Saturday, February 22, 2014

Picture Saturday // Fanart

I was busy this week. Not as much time for the drawing. *le sniff*

So, am I the only one who thinks that guys holding babies is adorable? I don't think it's just me.

Especially so when they're daddies, and they're obviously very comfortable holding babies. It's nice to see that.

I really like doing fanart. I don't think my fanart is that great, I'll admit, (in fact, I think it's kind of rubbish)  but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. Even if the way I draw characters isn't the way other people imagine them, it's the way I do, so I shall continue drawing them, and that's that.

But even so, it's harder for me to post fanart than it is for me to post my original ideas. Because I always get a little nervous that someone's going to go, "That's kind of awful. How dare you think that you can do that character justice? You should quit and die in a hole."

That would make me sad.


Hehe. Anyone here ever read Artemis Fowl? I like those books, they are good books. (And for those of you who tried the first one and couldn't stand Artemis *cough cough, maria, cough, cough* I will say that he had some epic character development and by the end of the series he was quite a nice young man.)

But enough about him.
This is Holly. I like Holly. She's cute and brave and a tough girl in the best sense. (here meaning, she doesn't do the whole, "MEN ARE STUPID, WOMEN RULE." thing. She's can take care of herself and she's smart, but she's not annoying about it, so yeah. I like her.)

.... For those of you who have read it, what do you think of her? :)


Cheers and God bless!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fingerless Gloves // Tutorial

So I had this really cute pair of socks.

And somebody (I won't say who) decided to borrow them and snag them on something so that a great big hole made an appearance in the general area of the toes.

This caused me much sadness.

So I shoved them in my top drawer and forgot about them until a few days ago when I was cleaning out my dresser.

I took them out and examined them, and decided I didn't want to throw them away.

Therefore I turned them into fingerless gloves, like so:

You'll need:

*A pair of socks
*A needle and thread

1.) Okay, so first, pull your sock over your hand, with your thumb where the heel goes.

2.) Cut the tip of the sock off, and a small hole for you thumb.

3.) Fold the top under so that it rests against the first set of knuckles, and do a gather-stitch

Like so

4.) And then you whip-stitch around the thumb hole.

Like so

5.) Wear with pride. *Grin*

That is all.



Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentine's Day.

Is kind of rotten for us single people.


Hehe. I'm actually quite content being single for the time being. I definitely want to get married and have a big family, but at the moment, I know I'm not ready for marriage. So being single's okay... except on Valentine's Day, because on this day, I want a guy. And not having one makes me sad.


Today was surprisingly fun.

Maria brought over pressies for everyone this morning...

And Annie and Cinta passed out the paper heart valentines they'd been working on all week.

Mine from Cinta

 And mine from Annie... Look, she made me a Dean Winchester paper doll!
AND he even has the necklace! CUUUTE!

So then I braided Chloe and Sammie's hair into heart shapes.

And moved to the kitchen, where I listened to sad single person music. (mostly Hunter Hayes, Josh Groban, and Taylor Swift... and it wasn't that sad.) I proceeded to drink coffee and draw.

And this is the picture I produced. It's fanart for Jack's book.

I wanted cookies.
But I did not want to make them.
So I convinced Bella that she wanted some too.
And she made them.
I'm so smart.

 It was quite delightful.

 Now I really want to watch an episode of Supernatural from the first season....

WELL, either that or something super chick-flicky and romantic.

Cheers and God bless, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Picture Saturday // Rain and color

 My first attempt ^^^ at coloring with a computer.

So today is a big day for my little bloggy! (Yep, I call it bloggy and not blog. Bloggy is more... me.)

 Happy 200th Post!

 Okay, tone down your excitement, let's not get crazy now.

I just wanted to thank you all for following and commenting and being generally awesome. You guys make my day. I love you muchly.

Alright, enough sappiness.

Hai. So, I'm back!

It's been really grey and rainy today. Which is okay, I guess. At least it's rainy and not just gray. I definitely prefer it when it does something rather than just be epically gray and miserable, you know what I mean?

Rain ^^^ :)

Anyway. I've been on a roll with drawings, so I have a bunch to show you.

I think this is a record: Three Picture Saturdays in a row! This is huge! I owe myself a cookie. Or maybe two.

Moving on. *munches on cookie*

I like sticking quotes with my drawings. I just like it!

So, this butterfly started out as a doodle. Just as a sort of warm up thingy. But it started getting cool looking so it morphed into something more than a doodle. Isn't kinda pretty?

I've also been sort of experimenting with using a little bit of color in some of my drawings. Just, like, two complimentary colors. So this happened:

And I liked it so much, I needed to do another one, with a quote I found on tumblr. (Anonymous writes some good stuff, you guys. lol)

This one is for you, Anna

Incidentally, I've been doing some more character sketches for Jack, and since she's already revealed this guy on her blog, I figured... might as well reveal him here too, because he's cool and I like him.


That's it, lovelies, minions, and hedgehogs!

I love you all.


Monday, February 3, 2014


I freaked out today.

It was amazing.

Jack's book came!!

And I freaked out so much, I needed to vlog about it.

I'm a little embarrassed by this vlog.

So I'm just going to post it before I think about it.

God bless!