Saturday, May 30, 2015

Picture Saturday- I can't stop drawing Phantom

The problem is, I keep refueling the obsession.

I think it was actually starting to wear off, and then we decided to watch it again. (Not the 25th, no, we have another version, where we know the guy who played the phantom and it's very sad.)

Anyway, so we watched it, and I'm back to the lalalalala-POTO-is-life, and it's actually getting a bit worrisome.

Not really, I mean, I spammed with Brothers In Arms fanart last year, and that ended eventually. (Cait, I will get you your SPN Fanart soon, I swear!)

I couldn't really draw this week because I had a sense of impending doom hanging over my head, and I can't draw when I'm stressed out. (The sense of doom was caused by a jury summons, which I did not end up having to attend, Deo Gratias.) So instead of being productive, I binge watched some TV shows and decided to partake of the Supernatural Rewatch.

Anyway, I think I shall do a life-updatey post next week. (Because my life is just so freaking exciting!)*

*I'm joking. My life is beyond boring, and I like it that way. 

Right so!

1.) Candence asked me to draw her blog's sidebar image, so... She gave me some ideas for what she wanted, and I basically went nuts.

2.) So many ideas came pouring in...

3.) Mmmmm yass.

4.) This one did not turn out so well but whatever...

Using just a tiny bit of color may very well be my new favorite thing, you never know. What with not having jury duty, my mind is full of drawings now.

5.) If you guys get tired of Phantom Fanart let me know, and I'll post it to tumblr instead. Or I'll break it up. Or something. But let me know!

Here is the colored version of the Think of Me I did last time. I like it better colored, it makes me really happy. 

6.) And here we have two of the same picture. One before I colored it, and one after. I like both, and I like the way the pencil sketch looks refined and rough at the same time. YEAH!

7.) The girl I started and didn't finish because it was like 10pm and I wanted bed.

8.) Another before and after look at a phantom art.... I was experimenting with expressions....

Angry Raoul Teeth...

9.) Annnnd finally, we have the completed one from last time. I really like adding red to the phantom pictures. Don't ask, I couldn't say why. BUT LOOK AT THEIR EXPRESSIONS! They have nice faces, and I liked the whole look of Christine and Raoul, and the Phantom's face makes me really happy, because he's disfigured and it's awesome.

Okay! So! Question time:

Favorite drawing? (pick one. Or two. But no more than that lol.)
Tired of Phantom?
Do you like the minimal color ones? 
Do you need a blog header drawn? 

Mkay, now I go.

Treskie out.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Newsies VS. Newsies

This is a tricky subject for me to write, because the Newsies movie is really special to me. So I might come off as a bit shrill in this post, but bear with me guys!

I'm gonna be honest, Newsies was my first obsession. Oh, I loved Star Trek, and things, but I was twelve when I saw it, and... twelve year old hormones mixed with lots of boys dancing and singing. Whew. Can you talk first crush?

NO I WAS ELEVEN, because we saw it in March, and I didn't turn twelve until July. 

Jack Kelly was my main man for probably... jeez. I don't think I got over him until I started Supernatural. That means the Newsies obsession lasted a good... five or six years.

I will say by the end of the five or six years, I didn't blush and giggle every time someone mentioned Jack, but every time I watched the movie it would be like, 'so not over it.'

He was an exceptionally attractive little man, what can I say?! (But seriously, I was a huge fangirl before I even knew what a fangirl was. I can still sing like every single part, I still know when to throw a punch when I'm singing, and oh yeah, I can still do the Santa Fe dance.)

Newsies also came at the point in my life, where I loved all things fist-fighty and beaty-uppy. Karate Kid? Yes. Forbidden Kingdom? Yaassss. Fight scenes were awesome, and Newsies has a lot of those.

Soooo, back in 2012, when I found out they were putting on a Broadway production of said Newsies, I was so excited. The promo looked amazing, and I was like "awwww yeah, obsession refueled."

....... or maybe not.

I listened to the Broadway version of it, and I hated it. My excited fangirl heart was crushed, because five reasons.

A.) Wow. Jeremy Jordan was so not.... Christian Bale.
B.) Wow, who is that really annoying reporter girl?
C.) Wow, they took out a lot of the best scenes.
D.) Wow, they added so much swearing.
E.) Wow, I did not connect to the characters at all.

Those were the five main points of sadness for me. I was horrified, I was revolted, I hated this musical so much, how dare they attempt to redo Newsies, what were they THINKING?

So, being the fifteen-year-old that I was, I refused to acknowledge its existence. I couldn't listen to it, I couldn't think about it. It was a disgrace to the Newsies legacy!

Flash forward to now.

I'm a big mature girl, I still love mah Jack Kelly, but in a less hormonal way, and I'm like, "You know... maybe I should give the Broadway musical another go, pretty sure the only reason I hated it was because I didn't like Jeremy Jordan as my baby.

So I listened to it.

I still like the movie better.

But I've come to the conclusion that the musical is not quite as bad as I remembered.

It was still bad, but I found a place where you can watch the full Broadway performance, and it's a lot less bad when the singing is connected to acting.

Let me explain.

1.) I have nothing against Jeremy Jordan, I think he's a good actor, he's good looking, he has a nice voice. But I do not like his portrayal of Jack Kelly, and here's why.

In the movie, Jack was kind of understated, and I get that people read characters differently, but Jeremy Jordan completely changed him from the original Jack. They don't even feel like the same character. And since Jack Kelly is one of my all time favorite characters, I get a bit cranky when people change him.

I did not like how whenever there was a free moment, Jack was caterwauling about Santa Fe. (I'm aware that this is not Jeremy Jordan's fault, but it bugged me nonetheless.) In the movie there was one reprise of Santa Fe, in the musical, it's basically, "Jack's alone, better hammer that Santa Fe angle in again..."

I know technically Jeremy Jordan's voice is better than Christian Bale's, but I personally like Christian's version of Santa Fe way better than Jeremy's. Someone needs to let him know that you can show emotion without cracking on every. Single. Note. I'm all for a good, well-placed crack for added effect, but one or two is fine, not twenty or thirty. Where Christian's version of Santa Fe is kind of raw and vulnerable, Jeremy's is mostly just loud and cracky.*

*I will say it's a lot less noticeable when you watch him sing, than when you just listen, but still. He cracks a lot.

On the other hand, I really, really liked that in the musical, unlike the movie, they made Jack an artist. He draws and paints and that makes the artist in me squeal because ART.

2.) Okay, what's the deal with changing the reporter into a girl? Maybe they felt like there was too much testosterone and they needed to balance it out with a lady. (Heaven forbid girls don't get a shot on the show, feminists have to have a role somewhere, right?) But what was wrong with having Davey's sister be the love interest? I would have been fine with it if they had decided to make Sarah a bigger character. But they got rid of Denton, who was a really good father figure to the Newsies, and inserted Katherine Plummer who is extremely obnoxious.

I have nothing against girls! I am a girl! I think girls are amazing! Ra, ra, girls are awesome!

Unfortunately, I think the idea of a female reporter in 1899 falling in love with a seventeen year old newsie to be unlikely. I'm sure there were lady reporters and things, seeing as it was the turn of the century and the Suffragette movement was going strong at the time, but the odds of her being young enough to fall in love with a teenager? NOT GOOD.

In the movie, Denton is already an established reporter, who takes the newsboys under his wing, and helps them out. He pays for their food, he respects them for what they're doing, he's basically really cool.

In the musical, Katherine is a barely making it reporter who views the newsboys as her chance to get in good with the editor of her paper, so she'll get a raise and a promotion. She is not cool.

Also *spoiler alert, skip the next paragraph if you don't want the spoil* Apparently Katherine was Pulitzer's daughter. But according to his biography, Katherine died at age two from pneumonia. Newsies is based on a true story, let's try to keep history at least somewhat correct, yeah?

Because of the addition of Katherine, the musical turns more to women deserve to be treated like men, rather than the newsies want to be treated like humans.

The whole "Equal Rights" thing is totally in your face in the musical, much more so than the movie. I'm all for equal rights, but I'll be much less for it if you shove it in my face.

3.) They took out a lot of stuff from the movie so they could make room for Jack and Katherine's relationship. Which wouldn't have bothered me all that much if A.) I liked Katherine or B.) They didn't take out so many important things.

       a.) They took out a lot of the friendship development of Jack and Davey, and replaced it with a Jack and Crutchie bromance,* which means David shows up to be a newsie, and it jumps right from there to the whole Jack and Dave are a team, even though there's no bonding.

*Bromance-- Noun. The non-creepy, best-friend relationship between guys. For example Shawn and Gus from Psych have a bromance. Sam and Dean have a bromance. Arthur and Merlin have a bromance.

Don't get me wrong, I love Crutchie in the movie, he's a cripple, and he's sweet. But he's also tough, and in the musical he kind of sounds like he's ready to cry at any given moment.

        b.) They took out the Refuge bit where Jack and Dave go to rescue Crutchie and replaced it with Jack hiding away and painting backdrops for Medda.

        c.) Spot Conlon doesn't even show up until near the end of the show. WHAT?!! Spot was awesome, why leave him out?

        d.) They took out Jack getting arrested. They took out everybody getting arrested! The only kid who gets arrested is Crutchie. Oh wait, Jack gets locked in Pulitzer's cellar... which makes all the sense in the world.

        e.) Jack never becomes a scab. The only thing he does is try to break up the newsie rally. (Irritating.) This took away the climax, where the newsies think he's turned against them. It also means that the part where Jack rescues Davey from the Delanceys got taken out. That fight scene was the best! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE.

        f.) Because they took  out Denton, the whole Bring-Teddy-Roosevelt-in aspect was made unrealistic. In the movie, Denton had been a Rough Rider with Teddy, so they were friends. Therefore when Denton brings Teddy's attention to the way the newsies were treated, you can see how that would work.
           In the musical, they made it seem like Theodore Roosevelt was playing around with Medda, and Medda's the one who brings Katherine to see him. Now, they never say it outright, but it's heavily implied. Teddy was a good family man, he wouldn't have been messing around with someone who wasn't his wife.

4.)  I know being irritated by lyric changes is being petty, so I'll apologize for that. I don't mind that lyrics got changed, most of the changes are pretty minimal, and that's okay. But when you change it from

Santa Fe, are you there? 
Do you swear you won't forget me?


Santa fe, you can bet, 
we won't let them bastards beat us

That bugs the life out of me, because it was just as powerful of a song without adding a bunch of unnecessary language. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it needs to be there. They added a lot of swearing, which bothered me, because it was just there to emphasize stuff. At one point, Jack say, "And the strike starts right damn now." No one talks like that. What's the point of it?

A lot of the new songs they added for the musical were good, (I mean, come on Alan Menken wrote them, so obviously, they're good.) but they didn't really fit the time period. Katherine's song, "Watch What Happens" had so many phrases that were so not accurate to the time.

"This is big, lady, don't screw it up."

That doesn't fit at all. It's not accurate, and it's annoying.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I really liked some of the changes. At one point, during Seize the Day, Jack and Davey sing,

Behold the brave battalion that stands side by side
Too few in number and too proud to hide

Which is a cool line, I liked it. I liked it a lot.

5.) Finally, my last main problem with the musical is that I did not connect to a single character. I mean it focuses on Jack and his problems, but even though Jeremy was a great actor (he really was: very charismatic, and he knew how to own a stage) I didn't really feel an emotional connection to Jack or any of the Newsies. In the movie, you kind of get to know all the newsies a little, and it's sad when things don't go their way.

 In the musical you can't really tell one newsie apart from the others, and I missed that.

It's probably just me, but I like the way the newsies sang better in the movie. The songs had more emotion, even though the boys that sang them were untrained and really young.

In the musical, despite the fact that all the newsies were at least twenty, the songs didn't make me feel like I was part of the strike instead of just listening to it. And I don't know, I think a bunch of vocally trained adults should be able to put as much emotion into their singing as the kids from the nineties did.

Yeah. So to sum up,

I think the musical had the potential to be great, and it sort of didn't quite make it there. I wanted to like it so much, I think maybe my expectations were too high.

The dance numbers in the musical were awesome! I mean, holy cow, that's a bunch of agile guys. I loved the dancing in the musical a lot.

And wow, the sets were incredible.

I think they tried too hard to make Newsies a big old "everyone gets rights!" instead of the basic, "Newsies are employees too."

I think the movie plot worked better, and flowed better than it did in the musical.

And I maintain that it was a big mistake changing Denton into a girl.

That being said, I won't say I didn't enjoy watching the musical. It's really fun, and it's really clean, unlike Les Mis or Jekyll and Hyde. Despite the fact that I personally think the movie is better, I think the musical is pretty good, and, give me a little more time, I'd probably watch it again with my sisters. (If I can talk them into it.)

It's a really good musical!

I just think the movie was so special to me that I flipped when the musical didn't add up to my expectations.

Alright, I have come, I have vented very one-sidedly, I shall go.

Have you seen the movie?
Have you seen the musical?
Have you seen both?
Which do you prefer? (I promise not to be a jerk if you like the musical better. ;)
Do you think I'm being silly?

That's all!
Treskie out. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Geek power baby, stay strong.

Guys. It's Geek Pride Day.

It's also Memorial Day, but I always do a Memorial Day post, so I'm doing the geek pride tag instead.

HOWEVER, Amy, Kat, and I did a cover of Taps in three part harmony, so please do check that out.

Right, so, this is long.

1.) Who directed the first Star Trek Movie?
     Ehm. Ehm. I know this. Robert Weis? Wise? Robert? (Oh no, I'm not sure of the first answer! This bodes ill.)

2.) Where did the Winchester's live before Mary's death?
     Lawrence, Kansas. They only hammered it into your head every episode in s1.

3.) What do the Druids call Merlin?

4.) Who was originally cast for Han Solo?
      I didn't think there was anyone originally cast as Han? I don't know, Star Wars isn't my fandom.

5.) Who are Arwen's brothers?
     I KNOW THIS because I finally read Lord of the Rings! Elladan and Elrohir.

6.) Who was the first goblin to guide Harry around Gringotts?
     Ehm. Harry Potter isn't one of my main fandoms either. It was this guy, right?

7.) In what Star Trek episode did the Tribbles FIRST appear?

a.) Trials and Tribble-ations
b.) Amok Time
c.) Trouble with Tribbles.

8.) Who played the First Doctor?
     William Hartnell.

9.) What hits John on his way to see Sherlock in the streets in "The Reichenbach Fall"?
     Some jerk on a bike.

10.) Which of the following knights did not betray Arthur?
A.) Lancelot
B.) Gwaine
C.) Leon
D.) Mordred
E.) Elyan.

11.) What was Bones' first name?
       Sylvester. And his last name was McCoy. And he's a Doctor, not a insert name here.

12.) The Tesseract is one of six powerful "Infinity Stones." What are the other five?

1.) The Aether (Reality Gem)
2.) The Orb (Power Gem.)
3.) The Scepter (Mind Gem)
4.) The Soul Gem
5.) The Time Gem

(The last two I had to look up. I'm ashamed.)

13.) John Watson goes on a date with a girl in "The Blind Banker." What is her name?
Must I necessarily give her last name? I know it's Sarah.

14.) What does TARDIS stand for?

15.) Who killed Darth Vador?
        I dunno!

16.) What does the inscription on the colt say?
       So I knew that the English translation was "I will fear no evil" but I had to look up the Latin. The actual inscription is Non Timebo Mala.

17.) What words did Moriarty carve into an apple as a message for Sherlock?
       I O U. *Does happy dance 'cause I actually knowed it.*

18.) What episode of TNG were the Borg originally introduced?
       UNGH! I don't remember the name, but it's this episode. I think.

19.) How does Sherlock Holmes like his coffee?
       Dark and sweet, black with two sugars.

20.) Who finally kills Morgana?
       Merlin did it, with Excalibur.

21.) Who is older, Fred or George?
        Because it's always said as Fred and George, I'm going with Fred. Has J.K. Rowling ever actually said which one?


22.) What kind of plane does Han Solo fly?
       Some space plane?

23.) Where do Eowyn and Faramir settle (and rule) after the War of the Ring?
        Oh oh oh oh oh oh. I know this. I know this. Um. ITHILIEN! Right? Am I right?

24.) What does the T stand for in James T. Kirk?
       Tiberius. HA! See I do know stuff.

25.) What is John Watson's middle name?

26.) Who is the most famous Doctor?
       Pretty sure it's Four. Him or Ten. But I'm pretty sure it's Four.

27.) What is Chewbacca?
       RAAHRUUHMAAA. (that's Wookie for Wookie.)

I don't actually want a Wookie....

28.) What is the color of Gallifrey's sky?
       Red. Which never made sense to me, red's an angry color. No wonder the Timelords had issues.

29.) What does SHIELD stand for?
        Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.

30.) In Iron Man 2 what element saved Tony Stark from blood poisoning?
       Le Vibranium.

31.) Name the seven horcrox's.
       I should know this, I just watched the movies. Let's see

1- Harry
2-Tom Ridde's Diary
3-That snake
4-the pendant that made Ron a weirdo
5-that cup from Bellatrix's vault
6-the ring
7-the crown that he defiled with dark magic.

BOOM. I know stuff. *fist bump*

32.) Name the movie that goes with this famous exchange: "I love you." "I know."
Star Wars. (Supernatural has a gif for that too.)

33.) In which episode did the sonic screwdriver first appear?
       Fury From the Deep. I know this because I'm a geek, not because I watched that episode.

34.) Where was the HOUND group located?
       Liberty, Indiana. Woo!

35.) What is the Secret Word that opened the Gates of Moria?
       Melon.  (It's the Elvish word for 'friend.')

36.) Which college did Sam Winchester attend?
        Helloooo, Supernatural. Stanford. (He was supposed to be back by Monday. *snort)

37.) Who does Lavender give Ron for Christmas?
       According to google, it was a necklace that read "my sweatheart". She was obnoxious in the movies.

38.) In Doctor Who, who is Davros?
       He's that weirdo Dalek guy.

39.) In "The Blind Banker" which book does Sherlock use to crack the coded messages?
       London, A - Z.

40.) What action made Thor worthy of Mjölnir?
       He was willing to die for his friend on Midgard. Basically yeah, he died.

41.) In what episode was Arthur crowned King?
       I think it was The Sword in the Stone?

42.) How many kids are in the Weasley family?
       Let's see, there's Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. Seven.

43.) When did Bruce Banner "Hulk" for the first time?
        I actually don't know. Hulk is not my favorite, I feel bad.

44.) What is Ron's boggart?
       The spiderrrr.

45.) What is the name of the remote and uninhabited planet that was destroyed by the first test of the Death Star's laser cannon?
       Ugh, Star Wars, you're killing me, man. Didn't it have something to do with Leia? 

46.) Who saved Frodo from the barrow wights?
        I'm so glad I read the books. Tom Bombadil.

47.) What is the name of the Gentlemen's Club that Mycroft Holmes attends?
        The Diogenes Club.

48.) What iconic word is the Ninth Doctor known by?

49.) A character from Captain America: The First Avenger reappears in a later movie as a villain. Who is it?

50.) In which classic episode did Sarah Jane leave the TARDIS?
      I think it's the Hand of Fear.

51.) What did Hagrid give Harry the first time they met?
       A cake.

52.) Who was the father of Legolas?

53.) Which three people does Moriarty have snipers set on in "The Reichenbach fall"?
       Mrs. Hudson, John, and Lestrade.

54.) "Every life is a pile of good things and bad things...." complete this quote.
       "The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant."(HAAAAAAA, I knew that quote off the top of my head, because I'm fabulous.)

55.) What kind of car does Dean Winchester drive?
       Baby is a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, and she's beautiful.

56.) What team played in the Quidditch World Cup that Harry attended?
       I know it was between Ireland and Bulgaria, but I don't know the names of the teams.

57.) When was Agent Phil Coulson first introduced? What were his first lines?
       In Iron Man, and I don't remember....

58.) In Merlin, what is the name of the evil spirits that attack Camelot at the beginning of Season Four?

59.) The despised character Jar Jar Binks (who first appears in "The Phantom Menace"), hails from what underwater society found on planet Naboo?
       I have no idea.

60.) What political office did Pippin have in Gondor after the War of the Ring?
       He was Thain of the Shire.

61.) When was Lancelot first introduced?
       Wasn't the episode called Lancelot?

62.) What does Harry want to be after he Graduates from Hogwarts?
       Alive. HAAAAA. Ehem. He wants to be an Auror.

63.) Which Avenger has no personalized/superhero weapon?
       I'm going to say Black Widow, but technically, the Hulk fits that too, right?

64.) Which Supernatural character shares Dean's birthday? (hint: it's a girl.)
Jess and Dean share birthdays, which I find to be ironic.

65.) What three items does Sherlock steal to impersonate a waiter for his clever surprise “reveal” to John Watson at the restaurant?

A.) A comb, a fountain pen, and a boutonniere
B.) A monocle, sharpie, and a silk cravat
C.) A bowtie, glasses, and eyebrow pencil

66.) What are some other names used for Gandalf the Grey?
Mithrandil, Icanis, and the White Rider....

67.) What is the the licence plate number on the Winchester's car currently? (NO LOOKING IT UP!)

68.) Which Avenger movie did Hawkeye first appear in?
Thor, he was rooting for the crazed Asgardian

69.) What was the name of the waltz Sherlock played at John and Mary's wedding?
       He wrote it, and it was called A Waltz for John and Mary.

70.) When was the One Ring destroyed?
       Like... the exact date? I don't know. I'M SORRY!

71.) How many years had the Great Dragon been imprisoned when Merlin first entered Camelot?
       Like 20 years or something.

72.) Where is the Stark Tower located?
       New York.

73.) Who voiced the computer in the TNG?
       Majel Barret. She played Nurse Chapel in TOS too. Woot!

74.) There are five ranks of Wizards. What are they?
       White, Grey, Brown, Red, and Blue.

75.) How did Mary accidentally reveal her true identity to John? (This is for Sherlock, BTW)
When Sherlock tricked her and John was listening.

76.) Who is K-9?
He's the metal dog from Doctor Who, and he's annoying.

77.) What is the Name of Aragorn's ring?
       The Ring of Barahir.

78.) What is inscribed upon each side of the sword Excalibur?
       Take Me Up, on one side, and Cast Me Away on the other.

78.) What is Bucky Barnes' full name?
       James Buchanan Barnes.

79.) What was the gift given to Boromir in Rivendell?

80.) "You were right, okay? I see light at the end of this tunnel..." Finish this quote.
       "...And I'm sorry you don't, I am. But it's there, and if you come with me, I can take you to it."  

81.) Where did "The Last Battle for Camelot" take place?
       I don't remember.

82.)What were the names of the Eagles who rescued Sam and Frodo from Mount Doom?

A.) Orcrist, Sting and Glamdrin.
B.) Narsil Gladring and Hadhafang.
C.) Sting, Anduil and the white Knife of Legolas.
D.) Aeglos, Orcrist and Sting.

I'm making a new letter, E, because the Eagles were Gwaihir, Landroval and Meneldor.


83.) How did Sherlock fake his death?

This took forever guys. I think I qualify as a geek... even thought there were a few questions I wasn't 100% on. How many of them did you know the answers to?


It was like:

Le me, "AW YEAH GEEK TAG! I'm a geek, this should be easy!!"

Le me, *Reads questions....*

Le me:

Le me, *keeps reading*

Le me, "I"m seriously beginning to doubt my geekiness."

BUT I FINISHED, and I got most of them, and so!

 And with that, I shall wish you all a very happy Geek Pride Day, (and Memorial Day.)

Treskie out.