Sunday, March 13, 2016

Picture Sunday-- March

It was a good week.

Good things happened.*

I was elated, and happy, and embarrassed, and excited, and it was just a really good week.

*Fun things, silly things, thing that made go, "squeeeee."

I finally uploaded my solo to youtube, I think I did pretty okay considering I was still sick and my voice wasn't up to snuff, I'll put that link in at the bottom of this post, in case anyone wants to see it.*

*Is that weird, should I not do that?

I'm leaving to see my sister next Saturday. 

I'm going to try to do that Picture Saturday post early, so I can schedule it to post while I travel,* because that's going to be the last Picture Saturday until sometime in April, when I get back, since Gina and Dan don't have a scanner, and I will not post bad quality pics, okay? Okay.

*Pray for me! I've never flown alone before!

Right well... this week, unfortunately, I didn't draw a whole lot of quality stuff, but whatever. I'm really proud of a few of them (one in particular), and I'm gonna post the not-so-stellar ones, because I'm in a sharing mood. lol.

1.) So we have the little girl sketch I did while I was listening to Amy's private lesson, because... I bring sketchbooks with me. (I'm getting the hang of little kid bodies, aw yiss.)

2.) The guitar doodle, because why the heck not?

3.) The little guy who will definitely have a girlfriend when he grows into his eyebrows.

4.) The one where I discovered gelly roll pens, and was like, "HIGHLIGHT ALL THE THINGS." (White gelly roll pens are life. Aw YISS.)

5.) The one I started of Tyler Ward, and intend to finish. Tyler Ward is awesome and you should follow him on youtube, because the guy is so talented, and so sincere.

6.) Max feeling very sad and forlorn because he did the Thing.

7.) The one where Tristan finds out about the Thing.

8.) The one I don't like.

9.) The first sketch of Stitch and Angel that my brother requested....


Yeah... I'm not proud of myself at all....

I dunno, guys, I'm weird tonight. I'm all jittery and wonky. It's really late, and freaking Daylight Savings Time started and I should really go to bed.

So I'm going to post my solo (because apparently it's all about ME tonight....), and I'm gonna call it quits.

Question Time!
Favorite overall drawing?
Favorite black and white?
Have you figured out what Max's Thing is yet?
What's your favorite Lilo and Stitch quote?

I love you all!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Picture Saturday--Randomly Rapunzel

I spend most of this week being angry at my sketchbook.

And that started because I finished my nice sketchbook, and didn't realize I had come to the end of it until I turned the page and there were.... no more pages.


And between this, that, and the other, I was not able to get to an art store to get a nice sketchbook for about a week, which means I had to use my spare.

The spare is a cheap little thing with low quality paper.

I didn't realize how much nice paper meant to me until I was reduced to using not nice paper. I didn't want to draw on that paper! I didn't like that paper! It was too smooth! It was too shiny! It was like computer paper with gloss!

So every time I went to draw, I just got angry.

Not irritated, not frustrated.


I think.... I think I might need help.

It's at times like this where I'm like, "Ooooooh, that's why I'm forever alone!"

I got a new sketchbook this morning, and was so happy, I drew all day. 'Cause.... reasons.

Right, let's go.

1.) One of those late night I-don't-even-care doodles that turned out way better than I meant it to.

2.) In Disneyland there was an appalling lack of Tangled memorabilia, and I guess it bothered me? (How on earth can I have 72 markers and not have the right color for her dress..... what is life?)

3.) The oh-my-gosh-I-hate-this-sketchbook. Seriously. It threw off my groove.

4.) I figured out that Tristan's bad guy has a metal hand. I'm sure there's a really important reason for him to have a weird metal hand, but he has yet to divulge that information to me.

5.) Kate with her perfect hair.....

6.) Really quick Stitch, 'cause Stitch is cute, in a creepy sort of way.

7.) Stitch prompted this, even though... I watched both Lilo and Stitch movies and Angel has yet to appear. Am I missing something?

8.) I totally drew Chloe and Toink sharing the jacket, because that crap was CUTE.

9.) Oh hai, Piero.

10.) Le colored Tristan kissing Kate, because I didn't want to draw in the sketchbook that sucked.

11.) The one where she's totally disproportionate, but she has such passion, I don't even care.

Aaaaand I-eee-Iiiiii! Will aaaaaalwayssss LOOOVE youuuuu!

12.) *Aggressively obsesses.*

Oh my, my, myyyyyy Delilah! Why, why, WHYYYY Delilah!

13.) Sudden! Urge! To draw Rapunzel!

14.) Oh oh oh! What about FLYNN!?

15.) What if.... I drew them.... together.. (Yeah, his head is on wrong, BUT WHATEVER, IT'S PRETTY.)

Aaaand that's all I've got this week, ladies. (And gents? Are there gents following me?)

Question time!
Favorite colored?
Black and white?
Favorite fanart?
Best gif usage?

Love you all!