Thursday, December 31, 2015

Aw, she lives! Hey dude!



Yes I realize it's been over a month since I last posted.

Yes, I'm very sorry.

But I was sick, and then I worked a lot, and then it was Christmas and now I'm sick again. I haven't drawn in like two weeks. HORRORS!

Also... like three days after my last post, I lost 5 followers overnight. WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? LIKE GEEZ.

Anyway, those of you who have been around for a while know that I have a tradition where I do a tag to sum up the year, and yeah...I have to do it. It's Tradition.

So we should get started because A.) I'm ill and I don't know how long I will be able to stay awake, and B.) The tag is really long. :)

1.) What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before?
      I literally thought about this for like... two whole minutes, and.... apparently I don't like trying new things, because I couldn't think of anything.

2.) Did you keep your New Years’ resolutions, and will you make one this year?
      Last year I didn't really make one, so no. But yeah, I have a few this year, they're scary and awesome.

3.) Did anyone close to you give birth?
      Yeah! My sister Laura had a little boy and his name is Peter! (And my other sister is due in March, and if all goes well I'M GOING TO BE THERE!!!!!!)

4.) Did anyone close to you die?
      Well yes and no. One of our older cousins did, but we weren't actually close, so...

5.) What countries/states did you visit?
      Oh I travel down to Nevada all the time. (*Cough* the state line is like... ten minutes from where I live though so....) Also it's NevADa, not NevODa.

6.) What would you like to have in 2016 that you lacked in 2015?
      I have literally wanted to get married and have babies since I was like 13, and I still don't know anyone and this is a sadness to me.

7.) What date from 2015 will remain etched upon your memory?
      That glorious day in March when my brother surprised Amy and me with a landy.

8.) Did you move anywhere?
     Eh. No. Feel free to tell me I'm boring.

9.) What was your biggest achievement of the year?
      I can werk copic markers.

10.) What was your biggest failure?
       I still can't park straight.

11.) Did you suffer illness or injury?
       Eh. Uh. I mean, yeah, I'm sick right now. OH OH I SLICED THE TOP OF MY THUMB REALLY DEEP WHEN I WAS CLEANING ROSES.

12.) What was the best thing you bought?
        I don't buy stuff. (Well actually I do, but I don't buy exciting stuff.) ART SUPPLIES??

13.) Whose behavior merited celebration?
        Ehm. Prolly Chloe, because that little girl is just the sweetest.

14.) Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
        There was one person who made my best friend cry and I almost tracked her down and brained her.

15.) Where did most of your money go?
        Rent and food and movie tickets.

16.) What did you get really, really, really excited about?

17.) What was the best concert you’ve been to this year?
        Does Mary Poppins count as a concert? Because that was stellar. 

18.) What song/album will always remind you of 2015?
        Prolly Stages, Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, Finding Neverland, and Il Volo's Grande Amore International Version. Because basically, JOSH, and of course, I finally was able to listen to those two musicals, and I love them, and of course, Il Volo's voices blend like coffee and it's just SO GOOD.

Though in retrospect, I should probably add Phantom to the list because everyone knows this is the year I was obsessed.

19.) Compared to this time last year, are you:
        Happier, which is good, because last year I was sad.

20.) What do you wish you’d done more of?
        I dunno. Trusting God?

21.) What do you wish you’d done less of?
        Stressing out. If I were that coral that dies of stress, I would be dead.

22.) What was your greatest musical discovery?
        Gentleman's Guide, because hysterical.

23.) How did you spend Christmas?
        I can honestly say, we haven't had such a perfect, flawless, beautiful Christmas in a while. It was amazing! Everyone who was close enough came for Christmas morning, we had five people to one bed (Which was awesome because it's a big bed, we're small people, and it was FREEZING after Midnight Mass.) And Christmas morning was a beautiful state of organized chaos with hot Italian sausage on sweet buns and we did all our Traditional Christmas things like lighting the Christ Candle and singing Joy to the World and opening the stockings and just... delighted screams and happiness everywhere and just... so many blessings. lol. We had extra people over for dinner (gnocchi and ham, because ITALIAN) and a giant snowball fight with everyone who was under 40. But the snow didn't pack well so when the boys teamed up against the girls, everyone disappeared behind a delicious white cloud of snow.

24.) How are you spending New Year’s?
       Well tonight I'm going to attempt to stay up til Midnight and toast in the new year, and tomorrow there's a shindig at Homebase and we're going to have bon y caulda, because yes.

25.) Who did you spend the most time on the phone with?

26.) What was the best book you read?
        Lockwood and Co, hands down.

27.) Did you fall in love in 2015?
        *Squints at you*

28.) What was your favorite TV show?
        Er. Don't make me answer that.

29.) Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
        Eh. No I'm geoood.

30.) What did you want and get?
        So many copic markers.

31.) What did you want and not get?
        I don't really want stuff.

32.) What were your favorite films of this year?

1.) Age of Ultron

2.) Scorch Trials
3.) Ant Man
4.) Kingsmen. (Which apart of the casual way they drop the f bomb every minute, and the one totally random bed scene at the end, was quite good.)

33.) What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
        On my birthday... my bestest cousin came up, and we went shopping and did fun things together and met up with mah pal Sammi, and then we ate food, and I got pressies. *blink blink* I turned 20. SOON I SHALL BE 21.

34.) How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2015?
       I was literally a cross of "How much can I dress like Penelope?" and "What do I have in my closet that is the most comfortable?"

35.) What kept you sane?
        My family, my faith, and my fandoms.

36.) Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

But then again, Gianluca is pretty special, and his voice makes me melt. And I kind of hate him for it. 

37.) What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
        Eh, I'm pretty content. But I would like a different flat/apartment soon.

38.) What political issue stirred you the most?
        The Supreme Court made a really dumb decision in June and it really ticked me off.

39.) Who did you miss?
        Mostly my sisters.

40.) Who was the best new person you met?
        We very recently have a new friend of the family and we can't decide if he's a giraffe or a hedgehog.

41.) Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2014.

42.) Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.


43.) Five personally significant events of 2014:
        1.) Learned to draw in color
        2.) I...
        3.) Don't....
        4.) Do....
        5.) Stuff....

44.) Five things I want to do in 2015:
        1.) Take at least one art class
        2.) Take my drawing more seriously so I can make it a career.
        3.) Maybe get an extra job cause I' broke.
        4.) Taking more singing classes.
        5.) Scheme up a way to keep my best friend from moving to LA.

45.) Five people I’d like to know better in 2014:

Right. That's all for now, my dear old crazy followers.

I want all of you to answer THREE of the questions for me!

And how are you celebrating New Years?

Thank you so much for sticking with me, all of you, and I hope you have a blessed, Happy New Year!
I love you all!

God bless!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Picture Saturday || It's almost Christmas.

We've turned the lights down a bit, to revel in the glory of our Christmas tree.

Kat's working on a Christmas present.

Josh Groban is singing Believe on the Christmas CD we've got playing....

It really is the tiniest, little things that make the best moments.

I'm sorry, ladies, but, even though I missed last week, this Picture Saturday is going to be a bit sparse, because as I said in my previous post, a lot of the stuff I'm working on are taking a long time, because they're Christmas pressies so I'm being really careful with them.

And since most everyone I know at least knows about my blog, I don't want to spoil things, so... yeah.

1.) I don't even know, guys! I'm a bit art blocked at the moment. Like... I was off all day on Thursday and Friday and I sat down and tried all day, both days, to draw, and basically... I came up with...

It's enough to make one pull one's hair out. Like, "COME ON, HAND! WORK! I'VE GOT CRAP TO DO!"

2.) Also, I'm trying to maybe sort of get out of my comfort zone and draw people of different races.

3.) Let's um.... let's not do that again.

4.) On the other hand, I may have drawn Mary holding Baby Jesus, because I always thought she probably would have held Him, rather than just lay Him in a manger.... right?

I'm trying to decide if it's worth the risk to color it.

5.) I drew Alice in Wonderland.

6.) This one, I drew the guy first, and sent a picture of it to my friend, with the caption. "Halp, he's hot." and all she said was, "You should watch Hairspray, there's a song called I Can Hear the Bells, and it's totally you."

(I listened to the song and was offended. But then I drew the girl, and sent it to Sammi again with the new caption of, "#shecanhearthebells" and now it's a standing joke between us.)


Kate's mouth is not solid black, and I don't know why it looks like that

Yeah, so basically, Kate loves Christmas and made everyone wear Santa hats, and got all the boys to help her decorate their bunker.

So the picture is pretty much her going, "Tyler, no! Cookies are for after we're done."
And then Max steals one because he's pretty and that's what he does, and Kate goes, "Guys! Tristan, tell them no!"
And Tristan grumbles, "No. You made me where the hat, and you stuck me with the job of making the lights blink. You're on your own. This is payback."

And aaaaah. Dem's my peoples.

8.) And okay, last one and I'm sorry... But I have to make the date huge when I finish a sketchbook, so.... YEAH. COLOR.

Yep, okay, that's it this week.


Question Time!

Favorite overall this week?
Favorite colored?
Black and white?  
Best Christmas one?  
What was the last song you listened to?

Alright! I'm gone!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lifey Update

It's December!

Which means I am insanely busy with Christmas preparations, which means I haven't been drawing as much.

It's December!

Which means Advent is here, and I love Advent!

It's December!

Which means, due to the random changes in temperature, I am sick, which mean I haven't been drawing as much.

It's December!

Which means.... a lot of the drawings I have been doing are Christmas pressies and I can't show them until after Christmas.

And those are the reasons why I missed Picture Saturday. (I'm sure you were all so sad.*)


I'm going to try to post this coming Saturday, but I have a vague notion that a lot of us are going Christmas shopping that day, so you never know, it might end up being Picture Sunday again. In all actuality, I should probably switch it to Sunday officially, because I seem to be busy a lot on Saturdays. But I don't want to, because I kind of think Picture Saturday is my trademark, and it seems weird to change that. (Is it my trademark? Do I even have a trademark?)


I have quite a few posts planned for the next couple of weeks before Christmas. (I received a bookish tag from Hannah, which I plan on doing for one...) BUT don't hold me to that, because I'm easily distracted by shiny things and I might forget.

Anyway, yeah.

Are you interested to know what's going on with me?

1.) Sometimes we go to the lake and it's just so pretty, we have to take lots of pictures

2.) Sometimes it's so cold, even my coffee cup needs a sweater.

3.) Sometimes Amy and I take pictures of Christmas tree decorations.

4.) Sometimes I take pictures at stop signs and thank God for letting me live here.

5.) Sometimes I yell, "SMILE!" and people actually do.

6.) Sometimes I ask Chloe and Sam if they want to take a picture, and they go, "YASSS."

7.) Sometimes I film myself drawing and it's weird. But here, have a sneak peak of what's going to be in the next Picture Saturday.

8.) Sometimes my sister in the Midwest tells me she wants more pictures of the family, and I shamelessly hold up my phone and snap a selfie. Just for her.

9.) Sometimes Charlie Brown is me.

10.) Sometimes Kit and I set up our Christmas tree while listening to a mixture of Christmas music, like Bing Crosby, Hayley Westenra, Josh Groban, and Il Volo. (Because no one can ham up "Let it Snow" quite like my Italian boys.)

11.) Sometimes it snows.

Question Time!

Does it snow where you live?
Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?
Are you sick with some stupid cold? 
Do you love the Christmas Season? 

I love you all! Merry Christmas!