Saturday, July 25, 2015

Picture Saturday-- So. Many. Drawings.

Ugh what do I blog about again?

What is blogging?

What IS?


Ah, such intelligence from my mind.

Anyway, hello!

I'm still working on that Raoul Defense post, but see, I have so much I want to say, that when I sit down to type it all out, I get stuck. There's a part in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (the book), where Reepicheep gets angry, and he wants to yell so many things, that everything clogs up his brain and he just stays silent, because he can't pick which thing to say first. That is me with the Raoul post.

So I'll get there when I get there, and when I publish it, the post will be gold.

What have I been drawing lately? You will wish you'd never asked.

1.) Baseball. I love baseball. I've been teaching my nieces to play catch and to not be afraid of the ball, and it's really fun.

I'm going to color these cute kidlets in when I have time, and I'm not lazy.

2.) Baseball is life.

3.) Also guitars are fun. I want to learn to play. Amy's currently teaching herself, and we've been jamming a little when we're both off.

4.) Random person, because reasons. NEW SKETCHBOOK YAAAASSSSSSS.

5.) The finished Winchester boys fanart that I did for Cait. When I finally sent it to her, we carried on a lengthy conversation using only gifs, and it was great fun.

6.) Really quick Christine sketch from POTO. When the Phantom comes lurking out after Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Not sure where her left hand is supposed to go, but whatever, I'll figure it out.

7.) Angry Jack Frost brother guy. I dunno, he's cute.

8.) Penderwick fanaaaaaaaaart! Yass! Because it took me like five years to get to the point where I could even draw the Penderwick girls so that they looked okay, and now that I've figured out what they look like, they're actually pretty easy.

So here we have the colored in Skye from last week. Blue sky blue eyes....

9.) Black and white version of Rosalind telling Batty a bedtime story.

10.) And then the colored in one, because I'm a drawing fiend when I'm in the zone.

11.) This one was inspired by the story that Rosalind tells Batty in book one... I don't know, something about the, "And then daddy got sad." makes me really upset every time I read it.

12.) JEFFERY, who I maintain for all eternity, would have been portrayed most excellently by Jeremy Sumpter.

13.) This very bright one....

14.)  Jane being Mick Hart, because who doesn't like Jane being Mick Hart?

15.) And then in book two, after everything goes down, and Rosalind is sitting at the soccer game, holding Ben... that scene just transferred so vividly into my head that my artist brain went "draw it." and I went, "Yes, master."

16.) Finally I drew a baby that didn't look like a demented alien.

 17.) Yep, I'm a freaking sap, and drawing kissing people is fun. Shut up, don't look at me.

 18.) None of my posts are every complete anymore without something in regards to Phantom of the Opera. And since the above sketch of Christine barely counts as art, I think there needs to be something else.


 19.) Since I usually have to draw The End when I finish a sketchbook, here. I finished a sketchbook, and now I get to start on a new one, and it's ridiculous how happy it makes me. #artistproblems.

 No, I'm not weird, I'm eccentric, and believe it or not, there is a difference.

Yeah, okay, no there isn't.


Treskie out.



    I adore ALL of the Penderwick ones... I really need to get my hands on the other books that I haven't read yet.... oopsie....

    And I'm glad you're out of your drawing slump, it seems. Huzzah, huzzah. It makes my life like a hundred times better. And just sayin, this day was amazing, so for you to make it better is like mind = blown. We had a crazy adventure day. XD Loads of fun. But I'm tired. Hence such scatterbrain many jumble.

    But anyway, yeah. Your drawings are literally the best ever.


      ehem.... so you haven't finished. WAT. Which ones have you read? They're all fabulous!

      ME TOO, because my hands wanted to art, and my brain kept saying no. Wow, such skill, many impress..... how much better.... on a skale of 1 -10.... YOU"RE BACK FROM CAAAAAAAAAAAMP!!

      ehem, thank you. You da bomb.

  2. Your picture posts are the best! I love all of them, but my favourite today was Jack Frost. :)

    1. Haha, thank you! XD I have a tough picking between Jack Frost and the guitar guy. XD

  3. YOU'RE NOT WEIRD, YOU'RE ENTIRELY FABULOUS. *TACKLE HUGS YOU BECAUSE THAT SPN PICTURES IT HTE BEST* Although my printer ran out of ink, loooool. OF COURSE IT DID. So I have like their heads and then their pants are pink. -_- I'm sure Dean would be offended.

    But these are aaaall so incredible. ALSO GUITAR. THAT IS COOL. Also baseball. Haha, once I played baseball with Mime and, um, she threw the ball IN MY EYE. That was also the last time we played baseball. -_- We were born for books and laptops apparently.

    1. I'M A LITTLE WEIRD AND I'M OKAY WITH THAT. *TACKLE HUGS BACK* Printers can smell fear, and they never work when you need them to. ..... Dean somehow would make it a punch line to have pink pants.

      Aw thank you. I LOVE GUITARS!
      I love baseball! Phhbbth, Amy got a ball thrown in her eye, and she had to go the doctor and everything, and she still plays. .... Well when you come to 'Merica, I'mma teach you, because it's fun. XD

  4. Wow! I love these.

    So I've never actually read the Penderwicks. O_O But I have heard of them. I'm assuming Rosalind is from them? I like all the Rosalind ones. :D

    And of course the POTO ones. Her hands. You do hands so well. And hair.

    I also like the Jack Frost's brother guy.

    aasfslkjasdflkj? GUITARS! You must do more guitars!? Pleeease?

    Ahem. The guitar one is my favorite. Although strongly rivaled with Jack Frost brother dude.

    1. Aw thanks!!

      Wat!! NO! YOU MUST READ THEM, THEY ARE SWEET! They're really refreshing and sweet, and not boring, and ugh. Find them, read them. your overlord commands. XD Rosalind is the oldest Penderwick girl and she's very mature for her age, and I love her. lol. ehe, thank you.

      Well of course, POTO is LIFE. I just really love drawing hair. Hair is my favorite. Hands are tricky though, so when people notice that they look good.... that makes me VERY happy. XD

      Me too, he's an angry potato.

      aldsfasldkfj OKAY I WILL SINCE YOU ASKED SO NICELY! Heheh, the guitar one turned out really well and I was just like, "mmmm he is pretty, and I'mma keep him."

  5. Wonderful art you have there! I love it when people get artsy, it makes me want to join the fun. Then you start talking about new notebooks and....wait...wait, what is wrong with my hand? Why is it twitching? What's going on? I....I need...I need a pencil and paper....Immediately!

    1. *Dances* Thank you! lol. I HAVE THAT SAME PROBLEM! I see other people's arts and craft stuff, and it's just like, "I have to draw something now or my head will explode." Ehehehe, I'm glad to know I have that effect on people.... *rubs hands togethers* Mwuahahah power. lol.

  6. some very lovely pieces here, I like your use of bright colors, they just make people smile and I like smiling so...thanks for that.

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Awww you're always so nice. XD I like bright colors too, because they pop more and I'm obsessed with prettiness. lol. But you smiled?? YASSSS! Thanks! XD

      You too! Cheers.

  7. My goodness Treskie, your artwork is amazing! I love the ones in color so much! Wow!! 0-0 :)

    1. Awwww you da sweetest. Thanks, dear. XD I LOVE THEM TOO, AREN'T THEY PRETTY?:

    2. You are so welcome, and not only pretty, they are lovely! ❤️

  8. Replies

  9. Love the POTO one! Ugh! PHANTOM! I'll be very interested to read your Raoul post because ... well ... I am yet to clarify my ship. Yes, Phantom is a murderer and a psycho, but he's also ... Phantom .... <3 <3 <3 ...

    1. AWWW THANK YOU. lol. PHANTOM!!! We just watched it again last night and all my creative senses are tingling with drawing ideas. XD.... You PhantomxChristine shipper. ....... I know! The Phantom is such a sad person, it's a really sad story!! (But I love Raoul soo.... )

  10. Ohhh love the Penderwick drawings. Want to give a friend all the books with a few objects to go with. Nothing big but something to discover from each book. Thoughts? Btw did you know she's writing a fifth book?

    1. Awwww thank you so much!!
      Eeerm.. I have no idea, but that's such a thoughtful pressie. :)

      WHAT!? NO THAT'S AWESOME! *dances*


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