Saturday, February 27, 2016

Once Upon a Time

Let me tell you a secret: Well it's not actually a secret, but it sounds cool to say that.

We went to Disneyland.

And by "we", I mean my whole family, two good friends, Joe's fiance, and her mom. That's no small crowd.

And it was fun. 

And since we took a lot of pictures, I'm mostly gonna post those and not add too many comments. (You know, aside from the occasional pithy remark, because let's be honest, y'all like those.)

Le Roadtrip cause we had had to get there....

Day One.

On the way into the park, day one!

We went way too high on the ferris wheel... (Because I'm not so good with... okay, I hate heights....BUT I WAS BRAVE, and I went on it, and I was scared, but it was fun.)

I was regretting the decision the whole time, fyi.

Tower of Terror in the right picture. YASS.

We waited in line for years, because the Cars ride broke down, but we had fun doing it so HA!

 Look at this parade. LOOK AT IT.

It freaking rained
And did horrible things to my bangs.
No, but like, my bangs did not cooperate for the rest of the trip.

And then it got cold, so Chloe and Sam ended up sharing Joe's jacket, and it was adorable. But I couldn't get very good pictures, so I had to play with this one.

Day two. 

We all wore matching t-shirts, because that's how DeLallos do. They were kinda fun, because they had the Disney castle emblazoned on the front, and then on the back: the names and birthday's of everyone in the group. (Reason #333 why my brother is cooler than your brother.)

Le pixelated face is Jack....

Sammi flew out to meet us there that morning, and because it's Sammi, things got sillier. lol.

Iiiin the tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki tiki room....

Day three

Chloe and Sammi dressed as Belle and Rapunzel, and I got to do their hair, because... reasons.

There was this art shop....and I about died. IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE IN THERE. Ugh. People were like, "Treskie, we gotta go."
Me: But art.
Them: We have other plans, remember?
Me: But... art.
Them: We have to meet up with the family.
Me: Can we come back?

Not gonna lie, I got a little emotional in that place, it was amazing.

Mahri legit brought an IQ test with her.

He wanted that balloon since day one. He was so excited. lol.

People say Disneyland is magical.

I don't think it's magical so much as reminiscent. It feels like you're back in the 50's when you're there. It's a special place, it's full of craziness and wonderful things, and it's like wandering through a maze of memories of Walt Disney, and I think it's awesome.

Sorry if this post went on too long, but once I got started, I couldn't really eliminate that many pictures.

God bless! And I'll be back to blogging regularly next week!

Also! Big thanks to all of you lovelies who prayed that I didn't need to go to Jury Duty. It worked, and I'm free!

Kay cheers. Gnight.