Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentine's Day.

Is kind of rotten for us single people.


Hehe. I'm actually quite content being single for the time being. I definitely want to get married and have a big family, but at the moment, I know I'm not ready for marriage. So being single's okay... except on Valentine's Day, because on this day, I want a guy. And not having one makes me sad.


Today was surprisingly fun.

Maria brought over pressies for everyone this morning...

And Annie and Cinta passed out the paper heart valentines they'd been working on all week.

Mine from Cinta

 And mine from Annie... Look, she made me a Dean Winchester paper doll!
AND he even has the necklace! CUUUTE!

So then I braided Chloe and Sammie's hair into heart shapes.

And moved to the kitchen, where I listened to sad single person music. (mostly Hunter Hayes, Josh Groban, and Taylor Swift... and it wasn't that sad.) I proceeded to drink coffee and draw.

And this is the picture I produced. It's fanart for Jack's book.

I wanted cookies.
But I did not want to make them.
So I convinced Bella that she wanted some too.
And she made them.
I'm so smart.

 It was quite delightful.

 Now I really want to watch an episode of Supernatural from the first season....

WELL, either that or something super chick-flicky and romantic.

Cheers and God bless, and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Awww! This post was really sweet! Except I think Valentine's Day kind of is weird...I mean, why celebrate having a guy?? I'd rather celebrate National Cake Day (which exists! I looked it up...not weird at all I know). XD You're totally clever in convincing Bella to make your cookies for you. Like, that is TRUE SISTER GENIUS. I'm constantly convincing Mime she wants to do things like turn on my fan and pass me a book. Happy Valentine's Day! XD :)

    1. Hehehe, Thanks. ;)

      It's a little weird, I guess.... NATIONAL CAKE DAY!?!? WHEN IS THAT AND HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE?

      That is my way, I convince my little sisters to do things all the time. It makes feel empowered and like an overlord.

      Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  2. Heheh. Lovely post, Treskie, and happy late Valentine's day to you too! Valentine's day can be fun (even without a man...), as long as you have family around to share it with. :D

    I definitely hope that marriage is in my future too, but I'm not ready yet either! While figuring out my life at twelve (or some other equally wise age) I'm pretty sure that I pictured myself married with at least three children by now. Eeek. Silly, silly, me. I would love to have lots of children someday, but I'm content with spoiling my sibs and hoards of little cousins at the moment. :D

    I was planning a similar conclusion to my day (eerily similar, actually – a couple of early Supernatural episodes, so that I could see my boys relatively happy and care-free), but got so involved with re-reading a favorite childhood book, that I ended up just finishing it whilst drinking tea on my bed.

    1. *Grin* Thanks, Tayler, m'dear! :D
      I made it fun despite of the fact that I have no man. lol

      Yeah... it's just one of those things I really want, but I know I'm not mentally ready for it yet. lol.
      ME TOO! I was like, "At eighteen, I'll have a fiance and marriage plans, and all my family will love it." and now I'm like, "Neeeetflliiiiix." (And I have nieces and nephews and little sibling that I spoil too, so we are content. lol.)

      Haha! Why SPN makes me happy is odd, because it's not a happy show. I did end up watching a couple of the very first episodes... Wendigo was one of them. "Dude. Look at the size of this freakin' bear!" *snortle*
      I love reading too! I love rereading books that I loved. (Lots of love in that sentence. Heh.)

  3. Those cookies look really good..... O.O Actually, I've been needing some conversation hearts all week. My sisters don't care for them but...they're - they're - they're *conversation hearts*! Lol! :D

    I like your LOTR poster. That makes me happy.....very, very happy. :) Oh. My. Goodness. That Dean valentine is the *cutest*!! They all are though. My niece made me an adorable one, too....I'll post it on mah bloggy when I get my post done today...

    That song is the greatest. I love it. But then again, I think Jason Mraz has got a stunning voice, soooo....that might have something to do with it.... ;)

    OH MY GOSH! Okay, you'd appreciate this, I think. As I'm commenting right now, I've got POTO playing on youtube in a different tab. So I clicked on "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" cause, yeah, I like it. Anyway, I went back to this tab to continue typing my comment when an add came up before my song started...My eyes grew giant and I had a mini-heart-attack because it sounded like Moose on the commercial! Teehee! I looked and it wasn't. But, still! I was not expecting that! Too much SPN, maybe? Yeah......I think so... Hah...hah.....

    Okay. Back to my comment... emm....what was I going to say next before Moose threw me off? Umm....I think that was all, actually. Oh yeah, I wanted to say that I like your heart braids you did on your nieces. They're super cute! (As are your nieces as well)

    Sooooo, I'll talk to you later! Happy Valentine's Day!


    1. Hahah! I ate way too many of those cookies and now I feel rather obese. *snort* but hey. It's valentine's day. (And I know! Conversation hearts are a must! IT"S TRADITION!)

      It's not mine, it's Kat's, but it's awesome, and I'm going to pretend it's mine as long as it's in my room. LOTR for the win!
      I KNOW! I'mma have to save that little paper doll and put it in something safe so that I can bring it out when she's going to get married and be like..."Remember this?"

      I just like the song on the whole. I had no idea Jason Mraz was in it until watched the video.

      WISHING YOU WERE SOME HOOOOOOW HERE AGAIN!!! WISHING YOU WERE SOME HOOOOOWWWW NEAAAAAAAAAAR. THAT IS awesome. I've done that several times, like, "Does that voice belong to who I think it belongs too?"
      Yes. Too much SPN. lol.

      I thought the hearts were cute too. *sniff*


  4. Looks like you had fun valentines! We make cheesecake instead of cookies, and watched a chick-flick last night, Kate and Leopold. Have you seen it? It has Hugh Jackman in it, (which makes it awesome) and it's pretty clean, except for some language.

    1. We did. XD

      I LOVE Kate And Leopold! It's one of my favorite romances, it's adorable. xD

  5. Sounds like you had a good Valentine's Day after all. ;)

  6. I like how your selfie shows off the LotR picture... and the graffiti done in whiteout on the closet. LOL

    Oh, so it was your idea to make Valentine hearts? And you didn't even make them. How dare you eat them, then!? (Just kidding. I ate them too, and they were delish.)

    1. .... The lighting was the best there!! lol.

      It was. I was so clever. They were yummmmyyyyy.

  7. This is my reaction to this post:

    *reading and eating the last of my chocolate which is not from a guy on Valentines day but from some friends*

    *nodding in agreement, like, I don't really need a guy right now but I really want one....he could bring me flowers and stuff and that would be amazing*



    Yeah, who needs a guy when you have THAT? XD *runs to look at my own posters...FILI AND KILI!!!!!*

    1. Haha!

      Chocolate from friends is awesome too, isn't it??

      Hehehe, Okay, this comment cracked me up. I love that people agree with this! lol.


      Oh, I don't REALLY need a guy, I have all my fictional boyfriends that make me delighted. lol!

  8. After 26 years of being single I've started to prepare myself for the fact God might have called me to be one of those girls who never get married. (Which would be a bit sad because I want to be a mummy, but I trust Him to know what is best.) But I kind of almost accidentally got myself a Valentine. At work they were giving out free cookies - which is kind of bad to start with, a single girl giving hungry fellows free cookies is pretty much a marriage proposal until their tummies are full. But one fellow who comes in a good bit was talking to me and when I told him about the cookies he got ten times friendlier and started to ask me if I was having a nice holiday. I wasn't sure how to tell him I wasn't giving just HIM a free cookie but everyone.

    1. .... That's how Kat feels too. (that would be very depressing for all involved. I hope you find somebody too, you seem like you would make a really good mommy.)

      LOL! Well, they do say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? That guy was probably like, "Pretty girl, free cookies... my Valentine's Day is MADE!" haha! That's awesome. lol.

  9. Happy belated Valentine's Day, Treskie!! Yeah, I agree, it can be a bit of a downer (especially after you've spent any amount of time on Facebook reading 6th graders' statuses about how they're "forever alone"... gimme a break), but it still looks like you had a pretty fun day! I mean, cookies and Netflix? That's a pretty great combo. ;)

    D'aww, what cute valentines! Sweeties <3

    I'm pretty sure I'm like the fifth person to point this out, but AHH LORD OF THE RINGS POSTER!! :D

    Lol, I loving convincing siblings that what we want is actually not what we want but something that THEY want... if that makes any sense.

    1. Back at you, Chelsea. lol.

      My heart BLEEDS for those forever alone sixth graders. POOOR little 11 year olds.
      My brother asked me if my secret boyfriend and I had plans, and I was like, "Oh yeah, Netflix and I are going to eat cookies and watch movies together." And then he called me a geek and we laughed. Haha. Ha. Ha.

      I know! Aren't they 'dorable? I'm going to have to put them in a special place.


      That makes total sense. And I am becoming quite the pro at it. lol.

  10. I totally agree with the start of this post! I am totally content being single.... except on Valentines Day! :( But the rest of the time I am totally happy! In fact, this year is already completely full and busy for me... I dont have time for a boyfriend!!

    1. *Grin* I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that. XD
      What's got you so busy? school? or do you have a job?

  11. Aw don't feel sad. Happy (late) valentine's day my friend. Love you! ❤️ :)

    1. I'm not really sad, just kind of wistful. lol.

      Backatcha! lol love you too.


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