Saturday, November 7, 2015

Picture Saturday-- Actual Randomness

This week has a lot of different kinds of pictures, which is odd for me. Usually I post a ton of very similar things, and it's weird when I have a variety.

I've been watching the voice, and there are a few girls on it that have cool dyed hair, and I've come to the absurd realization that if I was a less conservative person- or less socially awkward and inhibited, I'd be very tempted to experiment, and try different colors in my hair. Like.... I don't know what it is, I THINK IT'S PRETTY.



What's going on with you guys?

I'm listening to the Secret Garden musical, and coming up with scenes to draw. Mwuahaha, maybe next week we'll be seeing some Mary Lennoxes and Lily Cravens....

Seriously, happiness is spending your evening drawing and listening to all the musicals on your computer. Just sayin'.

1.) Speaking of musicals! Look, I drew Cosette!

2.) The aforementioned hair coloring comment had a point, by the way, it wasn't just an, "Oh by the way, I like blue hair..." it was leading up to this.

3.) Also this one. Kat says she looks like a hacker.

4.) I finished the Tristan character sketch.... Unfortunately I like his clothes better colored, but I wish his face looked like it did when it was black and white.

I love his beeeelt. And his shirt. But his belt is awesome, and he carries a glock .45, and a dagger-like knife that he inherited from his dad. (His dead dad. Oh yeah, Tristan is an orphan.)

5.) I think I fixed the one that got ruined last time. Not gonna lie, the colors please me.

6.) By the way, I discovered today that Kate bakes when she's stressed, and Max likes to steal them. (He thinks he's entitled to them because he's pretty.) This bugs Kate.

7.) Boys + babies makes the attractive scale sky-rocket.

 8.) I'm experimenting with card drawing. I'm not too skilled at card drawing.

 9.) Keeping your chin up means it's exposed, and in danger of being punched. My advice: Keep that sucker tucked and protect it with your shoulder. Aw yiss.


Just as an FYI, it's exhausting to socialize with people until ten, and then drive like two and a half hours back to a friend's house to sleep, because you're too freaking tired to drive another half hour home.

I'm so tired that on a scale of 1 to even-- I can't.

Hehe, see what I did there.....

Right okay, suckers. Time to answer questions.

Favorite colored?
Favorite black and white?
Do you like my funny colored hair?
Do you agree with my boys + babies opinion?
Are these questions getting longer or is that just me? 
Look, a pyramid!

Alright, ladies, I'm out of here.


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tristian. Love him. And Max. And I'd give Max cookies....

    1. TRISTAN IS MINE. SO... Max is a stinker, of course you'd like him.

  2. Fav colored…between 5 and 7.

    Fav black and white…..4.

    THE COLORED HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL. I have a few friends who dyed the tips of their hair blue and red and it’s just so gorgeous what the what how….I think it would be cool to dye the tips of my hair blue. But I have not the commitment to do that. X)

    Boys + babies = pure adorableness! Guys, if you want to attract a girl, just walk around holding an infant. Please. Just do it. Can this be a thing?

    Nope, just you, m’dear. But I like long questions so yeah don’t ask me.

    *squints at pyramid* HELLO PYRAMID!


    1. awww, I like 7. because... baby.


      THANK YOUR FOR AGREEING! lol. OOoh yeah, see that's what I want to do very much lol. I'm thinking I might get some of the dye that only lasts like two washes, because that could be fun, and it's not a long commitment. XD

      YASS okay, it's not just me. Or when they just play with kids? Okay yes. That's nice. It should be a thing for all the time. lol.

      .... Oh, okay sweet. :D

      *from pyramid* HAI

  3. Hey Triskie, I just discovered your blog and I love your art! The second drawing of this set is my favorite, but they're all great. I also agree with you concerning the dyed hair––it's just so gorgeous! I mean, look at this! <3 Anyway, I hope to continue following, and have loved all the drawings I've seen so far (I maybe wasted a bit more time than I should have scrolling through all your past posts . . . xD). You've got great talent. =D

    ~ Lalaithiel/Rebekah Lightbearer

    1. Oh hello! I love it when people discover my blog! It makes me so ridiculously happy. XD Thank you so much!

      Second drawing... *scrolls back up* OH! Yeah, okay, I love that one too. Her face!

      Heheh, okay, I'm glad I didn't scare people away with the hair comment. ALSO YES, THAT PICTURE IS GORGEOUS.

      I'd love to have you follow! (*squeals* You scrolled through past posts!??? You're awesome!!)

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Favorite color-smash? Tristan protecting Kate by a long, long shot. Because that one is so awesome, not because the others ones are lame :)
    Favorite black-and-whitey? Hmm, most of them were colored this time which is GREAT, don't get me wrong, so....probably Kate again. With Max. Because her annoyed face is adorables. And also, I can relate to keeping cookies away from three immature but adorable almost-men (brothers, in my case)! :D
    Also being conservative, I can't say what I think about real colored hair, but it looks like something that would be amazingly fun to draw, and your wind-blown turquoise girl looks like she needs huggs.
    YES. BOYS AND BABIES. Why don't more artists get this? More, please!!! :D
    The questions are getting longer, but my answers are longer than BOTH.
    Pyramid...sweet....keep up the good work! It's so entertaining to see what you've come up with each week :)

    - Miri from Oregon

    1. Hahahah, that's awesome. It makes me giggle at how much of a hit Tristan is. XD (I will say that one is probably my favorite this week too, because everything about that picture turned out well and it's just ... yessss.)

      I know, right? I never color in this many! Hahaha, it was just one of those times where I had my copics out and I didn't stop all day. Best days are like that. Heheeeeeeeeee. Yes, her face is annoyed most of the time, because she lives with three boys.. (Well, you'd know about that right?) I've had experience in keeping cookies away from people, but they're all my sisters.... I've always wanted more brothers. XD

      I'm tempted to try the temporary dye that lasts like... two washings, because that's just enough commitment that I don't feel like I'm trapped. XD BUT YEAH IT'S REALLY, REALLY FUN TO DRAW. (She does. I don't know why, but she does.)

      Hahaha! I'm not the only one who noticed the distinct lack of boys and babies in the arting world. OKAY!

      That's awesome, I'm glad your answers are longer.

      Pyramid happened accidentally, and I just went with it. Awww thank you! I'm glad I'm entertaining. I endeavor to be. :)

  5. "Favorite colored?" Number five. Mostly because I like how Tristan's shirt is all swooshy around his belt. XD

    "Favorite black and white?" Number six. Because aw yiss, cookie thieves.

    "Do you like my funny colored hair?" Mmmm, maybe. I dunno. Brightly colored hair can look cool and probably would on you. But then, I'm much to conservative to really have a proper opinion on colored hair, other than I never would dye my own. :P

    "Do you agree with my boys + babies opinion?" Eh, probably. But I'd rather hold the baby myself and let them behold all my maternal instincts and skills. ;)

    "Are these questions getting longer or is that just me?" Just you, definitely.

    "Look, a pyramid!" Sweeeeeeeetttttt. XD

    1. 1.) Tristan's swooshy shirt was a nightmare to draw, because *shirts just don't have a lot of movement.* So thank you. ;)

      2.) Because Max is an adorable idiot.

      3.) Ha! I thought the same thing until like three weeks ago, and then I was all of the sudden like, "I WANT TO TEMPORARILY PUT PURPLE STREAKS IN MY HAIR OKAY!?" and that realization alarmed me, so I settled for drawing it instead. XD (You think it would look cool on me? *kicks random pebble* Awww shucks)

      4.) Well obviously, who WOULDN'T rather hold the baby themselves? BABIES ARE PERFECTION.

      5.) Okay, that's good. :)

      6.) ISN'T IT!??

  6. I'M SO IN AWE OF THE MOVEMENT IN YOUR DRAWINGS. Like the way his jacket swishes and the folds of his shirt and afjkdlafdsja basically all of these. I particularly love the Tristan one coloured. xD Also 5 because guns. Heck yeah. Also coloured hair-ends are pretty darn awesome but I don't think I'd ever have the courage to do that either. XD Also my hair is too short. But that dark one with the purple is niiiiice.

    1. AWWWWWWWWWWWW THANKS. I like to think I have movement. I can't stand stiff pictures. *faints from such niceness*.


      Haha, it sucks to be scared. *whispers* Ikindofreallywanttoputpurpleinmyhair.

  7. Colored hair is so awesome! It's pretty. I'm tempted to try it, but I'm not sure. I have red hair and I've heard that red is one of the more difficult colors to dye unless you want to bleach. I don't want no bleach in my hair! Also, I like to grow my hair out and give it to organizations who make wigs for cancer patients and sometimes they're a little picky about the chemicals you stick in your hair (understandably so).

    I love, love that first one of the girl with the purple highlights! (See, I would want to try black highlights one day, that would be cool). She looks awesome! And I love her hoodie.

    I agree about that first Tristan one. His face has more detail in black and white. But in the colored one his shirt has ALL THE DETAIL OF EVER! Seriously. His shirt is awesome in the colored one.

    I also really like that one of Kat and him, the colored one.

    POTO! That last picture is amazing! I like her dress. Which reminds me. I'm off to read your Rauol posts.

    1. Right!?? Isn't is frabjous? Haha, same here, but with brown hair. I don't want to bleach it. IS BAD FOR HAIR. That's so cool, though! What charity do you donate to??

      I love that one too, her face is so scowly. But yeah. Me like. (OOH red with black highlights would be super pretty.) I have a weird obsession with giant oversized hoodies lately.

      YEAH his face is better and less girly in the first one! *urgle* HIS SHIRT IS AWESOME, YEAH I JUST PATTED MYSELF ON THE BACK.

      Hehehe. I liked how the one of Tristan and Kate turned out because they look,.... like naughty donkeys.

      AWWWW THANK YOU!!!!! *Raoul posssssts*

  8. I want you to draw a picture of the Phantom and Christine during "The Point of No Return" cause that is one of the few PHANTOM moments you haven't done. Also the notes. The first notes, not the second notes. Or you can do both, but seperately. And the masquerade, but not just Raoul and Christine, all of them. And "YOUR CHAINS ARE STILL MINE YOU WILL SING FOR ME!!!" *DUNDONDUNDUNDONDUNDUNDONDUNDONDUNDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUUUUUUUUUU!!*

    also, give me some TOTC fanart! how hard is it to draw Syndey????

    Oh and guess what. Secret Garden OBC is on youtube.


      okay fine. Next time we're together you can describe him to me and I'll see what I can do.


  9. I love this bunch of pictures! 5, 7, and 8 are my favorites. And boys with babies... (in a low voice) oh my gosh. It's too sweet. It's the best.

    1. aw thanks!! :) *fist bump for agreeing about boys and babies* IT REALLY IS THE BEST

  10. Hey! A Les Miserables picture! Cosette is les adorables.
    Favorite colored?-#2, because of all the shades of blue, which goes nicely with the purple.
    Favorite black and white?-#6. Kate looks as if she thinks the only thing Max is entitled to is a pie in the face.
    Do you like my funny colored hair?- Very nice.
    Do you agree with my boys + babies opinion?
    Are these questions getting longer or is that just me? -I'm not sure.
    Look, a pyramid!- not anymore.

    1. Les Mis!! Awww thank you. :)
      That's one of my favorites too. *le sigh*

      Doggonit, I did ruin the pyramid. lol

  11. Favorite colored? THE ONE THAT YOU FIXED. That one is purty.

    Favorite black and white? COOKIES.

    Do you like my funny colored hair? I don't know. I would never do it to myself, but I do have a character in Agents who has black and blue hair. So yeah. It is a fun thing to do to a character. And interesting. But yeah I could never do it to myself. Although I wish there was a way to temporarily (and without any bad aftereffects) dye my hair blonde for the sole purpose of freaking my friends out. But yeah. I'm with Miri--Conservative, but it's fun to draw/make characters with oddly colored hair.

    Do you agree with my boys + babies opinion? Uh, yeah I do. But I usually get too distracted by the baby in general that the boy doesn't actually matter. XD

    Are these questions getting longer or is that just me? I don't know. XDDD

    Look, a pyramid! WHERE?


      Max is gonna get a smack.

      Weeeeeeelll..... I might.... try it for like... a week, like get the kind that washes out after a few cleanings,... but my dad might flip out lol. Isn't it that girl who says Noobs a lot or wait... NO THAT'S COW SRTM OR WHAT EVER THE INITIALS ARE. OOH BLACK AND BLUE I MUST DRAW NOW. Hahaha, I scared Gina when I posted the picture of me with the rainbow streak, because it looked good haha. ;)


      They were.




  13. If you dye your hair glow in the dark I could find you at night....

  14. Tristan, wotta babe <3 I must've missed some goings-on, though, because who is Max? And the baby, is that part of the Tristan story or just random?

    I looove the hacker! SHE'S SO COOL! Treskie my dear, you should 9000% go for it with your hair because you know what? IT'S HAIR. If you hate it you can dye it back! If you don't hate it (which you wouldn't because it'd be fab), you can keep it for a bit and then it will grow out! Whatever you do wouldn't be permanent! I plan to get dreads when I move out. CARPE DIEM! ~runs off to get a tattoo sleeve~

    I love the Phantom picture, it's gorgeous. And my fave black and white is definitely the Tristan sketch <3

    1. Back off. Tristan is MINE. lol. Max is one of Tristan's friends. (Tristan and Gang consist of Tristan, Max, Kate and Tyler. They're like family.) He introduces himself as "the Pretty One" and it bugs Kate. As for the baby, nah, not Tristan story. I love love babies. XD

      AW THANK YOU! lol. Yeeeeeeeeeesssss, I know, I should just do it. But see, we're pretty well known in our town. And we're known for being ultra conservative and well behaved, and I don't want to *scandalize* people lol. I have purple dye though. I MIGHT DO IT SOMETIME NEXT MONTH OR JANUARY. (But i"m also afraid to touch my hair because I love it so.HAHA) SO yeah.
      LIke actual Dreads or the cheater's way??

      Thanks! You're nice. XD Tristan is hawt, that's why. Hahaha.

      Hey are you still blogging? Or am I just not getting updates?


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