Monday, October 24, 2016

October {4}

I was going to come up with this excellent story for why Picture Saturday is actually Picture Monday.

It was going to involve time travel.

It would have been hilarious.

I'm too tired to come up with a hilarious time travel story. So I'm sorry this is two days late, and short on pictures. It was just an off-week.

Today I was cranky.

I was really cranky.

But I watched Hawaii Five-0, chatted with someone, and now I am considerably less cranky.

Anyway, this week in drawings, we have some interesting art work, consisting 95% of Tristan and Gang..... Primarily Tristan and Kate because I'm a sap.

1.) So first of all. Our heater has been having issues. Sometimes it refuses to turn on, no matter how cold it is. This causes much distress, seeing as it's been rather chilly lately. I've been wrapped up in blankets, like a little burrito of angst.

Anyway, this prompted someone to suggest I draw Kate all bundled up, and so I did. Coincidentally, her heater's out too. She blames Tristan. He probably did something to it.

2.) Speaking of Kate and Tristan. I had this great idea that after everything goes down, and the battle is won, and a certain someone* has died in a glorious hailstorm of self-sacrifice, Tristan finds Kate and very awkwardly asks her on a date. AND IT'S ADORABLE.

*who's name shall remain mentionless.

3.) And then Kate, who was totally not expecting such cutes from Tristan, gets all embarrassed cause she's not dressed for a date...

4.) Soooo, she tells him to give her ten minutes, and rushes about like a fool. When she comes back, she's awfully self-conscious because Tristan's never really seen her dressed up. (They've been waging war on an Evil Company run by Max's Evil Brother, SO SHE HASN'T HAD TIME TO DRESS UP, OKAY?)

5.) And Tristan's hard little heart just melts.

Yep. It's official, Treskie ships her own characters. And she need some serious help ASAP.


6.) And moving on quickly before things get too awkward. One of my friends really loves the word "nefarious." Uses it all the time. And once, used the sentence, "It's a cesspool of nefariousness." Which I immediately stole for Max, because that's such a Max thing to say.

Yep, he's a dork, that Max. He's a lovable dork.

7.) In other news, Jack asked me to draw Japhet teaching his daughter how to dance, and I think that's cute. (You should read that book. It has many feels. Some of those feels were my idea, YOU'RE WELCOME.)  Jack mentioned that Japhet's hair is probably receding... Receding hair is hard.

8.) And there's this quote that Edward says in FMAB, which I thought was a really good point. (Have I mentioned that Edward is a tiny cupcake full of awesomeness and daddy issues?)

Yeah, this blogger needs help. She needs a lot of help. And sleep. She should sleep more.

Anyway, I'm going to Front Sight in like... a week and a half, and I have many fears. Look at me, venturing out of my tiny comfort zone! I am scared to death.

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best Tristan and Gang?
Am I getting to sappy for you guys?
Anyone here ever been to Front Sight?

I love you all!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Picture Sunday || October {3}

I have much more of  social life than I had two years ago.

This is simultaneously really nice and rather irksome: nice, because I can do fun things with fun people, and irksome because doing fun things with fun people takes away from me doing fun things by myself. Like blogging on a Saturday night.

We had pizza instead.

It was homemade and delicious.

Anyway, holla! I didn't have to go to jury duty, so that made my weekend considerably better.

Today it rained a ridiculous amount, and blustered violently, and I drew a lot.

1.) Ehm, I finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and HOLY HECK YES, THAT SHOW WAS INTENSE. And delightful. And Roy Mustang is fantastic. (I wanted to fanart more, but I haven't had the chance.)

2.) I still haven't drawn the complicated picture my sister asked me for. (I WILL GET TO IT, I SWEAR.) So instead, have a picture of a random disproportionate girl with fabulous hair.

3.) I never used to be inspired to art when driving by people. But recently it's been happening rather frequently... this little kid was playing with his dog while Amy and I were driving home from work, and I was like, "TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM I WANNA DRAW THAT.' Amy said no. Treskie's Artist Level: Creepy.

I drew from memory.

4.) Sometimes I doodle on scraps of paper.

5.) I had to draw another cowboy, because last week's cowboy sparked an interesting conversation in my comment section on facebook. (Apparently it wasn't history accurate or something..) I was amused and felt the need to make amends for my lack of accuracy.

Yes, hi, hello, his left hand? Actually perfect. Thank you. *bows*

6.) Occasionally I attempt something on toned paper that SEEMS like a good idea, and then I finish it, and I'm just like... "No."

Here, look at this somewhat horrifying adult-faced child, who's hair is much too yellow.(But the cat is cute.)

7.) Other times I draw girls with gloriously high foreheads and a disturbing lack of hair ties.

8.) And then I realized that when I actually like a Shawn Mendes song, it reminds me of Tristan and Gang, and so here. I drew this one while listening to 'Mercy.'


9.) Sometimes when Tyler's in a good mood, and he notices Kate looking at Tristan, he likes to tease her about it. Because he's her big brother, and that's how big brothers roll.


Yep. I have issues.

Anyway. Thank you for all the nice comments on my new hair, everyone! *Flips it, cause it's short and flips now.*

Question time!
Favorite overall?
Best Tristan and Gang?
Favorite on toned paper?
Have you heard "Mercy?"

I love you all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life Update || All the new things!

Wherein Treskie actually wrote the life post she's been saying she was going to do for months...

Hey guys! And welcome to the not-very-frequent information dump about what happens to be going on in my somewhat dull existence.

Alrighty! So what's been going on since.. gosh the last time I updated was... I don't even remember. June? Well, buckle up, here we  go.

1.) Chloe turned into an Avatar because I bought The Last Airbender series and it made Chloe fangirl. It was adorable.

2.) Sometimes we go to the lake and watch the sunset, because why the heck not, our lake is wonderful.

3.) I BOUGHT A GUN!! And it's so pretty and black and it makes me happy. It's a Glock19, and I want to get to know it so I can actually say that I can shoot well. (We're probably going to go shooting on Sunday. I'm excited.)

4.) We went on a hike up Desolation Wilderness and it was gorgeous. It always amazes me how I can live here my whole life and still have my breath taken away by a view. Like wow, God is so good.

5.) I saw this sign while I was delivering flowers, and that's just a testimony of how contrary I am. Because I saw it, and my initial reaction was, "No! Don't tell me what to do!" (A friend of ours has taken to calling me 'Your Honor' because I'm so judgemental. I think it's accurate.)

6.) I went on a boat for the first time ever... which is weird, considering we live like five minutes away from the lake. But whatever... Let me just say: Holy goodness, that's one amazing ride, people.

7.) We walked around in Hope Valley, and it's so pretty there. I think I want to go again, now that the leaves have probably changed color. (Everything turns gold and it's amazing.)

8.) And finally!! I actually went through with it, and chopped my hair off! (I know, crazy, right?) 

Not gonna lie, I really, really like it. I'm absurdly pleased with myself for doing the thing. (Anyone who knows me or has followed my blog for any length of time, knows that I do not like trying new things. So getting my hair cut was a way bigger deal than it should have been.)

(Just so you know, I don't usually take this many selfies. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE PONYTAIL? I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A PONYTAIL THAT FLIPS LIKE THAT.)

That is the last selfie I'm going to post for a while, because I'm really not a selfie-just-to-selfie kind of girl. But yeah, I'm really happy with the hairstyle. I think it suits me so... yay.

9.) I'm currently feeling very sentimental about Roy Mustang. *Facepalm*

10.) And also about the Magnificent Seven because reasons.


It looks like we're going to take the gun class at Front Sight next month. (*Cue panicked screaming from the general area of Treskie*) Hopefully I will not have to go to jury duty, because that would suck, and I wouldn't be able to shoot things at Front Sight. So if you could maybe just say a quick prayer that I don't have to go, that would be wonderful. I have to check on Friday. (*Dies inside*)

Question time!
What's new with you guys?
Have you ever been on a boat?
Have you ever used a gun?

I love you all!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Picture Saturday || October {2}

Hey guys!

Look at me actually posting and stuff!

I'm working on my life-update post because I have fun things and pictures to share, and I did something brave and I'm delighted with myself. So... yeah. No bragging...


Let's get this party started, because I'm pretty sure by the end of this post you're going to either A.) Desperately want to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or B.) never want to hear of it again.

1.) Currently I'm an itsy bit in love with a tiny little, metal-armed anime character.

2.) I love him dearly. He has the Napoleon Complex so bad.

3.) I also like his superior officer. That dude is one tough cookie.  (He makes fire. I like pyros.)

4.) In other news, I drew a dancing girl and she's awfully cute.

5.) I also drew a not-as-cute girl, but I'mma post her anyway.

6.) *Sneakily inserts yet another Fullmetal Alchemist fanart*

7.) LOOK AT TRISTAN FLIRTING WITH KATE BECAUSE #OTP. (And when it's Tristan, Kate likes it so.... holla!)

8.) I've always been a little in love with the moment when daddies dance with their little, little girls. IT'S ADORABLE.

9.) So Edward does very cool things...

10.) And holy heck yes can we talk about Roy Mustang? Please and thank you.

11.) ALSO JIM AND PAM ARE LIKE.... RELATIONSHIP GOALS. LIKE WOW. (And let me just say: I'm extremely proud of how well Jim turned out because yes.)

12.) SO! A bunch of us went and saw Magnificent Seven because A.) Wild West. B.) Christ Pratt as a cowboy, like duh.

C.) Underdogs against big bad guys... And sweet heavenly mercy me, that was a good movie. But WOW SAD, LIKE WHOA. I loved it. I loved the sacrifices and the whole Wild West Justice aspect of it, and how surprisingly clean it was. And all the cowboys in their cowboy outfits? Yes. Yes please. Can I just say how hard I've been looking to find a good Western? IT WAS REALLY GOOD.

So here, enjoy this rough, decided-not-to-overdo drawing because cowboys.

And that concludes the Treskie Fangirl Session for this week, tune in next Saturday for more craziness.

Question Time!
Best overall?
Favorite black and white?
Best colored?
Have you seen Magnificent Seven?

I love you all!
Treskie out