Saturday, July 9, 2016

Picture Saturday || July {2}

I have listened to like six musicals today.

My brain is filled to bursting with ideas for fanart. Like, I have to draw the Pirate King, and I have to draw "With Catlike Tread," and I have to draw Monty waving his saw around in "Poison in my Pocket," and I have to draw some stuff from Light in the Piazza, and I have to draw more Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, because that was a big request from last week... (I didn't get to it, I will next time.)

Also, I need to draw "Storybook" from The Scarlet Pimpernel because I relate to that song on a spiritual level.

I can hear the coffee percolating, and I'm so excited to drink it.

Because... coffee.

So there isn't a lot of color this week... I don't really have a reason, I just didn't feel colorful.

1.) I'm trying to work on different face angles since I'm trying to hone my skillz. I am not good a different face angles.

2.) "Does this pose make me look stiff?" 

3.) This one I did as a warmup today, but I want to redo it, because that line is hilarious and needs to be drawn properly. (It's from Pirates of Penzance, in case you didn't know.)

However, her pointing hand is on point. Ehehe. See what I did there? SEE IT?

4.) "Does it look weird?"
     "I'll just shade it some more, no one will notice."

5.) A couple weeks ago, someone asked me to draw ballerinas, and I said I would. And then I didn't. BUT I DID NOW, SO YOU'RE WELCOME. 

Her arm is bent and not just ridiculously short, I promise.

6.) Ballerinas are really frikken hard. Abort! HIDE HER IN A GIANT SKIRT.

7.) I started on a really rough draft for some Pirates of Penzance fanart, because I want to illustrate that bit where all the sisters are like, 
"Let us compromise, 
our hearts are not of leather. 
Let us shut our eyes! 
And talk about the weather
.Yes, yes, let's talk about the weather!

Tomorrow it may pour again!"

But there's a lot of people in the scene and I got lazy, so I sketched it and took a break. If I finish, it will be spectacular. 

8.) And after I got bored, I drew Mabel and Frederic after they realize that he's only five... and a quarter.

9.) Because "Love to Me" is one of sweetest songs from Light in the Piazza. (It helps that Matthew Morrison sings it, because Matthew Morrison.) 

I'm irritated about the super dark lines in her hair. Ugh.

10.) Here, enjoy some characters for a book I'm supposed to illustrate. I need to go check out a bunch of Dr. Suess books, because that's kind of the format the author was hoping to have. 

11.) So I had this idea for Tristan and Gang, like they have to break in somewhere, and they need a plan, so they're having a meeting in the kitchen for it. And after throwing around some ideas, Max finally is like, "WE SHOULD GO UNDERCOVER."

12.) And there's this silence while everyone processes this, and then Kate breaks the ice by snickering. 

13.) Tyler is offended by the very idea. 

14.) And Tristan is just like, "Bro."

Yeah, I know it's silly, but I'm quite fond of those stupid characters so... I figured I'd share that brilliant plot line. 

I uploaded my solos from singing class to youtube, so if you guys want me to, let me know, and I can post them here. 

ALSO Amy and I covered Sad Beautiful Tragic and I'm quite pleased with it. So here, WATCH DIS.
(And if you want to, you could tell Jade++ to leave us alone, because she has systematically commented nastily on every single video we've ever put up.)


Question Time!
Favorite black and white?
Overall best?
Favorite colored?
Are ballerinas hard for anyone else?
What did you think of the song?

Alright that's all. 


  1. I love all the Pirates of Penzance art! I saw it once, a long time ago. Also, in the same theater, I recently saw Newsies. Have you seen it? If so, will you perhaps draw a 'Seize the Day' scene?

    Favorite black and white? Either #8 (I still sing parts of the paradox song sometimes), or #13 (his face!)
    Overall best?- (Aside from the ones previously mentioned) #1
    Favorite colored?-#3 "Die in combat glory!"
    Are ballerinas hard for anyone else?- Ayeee
    What did you think of the song?- You both did a nice job with it. I'm sorry to hear about the prickly commenter, though.

    1. hahah have you seen the movie of Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline and Angela Lansbury? SO FUNNYYYY. Newsies the movie or Newsies the musical? Cause I can absolutely do a movie fanart, but I'm highly scornful of the musical and I have an aversion to drawing stuff I"m scornful of lol. (Christian Bale is BAE as Jack Kelly.)

      The paradox song is delightfully tongue-twistery
      LOL really? I hated that one lol.
      Because honestly, that's how most fangirls feel. "Ye shall live in song and story, go to glory and the GRAAAAAAAVE!"

      Aw thank you. (Lol that prickly commenter is just... mean.)

  2. #1--Good for you for challenging your skills! The shadow on her chin is a bit dark, but otherwise, the drawing looks great! She seems to be she's contemplating something...

    #2--Haha, the dialogue! That pose looks tricky to draw; so, stiff result or not, good for you to even attempt it! Also, I like her hair and earrings.

    #3--I really like this one! Especially her nightgown and hair; and the hands look particularly good. (And now I have that song in my head...) Definitely my favorite colored this week!

    #4--Hey, it worked; I didn't notice anything weird until I stared for a few seconds :-) I think the problem is the hard-edged shadows--the shadows on her forehead, eyes and cheeks fade out softly, but the shadows on the nose and chin end with rather harsh edges. I don't think face shadows are usually that sharp, since the face itself is often softly cut. But her hair and lips look great!

    #5--Wow. Nice job on the hands, the hair, the leotard, and the slippers! I'm impressed by the tricky poses you draw--and I particularly like the way her left extends behind her--it looks very natural. Yes, ballerinas are hard to draw, but they look really nice when the drawing is finished. :-)

    #6--Another good job on the hands and pose! I love how the skirt is floofing out.

    #7--Oh, that's one of my favorite songs from the show! (A pity it wasn't in the film.) You've made a great start on the picture; and yes, when finished, it will be *epic*.

    #8-- One thing I really like about your musical- inspired drawings is that the characters appearances seem to come from your imagination, and not (usually) an actor's portrayal. (And, wow, the way you draw hands...) Also, I like her outfit and hair, and Frederick's sword. This one is my favorite black-and-white drawing.

    #9--Very good dark-light contrast here. And the soft reds draw attention to the faces without being overbearing. Is Light in the Piazza good? I've heard about it, but haven't listened to it yet.

    #10--Oh how cute, especially the rabbit! (I was wondering last night what the picture book illustrations would look like.)

    #11--I hardly know where to start praising this picture...the hands, the jacket, the expression, the gun, the wristwatch...awesome details! (And meeting in the kitchen to discuss plans is fun and quirky!) Definitely your best for this week.

    #12--Nice hair and expression! I love the way you draw your own characters: that the details and expressions are consistent from drawing to drawing, and the poses and gestures reflect their personalities.

    #13--Maybe they're having the meeting early in the morning?--hence the coffee cup, and the grumpy expression. :-)

    #14--Love the details here, and the expression!

    Y'all have beautiful voices; and I liked the video! But man, I'm sorry about the nasty commenter. All comment boxes should come with the old saying: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". (Constructive criticism, though, could count as "nice," provided your attitude is kind.)

    Beautiful collection of artwork this week!

    1. 1.)Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. GOOD POINT about the too-much-contrast. OOOOH. Now I need to try again.

      2.) haha, I know I'm quoting something with the "Yar" but I can't remember what it is. lol. (Actually I really like how her arm turned out, because it looks right whether she's stiff or not.) But thanks!

      3.)That song is so fun to sing, you know it's true lol. SO THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING ON THE HANDS!

      4.)*peers at it some more* You know I think you're right, I'mma tone back the hard line shadowing for those styles because I think you've got a point. XD SO FANKS for the adviiice.

      5.)G'aaaaaaawww. You're the best. lol. Thanks. I dunno, I envisioned it prettier and more flowy so when it didn't meet my expectations I was grumpy.

      6.)Floofing. I love that word. The problem is, most of my work isn't stiff, so when it *is* stiff I'm like, *grouch*

      7.) Sometimes my sisters and I will go around singing that song. (I also feel like we should cover it as a joke.) HAVE YOU SEEN THE VERSION WITH ANTHONY WARLOW AS THE PIRATE KING???? IF NOT, HERE, HAVE A LINK, CAUSE IT'S HILARIOUS.

      8.) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Hahaha, well most of them do. If there's like a specific look that they have, I'll usually incorporate that (like Phantom) But a lot of musicals change appearance with every different performance, so I feel like I have a lot of liberty with it. (ehehe. Handssss.)

      9.) *does a cheeky grin* Actually yeah, I love Light in the Piazza. It's got beautiful music and beautiful voices. There's a few curse words and a couple uses of blasphemy, but other than that the music is clean. It's one of those that you have to read the synopsis while you listen or it doesn't make a lot of sense. (OH AND IT DOES THIS THING WHERE THE ITALIANS TEND TO SPEAK IN ITALIAN AND IT'S ADORABLE.) Ugh, however, there's one scene that 100% did not need to be in there, where they take a kiss too far and it's stupid. But like.. Les Mis or Jekyll and Hyde, it's one of those things you can easily skip, but it's kind of important.

      10.) I KNOW UGH. lol. They're based off the author's Daughter's stuffed animals and an actual thing that she did and it's cute. lol.

      11.) SQUEE! YAY I LOVED THAT PICTURE TOO, OKAY. (They're basically a family leaving in the same house so... yeah. Kitchens are important. lol.) Aw thanks.

      12.) Ehe. It's kind of awesome having my own characters. I love being able to play around and figure out what they're personality is like. Kate seems to keep getting nicer and sassier lol.

      13.) MMmm I'm starting to think Tyler's just always having coffee and grouchiness is a key part of his character lol.

      14.) Tristan is my all time favorite of all the humans.

      Aw thank you. It was kind of last minute, because we'd rehearsed a song that ended up falling through, so Amy and I had to learn the parts for Sad Beautiful Tragic really fast, and then we only ran through it a few times before we recorded it. (If it wasn't so rude, it would be funny, I mean, she sits there thinking of "punny" ways to be nasty and it's like, "can you just not." lol.)

      Aw thank you so much.

    2. here's the liiiink I forgot. lol.

    3. You're welcome for the advice. :-) And hey, if you have any advice for *my* artwork, don't hesitate to mention it!

      Thanks for the link--that performance *was funny! The little things made it hilarious, like his stepping off the crate and realizing the barrel was on the *other* side; and making a second attempt to sit on the lid of the chest; and his being such a drama king! But my heart almost stopped when he sang that last high note. His voice is fantastic.

    4. XD okey dokey. I have a hard time giving advice though, because people I know constantly give me advice and sometimes it's kind of hurtful. SO LET ME KNOW IF I GET TOO PICKY.

      I loved how *Well* he impersonated Jack Sparrow. LIKE GOLD. (Or or or, when Frederic and he are sparring and he starts losing and pulls his gun. #genius)

    5. Sure thing! And of course, the same for me: if I'm picky/hurtful/critique-more-than-praise, please let me know. The goal is for both of us to improve, not decide to swear off artwork forever. :-)

      Yeah, I definitely got a Jack Sparrow impression from the performance!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh. Arttttt.

    whaiiiiiii are you so gooooood.

    Those ones of Tristan and co. are just priceless, seriously. I am in awe of their perfect facial expressions.

    And for the record, I think Max is on to something there. I demand drawings of them undercover as florists.

    1. such art. Wow skilz.

      lol. Cause God is far to nice to me??


      LOL okay I'll see what I can do. <3

  4. I think my favorites are definitely with Tristan and the others. I also really like Fredric's hair in picture #8.
    See, I really want to watch your videos and I'm seriously hoping to someday, but our internet plan is such that I can only have free YouTube access from like five o'clock to eight o'clock a.m. and I just haven't been awake in time to catch it. But I will watch it! I will! Even if it means giving up my playing around on Wattpad eleven p.m., just so I can wake up earlier! :)

    1. Lol It makes me so happy when people like my OCs. XD (Frederic's hair turned out so perfectly, I was like, "OOH."

      OH that is such a sad story! Internet plans like that are the worst. (BUT AW I'M GLAD YOU WANT TO WATCH THEM. *HEART EYES*)

  5. OMG I'M LAUGHING AT THE FLORISTS. That is hilarious though and they have so much expression and afjdsklad this book of yours. I LIKE.

    Also I'm excited to see that finished Pirates of Penzance picture! :O I like barely ever like musicals but I do like that one. ;)

    1. YAAAAAAAASSSSS I MADE CAIT LAUGH. I FEEL SO FRIKKEN ACCOMPLISHED. THANK YOU. (Also coming from you, that means a lot. so YAR)

      Eheeheee honestly, I haven't met anyone who hasn't liked Pirates. I mean... it's golden.

  6. I love so many of these! You're making it hard to pick.
    Favorite black and white: 1 or 4. I like the new angles and the shading, they look amazing! Probably 1, I like her hair!
    Favorite colored: 5. The anatomy looks natural and great!
    Are ballerinas hard for anyone else? Ballerinas are the worst. Tutus are so horrible to draw and the legs and arms are uughh.
    Favorite overall: Uhh, 1 or 4 or 5 or 8. Or 1 and 4 and 5 and 8. All of them. I like them. And I'm excited for 7.
    What did you think of the song? You guys have really good voices! And I'm impressed by your harmonization! *claps much* Have you ever done any upbeat songs? I've only listened to like, three of your songs... Hold on, I'm going to stalk your youtube...
    Also, how do you listen to The Pirates of Penzance? I've memorized like a fourth of the Modern Major-General song, but I know, like, zero context. I just enjoy feeling like a tasteful rapper.


      Wow really? Aw!
      *shucks* Fanks.
      lol everyone seems to be excited for #7. XD

      AWWW! THANK YOU!! Erm, like how up-beat are you talking?? Like... UPBEAT or just upbeat? lol.
      hahaha. I think it might be on youtube, or spotify. We actually own the CD so I'm not sure. YOU HAVEN'T HEARD IT???????? BUT BUT BUT. *THE PARADOX SONG* OKAY I WILL FIND YOU A LINK. HANG ON.

  7. I don't watch musicals so I have no idea who some of these characters are but I like #9 & 10, the colors looks quite good to me.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yeah, musicals I think, are some of those things that you either like or you don't, so no worries. But thank you! I was quite fond of #10

      You too. ;)


    Oh, gosh! I like that drawing of Tyler! Somehow you seemed to have captured a type of expression, or a type of person perhaps, that I haven't seen you capture before. Kudos!


      Hahah Tyler is quickly becoming the slightly more serious older brother to everyone since he's the oldest and has no time for anyone's nonsense. lol. But wow, thank you so much. :)


      Neat (^.^). Big brothers rock. You should draw, like, a movie poster style drawing of Tristan and the gang looking epic and in character ... it'd be fun to see them all together.


      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. I *should*, shouldn't I!?

  9. Hi Treskie!!
    Well, here I am!! I'm the girl who asked you to draw these ballerinas, and never said her thanks until now!
    I love the fingers and bun you did for the first picture. The pose is not exactly right -- it's hard to get it right even in real life -- so it looks more like she's dancing freestyle or more modern. But there is a grace and fulfillment in her face. She's totally in it. Good job with the pointe shoes.
    With the second, I like this one more. The skirt looks like in MOTION. And you tilted her body forward to make the extended leg realistic. However this time the hands are freestyle dance. But that's okay -- don't think it has anything to do with your ability to draw, just that ballet has specific techniques that are hard to spot if you don't do it.
    So thank you so much!! It's a honor to have a request honored. :) Haha.
    One more thing. I'm noticing that your characters have similar body types or facial features--is this your style, or based from a movie? I notice you keep mentioning Tristan--is this a movie, book, etc? So alof of these are fan-art drawings or?
    Let me go comment on your more recent posts.

    1. oh hai! I'm sorry I forgot your name. lol.

      Yeah... ballet is hard. Although I did google the pose you were looking for and sort of combine all the pictures into one that I was like OH OK THAT'S WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE. (yeah... I know absolutely nothing about dance in general so 'pologies if it's not quite right.)
      I like drawing stuff that looks like it's in motion, it makes me happy. :)

      You're welcome!

      MY characters, or my art in general? That's more my style than anything else, I think. I need to work on different body shapes. ;)

      Tristan and Co are my original characters that I came up with a while back and only just recently figured out how to draw... I'm still working on plot and stuff, so in the meantime I just draw them doing things I can see them doing. I think all the pictures I have of them are under the lable "Tristan and gang" or something like that.. ;)

  10. Wait. You made up Tristan and Co? I seriously was about to google them when I wrote that comment. That is so cool--you are making your characters come alive in WORD and PICTURE. I write, but don't draw people much. You kept talking about these characters so much that I thought there was a whole story behind them--that you were obsessed with a movie or book - I didn't know which one, but it's yours!

    Now I understand why your characters are similar-because they're all the same people. You know how to create different faces with other people, so that's not what I meant, no worries.

    The three times I tried to comment I kept pressing the sign out button instead of publish! and had to rewrite everything!

  11. hahaha aww thank you! That's so exciting. XD (that's okay, I've never really been good at writing, so drawing's the only way I can really tell their story. :)

    That's the first time I've actually been able to make people look the same in drawings so... That's nice that you noticed the continuity. :)



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