Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter Seven! {and an update}

So. Hello. How are you? Miss me?

Guess what!! Remember my laptop? The beautious thing that my uncle got for me for a Christmas/Graduation pressie?

I had to send it in to be fixed because it was overheating and the fan ran loudly all the time, and it had taken to turning off on its own. Which is.... you know.... a problem. So I wanted to send it in to get fixed before the warranty ran out.

So I have no 'puter at the moment.

Let us take a moment of silence for the absence of a dear friend. *bows head*

Alright, so you all see how I feel about my missing laptop. It's a tragedy, really it is. It's so sad.
AND seeing as I have no laptop on which to write blog posts and do other nerdy internet things, I have been using my dad's computer. Which is why my commenting on other people's blogs with be.... less now. Sniffle. You're so sad about that. I know you are. Hehehe.
Anyway, I thought I'd clear that up.
SO! I shall now proceed to let you read the next installment of the letter game. (The first of which, you can find on the letter game page on the right.) This was written by Amy as Peggy to me as Joan.
Cheers and God bless!

From: Miss Peggy Douglas
To: Miss Joan MacTavish
December 14th, 1924

Dear Joan.

Thank you for your concern, but I’ve decided not to let your father, or mine for that matter, know about the bomb. My Father would worry so much, and I’d rather not drag you father into this. Don’t get me wrong, your father is wonderful—almost an Uncle to me—but you know as well as I do that he’d probably assign me a body-guard and that is too awkward for words. I will not be followed around for the unforeseeable future even if it is for my own safety.

And you should know me well enough, Joan, to remember that I always carry my pistol with me. Mother was quite insistent on that point. But honestly, I don’t see what on earth that would do for me. I mean, I can shoot decently, but that doesn’t do me much good against an assassin.

But never mind about that.

Sean has been ‘detecting’, as he says, and so far has told me nothing. I don’t know if he just hasn’t come up with anything or if is just very guarded about how he does his job. It’s frustrating, though. He stops by at least twice a week to let me know he is still on the case, and to make sure his safety spell is still on. Oh yes, he came over shortly after I hired him and put a spell on the flat for me. He says he can’t have his clients die while he’s working a case. Apparently that sort of publicity is very bad for business. I wonder why?

Thank you for doing a little research on him for me. I did some of my own, but I don’t have the resources you do and it does make me feel better to know that he is upstanding.

Still, he is without doubt one of the most annoying people I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve come close to firing him at least three times and I’ve only been acquainted with him for three weeks…slightly less, even! He’s just so—ooooh! He’s so, smart! I mean, I’m not all that dim myself, but when I’m around him, I feel like a nitwit! No matter what I say, he has a cleaver repartee to toss back, turning my words into dithering’s. I can’t stand that. But the more clever I try to get, the more he outdoes me. It is ever so vexatious.

I pray he solves the matter soon, as I am beginning to feel warn thin.

I won’t bore you with the details of work. Let’s just say that I am losing patience with humanity in general. People are rude, always in a rush, and never tip well. I want to strangle someone. A little part of me wonders what Mother would say to all this. She was always so convinced that I would follow in her footsteps. Funny how life makes its own decisions, isn’t it?

Well, quite enough about me.

Dominic sounds like a real bother. I am sorry that you are stuck working with him. One day you should let your left jab find its way to his nose. It might be good for him. Then again, I might not be the best person to take advice from right now.

It is true, the whole city is abuzz with gossip about the King and his Board. People are afraid. If the Magicians gain control, the Philosophers will have no way to curb them or their control and the King will surely be dethroned. And still he does nothing? How could a man such as the King’s late father have produced such a weak son? He must put his foot down soon, and I pray that he does. The country wont be able to handle the unrest for much longer and I shudder to think of another civil war.

Take care, my dear! And don’t worry about me. Nothing terrible has happened and I’m beginning to think that perhaps I over-reacted to the whole thing. And please don’t tell your father, or anyone, about that bomb. If word gets to my father he will definitely come rushing home and I can’t have that. He’s far too busy. I worry about him sometimes. I mean, with all the unrest in Parliament, being a Philosopher isn’t the safest of things. I don’t want him to be distracted.

I will write you as soon as I know more about the bomb, who sent it and why. If, that is, I ever find those things out myself. I might strange Sean Stevens before he gets that far.

Your friend,



  1. It's a good thing you sent your laptop to be fixed before the warranty runs out. :O You have a beautiful laptop. I remember seeing it on your vlog. I wanted to decorate my iPad but my mom took off a sticker from the cover when she was being playful. LOL! Are there any removable stickers for laptops and ipads to decorate?W hat are they called?

    Ooh intrigue!! I enjoyed the story. So she received a bomb? what will happen next?

    Hugs to you, my friend. :)

    1. Yes, it has butterflies on it. I'm very proud. lol. It looks like there are removable stickers... I just googled it. :)

      Well, the whole point of the letter game is that we really can't plan ahead since our plots have to mesh and we can't talk about it with each other. So we're not sure what happens next. Hahah!

      hugs back.

    2. Ooh sweet! i'll check out Amazon. :D

      Oh, that's interesting! And thanks for the hug back! <3

  2. That's a pity about your laptop! Hopefully you'll get it back soon!
    Also...I'd just like to say that those gifs are perfection. :P

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. I know. It was greaty saddened by it. lol. Thank you!! I love gifs.

  3. Poor laptop. :( I have to admit that I won't mind if my computer breaks down (even though I love it) because I might get a Mac, like my dad. hehe :P I know, I know...it's selfish. :P

    I really like the letter, but I haven't read your other letter posts (and I'm too lazy to do so). Could you tell me what this is all about, the backstory and such, in a nutshell? :)

    1. Hehe, yeah... but mine was almost brand new, so I was irritated. lol.

      Okay, so basically, it's a letter game. I'm one character and Amy is the other and we write each other letters AS those characters.

      This one... is sort of an alternate history. It's in England in the 1920s, but there's magic and steampunkery and a different government.

      My character is Joan, she graduated from university as a Master Assassin (which is really just a glorified bodyguard) and is currently working as a member of the Prince's security detail. She's bored because nothing happens.

      Amy's character Peggy (who wrote the letter above ^^^) is having trouble with her magic powers and due to an unfortunate accident at university, she got kicked out and is working as a barista at a coffee shop. Someone sent her a bomb in an attempt to kill her (we don't know who or why) and she's hired a P.I. to help her find him.

      There's trouble among the different parties in the government

      And that's all at the moment. I need to reply. You don't have to read the letters all at once. They're separate and labeled on the page over there. lol.


    2. LOL!! That sounds good!

  4. It's sad about your 'puter. But it was hilarious when you brought it to the fed-ex. And I wont go on about it, but you know what I mean. ;)

    Oh, look! My letter! I was wondering how long you were going to hang onto it before finally decided to publish it. lol.

    1. So sad.

      Shut up.

      it's like, "hahahahhahaha! MY LETTER!!"

  5. I need to come back and read your letter. I have to find the one I missed though so I can get caught up. Rotten editing.

    Now I'm sad about your dead computer! I like your comments. I shall hunt down some doctors for you to see if they can revive it. (I know a good many. The Doctor, Watson, McCoy. One of them is bound to be of some help.)

    I wish people woudl get married in movies too instead of moving in. (Shawn and Jules. Tony and Pepper. Nick and Juliet from Grimm I had more but I've forgotten them.) I do the same and pretend they are already married. I mean, what's the point of acting like husband and wife and not actually getting married?

    YES! It does feel weird to say that about the arc rector, but it is true. (I don't mention it to a lot of people because it is weird to be talking about Iron Man and start complaining about how his chest no longer glows. *Smirk* They think I'm weird enough without that conversation.) BUt still!!! It was part of him, and now it's gone!

    The fight with Pepper was a little weird. I think it was because it was so unlike her. Pepper never really fought anyone. She called the police and stood back smirking while they were arrested. Or she pushed buttons to blow stuff up. I kind of liked that about her. She was all girly and brave at the same time. Seeing her glow and kicking bad guys in the head just didn't seem like her. (I mean, if she ever kicked anyone in the head I thought it woudl be Tony.)

    Actually...if you want to enter your post on Tony into the contest I think it would be all right. You did right it after all. So yes, you can. Let me know if you want to and I'll add your name to the list.

    1. Hehehe. :D Don't worry about missing a letter, you can always reread them if you're desparate. lol.

      Me too. It's such a tragedy. But hey, if you send over any of those Doctors, I shall be most grateful. I'm guessing the Doctor would be the best, he knows so much about every technology ever. All he'd have to do is sonic it. lol. (I am glad you like my comments. XD)

      I actually heard somewhere, (I think the producer hinted at it) that Shawn and Jule's are going to get married! that would MAKE the TV show for me. I'd be overjoyed. :D But yeah. I think everyone's just scared of committment. And just moving in eliminates the whole divorce drama. *sigh* People are stupid.

      My friend makes fun of me all the time for being so nerdy. She is too, though, so I don't know where she's coming from. She agrees about the arc reactor though. We must stick more shrapnel in Tony so that he has to get another one. We're evil. Hahahahahahah!

      That's IT! I knew there was something about the fight that I didn't like and you're right, it IS out of character for her! THANK you for clearing that up for me.

      Really!? I can?!!! You are so awesome, m'dear! I'd love that! I'd love to enter! *dances away happily*

      (just between you and me and don't tell anyone. My dad's out of town, so I get to use his computer which is why I'm still commenting the best blogs.LOL. ... it's just in the living room, and I don't like using it as much. Hehe.)

  6. LOVED the gifs! Sorry to hear about your laptop. That's gotta be upsetting! Hope you get it back soon!


    1. Thanks! :D

      It is. *sniffle*

      And Bad Wolf Day to you, m'dear. :)


    (in honor of Bad Wolf Day ;D )


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