Saturday, September 26, 2015

Picture Saturday-- A Motley Crew

A few days ago, my sister started randomly remembering things she used to say when she was younger.

Like, "One hippopotami can't fit on a bus, cause one hippopotami... is two hippopotamus."

Or, "One, two, skip a few, ninety-nine, one hundred."


*fabulously takes off sunglasses*

It's funny the things my mind brings up when I'm trying to blog.

This week doesn't have a lot of art, because....

Because when I wasn't working I was doing adult things that I don't like to talk about, and when I wasn't doing adult things I was watching 24 (rawr)....

*All the "nopes" have been said.*

 And when I wasn't watching 24, I was being... well lazy.

What? I can be lazy sometimes!

Oooooh, I finally checked out Code Name Verity, and Skulduggery Pleasant, so maybe the fruits of my last library visit will be good.

Let's see what we've got this week, drawing wise, shall we?

1.) We have the creeper. I'm not sure if he's going to be the bad guy in Tristan's story or not, but at the moment, I'm calling him Freaky Freddy.

2.) Speaking of Tristan! I've decided he has two guy friends who are like his brothers. I haven't drawn them yet, they're still forming in mah brain... I'm pretty sure I'm going to kill one of them. (Ba dum tissssss.) Saaaaaaaad Tristan.


Skip-a-few.) Happy Tristan! (Baby! Rawr!) His hair's not quite messy enough in this pic, but whatever... maybe he cleaned up for a party or something.

99.) Here, have another Keilah for Hannah, because reasons.

100.) Also, here, have Eli. You can get their story here: Monday Madness.

I find this picture very fabulous.

101.) Here, have Raoul and Christine holding hands and being adorable. (OTP forevs.)

102.) "Think of it, a secret engagement! Look, your future bride.... just think of it.
"But why is it secret, what have we to hide?"
                                       "Please, let's not fight, wait 'til the time is right...."

103.) As for our star, Miss Christine Daae.....

104.) So Kat and I were listening to a sermon by Fulton Sheen a few Sundays ago, and he said this thing about Our Lady that just made go....

Yeah, that  talk he gave just made me really happy.

Anyway, what are you guys doing tomorrow?

You know the drill, answer the question, or I will destroy your planet.

*Favorite picture?
*Should Freaky Freddy be Tristan's bad guy?
*Did that Fulton Sheen quote make you go, "Oh." too?

Alrighty roo, I'm out.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Picture Saturday-- Rawr

I had a lot of socializing this week.

Socializing is hard for me!

I'm tired.

On the other hand, we went and watched Scorch Trials today! Not gonna lie, I hate zombies, and when one jumped out... I may have yelled in alarm, like,

Zombie: "ARGH"
Me: "AAAHH!"

Very amusing for the creeper behind us, I'm sure.

24 is another reason why I'm tired. Stress. Stress everywhere.

Anyhow, I have some art to show you guys so la!

1.) A friend of mine has a punkish hairstyle now. He shaved most of it really close, and the top he left kinda long so he can do manbuns... So I saw him, and I just went, "YOU LOOK LIKE SOKKA." and he gave me the poop stare and walked away. I think I insulted him.

apparently there was a hair in the scanner that I didn't notice until I was editing.

2.) Here have some terrible fire and Zuko being hawt. (No pun intended. Heeeeee! I slay me.)

3.) I drew a really quicky sketch of Chloe.

4.) Here, have a random girl on the floor with a knife. 24 makes me draw strange things.

5.) This guy is so gross and stiff. But I like his jacket. And his face.

6.) I sketched Jack Bauer without a reference photo.

7.) So I colored in Zuko some more. Rawr.

8.) THIS REALLY TERRIBLE LITTLE LOTTE THING. I dunno, Christine's mouth got out of control.... and other stuff. Like I forgot to do Raoul's other shoe.

9.) So I've had this character festering in my brain for a while. And all I knew about him was that I wanted to name him Tristan Ross. And now, between watching 24 and rewatching Flashpoint with Sammi, his character bloomed and I was finally able to draw Mr. Tristan. As you can tell, I was very excited.

10.) And then I was like TRISTAAAAAAAAAAAN.

11.) Rawr, Tristan Ross. Raaawwwr.

12.) He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and it makes him a sad potato.

13.) A really hot sad potato...

14.) Oh, and he has a friend who's name is Kate, and they're just friends.... but not for long, because I'm a freaking sap, and I like romances.

15.) The lineart for the Masquerade drawing I did for Jess. I'M SORRY IT'S NOT COLORED IN, JESS. I MEANT TO. It will be colored in next time.

16.) Floating, falling... sweet intoxication...

Boom, shockalocka!

Okay I'm out of here.

*What do you think of TRISTAN ROSS!??
*Favorite picture?
*Favorite black and white?

Love ya guys!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Picture Saturday-- Phantom Paper Dolls

I don't even know what happened, but all of the sudden it's been two weeks since my last blog post and that's not good. Oops.

First of all! Before I say anything else, my Raoul post is almost done! This being said, it's kind of morphed into more than just a defense post, and it's turned into more of a "my thoughts on Phantom" post.

This means the cruddy thing is really long.


Would you rather I did the post in two parts? (They'd still be pretty good sized posts.)
Or would you prefer I did it in one fell swoop? (The post's a novel, basically.)

Let me know, so I can format and stuff, my dears. :)

For everyone who wondered how the Giants game went.... we got creamed. *cough*

I worked a lot this week, which is nice, because I can always use a little extra money, ya feel me?

Somehow, I managed to do something to my thumb and my pointer finger on my right hand, and now typing is tricky, because they hurt.

Also, 24.

Jack should just be president, that's all I'm saying.

Bella's doing a petition to get Tale of Two Cities back on Broadway, and she would really love it if you guys could sign it for her. It's here.

Anyway, this Picture Saturday's going to be a little different, because I'm posting paper dolls rather than drawings.

I had a good time making these, even though they were movie costumes, rather than Broadway ones. I get that movies and stage performances are supposed to be different, but I kind of wish they'd kept the costumes a little closer to the stage version... that's just my preference.

Anyway! Here we go!

1.) The dolls themselves, because LOOK AT HOW AWESOME HIS FACE TURNED OUT! (And Christine looks sweet, which made me really happy.)

2.) Some of the pictures I took with them wearing their outfits didn't turn out so well, my phone's camera has issues sometimes, but here, have Christine and her Think of Me gown.

3.) The dressing gown from Angel of Music, because seriously, that's one of the most important outfits of the show.

4.) So his masks made me really happy....

5.) Christine's Wishing dress, because prettiful...

6.) The Masquerade gown, which is glorious... (And surprisingly tricky to draw, omgoodness.)

7.) The Phantom's masquerade costume. (Did you know it's called Red Death? CAUSE I ONLY JUST FOUND OUT.) Also, not gonna lie, this is my favorite of all of them.

8.) And finally, Christine's bridal veil and gown from the Final Lair, and this is possibly my favorite of hers. Her dress turned out better than I expected, those pleats gave me some trouble.


Ehem, I finally sat down and watched the whole Phantom movie with Sammi, because she loves the movie and she wanted me to watched it without bias... I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

It's a lot better when you watch it all the way through and not just the clips you can find on youtube. I will say I actually like the way Gerard portrays the Phantom better than Ramin whatshisface, because he acts more like Michael Crawford, who will always be the epitome of Phantom to me.

Also, I think the hate movie Raoul gets is wrong. The guy is a good actor, and he sings really well, and he wasn't a wimp, which is what I hear people say about him a lot. I mean yeah, his hair is long and... yeah, his hair's too long. But it's accurate to the time and he was really cool, so I think he made up for it.

Basically the main problem I have with the movie is that they made it quite a bit dirtier than the musical, the Music of the Night, and Point of No Return made me really uncomfortable.

Anyway, there you have it!

What do you think of the dolls?
Which one is your favorite Christine outfit?
Which is your favorite Phantom outfit?
Did I capture the feel of the costumes?
Let me know about the Raoul post, pretty please...

Let me know!

Love ya guys, and I shall be back soon!