Saturday, July 25, 2015

Picture Saturday-- So. Many. Drawings.

Ugh what do I blog about again?

What is blogging?

What IS?


Ah, such intelligence from my mind.

Anyway, hello!

I'm still working on that Raoul Defense post, but see, I have so much I want to say, that when I sit down to type it all out, I get stuck. There's a part in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (the book), where Reepicheep gets angry, and he wants to yell so many things, that everything clogs up his brain and he just stays silent, because he can't pick which thing to say first. That is me with the Raoul post.

So I'll get there when I get there, and when I publish it, the post will be gold.

What have I been drawing lately? You will wish you'd never asked.

1.) Baseball. I love baseball. I've been teaching my nieces to play catch and to not be afraid of the ball, and it's really fun.

I'm going to color these cute kidlets in when I have time, and I'm not lazy.

2.) Baseball is life.

3.) Also guitars are fun. I want to learn to play. Amy's currently teaching herself, and we've been jamming a little when we're both off.

4.) Random person, because reasons. NEW SKETCHBOOK YAAAASSSSSSS.

5.) The finished Winchester boys fanart that I did for Cait. When I finally sent it to her, we carried on a lengthy conversation using only gifs, and it was great fun.

6.) Really quick Christine sketch from POTO. When the Phantom comes lurking out after Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Not sure where her left hand is supposed to go, but whatever, I'll figure it out.

7.) Angry Jack Frost brother guy. I dunno, he's cute.

8.) Penderwick fanaaaaaaaaart! Yass! Because it took me like five years to get to the point where I could even draw the Penderwick girls so that they looked okay, and now that I've figured out what they look like, they're actually pretty easy.

So here we have the colored in Skye from last week. Blue sky blue eyes....

9.) Black and white version of Rosalind telling Batty a bedtime story.

10.) And then the colored in one, because I'm a drawing fiend when I'm in the zone.

11.) This one was inspired by the story that Rosalind tells Batty in book one... I don't know, something about the, "And then daddy got sad." makes me really upset every time I read it.

12.) JEFFERY, who I maintain for all eternity, would have been portrayed most excellently by Jeremy Sumpter.

13.) This very bright one....

14.)  Jane being Mick Hart, because who doesn't like Jane being Mick Hart?

15.) And then in book two, after everything goes down, and Rosalind is sitting at the soccer game, holding Ben... that scene just transferred so vividly into my head that my artist brain went "draw it." and I went, "Yes, master."

16.) Finally I drew a baby that didn't look like a demented alien.

 17.) Yep, I'm a freaking sap, and drawing kissing people is fun. Shut up, don't look at me.

 18.) None of my posts are every complete anymore without something in regards to Phantom of the Opera. And since the above sketch of Christine barely counts as art, I think there needs to be something else.


 19.) Since I usually have to draw The End when I finish a sketchbook, here. I finished a sketchbook, and now I get to start on a new one, and it's ridiculous how happy it makes me. #artistproblems.

 No, I'm not weird, I'm eccentric, and believe it or not, there is a difference.

Yeah, okay, no there isn't.


Treskie out.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's totally Saturday.

Shut up, it's Saturday, in my universe.

It is!

In any case, it's been a long time since Picture Saturday, because drawing funk.

But whatever, here we go, I think the funk is over, which is nice, because when I don't draw I get sad.

1.) Soooooo..... here's the page of stuff I was working on when I decided to take a break.... because crap! Haha.

2.) Here's a elven warrior maid! (Drumroll for epic heroine.)

3.) NATHANIAL FROM BARTIMAEUS!!!!!!! Because Bartimaeus and and Nathanial!

4.) Random smiley girl!

5.) Penderwicks fanart because THERE IS NO FANART FOR THAT SERIES ANYWHERE, WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK. You'd think with a series that is that good, and that well written, there would be some sort of fanart. I had to remedy this grievous mistake.

So here we go, Batty from book 4.

6.)  Also, Skye from book 4.

7.) And then, since book four (Penderwicks in Spring) made me cry like a little baby, I decided, what the heck, I shall re-read the series. YOLO!

This brought on me drawing the girls.

8.) Skye. Who irritates me, but I like her. I think it's because she vaguely reminds me of me, if I was... you know. Outgoing.

9.) Jane, who is Bella. No really. She is Bella.

10.) And little baby Batty from book one. (Batty is the cutest.)

11.) There's this description in the book, where she describes it as someone's legs growing wings because Batty's hiding behind them, and it's adorable.

12.) And that scene where Skye loses it and yells at Mrs. Tifton? Gold.

I plan to color them all in sometime in the near future. :)

13.) Raoul and Christine are just meant to be!

This is the reason why I shouldn't read stuff or watch stuff, because then you people are inundated with my current obsessions.

It's a problem.

I would have posted the finished product of the SPN fanart, but I'm doing a border of quotes around the edge and someone wouldn't email me back for forever... *coughcaitcough*

Whatever, you'll see it next week! (It's so awesome, I can't even.)

And.... that's all my brain can think of to say at the moment.


Treskie out.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Treskie's blogging, and it's the 8th Wonder of the World.



So as you might have suspected, this dorky potato took a bit of a blogging break, because A.) she was really busy, and B.) she was blocked on everything from drawing to blogging to existing.*

*It was a trying time.

But I think the blocks have mostly gone, and I'm trying to work blogging back in, because I LIKE blogging and I miss it when I don't.

If all goes well we might even have a Picture Saturday!*


I do apologize for this lack of everything, and I'll try to be better.

So! Here's what happened in my life:

1.) I finished Lockwood & Co and became rather sad, because after reading Lockwood & Co, I only wanted to read about Lockwood and Lucy and George. And since book 3 isn't out yet, I had to make do with the final Percy Jackson book.

2.) Speaking of which, I hated the last Percy Jackson book. I will never read it again. It was terrible, and I'm mad! I might have to do a post on it, because after finishing the series, I don't think I can publicly recommend Percy Jackson anymore.

3.) On a happy note, I'm twenty now! And my cousin came up for a visit, and it was just a really awesome birthday. (Last year's might have sucked a little.)

Art supplies, and a freaking baseball glove (!!!), and a bullet-knife (looks like a bullet, but it's a knife.) and a $25 dollar gift certificate to B&N. Chocolate! Life is good, people. Life is GOOD.

I have a new tote bag. I use it way too much.

Also, I have a Supernatural Clue Game. I HAVE A SUPERNATURAL CLUE GAME. (be jealous, Cait.) The people in my life know me way too well. I'm gonna swap out Cas's character for John, but yeah. Good game, quite fun.

4.) Bella and I helped Amy film the video for the song she sang.

It was raining quite hard the whole time, but I got this really awesome picture of the rainbow.

I did absolutely nothing to this picture and it's beautiful, and I think it looks like a freaking fairytale.

6.) My solo for voice class went really well, I think, and if you want, you can watch it here. I was happy with it, but it sounded better live. lol.

7.) I'm re-reading the whole Penderwicks series because they're clean, they're fun, and they remind me of my family. (And because I just read the last book, cried many copious tears over it, and decided a re-read was in order.) I'm working on characters sketches of the people in the book, which also consists of pulling my hair out because I care a lot about these characters and it's hard for me to draw what I care about.

8.) We FINALLY have a frozen yogurt place in town and I can die happy now.

9.) Happy 4th of July, by the way, to all my American followers! *distant cheering from Americans. Fireworks. Explosions. So patriotic. Distant groaning from everyone else.*

I love the 4th of July, it's always such a nice day, and I always feel the need to sing The Star Spangled Banner at the top of my voice. "AND THE ROCKET'S RED GLARE! THE BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR! GAVE PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT, THAT OUR FLAG WAS STILL THERE!" I mean, maybe it's just me, but I think it's a more invigorating song than most national anthems.*

*shots fired

Toink may have sat in a puddle. She might have then asked me to document it.

It rained all day on the 4th. Our back road was a giant puddle, and we almost cancelled s'more making. (But we didn't, and Chloe was so happy.)

It was a good day despite that, and we made fun of the rain. Because when you say, "Toink, make a mad face!" she does and it's adorable.

10.) Who else is gonna go watch the Minion movie in theaters? Because I am. Because minion. movie. 

11.) Now I shall finish reading Lark before I have to go to work. (Seriously, James is one of the single most attractive guys in bookish history.)

Cheers, bai, and God bless!

Treskie out.