Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Questions and factses and more questions, oh my!

Hallo, World!!

Jack the Awesome of However Improbable has given me an award. I'm fairly certain it's the Liebster, but I don't know for shizzle :)

Le Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site. (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!)
2. Post 11 random things about yourself. (That is so  much!)
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you. (Jack's questions are always fun)
4. Ask the people you tag 11 questions. (Making up my own is harder)
5. Nominate 11 other blogs. (I'll see what I can do.)

Le Facts:

1.) I DO have a fun movie/youtube videos post planned. Prepare for the awesome. 

2.) I have decided to put off learning how to drive until summer. *sniffle*

3.) It irritates me when people say "I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards." Because dociousaliexpilisticfragicalirupes is NOT supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  backwards, it's just saying it mixed up. Hehehehe. 

4.) I am watching Tintin right now! Join me, friends, in a rousing jig of happiness.

5.) Ginger Sesame Chicken is my most favoritest meal to make. 

6.) I make a killer peanut butter and banana smoothie. So much yum! 

7.) I'm so hungry right now, you guys. 

8.) I have a scar on my right elbow from a surgery I had when I was nine.

9.) I LOVE baseball. 

10.) Tintin's flat just got broken into!!!!

11.) I love puns. Puns are so funny. Here's one to irritate your family with:
       What did the peanut say to the walnut? 
       I'll cashew later!


1. The Doctor shows up and asks you to be his companion at the same time Sherlock asks you to be his blogger. Who'd you pick?
     Gosh. Um.... Pro'lly the Doctor. 'Specially if it was Eleven. Sherlock already has a blogger, and I wouldn't be able to handle Sherlock's snarkiness. I love Sherlock and all, but my self-confidence is easily shattered, and I would be in a perpetual state of awkwardness around Our Favorite Consulting Detective.

2. In the great Clara debate, who do YOU think she is. (And if you don't know who Clara is...I've two words for you. No, three. Watch Doctor Who.)
     Uh.... Clara.
     I'm not hugely fond of Clara. So I didn't exactly delve into theories of how she's appeared three times in three different timelines so far. (Don't get me wrong, I do  like Clara, but I've only see three episodes, and one was the Asylum of the Daleks.... so I don't know her well yet. And so far, something about her rubs me the wrong way.)  ANYhoo, back to the question.... um. I have no theory. I shall think about it. But I'm really liking Bella's idea. 

3. You're falling off a building, which Avenger do you want to save you?
     I'm making an effort here and actually choose. (Cheer me on, people, cheer me on.) I'm going to say Iron Man, because I want to know what flying feels like. (I would be one hundred percent, gurglingly happy if Captain America or Hawkeye saved me, though. Those three are my absolute favorite heroes. I can't decide which one of them I like more.)

4. Would you go for a ride in a cold, hot air balloon?
    Uuuuuuuuhhhh. Scared of heights. Howevers! If someone fun and hilarious came with me, I'd say yeah.

5. Does your wardrobe lead to Narnia?
    No. And believe me, I've checked. The only wood back there is the back of the wardrobe. *sigh* I shall be speaking to Digory about that.

6. You meet an Alien who is about to kill you. Do you offer him a Jelly Baby or run?
     Probably run. Or make a high pitched noise and put my epic kickboxing skillz to work. Like, "HIIIIIYAA!" *KickBOOM*

7. If your best friend faked his death to save your life, then popped up a year later to inform you he was still alive, would you faint or punch him?
     Punch him. And cry. 

8. Buttered popcorn or plain?
    Buttered and salted with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, please.

9. Have you ever had a flip phone in your position and wished to yell, "Beam me up, Scotty!" into it?
     Jack, thank you for this question. YES!!! I have actually done  it! My daddy laughed.

10. What is your favouritest book?
      Current favouritest? Or favouritest of all time? I don't have a favouritest of all time, too many. However, I'm reading The Thief right now, and so far is pretty freaking awesome, so I'm going with that one. :)

11. It is raining, do you go for a walk in it or sit by the fire with hot chocolate and a good book?
      Sit by the fire with a book and hot chocolate. With Josh Groban singing in the background and an evening of Doctor Who following. 

Le Questions for the Tagees. 

1.) What brand of computer are you using?
2.) If you go outside, take the first star on your right and then go straight on 'til morning, where will you end up?
3.) How would you handle a pickpocket?
4.) Do you like cowboys-- meaning cowboys from the Old West. 
5.) Do you know what the "big blue" looks like?
6.) What's you're 'go to' style for your hair?
7.) Have you ever wanted to be a voice for a character in an animated Disney movie?
8.) What's the first thing you think when someone says, "Let's get down to business"?
9.) What do you say when someone sneezes?
10.) What's your favorite smell?
11.) Why do you think girls find British boys more attractive than American boys?

Le Tagees 

That's all for the tagging thing. I need to catch up on blogging, but I honestly am pretty busy, so I don't know how often posting shall be.

Great snakes! Look at the time!



  1. yay you Le tagged me! :P I'll post it up as soon as I can. thanks Treskie!! <3

    1. Aaw thank you so much! Yay, I have a friend now! god bless you always! I really loved your comment over at my blog and came to express my gratitude. thanks for being my friend. <3

    2. Hilda~

      You're very, very welcome! :D It's funny, I'd never had internet friends before... and now I have a couple, and that makes me so happy. :D

    3. Oh really? Wow, yay , I'm honored I'm one of your two friends. ***happy dance

  2. hehe! I loved your answers! :-) Made me laugh.

    1. Haha, I was laughing answering! I was pretty distracted also, so I didn't even remember what I wrote until I reread it this morning. LOL!

  3. Thanks for tagging me! And your smoothie sounds delightful. ;)

    1. You're welcome!! Ooh,.... it is. It's like... the perfect snack, because it's not only delicious, it's healthy too! BOOYAAA! :D

  4. Wow all your answers are just plain wonderful:)
    I totally agree about being the Doctor's companion over Sherlock's blogger though. I love Sherlock to death, but I love the Doctor just as much if not more (in different ways:P).
    So, thanks for the smiles girl!

    1. Aw, thanks, Eli! :)

      I think the Doctor builds people up, and I need that. lol.

      You're very welcome!! :D

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe question four references a song by Owl City. (:

    1. Eeeeeeh. I don't listen to Owl City.... So I have no idea. lol

  6. Ah I found another Sherlock Doctor Lover :) tell me, do you like Merlin too?

    I just started Doctor Who, I'm on Season 2. Is Clara the new companion?


    1. Freya! I have only seen the first season of Merlin, last summer. And every episode was far spaced so I didn't really get a chance to get into them. I want to though, I loved what I saw, but watching one episode every two weeks isn't the best way to get addicted to a show. So yes. I want to watch Merlin because people who love DW and Sherlock love that. :D

      YAY! Good for you, watching Doctor Who. Who do you like better, Nine or Ten? Let me know when you get to Eleven, he's my favorite. (his companions are my favorite too.) And yes, Clara is the new companion, and from what I've seen, she's good.... but she's not Amy and Rory, so I'm having trouble dealing. :)

    2. Well here is what happened. I went to a friends house and they were watching Doctor Who so I sat down with them and saw 3 episode with the 11, amy and Rory. A few weeks later, another friend heard about this and was horrified, so she sat me down and proceded to show me the 1st 6 episodes of the 9th Doctor. So as of right now, he's my favorite. I think the Ponds are my favorite companions thought, even though I've only seen a couple with them. I trying to rush along as fast as possible so I can make my way back toward them. Ten.... okay I'm not sure about him. He is rather different than Nine was, though he and Rose get along really well. I like him :) I'm almost at the end of S2 and plan to finish it tonight. I'm a little afraid to though, since I've heard this is Rose's last season. But she is coming back for the 50th right? That is good because she is really cute :)

      Ach, Merlin is brilliant. I've just finished season 3. You must watch them, I'm sure you will enjoy them


    3. Hahaha, the same thing kind of happened to me. I saw the first two episodes of Nine when I was babysitting.

      YES! You like Nine! Nine was my favorite for a long time. Ten was just SO different, it was hard to think of him as the same man... but then I got to Eleven and he's a lot like Nine only younger and less angry. I LOVE Eleven. He has the best seasons, best effects, best plots, best companions... a lot more creepy ones. There's a couple of episodes with Ten that I adore, but Eleven's seasons are the best by far.

      I liked Rose a lot. She was super cute and funny. Her last episode has made everyone cry (even my sister, who couldn't stand her.) IF you want to know SPOILERS! Read on: She comes back in several episodes with Ten throughout his seasons.)

      Ooh tell me when you watch the Blink episode.

      I shall watch Merlin soon.


  7. *Snicker-snort*...I loved your random facts. Especially the "I'm so hungry right now, you guys." I mentally hear you say it exactly like Mary in Psych. Hehehe.

    1. HAHAHAHAH! YES! I was wondering if anyone was going to catch my Mary reference. LOL.

  8. Gurgling. She said gurgling. That's what babies do. So basically, you're saying you'd be so excited if Captain America or Hawkeye caught you that you'd choke on your own spittle. Nice. (Winky winky)

    WHEN did you yell into a flip phone for Scotty to beam you up? And how sad am I that I missed that!

    1. I would choke on my own spittle if Hawkeye saved me. Belife me, it would like like HURK!

      We found a broken flip phone on the side of the road a few years ago and I said it then. :)

  9. Thanks for tagging me! :) <3

  10. TINTIN!!! I'll be there in five minutes with tea and cookies. I've seen that movie enough to quote it but I still miss watching it if I don't see it at least once a month.

    1. Oh yes! Tea and cookies are a must. I know, I can quote it too... and I kept saying the lines before the characters did and giggling when I got them right. It's just one of those movies where you HAVE to watch it frequently or you're just sad. :D

  11. A couple weeks ago a girl named Freya Rose started following your blog. I wish you to know that Freya Rose does not exist. She was created. We have told 'freya' time and time again that she is not allowed to comment or follow over the internet. She is a compulsive liar and the temptation to fantasies and create stories is simply to dangerous for her. We can see she has not been completely truthful with you, and though we feel terrible about it, we've made her stop following the blogs she has found. Weare so very sorry about this.

    1. Oh! Okay, that's fine. No worries.

      God bless!

  12. Hello! I've nominated you for the shine on award! :)
    Check it out here
    -Dare :)

    1. coolio, I'll see if I can do it soon. :D

  13. Treski

    I'm sorry about earlier. I want you to know I really did enjoy your blog, but I see now I shouldn't have followed you. Just so you know, I really DO love Doctor Who, The Ponds, Merlin and Sehrlock. nine really is my favorite Doctor. I hope you weren't to upset with me.

    God Bless

    1. Freya~

      I was not upset, don't worry about it. :D i'm glad you like my blog and I hope you like Eleven as much as I do.

      Good luck and God bless!

  14. Peanut butter and banana smoothie! I so have to try that!

    Do you mind that I tagged you with the same tag? ;)

    1. Yes you must! It's AMAZING.

      I don't mind... but I might not be able to do it. LOL. :D Cheers!


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