Saturday, January 9, 2016

Picture Saturday-- I forgot how to art

Apparently taking a big old art break was a mistake.

Because after I started feeling a little better, I picked up my new sketch book, and was like, "All right, I'm gonna ART."

And then I literally was like, "How do you art."

And then, "What is art."

And then, "How do you people."

*Headdesking commenced.*

So I apologize for the somewhat less than awesome stuff I'm gonna post tonight, I'm a little off my game.

It causes much sads .

1.) I experimented with the watercolor pencils I got for Christmas. I failed.

2.) Here, enjoy this dismal disaster. How do you get depth with watercolor. HOW?

3.) I don't remember how to art. 


5.) I figured out that it's really hard to draw people with their hands on their head. Why is this hard? I DUNNO. It just is.

6.) I attempted to draw Cecy from Sorcery and Cecilia: Or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot, and just.... no.

7.) *Angry Treskie noises.*

8.) I've always imagined elves and fairies really tall and pointy.

9.) Here's a rough draft of something I'm doing for Cait's birthday cause.... birthday.

10.) The, "Hey this one didn't suck." He's hot, someone write his story.

11.) The proportions are all wrong, but I like the feel of it so, I'm just gonna leave it here. Mkay?

12.) The one who looks like he's about to start something on fire. I mean look at him.


13.) Tristan and gang, and I have come to an agreement. And we're on speaking terms, even though Max won't back down on doing The Thing..... I may have to rethink some things.... like... I might have to rethink who dies.... Things are gonna be tricky for a bit.

14.) I'M EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS ONE SO HUSH. But I'm pretty sure Tristan's gonna go all Die Hard and go after the bad guys by himself. And then he's gonna get captured, and it's gonna suck. Mwuahahaha.

15.) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.

16.) Aw Kate. Such sads.

17.) Look at that sadness. Tristan....

.... Yeah.

Anyway, these Picture Saturdays are getting more and more unprofessional... I'm distracted a little by my music.... *


Right, question time!

Favorite overall?
Favorite Tristan and gang?
What music are you listening to?
Do you know how to watercolor? (Cause I obviously don't.)

I love you all! 


  1. I like the pyro.
    I like Max.
    You *know* which music I was listening to!
    No, I can't watercolor.
    *Do you KNOW that you are saved?*
    Did you break your "art"? (hahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaaaaa! I'm so funny!)

    1. The pyro looks maniacal.
      So does Jack.
      MAH BOYZ.
      Me neither.
      Eeeeh. No.

      I'm so tired that was funny. Omygosh.

  2. I feel no pity about the art and I think you know why. *Sits in a corner and pouts*

    That apron guy reminded me of Ryder for some reason. A baker Ryder.

    I can't believe I'm still talking to you after The Thing. That's true friendship right there.



    1. Mwauahaha, broooos. *Throws chocolate at you*

      Ryder... YOUR Ryder? Awww.

      THE THING IS NOT MY FAULT, YELL AT MAX. *knuckle bump*



  3. Yay for Picture Saturday!!! It's great to see your art again--though I sympathize with the "art slump" as I heard it called. Happens to me too--and usually after completing a really good piece. Can't figure out the logic there... :-)

    You mentioned in a December post that you weren't going to post the drawings that would be Christmas presents. Now that Christmas is over, could you post pictures of that artwork?

    Overall favorite: #10. He looks like a mechanic to me, and he looks like the quiet, understated type, so people assume he would prefer an art career over fixing cars. Which is actually not the truth; he loves fixing cars, and he plays video games, but also enjoys 19th century literature. He's a little shy but incredibly loyal. My initial impressions of what his character might be. :-)

    Favorite Tristan and Gang: definitely the picture of Max. The pose and the folds in his jacket look great, and something about the character looks bold.

    What music am I listening to: none at the moment, but I last listened to the concept recording of Jekyll & Hyde (wow, I sound obsessed with that), and the song with Lisa and Simon is stuck in my head. Lisa is an awesome character: loyal, understanding, supportive, but steadfast and not afraid to tell off Simon Stride.

    As a matter of fact, I do paint with watercolors--the paints, though, not the pencils. I'm not sure if the techniques are the same, but you could try coloring the backgrounds in pale shades with minimal detail.

    As always, I enjoy seeing your work!

    1. Hahaha! Even though it was kind of a bust?? lol Oh well, I guess I was due, I haven't had an art slump in a while. (BUT YEAH, it always happens right after a really good piece!)

      *facepalm.* I got so busy over the Christmas season that I only scanned one of them. And she hasn't gotten it yet, because we wait to give pressies until we see each other.... *cries* I can send it to you in an email if you'd like. But yeah, the other ones I forgot to scan and they are gone now!

      10 actually turned out well despite the slump lol. Awwwwww I like your impression of him! I like the mechanic idea a lot.. (even though I was sort of imagining him in a kitchen, but whatever MECHANIC WORKS TOO.)

      Max is a dork and I'm mad at him. (HIS JACKET SLEEVES TURNED OUT SO WELL!) But wow, he looks bold? Aw yissssss. Because he's really charismatic and brave.

      Hahaha, I don't even care that you sound obsessed, Jekyll & Hyde is a great musical, (AND do you have any idea how many times I listened to Phantom over the summer?? I LOST COUNT.) But yeah, Lisa is totally underrated and is outed a lot because of Lucy and I don't even like Lucy. (OH OH you mean the, "Simon, enough! There's nothing more, don't be a bore, you have your answer! That's how things are! Will always be! You've had you chance sir with meeeeee." ---"Sooomeday you'll REGRET what you just said to me, Lisa...." "We'll see siiiir." that one?)

      I'm afraid to try paints because I like detail and as far as I've tried paints and things before, details don't work.... I could try that though. I'll see how it goes. ;)

      Aw thank you so much!

    2. Yes, I definitely enjoyed the post--I like seeing your art. It often inspires me to get back to my own sketches. And I'd love to see the Christmas present drawing! Do you have my email address?

      Yeah, the first impression I got from the drawing of Max was a sense of boldness, but also a castual confidence. Does that also match his personality? (Oh, and I liked the drawing of Kate as well, but the picture of Max is my favorite.) Are you writing a novel about Tristan and gang?

      Phantom is one of those musicals that, if I start listening to it, I have to finish it. :-) A Tale of Two Cities falls into the same category, and I love noticing new connections in the events and characters. For instance, it's clear Charles Darnay didn't want to separate Lucie and her father out of respect for them both--but perhaps also because his own father was a jerk (though we don't learn that in the musical) and he didn't want to come between a good father and his daughter. And Raoul--I never get tired of observing his character!

      Really, Lucy is preferred over Lisa? Lisa has such a strong personality, you'd think people would prefer her. Hmm. Yes, that was the line stuck in my head--Lisa really shines in that song. She's firm by polite.

      I like detail in my drawings and paintings too (sometimes the point of spending WAY too long polishing a piece. :-) ) Watercolor is tricky, but I've learned that you can be incredibly detailed with watercolor once you get the hang of layering and blending color.

      You're welcome. :-) I look forward to the next Picture Saturday!

    3. Aw shucks. *kicks imaginary pebble* I LOVE IT WHEN I INSPIRE PEOPLE! (And yes, I think so....)

      Yeees, that matches his personality. He's a stinker and a fool, but he's awesome. (Kate looks so sad.)I'm not at the moment ,but that's probably just because I don't have a plot. lol. I just really vivid SCENES that I don't know how to put together.

      SAME SAME. Me too. lol (But TOTC is irritating, because unless you know the story, you can't really follow the musical and that's sometimes frustrating to me..)I KNOW, CHARLES WAS SUCH A SWEETHEART! Like aaaw. But yeah, Raoul is like... my all time favorite. Just CAUSE.

      Yeah, people really don't like Lisa and I don't know WHY. Like what's wrong with you!?? She's so cute!

      Right? Right? Detail is so important! But hmmm.... I'll have to see if I can make watercolor more awesome because I want to be good at all the medias and not just pencil, you know?


  4. Heeey Treskie! I just felt like you deserved a personal greeting. Involving your name. You're welcome. On To Buisness! I actually like sepia Jane Austen girl (never read the book you mentioned - eek, is it good??). And for some reason I LOOOOOVVEEEEE the girl you did for Cait! She's just so pretty and sweet and she's got freckles and flyaway hair and...and yes. But Kate made me sad and Tristan made me scream (you've got something to explain to my family ;) because you can't DO that to him, and I really want you to write that story. Please? :) So even though you forgot how to art, you are still awesome this week - as always. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Heeeey, Micky! That's kind of you to give me a personal greeting, I feel all important now. :)

      Well, the Jane Austin girl turned out okay, but she's so not the character I was *trying* to draw. And as for the book, OH IT'S SO GOOD. It's set in in the early 1800s, in an alternate reality where magic is a common thing, and the whole story is told entirely in letters between two girls who find themselves embroiled in a big old plot to steal magic from people and it's so good. AND THOMAS IS JUST AWESOME, I'M GONNA LEAVE THAT THERE. But yeah if you can find the book you should read it, cause it's clever and funny and surprisingly historically accurate, despite the magic. :)

      OKAY YES, I'M SO GLAD YOU NOTICED THE FLYAWAY HAIR BECAUSE SHE SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR THAT AW YISS. (I've got her in a new pose now and it's cute and yessss.)

      Ehe. Oh Kate is SO SAD, and TRISTAN IS THE SADDEST MOST BETRAYED. (lol, surely you didn't *really* scream? Because A.) That would be awkward, but B.) That would be so cool that I made someone scream.) BUT I'M GONNA DO HORRIBLE THINGS TO HIM. And I'm trying to sort of plot the story but I don't write and plots are stupid, so I don't know. I'm trying to work something out with Jack and Bella.

      Aw thank you so much! You're welcome. :)

  5. Eeep, the picture you're working on for Cait looks BEAUUUUUUTIFUL, Treskie! <3

    1. Aww thank you! SHE'S IN A NEW POSE NOW AND IT'S SO AWESOME. :)


    also oh my gosh. i love them. i love art. i love all of these. WOOT. *hugs them all*

    1. YES TRISTAN YES, BABIES ARE THE BEST. lol. I KNOW THEY ARE SO AWESOME, NOW IMAGINE ACTUALLY KNOWING THEM AND KNOWING WHAT YOU'RE GONNA DO TO THEM AND NOT REALLY FEELING ALL THAT BAD ABOUT IT. o_O THEY ARE SAD. Also, Jack has said the same thing to me about killing people, but I have to remind her that all my favorite stories have sacrifice and SOMEONE HAS TO DIE.

      Aw you're the best. <3 Thank you!

  7. Mmmm... 4. 'Cause Sokka both looks as sassy as himself and also like a girl. Which amuses me.
    14. It seems like he needed to be tied to a chair. *shrug*
    Walk The Moon. Don't ask me why.
    That would be a no. XD

    And I tried to think of a good story for 10, but it wouldn't. I'm sorry.

    1. *scrolls up* HE DOES LOOK LIKE A GIRL.

      Well yeah, he kinda got caught blowing stuff up so....

      Is that a song or a band? (I'M SORRY I DON'T KNOW.)


      ... Same here, don't feel too bad about it.

  8. Ahahahaha. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH.

    Mostly because seeing you complain about not being able to art is funny. When I can't art (about 99% of the time), it is literally like a mess of lines that do not look like anything except brain dump. XD


    Favorite overall? The elf. Because I TOTALLY agree. All elves and fairies for me are tall and pointy. MAYBE I AM ONE!

    Favorite Tristan and gang? I really like the Kate one.

    What music are you listening to? Nothing at this moment. But I'm planning on going into my room and putting my iPod on shuffle pretty soon here.

    Do you know how to watercolor? NO. BASICALLY I TRIED TO WATERCOLOR A FEW TIMES AND BASICALLY TEARS. So I feel you but cannot offer any advice. XD

    1. LOL AWWWWWW. You love every post...

      WELL OUCH. That's nice. That's reeeeeeeal nice, Hannah. Peachy. lol, that's kind of what mine turned out to be though so....


      The elf was a warm up. lol, But right!?? They're supposed to be like looong. (MAYBE YOU ARE AND I"M A HOBBIT AND WE'RE SECRETLY IN MIDDLE EARTH.)

      Kate is so betrayed lol.

      Mmmm. I've been playing this one CD on repeat since Christmas because reasons.


  9. I really like the elf. The hands are so long and elegant and Amy Pondish.

    1. Long hands are so fun because there are so many joints. XD AMY POND!OMG

  10. Favorite overall?
    Hmmmmmm.... 10 :)

    Favourite Tristan and gang?
    14 and 15 :D

    What music are you listening to?
    Lotssssss but mainly Shawn Mendes and Hillsong. *inserts many love hearts*

    Do you know how to watercolor? (Cause I obviously don't.)
    Nope. I don't even know how to draw or paint or do art. My talent lay in other areas! :)

    1. HOLLY!

      It's a toss up between 10 and the Tristan and Gangs.

      LOL why do people always like the ones I'm awkward about??? (AlSO MAX.)

      Shawn Mendes is gooood. (I think Stitches is SO WEIRD but I LIKE it, WHAT'S WITH THAT???) What's Hillsong?

      Ugh no one knows how to watercolor!

    2. TRESKIE!

      Haha Stitches is mah favvvvve. But the music video is weird.

      Hilsong is a Christian Australian music band. It's like an entire church and they have all these mini bands in the church. Have you heard Oceans? It's so good!!!

      Watercolour is HARD :(

      OHHHHHHHHHH AND I WENT AND SAW A MUSICAL. LES MISERABLES. ITS SO GOOD. THE FEELS. *inserts more love hearts* BYE I MUST GO LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK *waves and dances away singing Do You Hear The People Sing*

      Wow. I just realised how intense I sound within my commenting XD

    3. YES MAX *inserts more and more love hearts*

  11. PS. I'm dying to know what The Thing is, but worried it may lead me to kill Max AND I CANNOT. So don't tell me The Thing. Ever. I've decided.


  12. WELL IT'S OBVIOUSLY GONNA BE HARD FOR ME TO PICK A FAVOURITE. *collapses howling* Ahem. Obviously. MA ONE. ZOMG. <3
    but also I love the expression on #4. He looks so sassy for some reason. I LOVE THE SASSY. And #10. He is gorgeous. I am just sayin'.
    Also whenever I take a long writing break I get the same panic. HOW DO I WRITE. WUT R WERDS. *dies a little* But still for "not arting" these are stupendous. xD


      That's Sokka and he says things like, "My girlfriend turned into the moon." (BUT YES TO THE SASS)

      Maybe the break thing is just something that goes along with the arts???? (They are not, don't liiieee.)

  13. Oooh, I love what you did with that autumn scene watercolor! It doesn't look half as bad as you claim. It's so lovely. <3 And I really like the one of Max with his hand on his gun, because there's that determination and resolve in his eye, and it makes me die to know what's happening. *much suspense*
    Joe Hisaishi's "Summer" is great to listen to in the dead of winter, and no, I can't watercolor to save my life. xD
    Awesome art, as always! =D

    1. Wow really? Maybe I just hate it because I envisioned something else entirely and was like, "WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?"

      Max? OH. Oh, no that's Tristan, Max is the dark haired guy. (But sorry I will label better next time.) BUT YEAH YOU GOT ALL THOSE EMOTIONS OUT OF THAT PICTURE? YAY! (I don't even know what's happening, I have a vague idea, but that's it. I'll let you guys know when I figure out what's going on.)

      I haven't heard that! I should look it up. :)

      Aw thank you!

    2. Oh, sorry! I guess I'm not fully familiar with the Tristan gang yet. xP But now it'll be good to know, to be able to keep the two straight. And haha, yep, you did convey great emotions. =D

    3. Haha no worries, I forget people are new sometimes and just expect everyone to know stuff lol. :)

      But aw thanks again!

  14. #10 NAPOLEAN SOLO!!!!!! If you haven't seen A Man From U.N.C.L.E., you need to see it immediately, and you will find that he looks exactly like that, just without the freckles. I like that picture. He is hawt... :)

    And I know a Max that looks like your Max, but he has a beard. Not a full bushy beard though, just a shadowy thing. I love the sweatshirt. (Also, the Max one is my favorite Tristan one.)

    I am listening to Pentatonix.

    A. Lot.

    Like, way too much. BUT THEY'RE SO PRETTY!!!

    I can't art. Or watercolor. Yeah...

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. WHO!? OHHHHHHHHH. I HAVEN'T SEEN THAT YET! I heard it was awesome though! I want to see it so much, but urgle I Have no TIME. *cries* (But yeah, he is hawt lol)

      Well tell your Max not to do the thing, because he should stop,. lol. WOW REALLY THOUGH? THAT IS SO COOl. (Max introduces himself as the cute one lol.)

      Hahaha, Pentatonix are goooood.

      Watercolor seems to be the least preferred way of art. -_-


  15. I hate it when that happens. I'm all ready to be artistic now!, wait...nevermind.
    Favorite overall?-10, I. Here's his story: His name is Dylan Anderson and he is a welder in Steampunk Australia. Someone is stealing from his workshop, and he intends to set an elaborate trap.
    Favorite Tristan and gang?-13.
    What music are you listening to?- Braveheart soundtracks and Andrew Peterson. Prince of Egypt soundtrack and Hymns.
    Do you know how to watercolor? (Cause I obviously don't.)- Oh, with pencils? I like using the pencils, but the last time I used them was...last spring. You seem to be going about it the right way. Just use the pencils lightly, layering colours if you like. Then lightly wash over the picture with a damp brush. Wait until it dries, and then add another layer. With finer details, press firmly with the pencil, and if you want you can smudge with a damp finger. Disclaimer: I am not an expert, this is just what I remember doing, and it worked for me.

    1. Yes exactly! It's like, "Why do you do this to me..?"

      Poor Tristan feels ALL THE GUILT.

      You have good taste in music, I applaud you.

      I shall try your technique, because mine is OBVIOUSLY not working. So thanks!

  16. YOU MUST SEE IT!! IT WILL BE 2 OF THE CUTEST AND MOST WORTHWHILE HOURS OF YOUR LIFE! It was really awesome. And I think it is my new favorite movie.

    One Max I know is a percussionist and whacks at drums a lot. (He's the one with the beard.) I don't think he'll do the thing. The other Max I know (haha! I know two people named Max!) does not have a beard (and he doesn't look like your Max), loves Broadway, and I don't think he'll do the Thing either. What is the Thing, by the way?

    PENTATONIXXXXXXX. Because Avi's voice. *swoons* That is the only reason I listen to them. Like, actually. But also, A Capella. *swoons again*

    Should I listen to Il Volo? You seem to talk about them a lot... :P

    ~ D. Skye <3


      Whacking drums is cool, and I would like to whack them, but I can't keep a solid rhythm to save my life. lol. (Good of him not to do the Thing.) THE OTHER MAX LOVES BROADWAY!?? COOL! The Thing is not good.... like... maybe.... he... mightbetrayeveryoneandgetkatehurtandtristanmightwanttokillhim.

      I like Peter Hollens for A Capella a bit better though... HE'S JUST SO GOOD.

      Also, yes, listen to Il Volo. Unless you don't like... classical crossover... or foreign language songs, BUT THEY'RE AWESOME AND I MAY HAVE THEIR MUSIC ON REPEAT BUT....

    2. DON'T LET MAX DO THE THING!!!!!!!

      Peter Hollens is pretty awesome. But I haven't gotten into him quite as much...

      I shall listen to them. If their voices are good, then I will like them. :)

      ~D. Skye <3


      lol different singers for different people. XD


  17. you know, you can use color pencils with your watercolor to add shadows but I'm not quite experience with watercolor but I have seen people do that... you can use reference photos if you can't get the hands right. I think the hands are the most difficult to draw, so having references is good idea. I'm not sure I should be giving advice...

    call these practice pieces if you don't like them but they seem pretty good to me especially #9, 10, 11.

    have a wonderful day.

    1. OOOH that's a cool idea! I should try that. *looks dubiously at watercolor* But thank you for that advice, even if you don't think you should be giving it. :) :)

      Wow, really ?? You're so nice.

      You too

  18. Hey Treskie! My mum does a lot with watercolor, and she says that vivid coloring and depth can be reached by layering. You use darker shades of the same color for shadowing. It takes longer, but the overall piece often comes out looking amazing. It just takes patience. :)
    Your stuff really doesn't look that bad for not having done it in a bit. :)I was given some awesome coloring books for Christmas, and so I've kind of been slacking off on drawing and just coloring instead. Heheh. That's why my blog hasn't been updated in a bit. :) I should put my mushroom pictures up...
    I don't know. I think all the pictures of Tristan and his friends are pretty cool I don't have a favorite. :)
    I like jazz. And most piano pieces. But that's mostly because I play piano, and when I see somebody play a piece, I have to watch them and see if I could play it too. So, yeah, I've been listening to George Gershwin, because he wrote awesome music. Heheh. :)

    1. Tell your Mum thank you for me! I'm going to work on my watercolor technique, and I shall use layering now, even though I'm highly impatient and like things to be finished NOOOOOOOOW. lol. SO YES, tell her thanks! :)

      Aw thank you. lol. You got one of those adult coloring books with all the flowers and trees and stuff, didn't you. I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO DIDN'T GET ONE, AND I'M THE ARTIST IN THE FAMILY, WHAT THE HECK. Hahaha, I'm actually cool with it, but yeah, coloring books are so fun, and I totally get slacking off on drawing to just color. :) (Mushroom pics?? *thinks of several LOTR quotes* You should show us them.)

      Tristan and Gang are driving me crazy, but thank you. ;)

      Wow, really? Jazz is awesomely smooooth. lol. But I have to be in the mood for it. BUT GERSHWIN WAS RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! We played a lot of his stuff when I was in band and his were always some of my favorite pieces.

    2. Heheh. Yeah, I did. Aw that's sad! You should totally get some, they are a lot of fun. :)
      Yeah, it was just one of those random tips that my mum was all excited about when she learned. She loves art in general, and has watched a number of online watercolor classes.

      Man! I gotta update my blog. :)

      Aw! It's alright! I do a lot of writing myself, and you will definitely go through times when you're just plain mad at your characters. I wound up turning the main character's love interest into a horrid, rotten flirt, and then back into a really nice person in one of my stories, 'cause I was getting fed up with her. :)

      Yes! Gershwin is amazing!!!! I was trying to play one of his pieces on the piano, and it was pretty hard. :) I think I'd say that my favorite piece of his is, I've Got Rhythm. :)

    3. Hahaha! I KNOW.

      Aw your mom sounds awesome!

      And yeah, yeah you do. XD XD

      lol I keep being told that when your characters are good and REAL, then they'll do whatever they want and that's how you know that they're good characters. BUT I DON"T LIKE IT WHEN THEY DON'T DO WHAT THEY'RE TOLD.

      His music is so hard to play when you're in band. like, "CAN YOU NOT PUT SO MANY NOTES IN ONE MEASURE, PLEEEEEEEEASE."

  19. can i make a guess of what the thing is? :) i am a writer.

    1. OH hai! lol. Yeah go ahead, I don't mind. ;)

    2. first, i have been following your blog for a while, and i like it. :) i found it when i was looking for wingfeather saga fanart, and i found yours. those pictures are some of my favorites of yours....ever. :)
      i'm sort of mad at you, because YOU HAVE ONE MORE SIBLING THAN I HAVE and i hate it when people do that. ;) haha. aren't big families awesome? also, you have one brother, right? where is he in age order of your siblings? (and sorry if that's wrong.)
      so...i know this prediction is probably way wrong but it randomly popped into my head so i wanted to make a guess.
      wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
      does max help the bad people? and then, i'm still not sure who i think dies. i would guess tyler but it would also max sense for max to die...and you know what would make the story really really sad and surprising? one of them could kill another one of them. maybe on accident. the only problem is that the bad guys probably need to kill one of them and you don't want to kill two of them. plus you probably don't want them to kill each other but that would be so cool!!! like, not just randomly. i mean like max was helping the bad people so tristan had to kill him before he killed kate and tyler.
      ok, i didn't mean to go that far i just got carried away. :) i know that they are your characters and so you don't want them to do that but for me (since i'm not as close to them (; haha ) i think it would be cool.
      so anyway, my guess is just that max does something with the bad people...whoever they are...:)
      ok ttyl. :) <3

    3. Wow really? Yay! I love it when people like my blog, it makes me so happy. (You have Hannah Joy to thank for Wingfeather fanart. She literally bought me the books and was like, "NOW ART." and I said, "OKAY."

      Hahahaha! I do the same thing! Like I get all irritated when people have 12 kids because then I feel like my family is small and it freaks me out. XD But yeah, big families are the best.... And yes, I only have one brother. He's the second oldest. I actually have a post somewhere where I introduced everyone... *goes to find it*

      *waits for iiiiit. PSYCH???*

      WELL MAYBE HE MIGHT. OKAY yes he does. But I figured out a way to make it so that he doesnt have a choice and he's not really a bad guy, he's just blackmailed, which means he's not a total traitor.

      BUT I was gonna kill Tyler, but then I thought MAX NEEDS TO REDEEM HIMSELF. And then I thought... But Tyler was supposed to die. I think.... I think possibly Kate might get really really hurt because of Max and Tristan almost kills him, and then he gets all hurt helping them, but.... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLOT.

      Ehehe I thought about having Max kill someone, but I have had it once too often that someone in a family-type environment kills one of his pals, and it just kind of turned me off the story. So as long as he just gets people hurt and not dead then tI"m okay with it. XD But wow, you were almost spot on! *awesome*

      No.. you didn't go to far! I LOVE CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS! IT'S FUN FOR ME.

      Kay bai. :)

  20. You shouldn't forget how to art. You need a baby hedgehog to make you art, like how I make Jack edit. (If you give me cookies I could come be your baby hedgehog. Jack's cookies....they are scary.) Of course, Sammy and Clara would have to come too. And you'd have to give them cookies. And Sammy likes banana chips, so you need those too. And Clara likes to sleep on pillows, so you'd have to share your pillow. And we like breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And sometimes snacks. And we might sword fight sometimes. And Sammy once shot an arrow into the roof and Jack had to patch it. Clara sometimes gullwhacks things.

    But that's okay, because then you can art.

    Just don't forget the cookies.

    1. I am not really forgetting how to art any more. 'Cept I sort of found an actor who is basically Max and it freaked me out.

      I SHOULD get a baby hedgehog to make me art, only I get distracted by cute things.... so that might be a little unhelpful lol. (I like cookies though, and I don't like to share. But brekkers, lunch and dinner I could totally do. lol.) Tell Sammy to stop shooting stuff. It's ok if Clara gullwhacks things. Gullwhackers are one of the most awesome weapons.

      Thank you.

      I shan't.

  21. First of all, how the heck do you have fourty comments on your blog???


    Can I write that character? Please??

    (I know I spelt fourty wrong. But it's four, it needs to have a U. IT NEEDS U. Seriously, what is English??

    1. I am just that awesome, deal with it.


      What character? Oh the one with the towel? Go for it.


  22. Howdy! YASS PICTURE SATURDAY(I know I'm late sorry dude)!

    Please put some phantom for me next time!!! *puppy eyes*

    Favorite overall? Dunno. Either 9 or 11.

    Favorite Tristan and gang? 16. It has much sads and me likes it...

    No music at the moment but!!! I have had Wake by Hillsong Young and Free stuck in my head for like ever so does that count???

    Watercolor is challenging. I feel you sister... Which means no I don't watercolor. That is the absolute last medium of art I do.

    I hath awarded thee The Sisterhood of World Bloggers award! Please visit my new blog at:

    Thank ya very much! Hope to see your answers soon! :D

    1. It's okay lol it took me a week to realize I even had another comment. LOL.


      They were good, yeah. I liked them. XD


      That counts! I WILL LOOK IT UP.

      *ugh* I hate watercoloring. XD

      Aw you have a blog??? I GO LOOK. Thanks for the award!

  23. Fave overall = "he's hot" guy BECAUSE he looks like one of my MMCs, actually, in fact it's the best pic I've ever found of him, so yeah I pinned it to my novel board and yeah, I kinda am writing his story? SO THANKS TRESKIE!

    Fave Tristan is the last one. His hands are on point.

    I'm listening to the Fratellis currently! (Love them.)

    I do not know how! I leave watercolour well the heck alone. Acrylic paint and Karisma pencils = my life.

    Happy February!

    E xxx

    1. *heavy breathing for the hot guy* OH OH REALLY?? THAT'S AWESOME, I SHOULD DRAW HIM MORE THEN???? hahaha. What's his name?

      Poor Tristan, bebe. (I'm getting better at hands, and it's magical lo..)

      Who are they?? I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THEM!!?

      BUT I WANT TO GET GOOD AT ALL THE MEDIUMS. *cries cause impossible* lol.

      Same to you!

      cheers. :)


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