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And I beg your pardon for it. I hate that I haven't had a chance to blog. I like blogging. I miss blogging! I want to blog every day! (Actually no, I think that's kind of overkill.) I want to blog every other day! Three times a week! 


I worked very hard to get my followers. (all eighty-six of you. I love you guys. :) And I don't want to lose any of you-- and I'd really like more. (because, does it matter that I have fourscore? No, I must have many.)

So, I'm going to work to get more than one post out a week. *Winces, because that's hard to do right now.*

I haven't done a Random Facts post in a while, which is sad, because I like Random Facts posts.

Le Six Random Facts:

1.) I still have not seen Unbroken, and this is a source of extreme sorrow for this little potato. Because it's WWII. And I don't know what it is about World War Two, but it makes me all thrilled inside. You know, people in that time frame were so cool. I've read books written by guys in that time frame, and all of them leave me feeling like "Wow, I need to be a better person."

So yes.

*Movie set during WWII? Must watch.
*Movie set during WWII with a nice guy stuck in an evil POW camp? Bring it.
*Movie set during WWII with a nice guy stuck in an evil POW camp and still managing to be a hero and not dying and shoving through? Why haven't I seen it yet. What is wrong with me? What is life?

I'm probably going to go watch it this weekend, because the trailer made me cry, and I am a sucker for pain and anguish.

2.) Speaking of going to the movies, several of my sisters* and a couple of epic girls** decided to get together and go see Into the Woods. 

*Kat, Bella, and Tiny

That. Movie.

It is so good! It's so dumb! There was a random part near the end that didn't need to be there and left me somewhat disgruntled..... but other than that?

The music was really good, everyone had nice voices! (That never happens.) I quite liked all the characters, I was really impressed with how they meshed all those different fairy tales into one plot that worked, and didn't make me go, "Wow they tried way too hard."

The Baker and his wife were freaking adorable together.
Jack was a good little actor. (He was good as Gavroche in Les Mis too.)
I find it amusing and a little grouchifying that Chris Pine acted more like Kirk in this movie than he ever did in Star Trek. Like, if he had just overacted in Star Trek, I would be way more into the movies.)

And I'm not going to lie, the Agony song had me cackling like a buffoon. It was absurd! It was over the top! They gamboled around atop a waterfall and sang passionately and it was my favorite song of the whole movie.

But it's so applicable to fandoms.

Someone died? Sing the chorus of Agony.
Your OTP broke up? Sing the chorus of Agony.
Mid-season finale? Sing the chorus of Agony.
Dean's being affected by the Mark of Cain? Sing Agony.

Seriously. Best. Song. Ever.

So yes, aside from that one part near the end, I would say this movie got an A from me. :)

3.) I think, starting February 1st, I'm going to start drawing every single day. Even if it's just a sketch, even if it's rubbish. I shall draw it. And I shall post it. And it will be amazing.

4.) I finished Flashpoint! And oh my gosh, I need to review it. Because it's so good! The plots are fabulous, I adored all the characters, even the girl. I flipped out over back stories and character development, and cried frequently.

And on top of that, it's like the cleanest newer show I've ever seen. I think in all five seasons, there was maybe one kissing scene. Like. HAI IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE ROMANCE WITHOUT TAKING IT TO THE BEDROOM EVERY EPISODE. (Teen Wolf, take notes)

5.) I'm working on a project. It's an exciting project for me. I'm drawing all the My Little Ponies-- but here's the giant twist-- I'm drawing them, as humans. LIKE LA! I've never done anything like that before, and I won't lie, it's fun to figure out how these ponies would look if they weren't ponies.

I'm currently working on Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie is super fun.

No, seriously. I'm drinking out of MLP glasses and stuff to get into the spirity of things. We're gonna have a good time. 

Y'all should be excited.

6.) In the spirit of my new resolution to get my act together and blog again, I need to think of more post ideas, because after a while, my life gets boring, so I'm going to stick a poll here and let you guys vote. (Because I value your opinions and I need a bit of a kick in the pants to get me out and about to find WiFi to steal.)

What kind of posts would you like to see?
Book/Movie/TV Show reviews
Random/Lifey Stuff

And that, mein minions, is all I can do with this post right now. 

I'm really grouchy with how long it's been since I posted. I don't want to become one of those annoying bloggers who posts like twice a year and expects comments. 

SO PLEASE VOTE and all that jazz. (And if there's a different sort of post you want to see from me, LET ME KNOW!)

Cheers and God bless!


  1. U saw into the woods???!!! So totally jealous right now. It isn't out in Aussie land at the moment :( which is soooo unfair

    And do you know there is a How to Train Your Dragon 3 coming out?? Yeah, I'm kinda excited about that too.... :D

    1. IT WAS SO GOOOOD!!! LOL. phfffft australia

      THERE IS!???????????? I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay! A post:) It wont let me vote for some reason but I would say book/tv/movie reviews! But I love all of them anyways:) Have a fabulous day!

    1. lol I know right!? lol. Not letting you vote? LAME! But thanks for letting me know. XD

      you too!

  3. I am so impressed with your goal to not only make a drawing every day, but to post it. Like. Can we talk about dedication. BECAUSE THAT'S DEDICATED.
    I NEED TO DO THE SAME. You are inspirational, Treskie. Truly inspirational.
    And drawing all of the ponies as people sounds like such a fun project. I gotta say, MLP is such a fun show. I watched it before my four year old nephew even knew about it.. And then HE started watching it because of me... Hehe. Cartoon shows are the best.
    And about the poll thingy; I don't think my vote went through but I voted for art because yOUR ART IS SO PRETTY AND I LOVE SEEING IT. *flails*
    Okay, I'm done now. I have so much to do. Lalala.
    Good luck with the drawingsss!!

    1. Hahahaha, really? Shucks.
      I KNOW IT'S REALLY DEDICATED, BUT I'M AFRAID OF COMMITMENT SO I'M AFRAID. LOL. (are you being sarcastic with that inspiration thing? Because I feel like you are. XD)

      IT IS SO EXCITED THEY LOOK SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love MLP it's like the only acceptable animated kid thing. XD

      ART? lol okay. I think there's something wrong with that poll.


  4. I really want to see Unbroken and Into the Woods, too! And the other World War movie because it is my favourite time period EVER. What is it called....? Lemme see.... Ah, The Imitation Game. The trailer looks super good and it's got both Allen Leech and Benedict Cumberbatch in it!!!! :O :D

    1. Gonna go this weekeeeend! Into the Woods is GOOD!!! I'm a little unsure of that one, because I think Benedict Cumberbatch's character might be gay... buuuuut. IT'S WWII SO I'LL PROLLY WATCH IT WHEN IT COMES TO DVD.

  5. The poll told me I was an erorr and I got offended and glared at it. BUT I VOTE FOR ALL THE THINGS. I love your art and your fangirling and your random lists (I LURVE LISTS) and anything about everything. Anything you flail over basically...although, staaahp recommending TV shows. I AM NEVER EVER GOING TO CATCH UP. XD
    (I'm kidding. Keep the recs coming.)

    I kind of want to see Into The Woods because...fairy tales! I LOVE FAIRY TALES. But I'm not the world's biggest fan of singing. So um. >.> There's that.

    hehe. Teen Wolf was incredibly mushy. xD I finished all the seasons, did I tell you that??? I didn't like S4 as much, but the new characters all grew on me and I feel better about it all. I STILL MISS ISAAC THO. And I miss Stiles and Lydia. :(

    ANYWAY. You should definitely post more than once every two weeks because I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG.

    1. Okay, there is definitely something wrong with that bloody poll. I Am glaring at it too. *glares* Lol ALL THE THINGS?! niiiiiiiiiiice. I'm glad you like them all.

      OMG FLASHPOINT FLASHPOINT FLASHPOINT!!!! *flails because teams*

      FAIRY TALES! I like singing though soooooooooo. Ehem. XD

      Teen Wolf drove me nuts with the "Omg we're Sooooooooooooooooo in love." it was annoying. I liked the 4th season.... I don't like Malia though, because STYDIA OKAY? And I really miss Isaac.


  6. Hai!!!!!!!

    You are far better at posting than moi! I've been horrible lately. Like four months=no posts horrible :P I WILL TRY HARDER AS WELL. It's, y'know? I haz to live it sometimes.

    Hehe, you're a little potato XD You are a dedicated little potato too. A drawing a day and a post? Dang.

    Going to see Into the Woods with Robert next Tuesday, methinks. We received a movie theater gift card for our birthday so it has to be used right? Right. Iz excited. Fairy-tales+Singing= my kind of movie. I'll be singing all of the songs soon :D

    The "This is so much fun!" gif is awesome! I love that movie.

    I agree with Cait, I love all your posts! I especially like the random/lifey ones though, so keep them coming please!!!!! (Did you fix the poll? It worked fine for me....)

    It was lovely catching up with you, darling. I've been away from blogland far too long!

    1. HAIIIIIIII!!!

      Well you have like... a life. So you have more of an excuse, I have no life, so I have.... well I have no WiFI, so there's that. lol.

      I AM a potato! I finally found a description of me that I agree with!!! lol. Not a post every day, but I'll draw every day, and Post them. I'M AFRAID, EVERYONE IS SO EXCITED. LOL.

      IT'S SO FUNNY WATCH IT. LOL. Oh I already do. lol.

      She was my favorite character in that movie. I loved her.

      Alrighty, I shall keep them coming. XD Thanks for liking them, ermergersh. XD

      I'm glad to see you posted!!!!!!! I was like, "HAI I KNOW THAT GURL."

  7. Okay, so how did this get posted two days ago and I didn't see it???????????? BAD HANNAH.

    Into the Woods. Agony. Was. Hysterical. They did that perfectly. Both princes performed admirably and duly idiotic. It was so fabulous and hilarious. So now Jess and I go around and sing "AGONNYYYYYYYY!!!!!" with all of their funny little dramatic things that they do. Chris Pine dude wiping the water off his face. Billy Magnussen dude about to sing then Chris Pine cuts him off. Yessss. It was great.

    I want to see Unbroken too!!! Looks so fabulous.


    HEYYYY have you started the Wingfeather Saga yet? Eeeee!

    FLASHPOINT FLASHPOINT FLASHPOINT FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHPOINT! <3 <3 <3 <3 I'm still waiting to get over that show. Every time I see people in combat gear (because I totally see them all the time in real life. Just kidding, I mean in movies) I'm like, "TEAM ONE!!!!" Thankfully there's Ninjago. And Ninjago s3 is coming to my house soon and I shall devour it like the Great Devourer because I haven't seen it yet. Squeeee!

    Also, I think it's hysterical that you are drawing the My Little Ponies and My Little Humans.

    1. I know right? I was like, "first comment! It's probably Hannah." and then I gasped because it wasn't. lol.

      I don't care what people think of Into The Woods... Agony will always be GOLDEN. I mean it was perfect and hilarious. I burned myself making dinner yesterday, and I literally flapped my hand in front of my friend's face and went, "AGONYYYYY, MUCH MORE PAINFUL THAN YOUUUUUUURS." and she snorted because we watched it together. lol.


      Hahahaha, okay. OKAY. MORE DRAWING THEN. lol.

      YESSSSSSSSS (funny story, I started it like a week after Christmas, and then I brought it to the main house when I visited, and I LOST IT. FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS> but I found it again, and I finished the first one, and i need to art it. lol.

      YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. ME TOOOOOOOOO. Combat Gear is so cool, I'm like SRU!!!! *phhhft* I see ours ALL THE TIME. *squints, because lies.* i really need to find that show. lol.


  8. Gahhh...finally, someone who understands my love for WWII movies! Every time a new WWII movie comes out my boyfriend rolls his eyes and says, "Ugh, would they stop making WWII movies already? They're so overdone! And they're all the same!" and I'm just like, "'s WWII!! It's one of my favorite historical eras!!" At least he will watch everything else with me (I got him hooked on, it's all he wants to watch now). Still...I need to drag him to see Unbroken. And Into the Woods (he's more excited for that one than I am, because he grew up watching the stage version). :)

    Oh, and I voted for fangirling on the poll, but only because there wasn't an all of the above option, and well, FANGIRLING. :P

    Vicki Grace

    1. OMG WWII is faaaaaaabulous! (HAVE YOU WATCHED AGENT CARTER!? YOU SHOULD WATCH IT IT'S PERFECT.) There are hardly any WWII movies that are worth it though, you know? Like a lot of them are generic, so when you get some that are amazing, it's a Muuuuust.

      Oh oh oh oh!!! He's like the first guy besides my brother who doesn't mindlessly hate it. lol. Where is he at? I love it when people love my fandoms. XD
      LET ME KNOW what you think of Into The Woods, I really liked it. XD

      Hahaha okay! Fabulous. More fangirling. Fangirling is eaaaaaasy. XD


  9. Unbroken was amazing!! The book is really good as well :) Have you ever read The Shadow of His Wings: The True Story of Fr. Gereon Goldmann? I couldn't put it down it was so inspiring.... Go look it up now ;) I loved Into the Woods!! I went to see it with my mom and a couple friends and we all DIED laughing at the Agony song!! Also I didn't vote because it didn't have an "all of the above" button which is what I'd vote ;)

    1. I have been told by several friends that I must read the book. lol Which shouldn't be a problem because WWII. But the movie looks so goood, I have to see it.
      I haven't read that one! I'll need to see if it's at the library. XD

      The Agony song was GOLD I need to buy it. It's the best. XD EVERYONE laughs there! I totally lost it when they ripped open their shirts, like, woooow so dramatic. XD

      Awww, okay. Thanks!


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