Saturday, July 23, 2016

Picture Saturday || July {4} || OC Dump


That's been my general mood all week.

I have a lot going on. And I'm not used to that, so I'm not handling it very well. I'm like, "I should do the thing." and then the part of me that royally hates all things new is like, "The thing is horrible. Binge watch Daredevil s2 instead." And I go, "Yes sir, brain-that-should-know-better, I shall watch Daredevil rather than acknowledge my responsibilities."

Formatting children's books is hard. Figuring out how to do it is hard. How do you even art for kids' books?

How do people who work and go to school and raise kids ever get anything done? I'm single, and I'm not going to college and I have a pretty easy schedule, so in all truthfulness, there ought to be a never ending stream of art flowing from me. But this week, I have like a grand total of six drawings.

All hail the laziest blogger!

Art (c) Mo Willems


This week I've been mostly just like, "Meh. Fanart. Meh illustrations. Meh."

So I stuck to what I know the best, and that's pretty much Tristan and Gang, 'cause story or not, they're fabulous. (At least to me they are.)

1.) Tristan sometimes tells Kate that he's sorry for getting her into messy situations, and he's adorable about it.

2.) SO SO SO. KATE GETS INTERROGATED AND HURT AND STUFF. And then the gang crashes in and saves her. (It's all very plotty and it makes perfect sense....) BUT she's hurt. So Tristan freaks out, because after all, she's his girl, and he blames himself, and it's awesome.  (Am I feeling that sadistic joy writers keep talking about? Oooh.)

 3.) So then Tristan goes on a rage rampage and full-on storms the antagonist's headquarters, because he's a fool, and ultimately gets caught.

wow, such thug.

4.) I like to torment Bella and Jack with pictures of Tyler and Max being bros and doing bro things, because they know what happens and it makes them sad. Spoiler alert: I'mma kill one. WOO.

Ignore Max's shovel-hand. It's stupid.

 5.) Ugh, I meant to draw Monty waving his saw around and singing about poison in his pocket, but I didn't get around to it. Instead, here, have the finished product of the sketch from last week. Don't speak to me, it did not turn out as I had envisioned and it makes me want to yell and throw things.  Blech.

6.)  And here's my favorite bit of the song "Beauty Is" from Light in the Piazza. BECAUSE CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE FABRIZIO IS? LIKE SERIOUSLY.

 Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Favorite from Tristan and Gang?
 Have you heard any new musicals lately?
Anyone else excited about the new Bourne movie?

Alright ladies, gents, and androids, 
Treskie out.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Picture Saturday || July {3} || Whoa, sudden shipping feels.

Hello everyone.

You ever have those weeks that aren't really bad, and they aren't really good, but there's just something about them that makes you kind of all... weird.

It's not really a bad mood, and it's not really a good mood, it's just there, and you sit there feeling vaguely happy, and vaguely depressed at the same time and how does that even work?


Anyway, SURPRISE! This post is actually up on time, which is crazy!

This week, in pictures, I'm a horrible person, because I promised Seven Brides for Seven Brothers* fanart, and I did not deliver.

*hereafter referred to as SBfSB because who has time to write that whole thing out over and over again?

BUT I DID LISTEN to the Mary Poppins Broadway musical, which prompted a re-listen to the movie soundtrack, and excuse me, why isn't there more fanart for Mary and Bert? Hello? They're perfect.

1.) So yeah. I really like how their relationship is kind of mysterious and mutually magical, and they know everything about each other and they're fabulous.

Next week will probably consist mainly of the colored versions of these, you've been warned.

2.) Yeah, somehow Bert in the musical managed to measure up to Bert in the movie, and that requires skill.

3.) BOOM, I finally colored in Iron Man 'cause Civil War emotions hit me like a ton of bricks. (ALSO, did you see how it looks like the Arc Reactor is glowing? Did you see?)

4.) Random bride insertion, because why the heck not?

5.) Also this vaguely creepy one. Is she good? Is she evil? Only the dead can say....

6.) Frikken lovey-dovey pictures because if I can't have it, I'mma draw it, so sue me.

7.) Kate's sad for some reason. Max probably ate her last cookie or something, because that's just how Max's character works.

8.) Aaaand while we're on the subject of Kate, let's throw in some Tristan for good measure. (I know some of you ship them, and honestly, I don't know how I feel about that.)

9.) Strangely enough, I like drawing floating heads, cause reasons.

10.) Bert and Mary's flirtationship makes me happy.

11.) *Facepalm*

Look at his perfect slacks. THEY ARE PERFECT.


I'm super tired.

And I'm actually gonna sign off, because my dearest, most bestest cousin is up visiting and I must spend time with her. So!

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best black and white?
Favorite fanart?
How's your weekend going?

I love you all!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Picture Saturday || July {2}

I have listened to like six musicals today.

My brain is filled to bursting with ideas for fanart. Like, I have to draw the Pirate King, and I have to draw "With Catlike Tread," and I have to draw Monty waving his saw around in "Poison in my Pocket," and I have to draw some stuff from Light in the Piazza, and I have to draw more Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, because that was a big request from last week... (I didn't get to it, I will next time.)

Also, I need to draw "Storybook" from The Scarlet Pimpernel because I relate to that song on a spiritual level.

I can hear the coffee percolating, and I'm so excited to drink it.

Because... coffee.

So there isn't a lot of color this week... I don't really have a reason, I just didn't feel colorful.

1.) I'm trying to work on different face angles since I'm trying to hone my skillz. I am not good a different face angles.

2.) "Does this pose make me look stiff?" 

3.) This one I did as a warmup today, but I want to redo it, because that line is hilarious and needs to be drawn properly. (It's from Pirates of Penzance, in case you didn't know.)

However, her pointing hand is on point. Ehehe. See what I did there? SEE IT?

4.) "Does it look weird?"
     "I'll just shade it some more, no one will notice."

5.) A couple weeks ago, someone asked me to draw ballerinas, and I said I would. And then I didn't. BUT I DID NOW, SO YOU'RE WELCOME. 

Her arm is bent and not just ridiculously short, I promise.

6.) Ballerinas are really frikken hard. Abort! HIDE HER IN A GIANT SKIRT.

7.) I started on a really rough draft for some Pirates of Penzance fanart, because I want to illustrate that bit where all the sisters are like, 
"Let us compromise, 
our hearts are not of leather. 
Let us shut our eyes! 
And talk about the weather
.Yes, yes, let's talk about the weather!

Tomorrow it may pour again!"

But there's a lot of people in the scene and I got lazy, so I sketched it and took a break. If I finish, it will be spectacular. 

8.) And after I got bored, I drew Mabel and Frederic after they realize that he's only five... and a quarter.

9.) Because "Love to Me" is one of sweetest songs from Light in the Piazza. (It helps that Matthew Morrison sings it, because Matthew Morrison.) 

I'm irritated about the super dark lines in her hair. Ugh.

10.) Here, enjoy some characters for a book I'm supposed to illustrate. I need to go check out a bunch of Dr. Suess books, because that's kind of the format the author was hoping to have. 

11.) So I had this idea for Tristan and Gang, like they have to break in somewhere, and they need a plan, so they're having a meeting in the kitchen for it. And after throwing around some ideas, Max finally is like, "WE SHOULD GO UNDERCOVER."

12.) And there's this silence while everyone processes this, and then Kate breaks the ice by snickering. 

13.) Tyler is offended by the very idea. 

14.) And Tristan is just like, "Bro."

Yeah, I know it's silly, but I'm quite fond of those stupid characters so... I figured I'd share that brilliant plot line. 

I uploaded my solos from singing class to youtube, so if you guys want me to, let me know, and I can post them here. 

ALSO Amy and I covered Sad Beautiful Tragic and I'm quite pleased with it. So here, WATCH DIS.
(And if you want to, you could tell Jade++ to leave us alone, because she has systematically commented nastily on every single video we've ever put up.)


Question Time!
Favorite black and white?
Overall best?
Favorite colored?
Are ballerinas hard for anyone else?
What did you think of the song?

Alright that's all. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Picture Sunday-- July

So... I took a random two-week hiatus from blogging.

It wasn't planned. I just had a lot going on, and when Saturdays showed up, I realized, A.) I hadn't drawn at all. And B.) I would rather do ANYTHING but focus.

And that's my explanation, so yes, I'm sorry about that, and I think the lack of motivation might be ebbing. Which is good, because I have a couple of picture books I'm supposed to be illustrating for people and I HAVEN'T, because I've been too stressed out.

Other than that, life is looking more cheerful, this month is the month I plan to do things that involve adulting, motivating myself, and possibly starting a society6 or reddit shop.

Also I'm going to buy wine because I'm twenty-one now.

That's my plan, and hopefully I'll stick to it.

Buuut it's me, so it's quite likely that I will ignore the plan and stay in the same old rut as usual. C'est moi.

Whatever. Art, anyone?

1.) I kind of always come back to Phantom after trying other musicals. It's the best.

2.) Mostly, I just finished drawings from last week. *Sokka slap*

3.) What-ho, Christine Daae. Werk.

4.) Also this very attractive cowboy....

5.) Most of my art from last week looked like this, and that's why Picture Saturday was a no-show.

 6.) And also like this. 

7.) Bella informed me that Christine is making a very Amy expression in this picture, and actually... she's right. Sorry, Amy. 

8.) Proportions don't exist in this one, but the emotions are good, I think. (Basically Max is a flirt and Kate's having none of it.)

 9.) Remember when I said Kate bakes when she's worried? A lot of the time, Tristan's the reason she's stressed out. 

10.) Raoul is a precious cinnamon roll. 

11.) We rewatched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and I freaking love the stupidity of that musical. 

12.) If any of you haven't seen it, you guys should really check out Olan Rogers' animated short because it's gold, and in the space of like... 5 minutes, it gave me the giggles and then unexpected feelings. 

 13.) And yeah, I drew the Phantom, because whether he's a creeper or not, that bit at the end where Christine leaves is sad

So yeah. I think now I'm going to be back on schedule, which means blogging will be more steady again, and I have some exciting news to share when I get something finished. 

Until then, I will leave you with this Hunter Hayes song, because I'm twenty-one now. 

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Favorite colored?
Best black and white?
Best Phantom fanart?
Have you seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?*

*Blue, pretty sure I already know your answer, lol

Go now! Go now and leave me!