Sunday, July 3, 2016

Picture Sunday-- July

So... I took a random two-week hiatus from blogging.

It wasn't planned. I just had a lot going on, and when Saturdays showed up, I realized, A.) I hadn't drawn at all. And B.) I would rather do ANYTHING but focus.

And that's my explanation, so yes, I'm sorry about that, and I think the lack of motivation might be ebbing. Which is good, because I have a couple of picture books I'm supposed to be illustrating for people and I HAVEN'T, because I've been too stressed out.

Other than that, life is looking more cheerful, this month is the month I plan to do things that involve adulting, motivating myself, and possibly starting a society6 or reddit shop.

Also I'm going to buy wine because I'm twenty-one now.

That's my plan, and hopefully I'll stick to it.

Buuut it's me, so it's quite likely that I will ignore the plan and stay in the same old rut as usual. C'est moi.

Whatever. Art, anyone?

1.) I kind of always come back to Phantom after trying other musicals. It's the best.

2.) Mostly, I just finished drawings from last week. *Sokka slap*

3.) What-ho, Christine Daae. Werk.

4.) Also this very attractive cowboy....

5.) Most of my art from last week looked like this, and that's why Picture Saturday was a no-show.

 6.) And also like this. 

7.) Bella informed me that Christine is making a very Amy expression in this picture, and actually... she's right. Sorry, Amy. 

8.) Proportions don't exist in this one, but the emotions are good, I think. (Basically Max is a flirt and Kate's having none of it.)

 9.) Remember when I said Kate bakes when she's worried? A lot of the time, Tristan's the reason she's stressed out. 

10.) Raoul is a precious cinnamon roll. 

11.) We rewatched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and I freaking love the stupidity of that musical. 

12.) If any of you haven't seen it, you guys should really check out Olan Rogers' animated short because it's gold, and in the space of like... 5 minutes, it gave me the giggles and then unexpected feelings. 

 13.) And yeah, I drew the Phantom, because whether he's a creeper or not, that bit at the end where Christine leaves is sad

So yeah. I think now I'm going to be back on schedule, which means blogging will be more steady again, and I have some exciting news to share when I get something finished. 

Until then, I will leave you with this Hunter Hayes song, because I'm twenty-one now. 

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Favorite colored?
Best black and white?
Best Phantom fanart?
Have you seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?*

*Blue, pretty sure I already know your answer, lol

Go now! Go now and leave me!


  1. Favorite overalllllll would beeeee the cowboy one. Because that is Jack Kelly and you won't convince me otherwise.

    Favorite colored is 11. (though 3 is pretty awesome too)

    Numba 9 for favorite black and white. *cries and throws things*

    Yeah, 3. It should be framed and put some place important. And I can't decide if the words are typed there, or written freakishly neatly. 0.o

    Have I SEEEEEEEEEEN Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. *flails* Yes, and it's pretty much the best thing ever. XD

    1. hahahaha. Okay he can be Jack Kelly because Jack Kelly is GOLDEN.

      LOL Milly is pretty popular. (I like threeeee though.)

      Tristan is a very stressful person to be around.

      HOLLA YOU THINK I COULD WRITE THAT NEATLY??? I LOVE YOU. lol. But no, that's typed. XD

      It's so bad lol I Love it. (In all honesty though, I would very much like to punch Adam in the face. lol)

  2. That cowboy! *swoons* I need one... why is there such a dearth of eligible cowboys?!?!

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is AWESOME! It cracks me up every time. :D Good job on Milly! Any chance you'll be doing more SBfSB? Those Ponitpee brothers with their pretty red hair and fancy shirts would make some awfully nice art. ;)

    1. Eheheh. Thank you. (BUT I KNOW RIGHT??????)

      BLESS your beautiful HIIIIDE. lol.... Possibly, I might be doing SBfSB because who doesn't want to draw the Barn Raising scene or the Sobbin' Women?

  3. Good to hear from you again! Taking a hiatus is nice for the blogger, but the readers sure miss ya.
    Favorite overall?-#9. I'm not sure which amuses me the most- the look on her face, or 'stress baking'!
    Favorite colored?-#11
    Best black and white?-#8. Those expressions!
    Best Phantom fanart?-#7
    Have you seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?- Plot twist! I've seen it! Both the DVD, and the live production. (my brother, who looks like the band members of Il Volo, played Gideon.)

    1. G'aaaaawwwwww...
      Haha. I was like, "STRESS BAKING IS GOLDEN"
      Apparently people like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Weird lol.
      Max is a fool lol.
      I can't take #7 Seriously anymore because she really does look like Amy lol.
      WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? MAGICAL! hahaa. Aw I bet he would have been adorable as Gideon. XD

  4. Happy (belated) birthday! That Doctor gif is hilarious!

    Ooh, illustrating picture books--that is neat! Is that recent job, or something you've been working on for a while? Is it a contract with a publishing house or an indie project? Also a society6 shop sounds good--I know several artists choose that venue to sell their work or products.

    #1--Oh, my goodness, that is beautiful. *stares a the details for hours* Really captures the mood of the scene, the loneliness of the song, but also the desperate emotion of it. Definitely my favorite overall and favorite Phantom fanart, and favorite colored for the week. *goes back to staring*

    #2--I really like the pose and the expression here. The details you put in your poses, such as a foot turned, or a head cocked make them feel natural and not stiff.

    #3--Ooh, also lovely! The colors in the skirt are beautiful.

    #4--Nice outfit! Those high cheekbones make me think of Paul Montague from the TV mini-series The Way We Live Now--Paul was an Englishman who went to America to help string telegraph lines and build railroads. Sadly, we don't get to *see* that point in his life because the story focuses on the moral decay of England at the time--but that's what your cowboy reminded me of. :-)

    #5--I like the way you drew the hair. There's something very beautiful and graceful about the way hair flows when it's underwater.

    #6--Nice hair on this one too--I've never seen a pompadour-ponytail combination before!

    #7--Meg's hair! Ooh, and the details on Christine's dressing gown!

    #8--Her expression and stiff pose are hilarious! The emotions are very good, and I think it's conveyed by the poses and expressions. *makes mental note for own drawings* This is my favorite black-and-white for the week!

    #9--This one made me laugh! The quote reminded me of a Big Hero 6: "Stress eating! Because of you!"

    #10--Yes, Raoul is precious, and must be protected at all costs, and defended to the ends of the earth! I like the way you drew his coat and his happy expression.

    #11--Amazing job on her hair, dress, expression, and pose! The Wishing picture of Christine is my favorite colored for the week, but this one comes very close!

    #12--I like the colors in this one.

    #13--Yeah, the Phantom is sad. I feel sorry for him without condoning anything he did--except letting Christine *and* Raoul go. It really was a sign of his change that he released them both; he could have kept Raoul behind as a punching bag or something like that, but he didn't. I love the contrast of light and dark in your picture.

    I saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers years ago, and I was impressed by the dancing. Seriously, that choreography was good! Not as impressed by the story or the songs--though I did like how Milly taught the brothers to clean up and behave better. But the idea of the kidnapped girls falling in love with their captors didn't have the same power as Beauty and the Beast--probably because the story wasn't focused on change and repentance *inside* regardless of exterior looks. And possibly because there were too many characters to flesh out properly to get that kind of effect. :-) But boy, I love your drawing of Milly!

    1. Well thank you muchly. XD

      It's an indie project, and it's adorable, but I haven't really started yet, because I'm incredibly unprofessional.

      1.) Wow so... okay lol. I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT SO MUCH! (I love drawing bits from WIshing, because her dress is just *perfect* AND SHE'S WEARING RAOUL'S RED SCARF. And the song is super powerful.

      2.)*Hugs you for that comment*

      3.) Not gonna lie, the twist in the scarf makes me so happy. lol.

      4.) OOOH is it a good show??? I like cowboys and the Wild West a LOT.

      5.) *scowls at mermaid* lol.

      6.) *Snort* WELL usually when I can't get my drawings to look right, if I work the hair it looks better... so pompadour ponytail it was. lol.


      8.) Awww thank you. I think Kate and Max have a tumultuous friendship...


      10.) I love him so much. XD lol.

      11.) Wow really? I wasn't actually that fond of the Milly picture, but it seems to be an overall favorite this week. lol... crazy.

      12.) EHe. Such a corny think to fanart for....

      13.) *Dances* I KNOW! ahaha.... I was going for some cool contrast.. I like that picture a lot..

      It's one of those movies I have to be in the mood to watch, but when I'm in the mood for it NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. lol... No I get what you mean, it's not something I would typically go for, either. But I think it got away with it because the girls were already kind of in love with the guys already after the barn raising. (They made a big deal about love-at-first-sight in the movie, so I kind of let it slide because of that.) And I really liked how the boys ended up wanting to take the girls back and do the right thing. THe girls have always bugged me because I know it's not realistic, BUT I LOVE THE BROS and so yeah... super corny case of Stockholm Syndrome lol...) But thank you!

    2. Haha, I know *that* feeling. Dad wanted me to make some greeting cards and jewelry to sell at an event earlier this year, and my first thought was, "Who would by THAT? I'm not a professional." :-) But I hope your project goes well!

      The Way We Live Now is actually not a wild west show--it's a 4-part mini-series produced by the BBC and adapted from an Anthony Trollope novel. It's about the moral decay in England in the 1870s, and how the London society forgave dishonesty if it was accompanied by great wealth. Paul Montague (played by Cillian Murphy) thinks that the new railway business is legitimate and keeps trying to get the board of directors to provide the funds to start construction in Mexico. He finally gets fed up, goes back to the U.S. to initiate the project and expects the funds to be raised in the meantime. Of course, that doesn't pan out, and he returns to England to confront the Bad Guy. Which is really the only wild west aspect we get to see in the series. It's a good mini-series, though there is a lot of language, some thematic elements (and some shown kind of blatantly), and some immodest costumes. With TV Guardian and liberal editing, it's becomes better. :-)

      But what my sisters and I liked about that whole set-up is Paul Montague's character--very noble--and the idea of an Englishman in the west. We came up with various head canons for how people responded to him and decided that some cowboys nicknamed him "the English teacup" and gave him grief about their misconceptions of the English until they push the wrong buttons and find out that, oh, the little teacup has teeth. :-)

      "Where was I going with this? I had a point." Happened to me so. many. times...

      I forgot about the love-at-first-sight thing at the barn-raising--it's been years since I saw that musical. But I do remember laughing when Gideon said, "I'm an uncle," and fell over backward!

    3. RIGHT?? Ugh, artist problems lol.

      Oh. Sadness. I was all excited because Wild West. (It doesn't show up a lot on here, but I have a special love for cowboys and the Old West AND I DON'T KNOW WHY.) So when you mentioned that I was like OOOOH! And then you said it wasn't really, and I was like, "oooh." BUT Cillian Murphy was really good in Red Eye and Inception so I might give it a go. Thanks for the heads up on it needing some editing. lol. XD

      HA ok your headcannons are golden, and I don't even know what the show is about. LOL.

      *Snort* And just with that quote, now I'm thinking about the Jane Eyre musical, when Mrs. Fairfax is like, "Did I have a point? I can barely recall!"

      To be honest, Gideon was my favorite of the brothers because he was so cute and sweet and innocent. (But Ben's the cutest, hands down, cause WOW.)

    4. YOU'VE SEEN INCEPTION?!?!??! That is one of my favorite films ever! (I like it better with TVG, though. :-) ) And yes, Cillian Murphy was really good in that; also in Batman Begins, though he played a psycho in that one. And my sisters saw Red Eye recently, though I haven't watched it yet myself.

      Ha, sorry to burst your bubble there--my sisters and I definitely wished the series had shown more of Paul Montague in America. I mean, an Englishman who's not afraid to ride with cowboys...that's just cool. And "our teacup" is now my sisters' official nickname for Paul. :-)

      Sure thing about the heads up; I'm careful not to recommend any films without a disclaimer, especially since my family watches some films that would not be as acceptable without TVG. :-)

    5. I LOVE INCEPTION! And the "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, Darling" is one of the best quotes ever, whether he was talking about guns or not lol.)

      Mmm Batman Begins was really good, I forgot Cillian was in it. He was legitimately creepy in it. He's weird in Red Eye and he can't fight worth a darn in it lol.

      Okay, I'mma have to look it up and see. Cause.... cause yes.

      RIGHT? IT'S HARD SOMETIMES TO RECOMMEND STUFF BECAUSE when you watch it by yourself, or with TVG, you tend to forget how much bad stuff is in a movie and then you recommend it and you're like, "I FORGOT THAT WAS IN THERE. ALSO THAT." and it's awkward. lol.

    6. AWESOME!!! It has such interesting ideas! Eames was a hoot, and also insightful. I'd seen that quote of his floating around Pinterest, but I hadn't realized it came from Inception until I saw the movie. My favorite character was Arthur, though: very level-headed and full of common sense.

      Haha, glad you understand about the difficulty of recommending stuff! And explaining what to mute or skip is easy enough, but you can't always know whether someone will get scared by Orcs or the idea of manipulating dreams, and stuff like that. Or have some other objection to the content. It's a huge relief when you discover that someone has similar tastes in books and films!

      Speaking of editing...if you like, I can send you a list of what to skip in "The Way We Live Now"...I kinda feel bad for mentioning it now because a couple of the adult scenes are not too graphic, but definitely stuff you'd want to skip. :-/

      Oh, and I watched Red Eye tonight. I get more impressed by Cillian Murphy's acting ability with every film of his I watch.

    7. RIGHT???? lol. I loved Eames and Joseph Gorden-levitt's character's dynamics. THEY WERE HILARIOUS. Unfortunately the best description of that movie is the quote from Princess Bride: A Dweam wivvin a dweaaam" which is all I can think of when I watch it lol.

      IT'S SO AWKWARD when you misinterpret what will bother someone, and you think it's fine and then they're horrified about something. XD

      Actually yes, a list would be nice. I like it when I have stuff all out there to be like, "Yep. Skip.Skip.Skip. Okay we're done." XD (I've done that too, where I'll be like, "Watch dis." and then I think about it, and I'm like, "Actually, don't."

      Cillian Murphy amused me in Red Eye, I dont know why lol. XD

    8. That is a PERFECT quote to use for Inception!

      Alrighty!--I'll get that list put together as soon as possible. And it gives me an excuse to watch the series. again. :-)

  5. TRESKIE IS BACK. :-) Hai.

    Favorite overall? I think the cowboy. He looks like he has a story. Sewiously.

    Favorite colored? The Olan Rogers one is SOOO CUTE.

    Best black and white? I like Kate's sassiness in the baking one. :-D

    Best Phantom fanart? I think the one with Raoul because there is too few of Raoul and also that one is great. XD

    Have you seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Noppity.

    1. OH HAI GURL.

      He weally does. I love cowboys. You should write his story, mkay?

      THANKS! The little green floating alien is named Mooncake and he makes little nervous noises and I love him lol.

      Poor Kate gets so stressed out by Tristan.

      Cause Raoul is a hot potato.


  6. Happy birthday! That's old enough for a concealed carry license, right? That's my biggest concern once I get there...
    Favorite overall: 7, 'cause her expression just looked so natural.
    Favorite colored: 11, 'cause you're always good at dresses...
    Favorite black and white: 2, just 'cause...
    Favorite Phanart: 13, 'cause we never get to see you do the Phantom!
    Nope, never seen it, but it does sound interesting!
    I'm kinda glad you went on hiatus, I was too sick for a week to read any posts and was thinking, "OH NO I'M MISSING SO MUCH!" But it was just one post and that's my speed.

    1. THANK YOU! (Also yeah, I think you only have to be 18 here, but I could be wrong. Speaking of concealed carry AAAAAAAAAHHHH I LOVE YOU FOR WANTING THAT! My sisters and I are taking a gun safety test on friday so we can buy ourselves a glock19. Gun laws are ridiculous in California...)


      Dresses are dead easy for me, that's why lol. (Could be because that was all I ever drew until like two years ago. lol.)

      Cause Guitar. lol.


      It's so corny. I love it.

      Hahaha oh good. I'm glad you're glad lol! (Getting sick is rubbish, especially in the summer. Yay for feeling better!)

  7. Favorite overall? They are all so pretty, so I don't think I could choose a favorite!

    Favorite colored? I loved 11. She is sooo pretty!

    Best black and white? I liked both 9 and 13 a lot. #9 Was so cute, but #13 was a lot darker and sadder. Call me depressing, but 13 I think was my favorite.

    Best Phantom fanart? I like 1 a lot. It's very pretty.

    Have you seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? I saw it a long time ago when I was really young, but I remember enjoying it. I remember the barn building scene in particular. I remember thinking that it was hilarious. I might watch it again now that you've mentioned it!

    Ok, so I've got a confession. I have never seen the whole Phantom of the Opera. I saw part of the movie when it randomly came on TV, and I kind of know the story...sorta. I really need to watch it! I'll get to that and watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers again, soon, I promise! :)

    1. Aw shucks *kicks floor*

      I'm always kind of taken aback by which picture everyone seems to like the most. Like #11, was not my favorite, but so far, I think everyone likes her the best lol. Weird. XD

      9 is awesome cause it's Kate. Nah, you're not depressing, I was delighted with how sad 13 turned out too. XD

      1 is such a sad scene. I LOVE IT lol.

      The barn raising scene is everyone's favorite part. XD BUT YEAH YOU SHOULD REWATCH IT CAUSE IT'S FUNNY.

      *screams* HORROR. Haahah. Ah, I don't mind if you haven't seen the whole Phantom. In all actually, the movie kind of sucked. (It's super dirty too, and it didn't have to be.) If you want to see it, I recommend watching the 25th Anniversary. (It's not my favorite cast... at all... but it's the best filmed version.) OR you could just listen to the Original Broadway Cast on youtube and read the synopsis, because the OBC is so good, and that Raoul is just... on point.

  8. I've seen seve brides...a long while ago and only remember the comical parts where the brides are kidnapped, it's actually not such a bad film to watch though I'm not a fan of musicals.

    I'm always impressed with your use of colors so I like the colors version.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yeah, musicals are one of those things you either love or you don't, and there's nothing wrong with that. But the comical parts are glorious lol.

      Aw thank you so much. *sends hug*

      You too!


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