Sunday, January 13, 2013

Respect the thing!

Six Random Facts

1.) I love little kids. They are the most amazing small things. I want lots if I ever get married. 

2.) I'm not sure what kind of a niche I fit into as a blogger. My posts tend to be random and odd. (Which, judging from the title, I guess is to be expected...) I don't really get into the deep, well thought out posts--I enjoy reading them, but personally have the hardest time writing them. The closest I get is the one I did back in October.

But I don't do the well written kind either. I don't do 2000 word, pictureless novels every post. (because those take forever and honestly... I don't have time to write or read another essay-ish thing when my schoolwork has me doing that all day anyway.) 

I post pictures of my drawings. Which, when I think about it, actually seems a bit presumptuous, like, "Here is my art! Love it!" 

I don't keep to a strict schedule. I post whenever I feel like it, and if I'm in a rut.... sorry. I've tried posting in the ruts, and let's be honest, those posts tend to be a bit rubbish. :)

So it always surprises me when I get a new follower, and I just wanted to let you know that it really does make my day when I know that someone is interested enough in my ramblings and weirdness to want to read more. So thanks loads to all of you guys. You're awesome. =)

3.) My Pinterest addiction might be getting a wee bit out of hand. *blushes* I believe I shall give it up for Lent. 

And OKAY! I just wasted several minutes on pinterest finding those.... see what I mean? Addiction. 

4.) All the girl's names in my family end in A. Teresa, Maria, Katrina, Amanda, Isabella.... et cetera.  There are ten girls. That's a lot of A's. This is the family picture for this year.... but it's missing two sisters. They're married. :)

5.) I cried over almost every Redwall book. I know it's corny, crying over animals like hares and mice and squirrels. But they were warrior hares, mice, and squirrels, and when they die, it sort of breaks your heart. (or at least it did for me.... Brian Jacques wrote them well and they're awesome books.)

The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series is also good, and a for a little older than Redwall. I miss Brian Jacques. 

6.) This song is awesome and I love it. 

And there you go. Another random, nonsensical post. 



  1. Ok, so i loved this post. the 2nd photos. I want that on a shirt, and the Even Stevens one is amazing! All of it was fantastic really =)

    1. Hey, Noni! Glad you stopped by and taking time to comment. It boosted my spirits. :) I KNOW! I want that on a shirt as well... I'm really rather fond of the Eleventh Doctor.

  2. I do enjoy these posts so much though:) I love the pictures... you got me laughing at a few of them:) And i like that your blog is full of randomness because thats what makes it so different from others. I'll have to admit sometimes i do fall into that long essayish rant but thats only when i got a lot to say about some subject. But I try to limit it because i feel the same way when im reading soemone else's blog and im short on time.

    1. Awwww, thanks, Sophie. xo <3 I love laughing, and I love it when I get to help other people laugh too, so.... :)

      Yeah, but your post are well written. And they're not over the top long either. They're nice and broken up with pictures, which is good. :) (Frankly, I really love the pictures you get on your blog: so PRETTY!) I was talking about the posts when you click on them and scroll and scroll through words that never seem to end.

  3. Mr. Jaques was a brilliant author, right up there with Tolkien and Lewis in my mind. I read a lot of his books when I was younger and I still love them. I hope to finish the series someday.

    Hehe, aye, I didn't think my voice would match up with what people thought it might be. And, sadly, I don't have an accent 8-P Pity.

    I shall join you! Pass the chocolates please 8-D

    1. Oooooooooh yay! Someone else who knows of Brian Jacques!! *happiness*. Which one is your favorite?

      yeah, but your voice is cute, so there. I wonder if the British feel the same way about American accents as Americans feel about British ones? Or if we're just those annoying rebels who talk nasally? :)

      Happily! Do you want the solid chocolate or the one with caramel in it?

    2. Um, my favourite Redwall book...It would be Martin the Warrior. Which is yours? I also like Redwall though, the mouse in that one was cool as well.

      The solid chocolate. *Nods*

      Awkward fits me well. I sometimes feel like Martin Freeman. I talk with my expressions. At work I usually wave my hands about while I try and find the words to explain what I want. Someday I want to see myself so I can see how comical I look. *Grin*

      I am glad you enjoy my blog. I don't usually worry about it because my readers do seem to be enjoying it...they keep coming back. But sometimes I start wondering if I'm living up to my author name and then I have moments of panic. I guess it is a normal thing, but during those times I have to give myself a talking to.

      I wish I lived near you as well. I think there would be nothing grander then spending a day with you and your wonderful sisters. You are all so brilliant and amazing and I love hearing about your lives.

      Your summery writing sounds like mine. By the end of it the person might as well read the book. And they turn out so dull. So it takes me a terribly long time to get one. Not the best part of writing for me. I'd rather just do the book.

      OH NO! Poor you! I feel the need to send chocolate.
      I had a friend who claimed Scarlet was the greatest book of the year so I looked into it. And I read the summery and I almsot fell over from painful misery. I even read a small bit of it and had the over powering urge to strangle Scarlet. You discribed her exactly as the bit I read.
      "Evil boys! I don't need boys! Oh, look at handsome Robin! He's a wonderfiul boy, BUT HE'D BETTER NOT HELP ME!" I almost cried over that one line or two. It was terrible. You deserve an award for finishing it. (HOw could someone ruin Scarlet?! He was one of the best characters!)
      I will join you in Howl's castle nad we shall have a nice cry.

      I do have the Robin Hood story written. And there was a lot of asking for it, so I think I shall edit it and publish it soon. Ish. I had a ton of fun writing it, but it needs a lot of good editing work.

      Have you seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? I haven't read it, but the movie was rather fun.

    3. Hehehe, my favorite Redwall book? Eh. I have several. I loved Marlfox, Mariel of Redwall, and The Long Patrol. He's the only person in the world who can make animals cool.

      Uuuuuuuuugh. Scarlet. *Groan* I can't believe I finished it. Meh. She was just so ANNOYING. I mean really. Why do people seem to think that if they're writing a tough girl she has to be a brat? What happened to the cute, classy, tough girl? Yes, we'll run after Howl's castle until Sophie lets us in and then we shall speak to her about the horrors of nasty teen books. :D (Well, when you publish your Robin Hood book, I will definitely read it. Get the after-read of Scarlet out of my head)

      Ha! Living closer would be awesome. We could meet up for coffee and spend the day at Barnes&Noble.... that would be awesome, yeah? *smirk*

      Yeah, I saw Hitchhiker's Guide... it's so stupid, I'm embarrassed to love it. I do love it. It's corny and silly. But it has Martin Freeman in it... I thought he could do better than Trillian. :D

      I think everyone does the doubting thing. No worries. :) Just keep writing, just keep writing, what do you do? You write... write...

      And now that I have paraphrased Dori, I shall take my leave. Cheerio!

  4. I think you're rather a bit like myself! :D I relate with you on so many things on a regular basis.
    1) I love kids too! I want twins someday *so* bad. Boys. two boys. twins. :D yes. <3
    2) you just described me.
    3)ikr? I love all of those. :D The DW ones and the Knight in Shining armor one the best. <3 <3
    4) That's a lot of sisters! :D awesome. I have almost that many brothers...I have nine brothers and four sisters. And a brother in law and three sisters-in-law. :D Big families are great, aren't they?
    Dude, how do you get the little "follow me on Pinterest" button?? :D I want one. lol. <3
    I like this post. and I love your blog btw. Your crazy random style of blogging suits me fine. ;)

    1. Rachel~ I agree. I think you and I are rather a lot alike. :) Your blog is one of my favorites. It's awesome.

      Aaaah! Little boys are so cute. I missed out on that because my brother is the second oldest and moved out when I was only 2 or 3... Therefore, because my town is not exactly... full of nice people, my experience with boys was basically my dad and my brother in laws. Which.... well they were all old, you know? :D I only just got to know some actual *little* boys when I started babysitting.... And I decided they tend to me more fun. lol... I want an even mix of boys and girls, because I think I missed out. :)

      Oh, DW and Giggles are my most pinned on boards. Hehehehe, but you knew that already, right? And the knight in shining armour one I love so much... it's printed out. On my's just so thought provoking. :)

      I got the pinterest button from here took a bit of fiddling to get the one I wanted. :D

      You're awesome. Thanks for commenting. :D

    2. awh! lol! :D Yeah. I love little boys.

      haha! Yep! I knew that. :) They're fantastic boards, to be sure. :D I'm the same way. I have like three that I pin on the most. hehe.

      Thanks a zillion! ^_^ I stuck one on my blog just now. lol. :D I'll prolly do some work on it eventually getting it the right size and place....

      *you* are awesome. :D and most welcome.

    3. You're welcome!!

      Awwwwwwwwwww fanks. :)

  5. Wow! You have a big family! No joking! I had no idea you had so many siblings! I guess that makes you one of the few people I "know" that can sympathize with a lot of my big family experiences! :-D I love my big family! I always feel sorry for only children! :-D

    1. Oh yes. Biiiiig family. Lots of weird experiences with big families. :D Only children have it rough, poor li'l things. :)

  6. Look at my hands. See? Empty. Not angry. :)

    And yes, bowties are cool. You are cool too, for posting this. :)

  7. I loved the God quotey-whosey-whats-its! :D I, too, have a Pinterest addiction. I tend to go on them when I SHOULD BE STUDYING FOR EXAMS. Sorry, thought I ought to capitalize that to remind myself to get of of your awesome blog and dive into some earth science.

    I've seen Brian's books, but there's so many...that kind of turned me off from reading them. Because my library seems to adore frustrating me by not having the exact book I need. *sigh*

    Anyway...OFF TO STUDY! (:

    1. Hehehe, go study. Right now!

      But actually, Brian Jacques's books are all stand-alones, so if you don't want to read the whole series, you don't have to. I'd start with Martin the Warrior or Redwall. :)

  8. It's probably insanely good that you don't fit into a category, because then you're not defined by anything or constricted by anything. As long as you blog for yourself and like what you blog about, your blog is 600% awesomeness. When you begin to doubt that your posts are any good or that it's really worth anything, that's when you need to either change something or quite. Not for your followers - for you. But I love your blog, for all that's worth. (:

    1. D'aaaawwwww, Rose. Thank you, dear. :)

  9. Wow, that's a lot of kids. :O Some of the pics are funny, LOL!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I completely relate to all of these, especially your point about writing long posts. Honestly, I very rarely write more than three paragraphs about something. Usually most of my posts are made up of photography. And each and every time I see that I've gained a new follower, I shake my head in amazement. It's hard to believe so many people read and appreciate me and my blog enough to keep coming back, reading, and commenting. Amazing!

    Great post! :D

    1. Hallo! :)

      I don't feel as weird about this post as I did when I posted it. lol. It seems most other bloggers feel the same way, which is lovely! :D So yes, in your words exactly, it amazes me when people follow me. *grin*

  11. Pinterest is cool.

    Poor Athiests, missing the greatest thing in life *eyes sadly*

    I love our family (Usually *grin) When we are all together and get crazy there is nothing better.

    God Bless

    1. Pinterest: Cool

      Athiests.... poor uncool people.

      Our family: cool.

  12. Replies
    1. Oh lovely. Glad you liked them. And thanks for stopping by!

  13. New followers make my day as well <3
    As for posting your pictures, do do do! When I do Fashion Tuesday or The Best And The Rest posts I think "is this showing off? Is this boasting? Is it wrong for me to say I like my own work? Should I tell other people - who I don't know - what I got for Christmas?" but to be honest I love reading those types of posts and it seems my followers do too - they're the ones that get the most comments! So keep at it Treskie! Your posts may be random but yours is still pretty much my favourite blog :) (<-- apologies for my fangirling). There could be some people who don't like it but they're not going to comment and as we know, ignorance is bliss! ~puts on annoying voice~ HATERZ GOAN HATE!
    Other points I feel the need to make:
    1) I too laugh at my own hilarity when I talk to myself - I also laugh at the insanely brilliant faces I make at myself in the mirror. Don't judge.
    2) That picture of the woman with her hair getting blown back made me smile! :D :D <-- see I'm still smiling!
    3) I love Up! :D
    5) It must be pretty darn awesome being Catholic and having an insanely large family.
    6) I've spent a very long time spouting out this probably nonsensical comment.
    7) I'm not going to read over it cause I've probably embarrassed myself several times. So BYEEEEE!! (<-- the type of hyperness only insane amounts of undone homework can bring.)

  14. LOL Emily, your comment was not embarrassing, I didn't think. :) Thanks for the morale boost. :)

    1.) Hahaha, I think everyone makes insanely brilliant faces in the mirrow. Isn't it amazing how much a face can distort?

    2.) That's especially funny if you have ever been in a band.

    3.) ME TOO! It makes me cry still.

    4.) That's about how I feel about them. They're brilliant. :)

    5.) It is darn awesome being Catholic. And it is darn awesome being from a big family. (it's not insanely large... is it? :D Ah, who cares. More fun that way)

    6.) I do the same thing when it comes to comments

    7.) I read it over for you. It's fine. I just finished a day of school, so I have the after school hyperness too. :D


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