Sunday, October 16, 2016

Picture Sunday || October {3}

I have much more of  social life than I had two years ago.

This is simultaneously really nice and rather irksome: nice, because I can do fun things with fun people, and irksome because doing fun things with fun people takes away from me doing fun things by myself. Like blogging on a Saturday night.

We had pizza instead.

It was homemade and delicious.

Anyway, holla! I didn't have to go to jury duty, so that made my weekend considerably better.

Today it rained a ridiculous amount, and blustered violently, and I drew a lot.

1.) Ehm, I finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and HOLY HECK YES, THAT SHOW WAS INTENSE. And delightful. And Roy Mustang is fantastic. (I wanted to fanart more, but I haven't had the chance.)

2.) I still haven't drawn the complicated picture my sister asked me for. (I WILL GET TO IT, I SWEAR.) So instead, have a picture of a random disproportionate girl with fabulous hair.

3.) I never used to be inspired to art when driving by people. But recently it's been happening rather frequently... this little kid was playing with his dog while Amy and I were driving home from work, and I was like, "TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM I WANNA DRAW THAT.' Amy said no. Treskie's Artist Level: Creepy.

I drew from memory.

4.) Sometimes I doodle on scraps of paper.

5.) I had to draw another cowboy, because last week's cowboy sparked an interesting conversation in my comment section on facebook. (Apparently it wasn't history accurate or something..) I was amused and felt the need to make amends for my lack of accuracy.

Yes, hi, hello, his left hand? Actually perfect. Thank you. *bows*

6.) Occasionally I attempt something on toned paper that SEEMS like a good idea, and then I finish it, and I'm just like... "No."

Here, look at this somewhat horrifying adult-faced child, who's hair is much too yellow.(But the cat is cute.)

7.) Other times I draw girls with gloriously high foreheads and a disturbing lack of hair ties.

8.) And then I realized that when I actually like a Shawn Mendes song, it reminds me of Tristan and Gang, and so here. I drew this one while listening to 'Mercy.'


9.) Sometimes when Tyler's in a good mood, and he notices Kate looking at Tristan, he likes to tease her about it. Because he's her big brother, and that's how big brothers roll.


Yep. I have issues.

Anyway. Thank you for all the nice comments on my new hair, everyone! *Flips it, cause it's short and flips now.*

Question time!
Favorite overall?
Best Tristan and Gang?
Favorite on toned paper?
Have you heard "Mercy?"

I love you all!



  2. OKAY BUT #10 IS MAKING ME A LITTLE NERVOUS BECAUSE YOU'RE HURTING YOUR PRECIOUS PUMPKINS. And I also looooove #7 because those fabulous flying locks. <3 The hair. THE HAIR. (I have a deep appreciation for fabulous hair.) 😍

    1. OKAY #10 MAKES ME NERVOUS TOO, BECAUSE I DON'T WANNA DO THE THING. (Actually, I do, but It's gonna suck.)

      Such fabulous locks. XD (Actually, I was prouder of the sword angles, but WHATEVER.)

  3. Home-made pizza, from an Italian home? That sounds amazing- I'm hungry now.

    Favorite overall?- #7. She looks epic, but she really does need a hair tie. It's hard to fight when hair is blowing in your face. (But that flowing hair is also epic, and a shame to tie back)
    Best Tristan and Gang?- #10. Action! Um, I don't think I'd call that 'fine'.
    Favorite on toned paper?-#1, although it looks like a sad scene.
    Have you heard "Mercy?"-Just a moment, please! Someone told me to listen to Hamilton, so I'd like to finish that first before I move to the next recommendation.

    1. Oh yes! (hahaha it is. It's so yummmm!)

      #7: I KNOW. Ugh, but it's so much more fun to draw lots of hair than just a silly braiiiid. (even tough I'm a huge advocate for girls putting their hair back when they're gonna fight, like PLEASE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.)
      #10: *Muffled screaming from the direction of Treskie* SO NOT FINE.
      #1: *Muffled screaming continues because ROY MUSTANG FEELS.*

      Mmm Hamilton makes me mad because I had to learn how it went, but I don't actually like it that much, but I can still sing along with the whole thing please save me. (Mercy is a good song, let me know what you think!)

  4. I really enjoy your art and have been following your blog for a few month now. I totally understand how being busy can impact your regular posting, but I always enjoy when you do post. I particularly am intrigued by Tristan and Gang. I was wondering *if* you might ever consider doing a "round-up" post of all their art work sometime? I have tried going back into your older posts to find more of the background for their story and would love any further details you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks.

    1. Aw thank you! (that totally makes my day when people like my blog.)

      Actually I've been contemplating doing a 'round-up' post, or page for Tristan and Gang for a little while now, as people have been asking for their story. (They don't really have a whole one yet, I'm still trying to figure out how to plot.) But wow, I'm really flattered that you're interested enough to ask! (ehm.. the first post where I introduced them is here, if you're interested, and if you click on the 'newer posts' link at the very bottom of the pager, you should be able to follow their character development and wow, watch as my art skills improved lol.)

  5. Favorite overall? I loved #3. It's so adorable and cute and do I have to have a reason? :P
    Best Tristan and Gang? I like #8 a ton but then I also really like #10. I can't really decide. I think maybe #8. But I love #10 too. How about I not choose, k? K.
    Favorite on toned paper? #7 She looks so awesome and cool, lol. I swear, every time I look at your art I'm like "how does she do it? Perfection. Pure perfection."
    Have you heard "Mercy?" No, but I'll go search it up on YouTube and check it out. :)

    1. #3 turned out pretty okay for not having a reference picture! :) (Also, wow, dogs are hard.)
      #8 and #10 are my favorites. BUT THEY'RE SO DIFFERENT IT'S HARD TO CHOOSE BECAUSE IN ONE, YOU HAVE BUDDING ROMANCE, AND THE OTHER, YOU HAVE ANGER AND PAIN AND POSSIBLY DEATH. lol okay, I'll let you off the hook for choosing.
      haha #7 I liked more before I finished it. But thank you so much! <3
      It's pretty good, I like it a lot. XD

    2. Ok, whoa, I just listened to Mercy and that was amazing. lol Just felt like saying that. :P

      And yes that was amazing for not having a reference picture. My drawings without a picture look like a kindergarten's drawing...well that's what they look like even with reference pictures. :P

      And I agree with everything else you said except I think #7 was fabulous despite what you think. :P

    3. I like how raw his voice is in that song. XD

      And thank you muchly. :) (But I think your drawings are probably better than you think.)

      Hahaha, you're kind. XD

  6. I don't know how you do it, I couldn't possibility draw from memory- very cute scene you drew there

    I think you're good with the tone paper, the adult-child looks pretty good to me.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Aw thank you! (I think it might be because I never really used references growing up, and so I rarely think to use them now.)

      Haha, aw thank you so much. :) You're sweet.

      you too!


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