Saturday, May 18, 2013

A massed tag thing


I did a thing.

A scary thing.

And vlogged.

I cannot even describe the extent of my nervousness. 

But I am being BOLD!

And I'm  going  to  post  it.

Sorry for the sudden music in the middle. I had to take a break do something, and when I came back, I forgot to turn it off. 

So, here are the links I mentioned..... ^^^^

The lovely ladies who tagged me: 

Miss Melody Muffin who gave me the Getting to Know You / Just Because tag

Rose M.  who gave me the One of the Greats blog award 

Caitria  who gave me the Liebster Blog award

And the blogs I most enjoy reading are: Jack's, Rachel's, Mahri's, Kat's, Amy'sBella's, Noni's, and Natasha's

And now I will hide and lurk until my nerves calm down. 

And here are the questions for the taggees.
1.) Which TV show's world would you like to live in?
2.) Do you have a weird talent? (Like, can you wiggle your ears or something?)
3.) Name three of your favorite songs
4.) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
5.) What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone new? (if it's a guy, or a girl, differentiate.)
6.) What's the last movie you saw and what's it about?
7.) What's your family like?
8.) What's your biggest goal in life right now?
9.) Do you know what a southpaw is?
10.) Can you do the "live long and prosper" sign?
11.) Do you like or hate giving speeches. 

I'd am not going to nominate a lot of people because I'm not that cruel. MWAHAHAHAH. 

Pick a tag you want, ladies, and I challenge you to be brave and do it vlog style.... like me. 

Cheers and God bless!



  1. Hahahaha!!! That was so awesome! I have thought of doing a vlog so many times {I even made a video} but I just haven't done the final it on the blog. It's actually really hard because our internet stinks and hates uploading video's.
    But your answers were awesome and it was cool getting to see and hear you!!! :D {And I love your choice of music! :D}

    1. Thanks! :D

      Ooh you should do one, I'd like to see it. The internet we had before, took a day and a half to upload a video, so I get why you wouldn't want to, though.

      Heheh. JOSH GROBAN!! <3

  2. D'aww thanks for tagging me! Most fascinating questions. I'm probably just going to write the answers though... ;)

    1. Hehe, I don't blame you, vlogging is scary. :D

    2. Well all the power to ya for doing it! ;) I was going to write a longer comment the first time, but I was summoned by my little sister and her friend to play Twister. ;) Your music choice is vonderful. :) JOSH GROBAN!!! AHH!!!!!!!! <3 How does so much talent fit into one person?!

    3. hehehe. Thanks. lol.

      JOSH! My sentiments exactly. I love him, I love his music. He IS freakishly talented! He can sing, play piano, play drums, write lyrics, write music... *sigh*

  3. Treskie, bravo!!!!!!!!

    I had a delightful time watching this! You're good at vlogging.

    What kind of music would you put on your own CD?

    Fairy hunting sounds like an interesting occupation. :D

    ROME!!!!! It would be soo cool to go there. It is on my list of 'Top Twenty Places to Go'. So, is England. :)

    Aww, thank you! I'm hoping to be blogging more regularly soon.

    YES!!! I agree, fantasy is awesome.

    Oooh, Scotland is on my travel list, too. You've actually been there? Cool!

    I wish I could time-travel. It would be so much fun!

    Brownies are good!

    So, I'm curious, which TV shows' world would YOU want to live in?

    1. Really? Wow! Thanks. :)

      Ummmm... I'd probably do classical crossover. My favorite music to sing to is Hayley Westernra who is like the female Josh Groban.

      It would have been epic, just sayin'.

      You have a Top Twenty list?! I have a Top Five. lol.

      Good. I noticed you got hack, btw. LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


      Oh yeah. Scotland is flipping awesome. We have a friend there who showed us around so we didn't do tours, we just had him driving us everywhere. It was brilliant. You can actually read about it on here. It's labeled Scotland. HEhehehehehe.

      Me too.

      I like brownies, in case you couldn't tell.

      Uhh.... Probably Once Upon a Time's... Or one where the Doctor Actually Exists. :D

      Thanks so much for that comment, Melody. :P

  4. I love vlogs...they're such an awesome way of getting to know people! Haha, also, I had just about the same dream of being a faerie hunter when I was about eight...and that dream lasted an embarrassingly long time. We get a lot of mushrooms growing in our yard, and I would always go and scope out the "faerie rings." Also, the movie Fairy Tale convinced me that faeries were real. :P
    And yay for Josh Groban! That's one of my favorite CDs that you had on.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. I might have to do more, this one got pretty good feedback. :)

      THANK YOU for wanting to be a faerie hunter too! Haha. Well, I'd build houses and set up tents for them. We never got mushrooms, though, so I couldn't do anything faerie ring related.

      I've never heard of that movie. I'll have to look it up!

      That one's one of my favorites too. I love all of his but Closer is one of his best. :D

  5. Well, I for one loved your vlog!! You should do it again sometime! Awesome answers. Oh, and YOU HAVE THE TWO TOWERS POSTER??? Yeah. That made me happy. :D {Um, that IS the Two Towers......right?}

    1. Aw, thanks, Anna. :D I'll think about it, but it was scary so it might be a while. LOL.


  6. That was great! Good job! :) And thanks for nominating me! Hopefully I can work up the nerves to do a vlog as good as yours! :)

    1. Thanks loads, Dare! That's sweet. :)

  7. I think we should start a guild of fairy hunters!!! I loved fairies, too, though I can't say I ever actually believed in them, I invented logical new species, though. Like the desert fairy that can't fly, but stores water in its wings, like a camel. Elegent, no?

    I also would LOVE to go to Rome (history and pasta. What more could you want?) and I think you're seriously brave for doing a vlog! They're fun. Because you can hear people's accents, which is very fun. :)

    1. whoaaa... A desert fairy. I came up with water fairies and flower fairies and tree fairies and fire fairies and earth fairies but I never even thought of a desert one. That's cool, with the storing water. You should write about that. Seriously. :)

      Yep. I want to travel a lot. History, I can't offer you, but we make excellent pasta. :D

      I always love seeing other people's vlogs, it seems like you get a more intimate idea of who the blogger is, so... It's weird to think I have an accent. I'm just American. LOL

    2. I could do that--write a children's book on fairies.

      I completely believe you on the pasta. The best pasta is the stuff with dough made from scratch. I imagine you'd do that sometimes? We don't do it that often, because it takes so long to roll it out in the sticky pasta machine, but when we do it's totally worth it.

    3. Do it. :)

      Ever had Gnocchi? It's epic and delicious. :D

    4. We're on a sort of no-potato stream of eating for a while, so I haven't had gnocchi forever. Even though I adore it. Second only to ravioli.

    5. WHY would you go off potatoes?! lol.... I love Ravioli. And tortellini. *sigh* why are we talking about food? Now I'm hungry. lol

  8. Cute, Treskie. Not sure where you going with the dynamic "hand" motions, but other than that, you acted a bit like Lizzie Bennett. (Was that intentional? ;)

    Rome is my next place to go, and after that, in incredibly quick order, England, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, and Australia. :)

    1. Thanks, Kit! Ehhh... The dynamic hand motions were unintentional.

      I act like Lizzie?! COOL.

      So I'll just wait here then? LOL.

  9. Oh my freaking gosh! I so enjoyed your vlogs, You should do them more often. you are such a fun person. you remind me of my cousin.

    uh oh... Difficult? what exactly do you mean you are a difficult person? Like can't decide on stuff or stubborn or what?

    I loves ya anyways! Oh, I so agree about the part you said not to be proper in grammar and stuff because it is a turn off. I so agree! it annoys me so much! I can't help it.

    Later gator! :P

    1. Hilda~

      That comment made my day and it's only 9:00. LOL. SO thanks loads. :D Your cousin? Really? Cool. XD

      Difficult... both? I can't decide ever, and I'm stubborn, but I think my personality is just a hard one. *sigh*

      THANK YOU! Hahahaha.

      Kay cool. Byeee!

    2. Oh yay!! I'm so happy I made you smile!! You truly deserve it! :D Later my friend!

    3. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!

  10. Hahah such a fun post!!! ALSO, YOUR NEW COVER PHOTO THING AT THE TOP... I LOVE IT.

    1. Thank you bunches! :) REALLY?! YAAAAAY!

  11. That's really cool! :D Loved your vlog - I feel like I know you a lot better and that's awesome. And thanks for the tag! :D

    1. Thank you! I've always liked other people's vlogs for that very reason. lol.

      Hehehe. You're welcome.

  12. I was convinced that fairies were real as a kid, too ... but I didn't want to hunt them because *lowers voice confidentially* I was one. I was swapped at birth, and I was truly a fairy. *Normal voice again* I do plan to write a book based on that concept someday. Needless to say, my true fairy family never came ...

    This was fun! (I'm a friend of Miss Melody and Miss Jack, by the way. I've been eyeballing your blog for a while, finally decided to comment.)

    1. Well... wow. I'm sorry to have hunted your kind, Kendra. I've learned to leave fairies well enough alone, I don't think they appreciate me stalking them and rifling through their homes. lol.

      Ooooh, I KNEW I recognized your profile picture! haha. Jack is awesome isn't she? Thank you for commenting. I like comments. Comments are good. :)


    2. I believe it was my lesser cousins whose homes you disturbed. My sort, the Kialla Fairies, live mostly in a parallel universe. If you saw one of us, you wouldn't know it because we know how to disguise ourselves. (We're all raised by humans, after all. So we can have a stable, two-parent childhood.)

      Oh, yes, Jack is fun. I'm writing a book with her.

    3. Well well.... Parallel universe.... you wouldn't happen to know the Doctor, would you? XD

      Aha, I did know that. lol

    4. Nope. I don't. I know Sandra Elizabeth Neddin, a Kentaladayi, a four dimensional being who has the ability to influence three dimensional worlds. I was world traveling with her long before I even heard of the Doctor.

      (I don't watch many TV shows ... Star Trek's about it, and even then ... It's not that I don't like TV shows, but I don't have the time, nor the means.)

    5. Well well well. Another surprise. :D

      (Star Trek was all I watched for a long time. Which crew is your favorite?)

    6. Umm ... I've only seen the Original and Next Gen, and since I've seen more of the Original ... so I'm better acquainted with the people. I've mostly read the books, though, since my sister has a good-sized collection. She's seen all of Original and Enterprise ... and quite a bit of Next Gen.

    7. Oh you're fine then. Voyager and Deep Space Nine are very awful. Too much stupid, I think. lol. You're not missing much.

      The Originals are my favorite, I like the characters the best, and even with the puny effects, the plots tended to be better. heheehe.

      (My dad has the mother load of Star Trek books. He's got something like 200? I think. He paid $40 for them.)


    8. Oh, yes! The characters are awesome. And Chekov's and Scotty's accents! I love accents.

      Does your dad have one entitled "Uhura's Song"? That's my favorite book, and I am personally acquainted with one of the original characters - Evan Wilson. She and I have gone on several adventures together, and she has convinced me to tell the stories of several of her ancestors. Neither my sister or I have any idea how the author knew of her, but we both agree that it is Elsie in disguise.

  13. Don't worry, I still believe fairies are real.

    I LOVE YOUR POSTERS!!!! As my friend would say, "Nerd Alert," only you know, nerds are cool and so I mean this in a good way. (I have the same Avengers poster, but not enough wall to hang it on 8-(

    Josh Groban in the background? You should see my grin right now.

    You should do more vlogs! Yours are fun!!

    In answer to your comment, I am glad you liked the post!
    I've read a few truly flat characters in some newer books, but I've noticed with British authors, they seem to know how much information to give to make the character lovible, without taking away all the fun of getting to imagine other traits about them. I'm becoming very fond of British books.

    School 8-P Sounds like work. Time sucking. I hope you are able to get yours done without too much trouble!

    Oh, the Mexican Lassie episode was one of the best. I like Shawn's dad, and Jules' was fun too, at least together they were.

    No, I've not seen the sad one yet...I'm wondering if I can handle much more sad at the moment. I finished Doctor Who so am in a state of sulking.

    I hope all is well there!!

    1. I love our posters too! Kat has a smaller, Sherlock one that we need to find wall space for. We are very nerdy. We have so much more fun than normal people. Normal people are weird.

      *high five* Josh lovers unite!! At a concert!!

      British authors tend to have more of my sense of humor and writing style, soI tend to like their books more than Americans'. (how very un-patriotic of me) But thinking about it, you're right, they do know how to let you do most of the work imagining the characters. :D

      It is. I'm reading Black Arrow for literature. It stinks a bit. lol.

      The sad one has several sad ones AFTER it, so if you're already sad, I would advise waiting. Shawn does grow up a bit though, which I kind of like.

      Bella and Tiny finished Doctor Who too. They went skulking and sulking about and glowered, so I'm guessing it either ended really sadly, or it didn't' end well, or it ended on a cliffhanger. They both like Clara now. Kat and I are watching them again, having finally sort of gotten over our Pond grief. lol. We're up to Hide, and I do like Clara... I LOVE her sense of style. Hehehehehe. :D

      Anyway, thanks for the very nice comment. :) I shall have to think about doing another vlog sometime... everyone seemed to like it. :D

      And now I shall awa'. Cheers and God bless!

    2. The more geeky posters one has the better I think. I ran out of room on my wall so I only have two up right now. The Hobbit and Narnia. But I had the space I'd have a ton up.

      YES! We must unite at a Josh Groban concert!!!! I'd love to see him live.

      Eh, British books are better anyways, so you can be unpatriotic in that area. In fact, I'll join you.

      It has been fun to see Shawn finally growing up a bit. Starting to think of others, which is cool. Though, still being himself, which I like 8-D

      Oh, oh oh! I love Clara's style too! I'd commandeer all her dresses if I could. They are so cute!

      Spitfire, that fits her so much better! And I agree, I too like how she is brave even when scared. She is such a well done character. I can't wait to get to know her better.

      Oh goody! I hope river is back for the 50th! I adore her, and I want to see her around Clara more. I still kind of hope she turns out to be their daughter, though it seems impossible at the moment. (Not sure why I hope this, expect maybe I've always wanted to see how he is as a dad. I mean, we get to see him with his granddaughter but never his kids.)

      Oh yes, I LOVE the Doctor's new outfit. It kind of reminds me of Eight, who I think had one of the best outfits out of all of them.

      And now I've left a booklike comment and should go before it yells at me because it is too long. Mean comment box.

    3. DO the comment boxes sometimes say that the comment is too long?! I've never had that happen. :-O

      I think we're going to be going to his concert again. He's just one of those people you MUST watch live as often as possible. :D

      I really appreciate that Shawn's character has matured and grown up.... but he's still Shawn. Not Shawn the Elder. He's still stupid Shawn, but with more Man to him. lol.

      YES! Let's commandeer ALL her styles!

      Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. It never even occurred to me that she might be their daughter. Weird, but I kind of like it! It's a cool idea. :D I loved River in The Doctor's Name... she's such an epic character.

      The Doctor would make an awesome, goofy dad, I think. It's odd to think of him as a dad, but I'll bet he rocked the show as one. Haha.

      I want to watch Eight... he looks positively fantastic. A little tiny bit like Alan Rickman, from the pictures... but Kat and I both think he looks brilliant. *sigh* I must find a way to get ahold of his... is his a movie or a season?

      CHEERS! Bye!

  14. LOVED this!! Way too much fun!! And I'm honored to be on your list of favorite blogs! :D I love reading yours too:)

    Challenge accepted! As soon as I have time to make a video, I'll be making a "tagged" vlog. :)

    1. Awwww, Natasha!!! Coming from you, with your excellent vlogs, I'm so uber flattered. lol. :D

      Yaay! Can't wait, m'dear.


  15. Hey Treskie! What happened to your laptop? Come back soon, my friend. :D

    1. How did you know something is wrong my my 'puter?! I'm going to post today. lol.

    2. i read it on... Hmm, forgot whose blog it is. :) LOL!


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