Thursday, February 26, 2015

I will destroy all of the things.

I won't destroy them right now

But I have plans to destroy the things. All of them. 

The things will be destroyed*


I have been tagged by mein Jack, because she loves me and I am her most favorite of all people.*

*lies, I was merely one of the first eleven commenters. Thanks, Jack. 

Liebster Award! *fanfare of doom*

Le Rules
Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. 
Answer the eleven question that the blogger gives you
Give eleven random facts about yourself
Nominate eleven other bloggers and let them know
Make eleven questions for them to answer

Haaaaaaaaa I am a breaker of rules.
The rules? I shall destroy them.

So I'm going to start with the eleven random facts, because I have destroyed all the rules.


2.) Amy and I did a cooking vlog! Which we will post as soon as it's completely edited.... it's a how to cook pizza vlog, and I do expect all y'all to post a video response making pizza.

3.) I've suddenly become extremely fond of scones. Guys, I make the best scones.... they are light, they are fluffy, they are buttery, they are nice!

4.) I totally missed my bloggerversary. This place is three years old now, since the seventh. Yay me!

5.) I have not seen the Agent Carter finale, because Lent, but Sunday is coming, and Amy and Maria are coming over and we are going to partaaaay!

6.) There are times when I want to quit my life and devote myself to drawing, and blogging, and vlogging.


8.)  I go to places and steal WiFi and the occupants of places where WiFi is want to visit, and I cannot blog and talk at the same time.

I will destroy all of the things.

9.) Bella and I skyped with Hannah and it was fun, even though she doesn't like country music. (Next time will be less awkward for both of us XD)

10.) I'm thinking I am excessively out of shape and I need to start being healthy again. Phbbth, I hate exercising and I love cookies.

11.) I am praying that this weekend brings WiFi.... because can you imagine the fabulousness of blogging in my own house!? AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Le Jack's questions of doom and destruction:

1. Have you ever listened to the Snoopy vs. The Red Baron songs? 
    Yes, they are weird and adorable and give me mental images of Snoopy on his doghouse so ha.

2. What's tatters? 
    I'm not sure if you mean tatters like torn paper or cloth... or taters, which are poh-tay-toes, boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.

3. What would be your opening lines to your Great American Novel? 
    "The question is," said the detective, "what were you doing with the semi-truck in the first place?"

4. Are you over Tadashi yet? 
    Is this a Big Hero 6 reference? BECAUSE I HAVEN'T FREAKING SEEN IT YET. But I have a fear for Tadashi. He's dead, isn't he?

5. How well can you crash a plane? 
    I will destroy all of the things!

6. What color are the socks you're wearing right now? 
     Black as the night.

7. What is the one thing you always carry with you and why? 
    ....I want to be all hipster and say, "My book." or "My sketch book." (which I do bring with me, frequently.) But like most of the sad populace of the world, I never leave my cellyphone behind if I can help it. It is my most favorite thing.

8. Are you six foot something with a scary nose? 
    I am a hobbit, and while my nose is sizable, I don't believe it's a scary nose.

9. What's the stupidest thing you ever done which inflicted pain on yourself? 
    I ignored my mom's warning to stay away from the edge of the bunk bed, and ended up fracturing my left wrist. I couldn't draw for a like a month.

I destroyed all of the things!

10. Do foods which don't go bad scare you?
     No, they are foods that don't go bad. I LOVE FOOD.

11. How well do you get along with cockroaches?
       I will destroy all of the cockroaches.

Here are the questions for the suckers nominees.

 1.) Will you join me in my quest to destroy all the things?
2.) Wizards or witches?
3.) Are sweet dreams made of these or are you one to disagree?
4.) Have you ever heard of Ninjago? (Apparently it's lego. I have yet to see it.)
5.) Do you collect sporks?
6.) What were your favorite toys as a kid? 
7.) If you had a choice, would you hang out with Frodo or Merry?
8.) In your opinion are ticks worse than spiders? 
9.) Sherlock meets Shawn Spencer, what is the first thing he would deduct?
10.) Can you list the fifty states? 
11.) What is your opinion on blue inked pens? Yea or nay?

Le nomineeeees. (Only three, because I have destroyed the rules.)

* Cait (Your Goddess commands you)
* Amy

And if anyone wants to partay and do this, do so! Leave me a linky to your post! If you don't have a blog, answer in da comments.

Hopefully Picture Saturday will be up in a timely manner this week.

Treskie out.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Picture Saturday-- Better late than never

Shut up, it's still Saturday where I am.

Okay, so it's late.

But I was very busy today! (Barnes&Noble, and antique stores, and a discovery kingdom type place. Way busy.)

So here we have a photo dump, and it will be interesting, where you enjoy it or not. Actually, I command you to enjoy it, because I am the Goddess of Overlords! (HA! Beat that, Cait.)

Shall we get right into it?


1.) Le sketch of a scene from the Wingfeather Saga. Because winged man. (Ignore the disproportionate head in the bottom, she shouldn't be there. Shhhhh.)

2.) Le brother and sister from Hannah and Jess's book, because siblings.

3.) Le random man face, because men are fun to draw. (Yeah, I just said that.)

4.) Le doodles of terrifying laughing people and a weirdo.

5.) LE FLORID SWORD FROM THE WINGFEATHER SAGA BECAUSE HE SAYS THINGS LIKE, "Your numbers are full of bigness and I must needs flee! Aha!" and it cracked me up.

Seriously though, look at the fabulousness of this man.

6.) Le freaky mermaid.

7.) Le cute little guy that I think looks a little bit like a young Shane Fazen.

8.) After the inspiring words on that picture, I went on a beat up aaaaalll the boys binge and came up with some darkish stuff.

I know, I'm disturbing.
9.) Shh. I'm embarrassed.

10.) 75 Jackson. Don't ask. Suffice to say I suck at 'fros and apparently it needs to be bigger.

10.) Artham. This was drawn before I realized he was white haired. Like... I just imagine everyone dark until told otherwise.

11.) The unfinished death scene from a book I just finished. *cries tears*

12.) Le Derek.


13.) Rarity!

14.) Rarity is a princess, and not in a good way, like me. She's a bit prissy. :)

15.) But she sews, so there's that. (I don't sew. I fail.)

16.) Sooo prissy. And apparently deformed in the hand area.

16.) But she has fabulous hair.

She was really easy because she literally used like three colors. *dances*

Which picture is your favorite?

Which one of Rarity?

Tell meeee!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What up!

How do you blog?

I forget.

It was a crazy week, and I was worn out by Saturday evening. (And I didn't even do that much overtime!)


I think I really need to work on resolutions, because I drew like.... thrice last week. And I didn't even do the next pony!

I am a failure.

And when my nieces ask where the next pony is, I have to tell them she's not done yet, and they look so sad, I'm a terrible aunt. 

Oh well. In the words of Bertie Wooster, "One has tried, one has failed, one can do no more."

SO here's what happened lately.

1.) I drew some fun pictures which I did not post on Saturday because I worked and I didn't have energy after. I shall post them next Saturday.

2.) I stayed with the Sammi over the weekend while her family was out of town. We ate good food and watched Supernatural and Indiana Jones and I showed her the first episode of Agents of SHIELD and she likes Ward.

Sammi is my most favorite person. She is quite fabulous.

She's a ranger, I'm a hobbit, and I am at a disadvantage.
Cause I'm freaking short.
And that sword is basically a dagger.

2.) Basically, this whole week was preparation for Valentine's Day at the florist, and it gets really busy there, 'cause it's like the one day of the year guys remember to tell their ladies that they actually like them.

So we recruited extra delivery people. (My dad joined in.) And Sammi also helped out.

We got teamed up to do deliveries! It wasn't a bad way to spend Valentine's Day, actually. We blasted a mix of Josh Groban and country music, and sang, and made fun of people.

3.) On Sunday, the shop was closed so we all took the day to relax and chill out, so we went on a hike near our house.

 It was really nice, it was really refreshing. Naturrrrrreeeeee!!!! Nature makes me happeh.

And we ate lunch and we climbed a rocky thing and were on top of the world.

And group shots, because I have a thing for pictures.

4.) Monday was good, we had a pre Fat Tuesday celebration, with stuffed mushrooms, and bruschetta, and pizza. And we watched Guardians of the Galaxy.

I did not go into it thinking it was going to be Avengers caliber. SO! I freaking loved it. I thought it was hilarious and fun. And I chortled copiously.

And now whenever I talk to Sammi, I go, "I AM GROOT." and she just looks at me. And I'm like, "I AM GROOT." and she goes, "Shut up." "I AM GOOOOOT."

Basically, it was actually a pretty good week, despite my resolution falling through the cracks a little.

And now I'm going to go, because I have to watch some stuff before Lent starts. LENT IS COMING! And I need to party before it happens.