Sunday, March 19, 2017

Picture Sunday || March {2}

I am so tired. 

I'm tired of working. I'm tired of being tired. 

At least I'm not sick anymore! There's that. 

It's been exactly a year since I left to visit Gina and Dan and that blew my mind. 

Anyone else having zero motivation to do stuff? 

I have zero motivation to do stuff. 

When people ask me what I'm up to, I basically turn into Rick Grimes:


Anyway, this week in art, we have random stuff, colored stuff, and... thiiings. (Ehehe, Walking Dead fans, see what I did there? SEE IT?)

1.) We have the purple haired girl with a... shawl? I don't even know, but it's drapey.


2.) I call this one "Too Fabulous."

3.) This birthday card I did for a friend of the family. It says happy birthday in Gallifreyan letters, for all you Doctor Who nerds. That also happens to be one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes. It's awesome. 
I'm not altogether too happy with the way the TARDIS looks... it's a bit off. 

4.) This one I copied from a picture earlier today cause a freaking adorable kid in a giant sweater is too cute not to draw. Kinda frustrated with it. (Kinda frustrated with most my art this week. :)

5.) This one I did of Gina and Dan. The reference picture is from when they were still dating and not even engaged yet. He was teaching her to dance. #actualOTP

6.) This psalm that was the Introit for Mass a few weeks ago...

7.) The Walking Dead inspired one that I intend to color next week. 

8.) Genesis, chapter one, has this verse that says, 

"And God made two great lights: a greater light to rule the day,
 and a lesser light to rule the night: and the stars."

And I dunno, I've always thought that if the sun and the moon were people, the sun would be a man, and the moon would be a woman, and rereading that bit made me want to draw. So I drew it. I want to do a companion piece of the sun. We'll see. 
Her skirt should have had more movement... so that's irritating. Maybe I'll redo at some point. :)

I'm currently in a bit of an art slump, so that's a sad story. My life's been a little tumultuous lately, and I think that's affecting it some. Bear with me, guys. I shall power through and get back to blogging. I intended to blog more at the new year, not less

*Irritated Treskie noises*

Oh well. It will be okay.

Question Time!
Best overall? 
Favorite colored?
Best black and white?
Most interesting?  

I know most of you had requests last week, and I will try to get to them soon! I SHALL TRY.

I love you all!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Picture Saturday || March {1}

Hey, it's only been two weeks this time!

Treskie is very proud. 

Not a whole lot this week, but man, it's blasting with color, so that's pretty awesome!

Can you believe it's already Lent? *Shakes head in disbelief* I remember being little and thinking how long it took for a whole year to go by. And now? (Now, that I'm soo old..) I feel like I just got back from Montana, but that will have been a year ago at the end of this month. 

Time is passing like crazy, and I'm falling behind trying to keep up. Uuuugh. 

Why yes, it's been a rough week, why do you ask?



For the most AVERAGE ART, 

You will EVER SEE.

*Cue thunderous applause*

1.) I don't draw blonde hair very often, so here you go. (Do you see the sparkles on her dress? DO YOU?)

2.) This is the one I drew when I was sad and feeling vaguely betrayed. Can you tell? The grey background is a bit much, isn't it...

3.) This horrific one that I'm like... "I HAD SUCH GLORIOUS VISIONS FOR YOU, WHAT WENT WRONG?!" *Scowling Treskie noises*

4.) This sketch that I liked much better in my mind than on paper. 

5.) Look at this cute Steampunk girl inspired by this picture. (Because my favorite person sent it to me as an inspiration and I went, "OoooOOOOooooh.")

6.) Also this sassy gun-totin' girl, who's totally awesome even though I drew her super late and didn't actually care.

7.) Wherein Treskie discovered the universe...

8.) And then proceeded to go nuts...

Haha, so there you go! I suspect universes are going to be a big thing for me for a while, which is good I guess. It's really fun blending all the colors together.

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best black and white? (or with black and white bits..?)
Favorite colored?
Anything you'd like to see drawn next Picture Saturday?
Got any good music recommendations?

I love you all, and God bless!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Picture Sunday-- Feb {1}

Wherein Treskie is hands-down, the worst blogger.

I can't even remember for sure the last time I posted, I'm really sorry!

It's been a crazy sort of couple of months, and as soon as I can, I'll get back into a proper posting schedule, but until then, I'm going to ask you guys to bear with me, and don't leeeeave!

So! What's going on with me?

*Valentine's Week was crazy busy. Valentine's Day was super long, but ended with a really nice phone call.
*We went shooting today.
*I am in a perpetual state of exhaustion
*My sister is due at the beginning of April and I'm going to be the Godmother. BOOYAH.

And that's the primary information on my life right now. *bows*

One of these days I will magically have time and motivation to blog a lot again. 

But today is not this day. THIS DAY I--- am going to bed early. 

Treskie has a tired. 


Too bad, you're going to see some anyway. *le grin*

1.) Once upon a time, the end. 

2.) Sometimes I use blue ballpoint pen and it turns out about as bad as you'd expect. 

3.) And other times, it's actually okay! *Happy Treskie noises*

4.) We listened to Phantom the other night, so... sad Phantom sketch, because... Sad Phantom is sad. 

5.) I SAW THE CUTEST FIRST DANCE ON YOUTUBE! And I had to draw a dance after that.

6.) So, remember the snowball fight from last week? I finished it and it ended kinda super cute. 

*Is awkward* I'm not sure about it, I think I did okay... I need to work on freaking comic-type things now. 

Anyway, ladies, gents, and robots, 

I shall love you and leave you for Les Miserables and bed. 

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best black and white?
Favorite on toned paper?
How was your Valentine's Day? 

I love you all!
Treskie out.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Picture Saturday || January {2}

*Treskie apologetically peeks out from behind laptop*

I am very sorry. 

It has been another freaking AGE since I have blogged, or read blogs, or done ANYTHING BLOGGISH.


And I reckon it will be another age until I do my next post because Valentine's Day is coming up in like... a little over two weeks, and... flowers. 

All. The. Freaking. Flowers.


Anyway! How are you all? Not dead? Cool. 

Want to see some art and stuff? Here you go!

1.) Look at this cute day-dreamy girl. Isn't she cute? I like her scarf. 

2.) And then there's this Irish-type girl. I don't know. I like a lot about this picture, I like the colors and pose a lot. Buuuut there's the problem of her face.

3.) THIS CUTENESS. *Does the Snoopy dance*

4.) Uuugh. The problem with this one... is I had so many brilliant ideas, and the sketch was actually so much better than the finished product. *Irritated Treskie noises*

5.) This poor tired person...

6.) In other news, sometimes, after Kate's interrogation, she has some... issues. And... yeah. Yup. I'm awkward.

7.) And then sometimes Tyler really, really wants to punch Tristan in the face. #bigbrotherproblems

8.) SO I HAD THIS CUTE IDEA FOR A SORT OF COMIC-TYPE-THING, AND I'M WORKING ON IT AND IT'S CUTE. Buuut. I haven't had time to finish it. So here's a couple of sneak peeks. 

9.) And oooh he's gonna pounce on her....

I'm excited to finish that, I think it's going to be super cute. 

Oh you lovely people, I missed you! 
Tell me what you're up to!
And I will see if I can go around and read and comment on a bunch of blogs I follow tomorrow. 

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best in black and white?
Favorite colored?

I love you all!