Saturday, November 28, 2015

Picture Saturday-- B&W

This is actually being posted on Saturday.

How novel.

Anyway, I'm here to tell you right now, that I was not in the mood to color this week, so we have a load of black and white, and I hope that's okay with y'all.

Sometimes it's just easier to stick with my pens and pencils. And I'm best with black and white, sometimes I feel like my color drawings are a bit.... how can I say... garish. I don't like garish..... Hmm. What do you think?

I wish mechanical pencils came with brown lead, because I want to start drawing in sepia tones, but it's hard for me to use regular pencils because they loose their sharp points really fast and it freaks me out.

I really like my pencils to stay sharp.

I also want to try digital art, but as far as I can tell, free programs are not the thing, and people recommend Photoshop or... or a different one I forget the name of. But I cannot afford Photoshop and it makes me sad. #brokepeopleproblems

Right so let's get on with it, shall we?

1.) Sometimes I draw guys holding girls and laughing because love is awesome.

Do I think big, chunky glasses are attractive? Why yes. Yes I do.

2.) Sometimes I draw different poses of guys holding girls and laughing.

3.) Sometimes I draw scary hair. Mostly because I saw a picture on pinterest and wondered if I could... draw it.

4.) Sometimes I draw kisses.

5.) Sometimes I use my previous drawings as references for bigger pictures. (To be colored when I'm not sad that I misread the deadline for an art contest.)

6.) Sometimes I draw Lucy Carlyle from Lockwood & Co.... And discovered that I really like the effect of super dark eyes and thick eyebrows.

7.) Sometimes I draw Anthony Lockwood because hawt. (Also because I just finished the third book of the series and YEAH OKAY, INTENSE, AND A LITTLE BIT CREEPY.)

8.) Sometimes I draw people getting walloped with a snowball because it's almost December.

I did not draw Tristan and gang this week, because they're still insisting that Max do the Thing. I do not want Max to do the Thing, so they aren't going to be drawn until, A.) Max decides not to do the thing, B.) Max gives me a really good reason why he should do the Thing, or, C.) Max figures out a way to do the Thing without making the entire gang and the whole world hate him.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I feel I can listen to Christmas music and it makes me so happy. You have no idea how hard it was for me to wait until Thanksgiving. This year, I don't know what it is, but I was ready for Christmas by like... October.

I want to get candy canes and go caroling when it's like two days 'til Christmas.

You guys should give me ideas for Christmas cards because every time I sit down to draw one, I get art blocked.

FYI, the Mary Poppins we went to see last week was stellar. So unbelievable good, I'm a Broadway snob, and I think the talent in the show was definitely good enough to be on Broadway. *dies* So good.

Anyway, how are all you lovely people?

I found a new artist on pinterest that I adore, and when I finish this post, I'm going to find everything she has ever drawn and pin it. (All while probably crying that I'm not even sort of that good. Like seriously, look.)

*cries all the tears*

Mkay, question time. 

Favorite drawing this week?
If you could pick one of the above for me to color, which would it be?
You should give me ideas for Christmas cards. 
Seriously. I need ideas. 
Have you read "Lockwood & Co"?

Alrighty! I must go. I love you all!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Picture Saturday- Rush rush rush.

I am in such a hurry tonight!

We're going to go watch Marry Poppins (the musical) and I may or may not have put off this post just like... two minutes too long.

So we'll get right to it, shall we?

1.) I may have drawn my cousin and her boyfriend.

2.) Twice.

3.) I colored in a thing.

4.) I drew Tristan....

5.) I drew Kate. (Kate gets hurt at one point. It's awkward.)

6.) So I cheered myself up by coloring in Max stealing cookies.

7.) I drew a cute little knight.

8.) I did some fanart for the  Finding Neverland musical.

9.) I drew this random guy that I like the angle on.

10.) I drew I've Decided to Marry You because A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is hilarious. (Must color it in next time. Yesss.)

11.) I drew Phoebe D'Ysquith.

12.) More Finding Neverland.... because that musical is really, really good.

13.) Totally colored in Christine.

14.) Also Matt. I can't help myself.

Alright, question time!

Favorite overall drawing?
Have you heard Finding Neverland?
If you could choose print one of these, which would it be?

Alrighty, ladies! I'm sorry it's so rushed. 
I must fly!


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Picture Saturday || Once again on Sunday.

Basically I need to start writing my blog posts on Friday so that I can publish them on Saturday, because for the foreseeable future I have plans on the weekend. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?

Next week I'm going to post on Saturday if it friggen kills me.

But this week we had a friend come up over the weekend to watch Daredevil, because she hadn't seen it yet... (Rawr, Matt, rawr.)

Tristan and gang and I had a falling out. Basically they came up with an idea for Max's character, and I said, "No!" very violently, and they keep insisting that it would break people's hearts if Max did the Thing. But I refuse to let Max do the Thing, so now they are not speaking to me, nor I them, and therefore I have not drawn them.

I will not draw them until they behave.

(I will beat some sense into Max, because no, Max will not do the thing. I will not let him.)

So yeah, no Tristan and gang this week, which is sad, because I love them, even when they're being naughty.

Instead, we have musicals and stuff.

1.) I have tried to stifle POTO pictures, because I love you guys. One can only stifle a thing for so long. I'm going to color this in, because it could be awesome colored.

2.) Here, have this really freaking ugly thing. Suffice to say, I hate this picture and I'm going to work on black and blue hair because hers kind of sucks. (Also, the blue eye shadow is a bit much.)

3.) So I got stuck at Home Base for a while one day... and I didn't have anything to do, so I stole some of my sister's school paper and her pencil and did what I do best.

4.) Yeah, I was really bored. *Crosses eyes at you.*

5.) I love drawing love, it's fun and... yeah. I'm a sap, deal with it. (Argh, I need to color this one too!)

6.) Because when Lily sings this to Archie, it gives me major feelz.

7.) Sometimes my doodles scare me with the bad proportions and scary eyes. (BUT I SORT OF PROMISED YOU GUYS I WOULD POST MY DUDS, SO THIS IS ME TRYING TO BE BRAVE AND POST DUDS.)

8.) Watching Daredevil sparked quick fanart because basically MATT IS EVERYTHING. (I need to go through and clean them up and color them in, but whatever, I'll post them next week.)

9.) Everything.

10.) Not even sorry.

I have lots to do this next month, and sometimes I get overwhelmed and want to curl up into a blanket burrito and do nothing but draw.

Instead I listen to musicals.

Like Finding Neverland-- Urgle. The amount of sad that musical has is ridiculous, but it's so good. Totally recommend that, it's getting to be one of my favorites. (Of like.. the millions that I have.) But I want to fanart for that.

ALSO A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, which hysterical and reminds me of Gilbert and Sullivan. (And everyone's voice is amazing, and they're not pitchy...) So...I want to fanart for that too.

(Because I've Decided to Marry You is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard.)

It starts about 1:07

Yep, okay, that's me done. What's up with you guys?

Favorite colored?
Black and white?
Do you love Matt Murdock?
What art would you like to see more of?? 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Picture Saturday-- Actual Randomness

This week has a lot of different kinds of pictures, which is odd for me. Usually I post a ton of very similar things, and it's weird when I have a variety.

I've been watching the voice, and there are a few girls on it that have cool dyed hair, and I've come to the absurd realization that if I was a less conservative person- or less socially awkward and inhibited, I'd be very tempted to experiment, and try different colors in my hair. Like.... I don't know what it is, I THINK IT'S PRETTY.



What's going on with you guys?

I'm listening to the Secret Garden musical, and coming up with scenes to draw. Mwuahaha, maybe next week we'll be seeing some Mary Lennoxes and Lily Cravens....

Seriously, happiness is spending your evening drawing and listening to all the musicals on your computer. Just sayin'.

1.) Speaking of musicals! Look, I drew Cosette!

2.) The aforementioned hair coloring comment had a point, by the way, it wasn't just an, "Oh by the way, I like blue hair..." it was leading up to this.

3.) Also this one. Kat says she looks like a hacker.

4.) I finished the Tristan character sketch.... Unfortunately I like his clothes better colored, but I wish his face looked like it did when it was black and white.

I love his beeeelt. And his shirt. But his belt is awesome, and he carries a glock .45, and a dagger-like knife that he inherited from his dad. (His dead dad. Oh yeah, Tristan is an orphan.)

5.) I think I fixed the one that got ruined last time. Not gonna lie, the colors please me.

6.) By the way, I discovered today that Kate bakes when she's stressed, and Max likes to steal them. (He thinks he's entitled to them because he's pretty.) This bugs Kate.

7.) Boys + babies makes the attractive scale sky-rocket.

 8.) I'm experimenting with card drawing. I'm not too skilled at card drawing.

 9.) Keeping your chin up means it's exposed, and in danger of being punched. My advice: Keep that sucker tucked and protect it with your shoulder. Aw yiss.


Just as an FYI, it's exhausting to socialize with people until ten, and then drive like two and a half hours back to a friend's house to sleep, because you're too freaking tired to drive another half hour home.

I'm so tired that on a scale of 1 to even-- I can't.

Hehe, see what I did there.....

Right okay, suckers. Time to answer questions.

Favorite colored?
Favorite black and white?
Do you like my funny colored hair?
Do you agree with my boys + babies opinion?
Are these questions getting longer or is that just me? 
Look, a pyramid!

Alright, ladies, I'm out of here.