Saturday, January 30, 2016

Picture Saturday

I'm honestly afraid to post.

Because since December, every time I've posted, I've lost a few followers. Like... What, am I doing something different? Is my content getting lame? What am I doing to drive y'all away!? Come baaaaaaaaaaaack!

But I'm going to be brave, and post anyway.

Please stay.

I'm also very sorry, but there aren't a lot of drawings this week. Most of my days off were spent trying really hard to get insurance.*

*I'm going to punch everyone in the heath department for making it so hard, and for making me consider going to the Dark Side. I want to air-squeeze someone's throat.

Not a lot to to share. And not a lot of quality. I'm mad, because I was going to draw Luca for Cait, and I was going to do some 24 fanart*, even though season 7 makes me want to scream and throw stuff....and I couldn't because I was too busy.

*Because Jack and Tony are bros.

1.) Sometimes I actually color in stuff I say I'm going to color in. (I'm so awesome that way....)

Aw, Tristan, you're in so much troooouble

2.) Here's more Phantom art because I promised someone I would.

3.) Ultra stiff Raoul, but Christine's body language and facial expression is on point.....

4.) Well helloooo, Tristan. Looks like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Go sabotage something.

5.) So remember last time, when I said Tristan goes all Die Hard and goes after the bad guy all by himself... and then gets captured? Well Kate's mad when he gets back.


6.) Also, by the way, Max is going to have to save Tyler because BROS. (Despite, you know, The Thing.)

7.) On occasion, I do draw stuff besides Tristan and Gang. This happened when I was listening to Il Volo, and I just had release the emotions.

Listen to "We Are Love." Do it now.

I went and watched Star Wars today.

It was so good!! But you know... there was that One Thing..... and now a certain character will remain unforgiven by me, because REASONS.

Le Questions:

Favorite black and white?
Favorite colored?
Have you seen the new Star Wars?
Should I join the Dark Side? (I hear it has cookies)

Love you all!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Picture Saturday -- Late.

I've been really lax with my blog lately. Actually, I've been lazy with pretty much all things internet.

I think I might be a bit burnt out, but I don't know why!

This is why Treskie can't have nice things.

Anyway, before I start this post, my bestest friend started her own blog, and you should go say hi. Go see Sammi!

I feel like I was supposed to say something else, but if I was, I forget what it is.

I think I'm going to do a post on music. ('Cause music.)

I'm sorry if I'm a little out of it right now, I'm easily distracted.... Oooh look, Il Volo!

1.) Right anyway. Here is the finished product of the character sketch I did for Cait, and it took a very long time for me to post it, because I GET DISTRACTED. (Yet another reason why Treskie can't have nice things.)

2.) Here, have the finally colored in versions of the pictures I drew of my cousin and her guy.

 3.) And then I was like, "BOYS IN BEANIES!"

 4.) *Heavy breathing.*

5.) I joined Operation Storm Heaven and loved the idea of being a Rosary Warrior so....

6.) So I'm that person who gets so incredibly irritated when girls in action movies leave their hair down-- especially if it's long-- because IT'S NOT REALISTIC to have it flipping and flopping when you're running for your life! But I'll be the first to admit, it's fun to draw flowy hair on spy girls....

 7.) I really like kids. I mean who doesn't? (If you don't there's something wrong.)

 8.) 'Nuff said.

 9.) CREEPY RANDOM GUY WITH GIANT EYES, YOU'RE WELCOME. (Reason #75 Why Treskie Can't Have Nice Things.)

 10.) Amy and I saw this little girl when we were driving to work, and she was walking to school, with this giant backpack, and these giant boots, and she was so adorably skinny that I was like, "Must. Draw. Now."

 11.) So Tristan and Tyler don't get along very well. And Tyler is really protective of Kate, ('Cause brothers are like that) and sometimes the he wants to punch Tristan because Tristan can be kind of a jerk.

Does this one need to be colored in?? Yes, yes it does.

"You're a good guy, Tristan, and I like you. But you talk to Kate
like that again, and I'll punch you in the throat."

 12.) Also, Tyler informed me that he's the oldest of the group, and was in medical school before whatever-it-is happened. So he's the medic of the group and it's adorable.

Oh yeah, and Kate doesn't have very good pain tolerance. Lucky her. (Mwuaahaha, this is why I can't have nice things.)

 13.) With helpful insights from Bella and Jack, I think I managed to figure out a way to let Max do the Thing without making everyone and their brother hate his guts.

14.) And I think Kate can fall asleep anywhere, and she curls up and it's cute. (And let me know if you think the angle works like that, because it's supposed to be like... looking down, and I can't tell if I got it.)

 15.) I've got some Doctor Who fanart because Eleven is the most awesome... And that quote just did it for me at the time. *heart eyes*


 Yeah... that's my story.

Ehem, anyway! I'm going to sign off cause reasons... so.

Question Time!

Favorite overall, bestest, most awesome of this lot?
Nicest in black and white?
Favorite colored?
Do you like that Doctor Who quote?
Boy in beanies, amirite?

Also, this is the most important:

Would you guys rather I posted more often and only have two or three drawings per post, or do you like the massive photodumps just on Saturdays? (Or Sundays, as the case may be?)

Kay, I love you all!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Picture Saturday-- I forgot how to art

Apparently taking a big old art break was a mistake.

Because after I started feeling a little better, I picked up my new sketch book, and was like, "All right, I'm gonna ART."

And then I literally was like, "How do you art."

And then, "What is art."

And then, "How do you people."

*Headdesking commenced.*

So I apologize for the somewhat less than awesome stuff I'm gonna post tonight, I'm a little off my game.

It causes much sads .

1.) I experimented with the watercolor pencils I got for Christmas. I failed.

2.) Here, enjoy this dismal disaster. How do you get depth with watercolor. HOW?

3.) I don't remember how to art. 


5.) I figured out that it's really hard to draw people with their hands on their head. Why is this hard? I DUNNO. It just is.

6.) I attempted to draw Cecy from Sorcery and Cecilia: Or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot, and just.... no.

7.) *Angry Treskie noises.*

8.) I've always imagined elves and fairies really tall and pointy.

9.) Here's a rough draft of something I'm doing for Cait's birthday cause.... birthday.

10.) The, "Hey this one didn't suck." He's hot, someone write his story.

11.) The proportions are all wrong, but I like the feel of it so, I'm just gonna leave it here. Mkay?

12.) The one who looks like he's about to start something on fire. I mean look at him.


13.) Tristan and gang, and I have come to an agreement. And we're on speaking terms, even though Max won't back down on doing The Thing..... I may have to rethink some things.... like... I might have to rethink who dies.... Things are gonna be tricky for a bit.

14.) I'M EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS ONE SO HUSH. But I'm pretty sure Tristan's gonna go all Die Hard and go after the bad guys by himself. And then he's gonna get captured, and it's gonna suck. Mwuahahaha.

15.) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.

16.) Aw Kate. Such sads.

17.) Look at that sadness. Tristan....

.... Yeah.

Anyway, these Picture Saturdays are getting more and more unprofessional... I'm distracted a little by my music.... *


Right, question time!

Favorite overall?
Favorite Tristan and gang?
What music are you listening to?
Do you know how to watercolor? (Cause I obviously don't.)

I love you all!