Concerning Supernatural

So here's the thing...


Wow, this is harder than I thought it was going to be!


It has come to my attention that a lot of people have started watching Supernatural because of me.


Because, here's the thing about Supernatural:  I actually really kind of hate it. 

"So why are you still watching it, and obsessing over it, and posting gifs?" you ask?
To which I reply, "Because I love Dean and Sam!!!"

Let me explain.

The first three seasons were really good! (And this is coming from a girl who doesn't go in for paranormal scary stuff normally. You ask me to watch something like The Grudge with you, I will giggle like a hyena who just inhaled helium and politely decline.)

The first three seasons of Supernatural deal with Dean and Sam hunting down monsters and demons and sending them back to hell. Which I thought was really cool. Who doesn't like it when bad things get their own? There was a clear-cut line between good and evil, which doesn't happen a lot in modern shows, and it was crystal  clear. The demons, werewolves, vampires, and other manner of horrific specimens were evil, and the good guys were actually good guys.

It showed how heroes don't always, if ever, get happy endings. Being a hero is hard, and requires a considerable amount of self-sacrifice. Doing the right thing isn't always easy. Family is important.

And it also showed that hell is not a nice place at all, and that the things you do will have consequences.

Bing, bang, boom! I liked all that.

But then they had random and unnecessary dirty scenes, and inappropriate conversations. However, the show is rated TV PG14, so I guess that's to be expected.

On top of the goodness of the stories, Dean and Sam were freaking awesome. Quite honestly, they are some of the best characters on television. Everyone I know who has made the mistake of joining the fandom agrees with me on that note. They are the best brothers ever. Their story is cool.

Right, are you with me so far? I got obsessed with the show really quickly, and watching seasons one through three fueled my obsession.

And it was too late for me to turn back. 


And the moronic writers decided to introduce angels and God into the mix.

And I went from lovingly drooling over the boys, to going:

It is by far the worst portrayal of God and the angels that I have ever seen. I mean ever. 

The sad thing is, I started out liking the angels. Castiel, or Cas, as everyone calls him, was cool. Everyone, the monsters and demons included, were afraid of the angels. Good start. 

But Castiel went rapidly downhill from there. He starts doubting God.... yeah.

Quite honestly, I can't list all the things that the writers got wrong, theologically, but I'll give you the basics:

Over the course of season four and the ones after that, you find out that:

The angels need to possess people to be able to have a form on earth. Excuse me? Say what? Angels are more powerful than that. The people the angels possess (formally called "vessels") do need to give their consent, but still. What the heck? Angels are able to manifest however they like. It should be easy for them to manifest as a human. They do not need an actual human body to possess.

Angels will give up their grace and willingly leave heaven because earth is happier. (Excuse me?)

Lucifer is apparently an archangel, not a Cherubim.

God has lost control of heaven.

God is in hiding.

God doesn't care about anyone but Himself anymore. (Yeah. Right.)

Angels are rebellious little twerps that act just like sleazy politicians.

Demons aren't fallen angels, Lucifer created them.

Angels will lower themselves to making a deal with the King of Hell (who, weirdly enough, isn't Lucifer) in order to become a god and take over heaven. (Yeah, that happened.)

Purgatory isn't a place you go to be cleansed before you go to heaven. It's where really bad monsters live.

And apparently there are still a crudload of fallen angels in heaven.

And that's just the major stuff! There's bunches of little things that grate on my nerves.

To be quite honest, if I had known even half of what was wrong with Supernatural, I probably wouldn't have started it. I came so close to just throwing my hands in the air and giving up on the show during Season Four.

In fact, the only reason I didn't stop was because I had a friend (who's opinion I trust very much) who was a season ahead of me. She informed me that after Season Four it did get better. If I hadn't known, much as I loved Sam and Dean (and that is a lot), I would given up on the show, because the writers got so much wrong, heaven wise.

The really frustrating thing is, it's obvious that the writers did a load of serious research to do the show. The demons, and Lucifer were perfect: evil, manipulative, cruel liars.
The writers, then, did enough research to know that the way they were portraying God and His angels was abysmally wrong.

How dare they use the Bible and pick and choose what they want to portray accurately? I'm sorry, that's my Bible, and my religion, and my God that they  are portraying as silly and cowardly. They have a lot of nerve, taking people's religion and messing around with it to suit their story. It makes me really, really mad.

So, why am I still watching it?

Because after season four, it didn't make me as furious.

But mostly it's because I am head-over-heals in love with Sam and Dean Winchester. And not just because they're excessively attractive. (Though, that's true too.)

See, I love brother stories, and friendship stories, even more than I do romances. But there aren't a lot of brother stories out there. Normally you have a good brother story and one of the brothers dies, or they both fall in love and end up hating each other. Same thing with friendship stories, although they're a little easier to find.

Dean and Sammy have the best brother relationship in the history of ever. (Again, everyone who has watched Supernatural agrees on that.) They bicker and fight like normal people, but underneath they have an unbreakable bond. They're willing to die for each other. (And they do, frequently.) They will tear the world apart to keep each other safe. They're willing to sacrifice everything for the other (and they do that frequently, too). They've both lost so much over the course of the show, they keep getting closer, and it's a wonderful sibling relationship. I want need them to have a happy ending.

They really are the only reason I'm still watching Supernatural. If they had been less cool, or if they were different characters, I would not have considered it worth the pain and frustration.

But they are that cool, and I can't help myself, I love them too much to stop now.

However, if you're considering watching Supernatural because of me, please don't. Just don't. It would be better for you all around if you didn't. (Not to mention how much emotional trauma you will avoid...) I can't recommend the show anymore without cringing at the idea that someone is going to get as angry as I did about the theological issues in it.

I really don't want people to go, "Oh, Treskie likes it! It must be good, she usually has good taste," and then watch it and be scandalized.

If you've read this post, and still feel like you wouldn't mind watching the show, please, please let me email you a list of episodes to watch and skip. I would feel better about it.

I just really needed to get this off my chest, because I think I've mentioned Supernatural so much that it's a necessary warning.

Anyway, I hope I haven't shocked or scandalized anyone with this "ALL MY FEELS" post.

I just needed to let you know.

And now you know.

So cheers and God bless!



  1. *laughing*

    I actually found out that angels and god was in it first, and so that completely turned me off. Merlin, I can watch - Supernatural? No, that went QUITE a bit too far wrong.... If it was just the monsters and suchnot, I probably would have - but I already knew about the angels and it was just.... No. You could have made them aliens or SOMETHING but you had to go do that.... *sighs*

    That being said: 'giggling hyena that just inhaled helium'?? *falls off chair laughing*

    That being said, it's a fandom I will probably never officially get into, but I've certainly read enough gifs that I probably know the basic plot.

    That being said: I find it completely annoying that it takes good actors and locks them away where they can't do anything else. Pellegrino..........

    Sorry - I was reading your series page, and I hadn't known you'd watch the series.... nor read a more detailed version why NOT to watch it beyond what I had already gathers.

    1. Haha. Hah. ha. *cries*

      Eeeh yeah, I didn't know. I literally saw a picture of Jensen Ackles and went "Who dis" And I looked it up on IMDB to see how dirty it was and then I plunged in. *mistake* RIGHT? ALIENS WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER. (or if they had made them like... gods, but not GOD, because I could have wrapped my head around their politics and stuff if it had been like, God>gods>angels>humans. Because gods in myths and stuff are typically pretty messed up and God could have created powerful beings. BUT NO THEY HAD TO TAKE MY FAVORITE ANGELS (HELLO, ST. MICHAEL.) AND MAKE THEM EVIL AND I JUST CAN'T.

      Ehehe. I literally make that sound though.

      Hahaha, you can't really get away from the gifs. The fandom has a gif for everything. (But the problem is see, I'm not really a FAN so much as I really like Sam and Dean and the actors, Jared and Jensen are really really awesome and they seem like really decent guys in real life-- pretty sure if it wasn't for Jensen we'd have Destiel and I'm so glad he's not gonna stand for that--)

      Mark Pellegrino hasn't been in it since season 7 though. (Well he was in the last couple episodes but I got mad and haven't watched those yet.) WHY does he ALWAYS play a bad guy????? THAT MAN HAS A CUTE FACE.

      ..... Yeah, I need to do an updated reason why not to watch it, because it went up from season 4, and then it got to season 9 and has pretty much gone downhill faster than an avalanche at Emerald Bay and I'm currently too mad at it to watch any. lol.... *sigh*)

    2. STARGATE!!! Egyptian, and at least Greek gods - but they're all aliens. Some have extensive superpowers - but all have perfectly natural (literally) explanations. That, I could have handeled. Alack-a-day....

      *laughing* It's kind of funny, I STILL barely know who those are - and only JUST figured out the actors with the names.... *sighs* I know - I hate that......

      *smiles* I can sadly imagine it though..... I hate extremely suspenseful things - I'm a bit jumpy so... *shudders* No. Thank you. Very. Much. Ick.

      yes, that was rather how I discovered it. After the fifth compilation of 'Does SPN REALLY have a gif for everything (yes, they really do STOP ASKING THAT!!)' and then when I kept stumbling over Lucifer when trying to get pictures of Jedikiah Price for Life (literal - I had a weird story idea there.... And he's too much fun to use a boring basis.), and then I found the humour of the characters. Or at least what's in gifs and whatnot.

      Besides - looking at crossover gifs with Superwholock is incredibly amusing too....

      .....I don't want to know what Destial is, do I. Nope - I'll stay ignorant of that I think.....

      I KNOW!!! Well, I've no idea about looks, I never notice that - but I like his personality! But yes!! Why. Always. Villains??? And then I always end up LIKING the villains. Actually, that's a common failing - but Stephan was a useless prat so.... Sorry - Tomorrow People is the only series I've actually seen him as a regular in. He was in POI too - and that was basically a spoiler for the ending. It's sort of like Sean Bean: having Pellegino means that he's going to be both villain and victim. Although the last might be stretching it - but still. He's immense fun to watch act though.

      When is Death in it? He's the reason Pellegrino is Life - even if I know absolutely nothing about SPN's Shade either...... My version of Death predated finding anything out about him.

    3. I'VE HEARD OF STARGATE, IS IT GOOD????? (It's got MacGyver, doesn't it??) lol... yeah. Anything but taking my religion and ruining it would have been better.

      Yeah.... the actors are kewl. ('cept Misha, who plays Cas. I don't like him. lol.)

      Basically it was only s1 that was legitimately scary, the rest of the seasons get steadily less scary. heh.

      Hahaha, the SPN fandom scares me, because we literally stalk tumbler and hijack their posts and turn them into supernatural and like... that's alarming. (But yeah, we have a gif for all the things, don't ever doubt the supernatural fandom on that account. lol.) Wait... Mark Pelligrino is in the Tomorrow People!?? I've been contemplating watching that. Is it good??

      The characters *are* good, and they *are* funny, they just have annoying writers.

      SuperWhoLock is my most favorite of all the crossovers lol.

      You don't know what Destiel is? Lucky you. Stay away from it lol.

      hahah! Well... he was a good guy in an episode of Grimm. (And the one POI with him in it was hysterical. "I'm so sorry I tried to kill you, honey.." like seriously?) But yeah... always bad. Always so fun to watch be bad. (Hehe, Sean Bean reference.)

      mmm. Death is in it sometime in season 5, and he shows up off and on throughout the series, but Dean kill Death in the season 10 finale so... Yeah, supernatural is messed up.

    4. Oh, Stargate is superbe! Specifically: Danial Jackson, and Jack O'Neill. yes, I think the actor who played Jack also played MacGyver. I fully reccomend the series if you like history, mythology, and sci-fi. I can't remember anything bad in it..... Some violence, deaths.... But nothing else.... But I've not seen it in a while and only finished Stargate Atlantis, so don't take my word as fully informed and hate me if something goes wrong. It was enjoyable though.

      Misha!! I knew I heard him from somewhere else!! Sorry - the actor was in an episode of a series I was watching, and I couldn't for the life of me remember where I recognised him from.... And I was too lazy to look it up. ....I know nothing about him though.

      *laughing* I find it highly amusing!! My question though is: who FOUND all of those gifs????????? Forget 'do they have a gif for that' it's 'HOW DID THEY FIND THIS GIFS IN THE FIRST PLACE??'

      Yes!! And he and John Young are the sole redeeming features, and neither are main characters sadly. Well, tey're mostly main - but Stephan and Cara were almost enough to make me quit the series. I do completely reccommend it - John and Jedikiah were good. And it is a good show if it weren't for Stephan and Cara. And there are a few 'for television' bedroom scenes between those two too.....

      *grins* It's fun.

      Well, alright!! No, I've now idea to whom you refer....

      You Watched Person of INterest?? I love that series. *smiles* Yes.......

      HOW do you kill DEATH???? Well, you can - but then you become Death.... No - there was a picture of him with the Revelation Bible verse, and it fit the older shade of Death. Usually, my death is younger - but he gets bored. His brother Life is the one that stays one age, but his brother lives to annoy Death at times. They are so much fun to write.

    5. Hahaha, yes! I'm gonna have to see if I can find it somewhere. I like sci-fi. Mythology is goooood. (As for bad stuff... yeah I don't like it. BUT I'm really good at skipping it so.. yeah.) I'm gonna have to find it. lol.

      He's played in a few things! (I don't know what else, but I know he's played in a few things. I don't look up people I don't care for lol.)

      I have no idea how all the gifs came to be. I do know that once you watch the show, you start realizing that almost everything can have a supernatural reference, and if I could make gifs, I could easily take part in the "Does supernatural have a gif for..." things. lol.

      Stephan and Cara.... is Stephan Robbie Amell? (I don't understand why TV can't have real curse words, but bed scenes are all totally cool.)

      It is. :)

      It's ew.

      I watched most of it. I got frustrated with Shaw and Root. THEY TOTALLY TOOK AWAY FROM JOHN AND HAROLD AND THAT IRRITATED ME.

      Er... Dean took his scythe and stabbed him with it. lol.

      Oh cool! You're writing that?

    6. Likewise. I faintly remember something probalby in the first episode for whatever reason, because the film was completely clean. But I'm oblivious, so.... *shrugs*

      NCIS for one, that's where I saw him. *smiles* Nor I!

      *grins* I'd probably take part just because something like that amuses me. And I LOVE references.

      ........If that's the name of the girl's fiance from Flass? Then yes. He's barely better in that - but he acts the same and I abhorred Stephan, so... Cara is actually Capt/ Cold's sister - but she's so much better in Flash.

      ....that completely doesn't make sense.

      *laughing* I hate Root, hate Shaw, they get better, and Finch was the best character and he's still major. But they kill him. You have to watch that episode at least. *grins* Yes, I spoiled it, but it's still terrific. And I'm evil about spoilers, just so you know.

      ....not evil as that I give them a lot - usually I don't spoil - but evil in that you can't take my spoilers seriously because I may or may not be telling the truth.....

      I STILL don't understand how that would work..... Because technically, Dean should be Death now.

      Yep! They've two sisters too: Fortuna and Time.

    7. Yeah, I think the first episode had something in it, because my dad almost quit watching.

      NCIS.... well he was also in 24, as a bad guy, who got stabbed because he was a jerk lol.

      I'm the queen of references. I can't carry on a conversation without quoting. XD

      Yeah, that's the guy. He's not such a stellar actor, buuuut the Flash himself is adorkable, so I put up with him.

      I'm sorry. XD


      Erm.... yeah. Supernatural is either like.... 3 seasons advanced warning on plot twists or giant freaking plot-holes. No inbetween.

      That's an awesome story idea!

    8. Well, whatever it was was skipable - and never shows up again, because the rest really is terrific. If you like sci-fi and mythology, and rather sarcastic characters, then it is the perfect series. ....I just need to stop getting distracted with other series and actually FINISH the thing.... but I don't want to at the same time.

      He was the villain in NCIS too. It seems to be a theme......

      The best references are the ones that don't SEEM like references - that fit into conversation easily. *smiles*

      No. He's really not. He was a good guy in Flash at least - much better than Stephan was - but he was too much like Stephan and I....oh, he irks me. He's irksome. Flash is...alright. I wouldn't watch the series if it was just him though - I like Harrison Wells.

      The bane of my existences is that I rarely like the main characters. That's almost as annoying as Stephan....

      Wait - have you seen any of the fourth series yet? Where exactly are you? Because if you've not seen the episode, then I'm evil; if you have, then unless you think like me you might have missed it..... I KNOW!!!!!

      Now THAT would be frustrating - how do you keep WATCHING something like that??? I prefer tightly woven plots with immense backstories and clues and plot twists that I can try to figure out - plot holes are....obnoxious.

      Thank you!!

    9. Yeah, he ended up watching the rest and really enjoyed it, but the first episode took him by surprise so... lol! I should start. I HAVE TOO MANY SHOWS I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO START ON NEXT.

      Irritating little stinker that he is. lol.

      Oh my gosh, you would love my family's conversations then. We incorporate everything and most of the time, *we don't even realize we're quoting*.

      N'aaaw, Flash is a dork and a geek and really lanky and I like the way he acts. lol. (Harrison Wells is a great actor though. He's really understated and I appreciate that.)

      I think I got about halfway through season 3 before I had to stop and take a break because Root and Shaw were just too annoying. BUT NO I DON'T WANT TO WATCH FINCH DIE. OKAY? OKAY.

      Hehehe. I'm not really watching it right now. But I don't really watch that much of them anymore (I literally watch like 15 minutes per episode because that's when Sam and Dean are in it and that's the only reason to watch SPN.) At first they had really tight plots and things, and then they hit about season 8 and things started sliding downhill and currently the downhill course is avalanching and not sliding and I'm really frustrated.

    10. I currently have over forty series that I have started watching, and about ten more that i plan to start watching. I got tired of trying to remember them all, so I wrote them down on a list...... I've actually finally started finishing them!!! *grins* But then people make more!! *sighs*

      I love reference conversations..... Most of the time, however, n one else carries on references. Which is very sad. But such is live.

      Rather.... He's incredibly...innocent too. I really need to catch up on that series again - I got distracted with other things...... And he is!!! He's is literally the only reason I keep watching it - although! Although! I HATE the ending of the first series!! I mean, time travelings, descendents, time lines - PARADOXES!!! Perhaps I've seen too much Doctor Who, but I really preferred my theory for the series. It wasn't as.....holey. That one irks me.

      Yes, they are annoying. Sadly, they don't get better. Well, they sort of do - but I think I just got used to them..... *grins evilly* No, it's well-worth watching, really. Well, not watching Finsh die - I was about three seconds from shutting the browser down and never, ever watching it again - but the rest of it.

      *sighs* I hate it when series do that.... They start well, and then turn bad, and then are just completely ruined.

      Have you ever watched Once Upon a Time?

    11. Hahhaha! Exactly! I'm like, "Wooow my TBW list is so long, I should cut back... nevermind, look here's another show I have to see eventually."

      Yeah that would be hard to handle. Luckily we all quote and watch the same stuff so everyone understands each other's references and it's all great fun.

      Yeah, the first season ended and was so full of paradoxes, it freaked me out a little. (Fully expected those creepy little dragon things from Doctor Who to show up and start eating people.)

      mmmm.... we'll see. I'll need to get ready and emotionally prepare myself for such a horrible tragedy as that. I will CRY. I'm currently watching the reboot of Hawaii Five-0 and it's GOOD and I wasn't EXPECTING IT TO BE GOOD, and so... I have issues. lol.

      Mhmm me too.

      Well... yes. I watched a little past season two, and then they kept using the same plot over and over and over again, and everyone was related and it was weird.... and then I was a giant Neal/Emma shipper, and they totally killed Neal JUST SO THAT Hook could have Emma and that ticked. me. off. So I may or may not have quit after that lol.

      Have you seeeeeeen..... Grimm?

    12. EXACTLY!! "No. I an excellent keeper of my time - it's not like I keep finding things to read or watch until my list is impossibly long. nOpe. I wonder why I never finish anything - it couldn't possibly be these other fifty shows, now could it..." But some you just can't pass up!!!

      I KNOW!!! For goodness sakes - there is no way that should ever have worked - SHOULD ever work. I actually wasn't going to watch it anymore, but then a friend told me Wells was back, so.....I kept watching. But paradoxes!! Eddie killed himself to Eobard never existed! Eobard never existed, so Barry's mom never died AND Eddie never killed himself! IT FRUSTRATES ME!!!!

      Those dragon things were terrible though - they ate the Doctor.

      *grins* You'll probably hate me more after seeing it - but I promise it isn't that bad. ....I just have an evil sense of humour at times. Hawaii Five-O? I've heard of the old one, mostly through NCIS.... I tend to be prejudiced against reboots....

      yeah.....I'm still at the beginning of the second series, and am really only watching it for Carlyle's characters at this point. And Belle annoys me, so.....It's a fun fantasy series - it's just a bit too....frustrating. The good guys are all completely good, and none of the bad guys are really completely bad and yet they're still hated!!'s annoying. And I hate Hook. Please, someone, kill him already. But Carlyle is immense fun to watch.

      No, I actually haven't. I thought about it, but then I got it mixed up with Sleepy Hollow and watched that one instead - how is Grimm? Would you reccommend it, and if so is there anything I should consider BEFORE watching it?

    13. hahaha yes. I don't want to miss out on shows! Lol!

      Wibbly-wobbly.... timey-whimey..... stuff. *headdesk* AT LEAST IT DOESN'T HAVE A PLOT HOLE THE SIZE OF "ANGELS TAKE MANHATTAN."

      Yeah, that was really, really, really weird.....

      I am not emotionally prepared to watch Finch Dy and so I shall wait. lol.

      OH. Sorry... spoiler alert for me right there.. lol. That was pretty much the only reason why I watching it too, because Robert Carlyle is an awesome actor, and I love the way Belle brings out the best in him. But I can't stand Charming... or Snow... and Emma's just... annoying. (Hook is pretty, but that's about all there is to his character lol.)

      Wow really? Grimm is super good. It takes the idea of Grimm's Fairytales and twists them, so that it can be taken differently. like okay so... ACTUALLY YOU KNOW WHAT I DID A BLOG POST ON IT. There are a few more things currently about it that I am irritated about, and it's got a few dirty episodes, but it's mostly really clean, and the plots are pretty good. Some convenient things, but other than that. Bae. LOL!

    14. ....Where was the plothole in Angels Take Manhattan? Now i'm curious..... I hate and love that episode..... I love the Angels, BUT AMY! RORY! WHY???????

      *dies laughing* When you do watch it, tell me? Please?

      Hey, is it possible to watch the series and just....skip the really, really dull parts? (Charming. Snow. Emma. Basically) Because Carlyle is....OH - they should have just made a series with only Rumplestiltskin/Gold. THAT would have been perfect. I hate hook. How is he pretty? He's....ick. But he's really, really annoying, so that's probably a major point..... Belle irks me immensely even while she's really good for Gold - but she's just too...innocent? Good? I don't know..... The good characters in that series are just....too good. And I keep accidentally spoiling myself for later series.....

      That worked!! *grins* Your title is...disturbing, but curious. I look forward to watching it!! I TOTALLY needed another exciting television series.


    15. I just realized I started almost every comment with various forms of HAHAHA. And now I'm concerned about my brain.

      erm. The whole paradox thing with the Doctor never being able to see them again because of the time. Like... That didn't make any sense. Why couldn't they have travelled to England? Couldn't he have waited a few years and gone back then? If River could get through that whole Time Barrier with her Vortex Manipulator, why didn't she vortex in, and vortex them out? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BE STUCK THERE, THERE WAS LITERALLY NO REASON FOR IT. I WAS MAD.

      *Ignores Finch death*

      I mean it's possible, I think, but I don't remember a lot about it, I wasn't that impressed. But naahhh, I like Belle. I like her and Rumple's chemistry. The good characters have no flaws, and that's not realistic. So yeah, I never really got INTO the show, and I don't miss it now that I stopped.

      It's a quote from the show! IT'S FUNNY.

      you're WELCOME.

    16. *laughing* I'm ALWAYS concerned for my brain - you're in good company. ....although perhaps you should be concerned earlier? You did compare you and your sister to Hobbes and Calvin - that didn't bode well.....

      Ah, that one. Yeah, that one didn't make sense.......... But! Not as much not sense as Flash. Maybe it's just because it's Doctor Who and it was distractingly heartbreaking, but Flash was just...... Good grief.


      I've found that too. I miss Gold, but other than that.......Nope! Too perfect.

      Out of context it's REALLY not.....


    17. *high fives* Although.... It was Bella who compared herself and Tiny to Calvin and Hobbes.... I'm more like Gus and Shawn with Amy. lol.

      I can't decide which one irritates me more, actually....

      *kicks stuff because too perfect*

      IT IS SO. *Mock offended noises*

    18. Yes - I think I posted that BEFORE I figured out that you were different people. Please forgive me - I am very, very sorry..... My only - well, I don't really have a good excuse, I just thought that you and Bella were the same. Please, forgive me - I meant no offense.

      That's from Psyche though, Right? I tried watching it and barely made it through the Pilot....

      Flash. Handsdown. Forever. It probably helps that Doctor Who at least has more than one good character and that they don't kill all of the good characters I like at once. Two of them, certainly in that episode - but not all. I only liked Wells, so.... Don't like that episode.


      IS NOT!! *laughing* Although, I can completely see how it could be now that I've seen the series....

    19. Ha! People get us confused a lot, so no worries. :)

      Yep, Psych.... I dunno, I think people either love Psych or hate it, and I'm easily amused. So....You should try again, he gets less obnoxious as it goes on. XD

      Wells was evil thouuuuugh!

      *Aggressively disagrees* LOL! It's even funnier when you get to the episode. ..... or maybe just have a dark sense of humor.....

    20. far along? I'm aware that the pilot's are often different - but he was...infuriating. Horrid. But I do plan to try again - just...not right now. REally, really obnoxious. IT was like watching Anthony Dinozzo without any of the bufferring effects of Gibbs or Ducky. AKA: I generally just wanted to shoot him or hit him with a frying pan.

      NO THAWNE WAS EVIL WELLS WAS GOOD AND THAWNE KILLED WELLS and that really doesn't make a difference given that I like people based on their personalities and intelligence first. And Wells was....He'd have been the perfect character if he hadn't been murdered and replaced by Thawne, and that episode riveled some of Finch's backstory episodes....

      *smiles* Well, if that's the requirement, then I've a feeling I'll find it quite humourous. My amusement is certainly rather dark.....

    21. He's the worst in season one. I mean, he's always kinda immature, but he grows up as much as his character allows without being a totally different character by the end. BUT IF YOU HATE HIM THAT MUCH, GERSH, PROLLY JUST STAY AWAY FROM IT. ;)

      This is truuuuuuue, but I forget his name, so he's always just Wells. lol. WE DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT FINCH EVER.

      Ehehehe, cool. :)

    22. Yeah.... Tony has finally grown up, but it was more because everyone almost died one at a time, so... Necessity. I feel strongly about obnoxious characters.

      Ever since when? Your introduction to me? *smiles sweetly* Sorry......

      And that makes sense - but I tend to learn names to differentiate between characters and facets of characters..... I sort of memorise it all...

      Speaking of Grimm and Spn, I fainlly figured out who Roché looks like: Dr. Zachary Smith.

      Sorry. Grimm keeps killing excellent characters....

    23. *snort* well that's one way to make people grow up.


      Mmmm.... That's a good quality to have. For me, if someone has multiple roles, they all kind of shmoosh together.

      *Googles Dr. Zachary Smith.* Ooooh he dooooes!

      Yes, yes it does.

    24. Rather.... I tend to like one or two characters, and they also tend to have some of the worst fortune.....

      *smiles* 'shizzle'?

      I characterise a lot, so I notice the difference between characters. Often, I don't watch characters in many roles - if they're modern actors, they aren't good parts; and if they're old actors the films are harder to find of I don't know of them yet. But I tend to watch and study the personalities - the little things. The similarities between parts, and yet the differences between them.

      That's sort of how I can figure out the actors I like: either they're excellent actors that play characters that don't merge together and are all terrific, or they play the same character type each time that I generally enjoy. (Sorry.......I've been thinking a bit too much. It makes me long-winded on certain subjects...)

      I know!! I've only seen him as the Verrat assassin though - Smith is a greedy coward that is hilarious and completely worth watching, so I don't know if the similarities continue.....

    25. Right? Best characters tend to lose everything and it's sad, but it's also great for their story.

      Shizzle. I dunno I quote Tim Hawkins and he used shizzle in place of Sure.

      Mmmm I know that feeling of not being able to watch people in more than one role because their other roles aren't so awesome lol... I love it when I figure out little mannerisms that are just something the actor does, like... Sean Bean runs his hand through his hair when he's upset, and Kiefer Sutherland covers his mouth and it's interesting.

      Well no, I know what you mean. There are some actors who just *Become* their part, like Russel Crowe, who is literally so good. (Cinderella Man and Gladiator. *dies*)

      He's also in SPN and he's... an "angel" but I actually liked him, and then Cas freaking stabbed him in the back. Which makes me like, "How to people even like Cas."

    26. *groans* Great story, yes - usually also why I like them in the first place - BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T COMPLAIN OF IT!!

      That makes perfect sense. A lot of acting is just reacting - 'feeling' ish what one would feel (or what the character) would feel in the situation..... Sorry. I'm sure you know this and I'm just rambling for no reason.

      But it's still annoying. I've not found the situation where their other roles are rubbish - usually the....stuff? (For instance, Julian Richings and Pellegrino in SPN because I can't think of the word....) I can't watch.

      and I take that back. I love Heath Ledger as the Joker, but basically detest him in all else I've had the misfortune of seeing him in.

      Oh, Crowe is...stupendous. He's one of the very, very few modern actors that I'd actually consider watching through things he stars in. I've just not looked them up to see if they're good yet. Have you seen Beautiful Mind?

      ....Crowe's in SPN? Or Roche? Isn't Roche the one that tried to kill Fate? And has Daniel's name? Sorry....I pick up a lot about the series unfortunately..... But I don't always know what's canon and what's headcanon....

      I think I ceased to make sense somewhere....

    27. HA that's true. Sometimes you're like, 'WHY DOES THIS CHARACTER HAVE THE WORST LUCK???????"

      Well I'm not an actress so some of what you're saying is new to me so.... lol.

      Yeeeeaaahhh... That's the problem with hollywood being so inundated in nastiness. lol.... *sigh*

      I've never really seen him in anything besides Dark Knight, so I couldn't say... I think the Joker is overrated. lol.

      CROWE IS AWESOME. Hehe, yeah, I've seen quite a few things with him in it, and I liked all of them. (Like... Cinderella Man is my favorite role of his ever, and I loved him in Gladiator.) I haven't seen Beautiful Mind yet, but I'd really like to.

      No, Roche. He did try to kill Fate... but having Daniel's name? Doesn't ring a bell, he's Balthazar. lol. You can't help but pick up a lot about the series, it's everywhere.

    28. Sorry for the delay... I was gone, but now I'm back.....


      Ah. Well, I only acted once and adored it - but I tend to characterise and profile, so thus the majority of my ramblings.....

      *groans* Yes, Hollywood basically......No. Why????? *sighs* (that was...inteligent, I'm sure....)

      *smiles* Probably.... But the Joker is still a better character than some of his other parts. And while the Joker may be overrated, I can say that the Dark Knight is one of the few films that I've memorised and is still fun and creepy, so he is pretty good. That, and there are only about four characters I like in the entirety of the trilogy and he's one of them, so...... I'm odd.

      Beautiful Mind was... wEll, I'd only seen Gladiator before that (and Cinderella Man, but I was so young I can't really recall it) and couldn't imagine Crowe playing and bookish. Beautiful Mind was my introduction to actors that are really, really good at playing different people and....being them. Have you seen Master and Commander?

      Yes, that was my introduction to him on SPN (or through SPN), and also my reinterest in the Fates. (I'm weird - just take that I've a book on Death and Life and chalk it up to that....) .....wasn't Daniel's Babylonian name Balthazar? It was similar at least.....

      Yeah.....I picked up a lot about it because I liked Pellegrino, and then I really liked the humour in and around the series. I won't watch it, but I find it humourous. But yes, it's everywhere.....

    29. Haha, no worries.

      Lol you sound like Bella. She does that all the time. It's crazy what you guys come up with lol.

      (no that made perfect sense. XD)

      Well yeah, but I find the Joker to be more just annoying than really scary but... *cough* That's just me. lol! No, not that odd, I do the same thing. XD

      Yeah! Master and Commander is awesome! It's one of those I have to be in the mood for, but it's really good. ("No, you must always choose the lesser of two weevils.") He's so good at becoming different characters, it's amazing. I don't get why so many people hate him.

      The Fates are a really cool myth, and I like their creepiness. haha... But yeah, he's really good too.

      Have you gotten to the Grimm with Pellegrino yet??? Ehehehehehe. HE'S FINALLY A GOOD GUY.

    30. I'll take that as a compliment. *grins*

      Oh, good! Sometimes, I wonder.....

      I've not seen it for a while, so I probably changed my opinion - but the movie as a whole. He himself isn't scary - I found him quite amusing, actually. Twisted, but amusing. I probably won't help my perception of him that someone thought out a theory that made him the hero of the Dark Knight film rather than the villain.....

      Him and Maturin..... Have you ever read the books? I enjoyed what I read, but I need to find it again to finish it..... *grins* Thus another quote that comes up. A lot. I don't have to really be in the mood for the film as I'll enjoy it when I watch it - however, most others don't like it so much, so.....

      People don't like Crowe? Now I'm perplexed.....

      *grins* YES!!!! Not only was he good - BUT HE WASN'T COMPLICATED!! He was good in POI, but even then there were the twisted shades to his character; and while he was ultimately good in Castle, his job wasn't. So in Grimm...... Completely good. *grins* And my favourite scene of that entire episode is when all of the rest of the pack run off to the barn leaving just one to guard him, and the LOOK he gives right before he attacks.

      Yeah. Brilliant. Leave one man to guard the guy who knows EXACTLY what you plan to do to his only daughter (or any daughter) and don't even make the guard WATCH his charge. and of course the daughter's just going to stand by and not help..... It was amusing.

    31. Yes do. lol.

      Right? Me too....

      *Snort* Yeah, okay, the scene where he blows up that building and the bomb doesn't go off, so he throws the trigger away, and THEN the building blows up, and he jumps, okay that was funny. XD

      Well I have moods for stuff, like, if I want to watch an action movie, DO NOT make me watch a romance... so yeah, if I need to watch a drama, then I watch Master and Commander...

      me too!! Like, HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE HIM.

      "I'm so sorry I tried to kill you honey" lol.... I dunno, he's got such a nice face I get irritated that he's always a bad guy.

      Hahaha you're hilarious.

    32. Yeah, that was pretty hilarious. And his magic trick that I finally figured out. *grins*

      Ah.... For me, it's whether I'm in the mood to watch something at all, and then it's just a decision between vintage or modern. The majority of things I'll watch more than once are all in the same category, so....

      *grins* Yeah. More like 'now I get to have fun'. It was evilly funny. ....A nice face? Hm....I suppose.....I just really like the complexity and humour of his characters - looks are inconsequential. I'm weird that way....

      .....why am I hilarious?

    33. That magic trick was gross, man. lol.

      Ooh vintage movies are so good! *dies* It's interesting how much different acting styles were back then.

      Well no, I don't mean he's good-looking, I mean, if you were to just look at his face, he has a nice face, like he *looks* nice. YOU UNDERSTAND??!

      Just caaaaause.

    34. *grins* maybe. But it's funny. (I have a very morbid sense of humour thanks to the humour I was raised on......)

      THEY ARE!!!!! Sorry, I don't know many people (three) that like old movies. Do you watch many? Which is your favourite?

      I am not qualified to comment on the acting, but rather on the stories and values. It's simply the medium. They certainly had better actors in my opinion, but I think it basically comes down to values. (It's VERY amusing to watch the really old films that came out in the early thirties, the films made in the beginning of talking films. Perhaps someday I'll go back and watch some silent films besides Chapman, but....... It is not this day!)

      Oooooohhhhhh..... I understand, but I don't really see. Well, I sort of do.... I write and I use pictures as character inspiration so I keep the character looking the same, and Pellegrino has come up a few times so I'm sort of prejudiced that way...... He's a face that could go either way - that could do good or ill - but he would do it for the best of majority, or such as he saw it.

    35. Me too. XD

      We have a plenitude of old movies. So... yeah. Urm... I like Bachelor Mother, Major and the Minor, Vivacious Lady, Murder He Said, Voice of the Turtle, Murder My Sweet, aaaand.... lots of others. XD

      I dunno if they had *better* actors, because some of them, especially some of the girls were obviously... acting. But I think they were definitely more wholesome than now. (I've only seen one or two *really* old ones, and yeah they're so awkward lol.)

      Well he makes evil faces, does Mr. Pellegrino lol, so yeah, I guess it could go either way. XD

    36. Bachelor Mother? With David Nevin? I started that one, but then lost it.... I need to find and finish that thing - it was quite interesting. Most of those I've actually not heard of - who are in them? If you know....

      YES!!! Better values at least which makes it all the better. Have you ever seen Service de Luxe?

    37. Yeah, that one. IT'S SO CUTE. Um... Major and the Minor has Ginger Rogers, Vivacious Lady has Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart, Murder He Said has Fred MacMurray, Voice of the Turtle has Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Parker, and Eve Arden, and Murder My Sweet has Dick Powell.

      I haven't! Is it good.

    38. It is! Quite good. It's mostly about a man that refuses to be controlled by women any longer and a woman that runs a business that runs the lives of rich men that are too scatter brained to do it themselves and is sick of running men's lives. I can't remember who plays her as I didn't watch it for her, but it stars Vincent Price. If you like old films, you'll enjoy it.

      Have you seen Hepburn's Bringing up Baby or Grant's Arsenic and Old Lace?

      I think the most modern 'old' movie I've watched was How To Marry a Millionaire - and that only for Bacall., I forgot John Wayne and Roy Rogers.... But in the Fifties, the Code that movie makers had stuck to was fought against and finally done away with, so I don't watch much of them unless the actors are quite good.

    39. Haha, aawww that does sound fun. I'll have to see if I can find it. :)

      Yeah, we own those, they're super good. "Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops." Have you seen any of the Road movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope? How bout My Favorite Brunette?

      I like John Wayne. lol. Have you seen 'The Quiet Man' with him and Maureen O'Hara?

    40. It's on youtube in its entirety.

      *grins* I adore that film - and the other. No, not yet - I was watching through Crosby's, but those sounded dull so I watched most of his other films first and then got distracted. I REALLY wanted to watch the Empress film - but I couldn't find that. NO!! No, I HAVE that film, but my mother hasn't time to see it so.....I'm almost to the point of just wathcing it myself. I do love Noir..... Have you seen My Man Godfrey?

      Some of his I like, some I really don't - I don't care for him, so it depends on the storyline. But I LOVE the Quiet Man. Perhaps it's just the setting..... But still.

    41. Oh, okay cool. I might look it up after Lent.

      BUT THOSE ARE HILARIOUS. WHAT. YOU SHOULD WATCH THEM. Basically anything with Bob Hope is hilarious, so yeah, you should watch My Favorite Brunette. ;)

      I saw My Man Godfrey a loooong time ago. Have you seen any of the Thin Man movies with him and Myrna Loy?

      Yeah, we watch the Quiet Man on St. Patrick's Day a lot.

    42. I look forward to hearing your opinion on it!! If you like his acting, I highly reccomend House on Haunted Hill, although that is a bit creepy at times - it is excellent. (By my standards at least....)

      .....I shall bear that in mind. I enjoy Crosby's acting, so.... Bob Hope I've actually seen nothing of. And I'm TRYING to see that. Seriously, Trying. Don't. Remind me. *drops head on desk* We were supposed to watch it this e'en, but she changed her mind. Again. *shrugs*

      I was introduced to it originally through Nevin, but couldn't find that one anywhere.... Heard of them, yes and dearly want to watch them. I need to pull out my movie list and start going down it again. I really wanted to see those.

    43. House on Haunted Hill sounds delightfully creepy, *quietly adds to watch list*

      Crosby was a good actor, and in Bells of Saint Mary's HE ACTS JUST LIKE MY UNCLE. lol... Aw Bob Hope is one of my favorite old-time actors, (Fyi, he was a boxer before he got into acting, which I think is very cool lol.)Haha, it sucks when people change their mind about a movie you were looking forward to. :)

      The Thin Man is fun, because he's married and he and his wife are cute li'l detectives together and I like it. :)

    44. *grins* It was. There is both black and white and a colourised version on Youtube, but black and white was the original and looked better.

      That was the....second one, right? I loved those two films - they were....calm. I don't know. I sort of started with those two and was so sick of always moving. I always enjoy those films.

      I started it, but then the internet crashed and refused to let me finish so now I'm stuck on a horrid cliffhanger.

  2. That being said, there was way too much 'that being said'.

    I need to edit my replies a little bit....

    1. HAHAHA no worries. I do that too lol.

    2. Good! Well, not good. Maybe?

      Good that you won't judge me for repeating myself..... *sighs* I really do need to quit that though.

    3. I agree. The way they portray God and Angels is out of control.


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