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  1. Guuuurl! I'm going to be a major creep here but .... Holy goodness I just found your blog and your Pinterest and you are like the best friend I've never had before! haha. You ROCK ! I am also a Trad Cat - though I do have a tad bit of problems trying to find the "balance" between living in the world and living for God. I am a part of quite a few fandoms and am WAY Too excited about meeting another Catholic-fangirl-skirt-sister! ha! God bless you! :)

    1. HAHAHA! Aww thank you so much! That makes my whole day! (I didn't find it that creepy, I have my stuff public for that very reason lol.)

      *High fives for Trad Cat* Yeah, that can be quite difficult finding the balance. But I love it so much lol.

      OOH WHICH FANDOMS are you part of? I like fandoms. :) Hahaha, skirt sister. I like it.

      God bless!


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