Sunday, November 15, 2015

Picture Saturday || Once again on Sunday.

Basically I need to start writing my blog posts on Friday so that I can publish them on Saturday, because for the foreseeable future I have plans on the weekend. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?

Next week I'm going to post on Saturday if it friggen kills me.

But this week we had a friend come up over the weekend to watch Daredevil, because she hadn't seen it yet... (Rawr, Matt, rawr.)

Tristan and gang and I had a falling out. Basically they came up with an idea for Max's character, and I said, "No!" very violently, and they keep insisting that it would break people's hearts if Max did the Thing. But I refuse to let Max do the Thing, so now they are not speaking to me, nor I them, and therefore I have not drawn them.

I will not draw them until they behave.

(I will beat some sense into Max, because no, Max will not do the thing. I will not let him.)

So yeah, no Tristan and gang this week, which is sad, because I love them, even when they're being naughty.

Instead, we have musicals and stuff.

1.) I have tried to stifle POTO pictures, because I love you guys. One can only stifle a thing for so long. I'm going to color this in, because it could be awesome colored.

2.) Here, have this really freaking ugly thing. Suffice to say, I hate this picture and I'm going to work on black and blue hair because hers kind of sucks. (Also, the blue eye shadow is a bit much.)

3.) So I got stuck at Home Base for a while one day... and I didn't have anything to do, so I stole some of my sister's school paper and her pencil and did what I do best.

4.) Yeah, I was really bored. *Crosses eyes at you.*

5.) I love drawing love, it's fun and... yeah. I'm a sap, deal with it. (Argh, I need to color this one too!)

6.) Because when Lily sings this to Archie, it gives me major feelz.

7.) Sometimes my doodles scare me with the bad proportions and scary eyes. (BUT I SORT OF PROMISED YOU GUYS I WOULD POST MY DUDS, SO THIS IS ME TRYING TO BE BRAVE AND POST DUDS.)

8.) Watching Daredevil sparked quick fanart because basically MATT IS EVERYTHING. (I need to go through and clean them up and color them in, but whatever, I'll post them next week.)

9.) Everything.

10.) Not even sorry.

I have lots to do this next month, and sometimes I get overwhelmed and want to curl up into a blanket burrito and do nothing but draw.

Instead I listen to musicals.

Like Finding Neverland-- Urgle. The amount of sad that musical has is ridiculous, but it's so good. Totally recommend that, it's getting to be one of my favorites. (Of like.. the millions that I have.) But I want to fanart for that.

ALSO A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, which hysterical and reminds me of Gilbert and Sullivan. (And everyone's voice is amazing, and they're not pitchy...) So...I want to fanart for that too.

(Because I've Decided to Marry You is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard.)

It starts about 1:07

Yep, okay, that's me done. What's up with you guys?

Favorite colored?
Black and white?
Do you love Matt Murdock?
What art would you like to see more of?? 


  1. I'm scared to ask...what is the Max Thing?

    1. I don't want to talk about it. I won't let him.

  2. squee squee squee DYING OF ALL THE CUTENESS. I CAN'T. 5 and 6 are absolute faves. EEEEK.

    1. Hahaha, awwwwwwww THANK YOU!!!!!!!! (5 and 6 are possibly my favorites too. lol. 5 Just turned OUT really well! lol)

  3. I think it is very funny that your characters decided to do things without your knowledge. WELCOME TO AUTHORSHIP, M'DEAR.

    Though I must admit, I think I'm with you. I don't want Max to do The Thing. Sounds bad.

    Favorite colored? The one of Lily is really sweet and adorable and I love it. That musical is so feelsy.

    Black and white? The second one you did at Home Base. That one is seriously awesome and I don't exactly know why but it is perfect.

    Do you love Matt Murdock? I do not know this Matt Murdock...

    What art would you like to see more of?? ALLLLLL OF IT. But if you insist.... more OCs.... more Secret Garden.... andddddddddddd I miss the steampunk so maybe some of that. XD But seriously just MORE in general. :-D


      Max must not do the Thing!!! TELL HIM, HANNAH.

      Lily turned out so prettyyyyyyy. I love that musical. BUT SERIOUSLY, you should listen to Finding Neverland, because it's.... good.

      That one's my favorite too! OMGOODNESS LIKE.... IT LOOKS LIKE HENRY FROM 100 CUPBOARDS.

      Matt is altogether too awesome to handle, and that is all you need to know about him. lol.

      Awwww. Okay, WELL I"LL DRAW THE OCs WHEN THEY FREAKING BEHAVE. ... I know Secret Garden is your most favorite..... I FORGET to draw Steampunk! Like how do you forget? I love steampunk. I love how fun and detailed it is. *how do I forget to draw it!?*

  4. Favorite colored?-#6. I like how you blended colours there.
    Black and white?-#8. Very cool.
    Do you love Matt Murdock?- I've never actually seen Daredevil, nor have I read the comics. He seems like a fascinating superhero, though.
    What art would you like to see more of??- Oh, are you taking art requests? Will you do something with a Scottish or Swiss theme?

    Funny video, by the way. I love theatre. Though this is one play I haven't seen yet.

    1. That might be my favorite colored too, it's just... pretty. And I wasn't sure how the blue would look, but I was really happy that it looked the way it did. ;)

      *scrolls back up* OH 8! OH MAAAAAATT. lol.

      Matt is actually one of my favorite marvel heroes. He's such a good guy. (Though I will say that if you're not fond of violence, this isn't the show for you, because it's right at my limit of how violent I can handle...but Matt makes it worth it to me. lol.)

      I'm sort of semi taking requests, because I want to draw what you guys want to see. BUT SCOTTISH IS COOL! Going to Scotland was the highlight of my teenage years so yeah. LOL. I'll see what I can do. :)

      Wasn't it!? I loved it before I knew what the musical was even about. I haven't seen it either, I've just listened to it on spotify... BUT if I find a way to watch it, would you like me to send you the link?


    And that song. What what what. XDDD

    Also, never stop drawing Phantom, they're the best.

    1. THANK YOU! LOL.

      Hahaha, RIGHT? "I'm grateful indeed for your gracious bestowment--Yes, Wadsworth, I told you, BE JUST A MOMENT!!!!!!!" *giggles*

      Aw, I don't think I can even if I wanted to. So yay!

  6. Favorite colored one is #6. It's purty.
    Favorite black and white is #5, because it is adorable. I love the girl's expression. She's totally like, "Awww, stahp....never mind, I love you."
    Matt Murdock? Ummmm, I haven't come across him much, so I will bypass this question.


    Thank you, darlin :)

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. #6 pleased me too lol.

      Hahaha, that was the that was the look I was going for with her so YESSSSS. lol. ;)

      (Just say yes, because he's awesome)

      I'LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO, but it might take me a while! :) (But thanks for suggesting, not a lot people answered that question. XD)


  7. I love those pictures! The first drawing of Christine and the picture of Lily are my favorites, but the Final Lair picture is great too. It's a unique touch that you gave Christine freckles. I've never seen an artist do that before, but it makes her look young and sweet and realistic. What medium do you use for your drawings?
    I'm working on Jekyll & Hyde fanart (based on the concept album, of course.). The music makes the scenes so vivid that I have to draw some. :-)

    1. Aw thank you so much! :) I loved Christine's POSE in the first picture, like YES I GOT IT, FINALLY! lol. (Also, Lily has one of the prettiest voices *ever*. Have you heard that musical?

      I'm a little irritated with Raoul in that Final Lair picture, because he had a lot more... mass when I started and he sort of thinned out and went stiff when I colored it, which bugs me. lol. Heheh, I didn't think anyone noticed the freckles. I've always imagined Christine with freckles I DON"T KNOW WHY. But tank you!

      As for the medium I use... I use a mix. I start out with regular mechanical pencils, which I outline with Micron pens. And the color is either a mix of colored pencils and copic markers, or just copics. (Copics are life, FYI.)


  8. Yes, I've heard The Secret Garden--Bella was the one who introduced me to that musical too. :-) Lily's voice is breathtakingly beautiful, especially in "Come to my Garden."
    I see what you mean about Raoul looking stiff, but he *is* trying to keep from being choked, and so it makes sense that he would look rather tense.
    Thanks for answering the media question; I'm always curious what each artist uses. Have you drawn/considered drawing A Tale of Two Cities fanart? That would be cool!
    I'd love to show you the Jekyll & Hyde piece (when it's finished), but I'll have to think about how. It would be incredibly hard for me to maintain artist credit if I uploaded it onto my public Pinterest boards. So let me get back to you on that. :-)

    1. Hahah, ooh yeah. Her voice is amazing! UGH! I'd love to sing like that, just.. SO MUCH. *cries*

      I *know* Raoul would have been stiff and tense, but even when you're tense there's movement, and he has no movement in his lines, and that bugs the ever loving crud out of me. XD

      HA! hahaha, actually, yes. Bella's been asking me to draw ToTC fanart since... since she got obsessed with James Barbour (Sidney.) Buuuut. IT"S HARD FOR ME TO DRAW THAT! lol. I'm working on it.

      .........Weeeeeell that's true, about pinteresting it. But you could... email it to me. XD

    2. I'd be happy to e-mail the picture once it's finished! Is your email address somewhere on this blog? I looked, but couldn't find anything...
      Another art question: what is it that you like so much about copics? (I was tempted to get some when I was at Hobby Lobby earlier, but then decided to do more research. :-) ) Are they easy to use, or do you like the results, or what?

    3. Sweeeet! Oh you know what, I think I removed the page it was on because I was having issues with it. Here.

      Ugh copics. lol Funny story actually. I was watching a color tutorial on youtube, and he was using copics, and I was just really impressed at how smooth of a line they put down. So, I decided, what the heck, I'll try them. And I go two from hobby lobby. (But only two, because SEVEN BUCKS A FREAKING MARKER)

      Instant love. They're super easy to use (they have two ends, one for detail, and one that's wide and flat for coloring large spaces.) And they put down really clean lines, so if you do it right, it can look like digital art. They're just... ugh. I love them.

      And then my brother, who is the greatest of all brothers, got me a 72-pack, and that was bad, because now I am addicted. XD

    4. It's annoying when art supplies are so expensive. You have to pay more if you want to the professional stuff, but sometimes you just think, "Really?" Like me yesterday when I learned that my favorite watercolor paper was now $20 per twelve sheets instead of $17. Anyway, it's nice that your brother got you such a huge pack of copics!
      Thanks for providing your e-mail address--and I've finished my drawing and sent it on!

    5. It is! Especially since people don't thing art is that hard and don't want to pay for it! LOL. But yeah, high end, nice quality stuff is PRICEY!

      My brother is the bestttt.


  9. Favorite colored? 2 or 6 :)
    Black and white? 3, 4 or 5 :)
    Do you love Matt Murdock? Well, I
    must admit I haven't seen Daredevil yet :( is it still on Netflix?
    What art would you like to see more of?? ALL OF THEM :D

    1. You like #2??? *eyeballs you*

      As for the black and white - GOOD ANSWER. XD

      Daredevil is still on netflix, but it's *reeeeaaaaally* violent. I mean like.... someone gets his head chopped off with a car door.... so... yeah. lol.


  10. Favorite colored....number 10!!! SO MANY PHANTOM FEELS!!

    Favorite black and white...number 8.

    I do not know who this Matt Murdock fellow is....

    Hehehe my characters are behaving the same way. Aren't they aggravating little goldfish sometimes? They don't seem to understand that characters are supposed to do what their writer commands...not the other way around!

    OOH HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE OF FINDING NEVERLAND? I love it so much. Johnny Depp plays J.M. Barrie and he's perfect for the role and yes it is a very sad sad movie/play. You should do Finding Neverland fanart!!!!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The song made my day. Oh gosh. That was quite hilarious.



      *scrolls up to number 8* Aw yiss, Matt.

      (Matt Murdock is only the best EVER.)

      Aggravating goldfish indeed. Little *turds*

      YES YES I WATCHED IT AFTER I HEARD THE MUSICAL AND THEN RELISTENED TO THE MUSICAL.... AND THEN.... Basically, I am obsessed with the musical. Johnny Depp NAILED J.M. Barrie. (I was leaking tears onto my pillow. lol.)



  11. I very much enjoyed seeing your art. You have a lovely style.


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