Saturday, April 30, 2016

Picture Saturday-- April.2

Oh you guys...!

I just discovered toned paper.... AND.... IT IS THE MOST  GLORIOUS OF ALL THE INVENTIONS.

It is golden. It is wonderful.

Toned paper is life.

So this week's drawings are predominately on toned paper, because TONED PAPER IS LIFE. 

1.) First of all, here: I drew a dance, because even though I dance with the agility of a hammer, I really like it.

2.) More dance.... *Whistles forties music*

3.) All dis hair.

4.) Toned paper.......!!

5.) TONED PAPER.....!

6.) BROWN TONED PAPER. (This was actually my first attempt, but whatever, she looks like the girl from the Hillywood Show.)


8.) I freaking love this stuff, it is amazing.

9.) It thrills me. So it had to be paired with someone who thrills me, and so... Gianluca.

10.) Also, Piero.

11.) I don't even know, guys. Toned paper has a way of making even just average art look good. And it's really really addictive....

Yeah.... I'm not a weirdo at all.

There are burnt cookies in the oven, and we just finished watching the third Ip Man movie and I'm on a little bit of a high, because seriously.... Ip Man is SO GOOD. All three of the movies! So good, so martial arty, so... deliciously violent.

What? Sometimes you just need a little violence in your life.

Ehm. It's awesome.

Anyway, question time!
Favorite overall?
Favorite toned paper?
Favorite colored?
Have you seen Ip Man?

Alrighty all! I love you guys! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Picture Saturday-- April

Saying goodbye to people that you don't get to see that often is really hard.

*Angry Treskie noises*

You guys want a life update post this week?

I'm actually back now, I'm not just popping in to say hai only to disappear for another three weeks. Wooo!

*Le sigh*

Let's get going on the first Picture Saturday since... eeeeee, the beginning of March? Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long.

Unfortunately there's not a lot to actually post, because most of last month was taken up with a super-secret art project I was working on for my brother's wedding. And since I only finished it about the same time I got back from Montana (like two days before the wedding), taking pictures of it totally didn't cross my mind, so I'll have to ask Joe for it back before I can show you guys what it was. I was very proud of it. Ehem.

Right, bragging's over now.

1.) Usually if I'm drawing, my mood comes out in my art. So angrily sketching faces results in... angry face sketches....

2.) Finished Agent Carter s2, and commenced the fanart because.... That finale...! (Yeah, I know, I really need to start using reference pictures when I fanart because the people don't really look like they're supposed to...)

3.) Not wild about his face because it doesn't look like him, but daaaaaang those shoulders....

4.) The super-uber quick one that I did while waiting for my private lesson...


6.) The I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing...

7.) Let your hair flow freeee!

8.) The one that I liked until I looked at it again and now I'm thinking her head is a little... misplaced.
Also, I really wish my sketchbook was a little bit smaller, because it's too big for the scanner and hence, I get funky dark splotches on my scans and it's really irritating. 

9.) The art that turned out so well it doesn't even look like my art.


No, but seriously Tyler Ward saw it and it made my daaaaaaay.

11.) Here, have a really terrible pianist sketch... that I actually like and I don't know why.

12.) And finally, have the girl who emotes sadness, because I drew her this afternoon.

Alrighty, everyone, thanks for sticking around when I ditched you!

Question time!

Favorite overall?
Favorite black and white?
Have you seen s2 of Agent Carter? 
Do you ever think your art is good, until you look at it again and decide, "Eeeh, no?"
Did you miss me?

Love ya!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Oh yeah....

So I basically just abandoned you all this last month.

I mean, I sort of said I was going to take a break, but I also hinted that I was going to be blogging in between March and April.

HAAA. That didn't happen!

But I think I have an excuse, because I'm actually visiting my sister and her family in Montana, and I never see her, so hanging out with them takes priority, okay? Okay. 

Right though, quick update, in 100 words or less:

It had been right about.... 12 years since I last held a baby that was two hours old. Now it's been around ten days.

Big families are awesome.

Babies are so precious. 



I must have one of my own. STAT.

Stressless atmospheres = happiness.

My brother is getting married in exactly one week, I'm taking another singing class when I get back to California and I finally finished my super secret art project that I've been working on for ages.

Right now, life is good.

God bless.