the reason he was building all those weapons in the first film was because he wanted to help protect America, and when he got captured and tortured he still wouldn't build the bad guys a Jericho missile. That was brave.

 In the second movie when he gets Pepper strawberries he was humble.

In the Avengers when he helps Bruce Banner deal with being the Hulk, he was kind.

And there is no way on this earth you can tell me he was selfish when he grabbed that nuke and was willing to sacrifice his life to save the world.

If you've seen all the Iron Man movies, and the Avengers, and you still don't like Tony, then you are only seeing the surface of this character. Tony isn't actually narcissistic to the extreme that he portrays. That’s just part of his personality. He’s clever and a smarty-at-the-party, but that doesn't make him infatuated with himself. I think that he uses the sarcasm and snarkiness and arrogance as a shield to protect himself from the world. I mean, think about his back history.

1.) Family life is everything. It’s what shapes you and molds your character. Tony’s stank! According to Iron Man 2, I think….  I think his dad was a bit of a drunk. (Which is what probably influenced Tony’s bad habits??) His dad had little to no time to spend with him. He was preoccupied with work and work and did I mention work? The videos in Iron Man 2 seemed like there was a lot of Howard Stark saying, “Not now, Tony.” “Tony, run along.” “Tony, don’t touch that!” That’s not exactly the kind of dad who’s going to encourage his son to grow up to be a selfless, kind person. Tony got everything he wanted, except support and love from his father. When people are unhappy, they tend to lash out, and the way Tony does is by being arrogant.

2.)  Do we even know what happened to his mom? I know Tony was an orphan by the age of 17. But it doesn't really go into a whole lot of detail about her.

3.) He’s an only child. He has no family. He’s completely alone, except for Pepper. And the guy who was like his second father completely betrayed him. Obadiah arranged for him to be kidnapped and killed in Iraq, temporarily paralyzed him, stole his arc reactor, and left him vulnerable to the shrapnel in his chest. Really. No wonder he has trust issues, poor man! I think he's kind of afraid to care about people because when he does, bad things happen. His parents are dead, Yinsen is dead, Obadiah is dead, Coulson is probably dead (though the fandom screams "Nooooo! Coulson LIVES!"), Happy gets put into a coma, Pepper gets captured and almost killed a lot.

Tony doesn't like getting hurt so he builds walls to protect himself, and those walls manifest as sarcasm and narcissism.

Speaking of Pepper. She's the one thing that's precious in Tony's life; he does everything he can to protect her. When his house is blowing up he doesn't use his Iron Man suit himself, he gives it to Pepper to make sure she's safe!

That is the cutest couple name ever.

I know a major problem people have with Tony is that he was a playboy. Okay.  Here’s the thing. Yes. At the beginning of the first film, he definitely was a playboy. Yes, I agree and concur. Shame on him. Shame. Shame. That first movie especially was a shocking with regards to that. And I don’t support that at all. He was a total jerk at the beginning of Iron Man. However! (dun duh duuuuh) After he was kidnapped and tortured and mistreated, it was like, BOOM! Much more moral. He realized that he’d been stupid, and not just through building weapons of mass destruction like the Jericho. He realized he was actually quite in love with Pepper (and seriously. What’s not to love? She’s adorable.) And he got his life together really, really fast. Once he figured that out, and he and Pepper were a couple, he never once cheated on her. Sure, he eyed other girls, but let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to make a complete moral turn-around at the drop of a hat. Things like that, especially from how far down he was, take time, and he was doing pretty well.

I don't know. I guess the point I'm trying to get across is,

But maybe you shouldn't. Tony's not perfect, but he's trying, and he's really very sweet once you get past the outer shell of his personality. He doesn't like being brave, but he is when it's necessary. He doesn't think he's a hero. But he is.

Tony Stark.

Genius: He built and Iron Man suit in a cave!.... with a box of scraps!
Billionaire: He can afford to build more Iron Men!
Playboy: Not anymore.
Philanthropist: he helps people.
Hero: He is.

I think I covered all my bases. And now I shall go. :)