Friday, January 30, 2015

Picture Saturday -- I haz a frazzle

Well blogging more than once a week was a bust.

In my defense, for most of last week, I was throwing up my organs. (Aliens style. It was gross.) And you know how it is, after the worst part of the flu, when you no longer feel like you're dying, but the thought of doing anything other than sleeping, or binging on TV shows makes you want to vomit? (Like the part where even reading requires too much brain activity....)
And then stuff happened, and basically, it's been two weeks again.


I was like, I'M GONNA DO IT!

And then I was like, I SUCK!

Oh well. I'm not going to give up on it, but until I have WiFi, my blogging schedule will be shaky at best. Bear with me, guys. I'm working on it!

ANYWAY so this Picture Saturday has a bunch of random stuff. (Another reason to wait less long between posts, do you know how long it takes to edit two weeks worth of drawings? Like whoa.)

Yes, I know it's Friday, but I have plans tomorrow. (I know! Me! Plans! WHAT IS THIS INSANITY?)

1.) So first, we have the little fairy that I doodled. She's adorable and fabulous.

2.) And then we have the Leo and Calypso fanart. (I actually like their romance better than Percy and Annabeth's.. don't kill me.)

3.) Calypso. She's not perfect, I need to work on her, but I shall eventually make her look better.)

4.) And Leo! (After Percy, he's my favorite. I think Rick Riordan's gonna kill him that that makes me mad.)

5.) Le sad girl. I actually drew her a few weeks ago, but I forgot about her. That's why her color is not so fabulous.

6.) THE ARTIST THAT I LOVE! I don't know, I just really love the feel of this picture. I think it looks all warm and snazzy. I love it when doodles turn epic.

7.) The windy girl that I liked more before my nieces spilled water on her.

8.) I don't even know.

9.) The gunman guy that kills people and feels ashamed. (Huahuahuah)

10.) LORD OF THE RINGS FANART BECAUSE WE JUST FINISHED A MARATHON AND I'M ON A HIGH. (I'm in the process of drawing Boromir dying. That's what I do.)

And now, we have more

Project My Little Pony Humanized!

This was the first attempt at Pinkie. I don't like her so much.

Help me out guys, if you like my adaptions of the ponies into humans, help me spread the word, yeah? Share them, pin them,
 show them around, use the hashtag #MLPhumanized. Help me make it a thiiiiing.

12.) TWILIGHT SPARKLE! (She's my nieces' favorite. They freaked out when I showed her to them, it made me really happy.)

13.) Twilight is a bookworm. She loves studying, she has magic, she's a nerd.

I didn't like this one so much after I colored it. (I need to tell you when I hate stuff. I'm weird that way.)

14.) I'm serious about the studying thing. She's obsessive.

I feel like I may have let the colors get away from me in this one. The couch is too much, I think.

15.) And she has a problem with the creepy, crazy Discord.

16.) She really, really loves books.

17.) She is a princess. She earns wings. She's purple. What's not to love?

I won't lie, I really love this picture. 

So, which one's your favorite?

PICK ONE, TELL ME, it will be super fun.

I'm thinking Fluttershy next.

Bah dum tissss!.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Picture Saturday - Kick start

S'up people of the internet!

I'm back! And it hasn't been two weeks! I'm amazing!

Picture Saturdaaaaaaay!

And we're going to kick start this (hence the freaking title) with sketches and stuff.

And then we get to move on to PROJECT MY LITTLE PONY!!!

So le first. We have this random tree thing, I drew a few weeks ago.

 And then we have le character I came up with. I don't anything about her, except that she's about five inches tall, she's a fairy, and her name is Flutterbell. I think she's sassy. But that's it. If any of you want her, you can have her.

Seriously, write a story about her, because I can't.

Le mysterious cowboy who's shoulders and hat I hate. (But his face I like, 'cause shadows.)

AND THEN WE HAVE LE TAYLOR SWIFT INSPIRED ONE. (Don't hate, I like TSwizzle) Which I've been wanting to draw since the first time I heard Out of the Woods. I dunno, I just really liked that line where she goes,

The rest of the world was in black and white
But we were in screaming color.

So I let the idea fester and then I drew this. (FYI, Hannah, prismacolor pencils are the best of ever.)

Hehehehehe, kiss. Hehehe.

THEN we have le Percy and Annabeth iconic scene from Mark of Athena. Which I drew. And then colored in. At like 11:30pm. 

I think I'm getting the hang of color, what do you think? (My co-worker got me this art pen that I use ALL THE TIME now. And... just.... PRISMAS.)

And then we have the start of 


I shall be adding to it every Saturday, until I get all the ponies done, and then I'm going to do a group picture of them and it will be hilarious.

I actually colored her in, but I left that picture at the other house, so I can't show it until next week.

So I started with Pinkie Pie, because she's PINKIE and I love Pinkie. 

Pinkie is exuberant.

And she is fabulous.

And then I worked on Applejack, because my niece informed me that I AM Applejack, and I needed to draw her now.

Applejack is a cowgirl. She likes apples and pies and being tough. (I don't think I'm like her. I don't like apples. Or pies. Or cows.)


I do like to kick things though, so maybe I am like her....?

See? Cutie mark. Hip.

She's really fun to draw. 

And that's it for now because I've been blogging for ages and it's like.... late. SO! I shall away like a boss.

Pinkie and Applejack are fun. What do you think? Think I got their personalities right?? LET ME KNOW because I'm dying here. :)

Okay, now I really go.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015








And I beg your pardon for it. I hate that I haven't had a chance to blog. I like blogging. I miss blogging! I want to blog every day! (Actually no, I think that's kind of overkill.) I want to blog every other day! Three times a week! 


I worked very hard to get my followers. (all eighty-six of you. I love you guys. :) And I don't want to lose any of you-- and I'd really like more. (because, does it matter that I have fourscore? No, I must have many.)

So, I'm going to work to get more than one post out a week. *Winces, because that's hard to do right now.*

I haven't done a Random Facts post in a while, which is sad, because I like Random Facts posts.

Le Six Random Facts:

1.) I still have not seen Unbroken, and this is a source of extreme sorrow for this little potato. Because it's WWII. And I don't know what it is about World War Two, but it makes me all thrilled inside. You know, people in that time frame were so cool. I've read books written by guys in that time frame, and all of them leave me feeling like "Wow, I need to be a better person."

So yes.

*Movie set during WWII? Must watch.
*Movie set during WWII with a nice guy stuck in an evil POW camp? Bring it.
*Movie set during WWII with a nice guy stuck in an evil POW camp and still managing to be a hero and not dying and shoving through? Why haven't I seen it yet. What is wrong with me? What is life?

I'm probably going to go watch it this weekend, because the trailer made me cry, and I am a sucker for pain and anguish.

2.) Speaking of going to the movies, several of my sisters* and a couple of epic girls** decided to get together and go see Into the Woods. 

*Kat, Bella, and Tiny

That. Movie.

It is so good! It's so dumb! There was a random part near the end that didn't need to be there and left me somewhat disgruntled..... but other than that?

The music was really good, everyone had nice voices! (That never happens.) I quite liked all the characters, I was really impressed with how they meshed all those different fairy tales into one plot that worked, and didn't make me go, "Wow they tried way too hard."

The Baker and his wife were freaking adorable together.
Jack was a good little actor. (He was good as Gavroche in Les Mis too.)
I find it amusing and a little grouchifying that Chris Pine acted more like Kirk in this movie than he ever did in Star Trek. Like, if he had just overacted in Star Trek, I would be way more into the movies.)

And I'm not going to lie, the Agony song had me cackling like a buffoon. It was absurd! It was over the top! They gamboled around atop a waterfall and sang passionately and it was my favorite song of the whole movie.

But it's so applicable to fandoms.

Someone died? Sing the chorus of Agony.
Your OTP broke up? Sing the chorus of Agony.
Mid-season finale? Sing the chorus of Agony.
Dean's being affected by the Mark of Cain? Sing Agony.

Seriously. Best. Song. Ever.

So yes, aside from that one part near the end, I would say this movie got an A from me. :)

3.) I think, starting February 1st, I'm going to start drawing every single day. Even if it's just a sketch, even if it's rubbish. I shall draw it. And I shall post it. And it will be amazing.

4.) I finished Flashpoint! And oh my gosh, I need to review it. Because it's so good! The plots are fabulous, I adored all the characters, even the girl. I flipped out over back stories and character development, and cried frequently.

And on top of that, it's like the cleanest newer show I've ever seen. I think in all five seasons, there was maybe one kissing scene. Like. HAI IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE ROMANCE WITHOUT TAKING IT TO THE BEDROOM EVERY EPISODE. (Teen Wolf, take notes)

5.) I'm working on a project. It's an exciting project for me. I'm drawing all the My Little Ponies-- but here's the giant twist-- I'm drawing them, as humans. LIKE LA! I've never done anything like that before, and I won't lie, it's fun to figure out how these ponies would look if they weren't ponies.

I'm currently working on Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie is super fun.

No, seriously. I'm drinking out of MLP glasses and stuff to get into the spirity of things. We're gonna have a good time. 

Y'all should be excited.

6.) In the spirit of my new resolution to get my act together and blog again, I need to think of more post ideas, because after a while, my life gets boring, so I'm going to stick a poll here and let you guys vote. (Because I value your opinions and I need a bit of a kick in the pants to get me out and about to find WiFi to steal.)

What kind of posts would you like to see?
Book/Movie/TV Show reviews
Random/Lifey Stuff

And that, mein minions, is all I can do with this post right now. 

I'm really grouchy with how long it's been since I posted. I don't want to become one of those annoying bloggers who posts like twice a year and expects comments. 

SO PLEASE VOTE and all that jazz. (And if there's a different sort of post you want to see from me, LET ME KNOW!)

Cheers and God bless!