Saturday, September 12, 2015

Picture Saturday-- Phantom Paper Dolls

I don't even know what happened, but all of the sudden it's been two weeks since my last blog post and that's not good. Oops.

First of all! Before I say anything else, my Raoul post is almost done! This being said, it's kind of morphed into more than just a defense post, and it's turned into more of a "my thoughts on Phantom" post.

This means the cruddy thing is really long.


Would you rather I did the post in two parts? (They'd still be pretty good sized posts.)
Or would you prefer I did it in one fell swoop? (The post's a novel, basically.)

Let me know, so I can format and stuff, my dears. :)

For everyone who wondered how the Giants game went.... we got creamed. *cough*

I worked a lot this week, which is nice, because I can always use a little extra money, ya feel me?

Somehow, I managed to do something to my thumb and my pointer finger on my right hand, and now typing is tricky, because they hurt.

Also, 24.

Jack should just be president, that's all I'm saying.

Bella's doing a petition to get Tale of Two Cities back on Broadway, and she would really love it if you guys could sign it for her. It's here.

Anyway, this Picture Saturday's going to be a little different, because I'm posting paper dolls rather than drawings.

I had a good time making these, even though they were movie costumes, rather than Broadway ones. I get that movies and stage performances are supposed to be different, but I kind of wish they'd kept the costumes a little closer to the stage version... that's just my preference.

Anyway! Here we go!

1.) The dolls themselves, because LOOK AT HOW AWESOME HIS FACE TURNED OUT! (And Christine looks sweet, which made me really happy.)

2.) Some of the pictures I took with them wearing their outfits didn't turn out so well, my phone's camera has issues sometimes, but here, have Christine and her Think of Me gown.

3.) The dressing gown from Angel of Music, because seriously, that's one of the most important outfits of the show.

4.) So his masks made me really happy....

5.) Christine's Wishing dress, because prettiful...

6.) The Masquerade gown, which is glorious... (And surprisingly tricky to draw, omgoodness.)

7.) The Phantom's masquerade costume. (Did you know it's called Red Death? CAUSE I ONLY JUST FOUND OUT.) Also, not gonna lie, this is my favorite of all of them.

8.) And finally, Christine's bridal veil and gown from the Final Lair, and this is possibly my favorite of hers. Her dress turned out better than I expected, those pleats gave me some trouble.


Ehem, I finally sat down and watched the whole Phantom movie with Sammi, because she loves the movie and she wanted me to watched it without bias... I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

It's a lot better when you watch it all the way through and not just the clips you can find on youtube. I will say I actually like the way Gerard portrays the Phantom better than Ramin whatshisface, because he acts more like Michael Crawford, who will always be the epitome of Phantom to me.

Also, I think the hate movie Raoul gets is wrong. The guy is a good actor, and he sings really well, and he wasn't a wimp, which is what I hear people say about him a lot. I mean yeah, his hair is long and... yeah, his hair's too long. But it's accurate to the time and he was really cool, so I think he made up for it.

Basically the main problem I have with the movie is that they made it quite a bit dirtier than the musical, the Music of the Night, and Point of No Return made me really uncomfortable.

Anyway, there you have it!

What do you think of the dolls?
Which one is your favorite Christine outfit?
Which is your favorite Phantom outfit?
Did I capture the feel of the costumes?
Let me know about the Raoul post, pretty please...

Let me know!

Love ya guys, and I shall be back soon!


  1. What do you think of the dolls?
    They are so coooooool!!!!

    Which one is your favorite Christine outfit?
    Ummm... All of them?

    Which is your favorite Phantom outfit?
    The Red Death

    Did I capture the feel of the costumes?
    YAS. And really well too.

    Let me know about the Raoul post, pretty please...
    I dunno... I would do it in one post. Maybe do a tally and do what the majority of us say :P

    And you'll be proud of me. My family has now become some what Doctor Who obsessed... Just slightly. I call it a healthy obsession XD

    1. *Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

      *Aw shucks. Thanks. ;)

      *YAH ME TOO

      *Okay, one post seems to be the consensus.


  2. Wait a sec.........................................................................

    Gerard Butler better than Ramin Karimloo?

    Okay I'm not even a big Phantom fan but........

    yeah I like Ramin because his voice is pretty much incredible.

    The paper dolls are lovely though. I love the Red Death, that one turned out really cool. So that one was my all time favorite and of course favorite Phantom one. And favorite Christine one is the wedding dress. Because it's pretty and I love the pleats.

    As for the Raoul post........ if it's that big maybe two is best. XD But I'm up for anything.

    1. ......... yes.

      Well like... Ramin's voice is way better than Gerard's... but Gerard is a better *Phantom*. The Phantom isn't supposed to scream and yell all the time. He's a phantom, he's a ghost. He's not supposed to be loud.

      Hehehehe. I like the dolls. I think they turned out really well. RED DEAAAAAAAATH.
      *Grrrrrrr* pleats.


  3. ousadgkfhsdlhf;jalfhl;ksaj GAH I love the dolls. They're like a combination of coloring and dress-up, which are two of the best things. *hearts*

    Favorite of the dolls? The masquerade ball (dude, I totally just spelled that right on the first try *high fives self*). It's super pretty and you did it justice on the doll.

    Red Death, dur. XD

    Yasssssssss you did. Now I want some.

    Mmmmm, the Raoul post.... I dunno, I'm going to read it either way, soooooo....... One long one?

    1. alfjdasldfkjasdfalajsdf yaaaaaaaaaay thank you! (Right? Coloring and dress up are awesome!)

      Yeah, that one is mine too because COLORS. But thanks! that makes me all cozy inside.

      LOL we'll see how that goes.

      Aaaaaaaah the votes for the raoul post are like 50/50! What do I do now!???

  4. I like the way you did Christine's hands, and ALL THE OUTFITS ALSO THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Christine's hands are a pain in the neck, fyi. AWWWWWWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *dances*

  5. I have never seen Phantom paper dolls before, so these are fantastic!
    Favorite Christine outfit is the wedding dress. The detail is awesome.
    Favorite Phantom outfit is the regular one? The one that's not the Red Death...

    About the Raoul thing, if you are worrying about people's heads exploding from too much fangirling (or whatever you will be doing in that particular post), I'd say do it in two posts. If not, do it all in one fell swoop and let the heads explode! :)

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Awww thank you!!

      Yeah, I like the wedding dress too, it's super pretty.... *whispers* "I want one"

      Well both of the Phantom's outfits turned out really well, I just liked the Red Death because of all the detail. BUT HIS OTHER ONE IS AWESOME TOO! (And yeah, that's pretty much what he wears the whole movie.)

      Yeah, it looks like I"m going to end up posting it in two parts, because I don't want to cut anything out. (I DON'T WANT EXPLODING HEADS, MKAY? hahah, it's not super fangirly, it's more just explaining why I ship Raoul and Christine over Phantom, and it's getting kinda deep. lol)

  6. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Okayokayokay. I really love looking at all your posts, but this one. *Weeps everwhere.* With the luxuriant folds of fabric and how you took real photos of outfits and rendered them beyewwwwtifully in your own style of drawing. AIEEEEEE. Such a very lush post. I lurrrrve this. Eye candy XDDDDD.

    Favorite Fantom? Deffffinitley Red Death. The cape *drools*

    Favorite Christine? *goes back and looks* Shucks, all of them. But I think the wedding dress, because of how beautifully and tangibly you drew the pleats. Imma fan.

    Two posts. Two posts is better than one. And easier for readers to handle. Long blog posts are ... wellllll, long XD. Besides, Treksie. DOESN'T RAOUL DESERVE HIS OWN POST? Yes he do.


      Okeydokey! (I love it when people love stuff, it makes them so cool. lol.) YASS, I TRIED TO KEEP IT AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLLLLLE. (But I raised Christine's necklines, cause modesty.... and stuff) YASS THANK YOU.

      The Red Death made me giggle when I finished, because it was awesome.

      YES! Thank you for commenting on the pleats, they were tricky. XD

      Two posts seems to be the consensus. Yeah, that's my view on long blog posts too. I don't have tiiime.

  7. OMG HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED?!?!? THOSE PAPER DOLLS ARE INCREDIBLE!! :D I love the movie, actually...erm *coughs* It's all I've ever seen. I think the scene at the circus is the SADEST thing in the universe and totally freaked me out when I saw it the first time. I was a very impressionable small thing. Also that Phantom. He be awesome.

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. LOL I don't know how to answer that without sounding like I'm a conceited dragon, so thank you, and I don't know.

      THE STAGE IS BETTAH, BUT WHATEVER, IF YOU LOVE THE MOVIE, THAT'S OKAY. Sammi likes the movie more too. lol. (That scene at the circus was weeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiird.)

      YASS the Phantom is awesome, and creepy....

  8. Wow! These are amazing. They really look the actual costumes, and you ask me to pick a favorite!?

    You ask too much.

    Um, um, okay. I think the Phantom's mask definitely turned out well, so I'm going to say his normally outfit. As for Christine, that's a really hard choice. But I'm going to say the Wishing dress. It's sooo beautiful. Your drawing looks just like it. If I could wear any of her dresses, I would pick that one. Expect, I would muchly prefer for the neckline to not be that low (it's SO low, is that even considered a neckline?). What is with people and fancy dresses? Don't they know what modesty is? (this is probably the number one reason I'd make a bad actress, I'd be like, "Um, no. I'm not wearing that. There's nothing there to even wear! And I am not going to kiss anyone!").

    So are you going to do Rauol dolls? In defense of movie Rauol, having long hair does not make you a wimp. Jesus had long hair. *squints at Rauol haters*

    Okay, so for the Phantom post. I would say split it into two. Because more Phantom, yay!! And it's easier to read, especially if they're still going to be long.

    Lastly, I do agree with you on The Music of the Night, and Point of No Return. The first one is such a beautiful song, I was disappointed with the way they depicted it. They didn't have to do that! Why did they ruin it?! Especially Point of No Return, that just got way too sensual, and really fast. (Though I do admit, I like her dress in that scene too. . .and her hair, but she always has beautiful hair).

    1. Heeeeeeeeeee. I always ask too much. That's just how I do.

      His masks were hard, because they kept frikken falling off, so I had to make loads of little tabs to keep it from falling off randomly. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a good reference picture for his stupid normal outfit? *screeches*
      The Wishing dress was so hard because it kept getting *darker* and there's only so much you can use after black, you know? lol. Yeah, I raised a lot of her necklines because modesty.... but yeah, I don't get why pretty dresses have to be so low. THAT'S NOT NICE. (hahahah RIGHT? That's why I never felt any inclination to be an actress...)

      SHE DIDN'T ASK FOR RAOUL DOLLS, BUT I MIGHT MAKE ONE FOR MHEEE. That is the single best defense of Raoul I've ever heard.

      yeah, two seems to be the general opinion. Raoul is bae.

      THANK YOU! Yes, MotN was his love song, it wasn't supposed to be all touchy feely like... perverted... (Point of No Return is a freaking creepy song. LIKE CREEPY, and they didn't need to make is so inappropriate.

      She does always have pretty hair. I hate it lol.

  9. I like the Masquerade gown though I really don't quite know how to judge dresses, I guess I like the pink mostly. gosh, I think I remember playing with them once but sadly, lost interest, even now, I'm not a big fan but nice job on the outfits for both of them, I think I like the mask the most since it comes off

    have a lovely september.

    1. Her Masquerade dress is such a pretty pink. lol. :)

      Paper dolls were hard to play with becuase the clothes always fell off!! lol. Thank you! (The mask is awwwesome, even though I made it.... I can still say that right? Is that arrogant? lol)

      Thanks! you too!


    Favorite Christine outfit....the wedding dress. Because it's so beautiful. AND THOSE PLEATS. SSYHGLKSDGHLSDKGHH THEY ARE PERFECT I LOVE THEM. XD

    Favorite Phantom outfit....RED DEATH. It is fabulous, my dear.

    I think you captured the feel of the costumes perfectly. (THOSE PLEATS THOUGH....*shakes head in bewilderment* How did you get them so perfect and pleat-y??)

    Oooohhhhh a Raoul post. *rubs hands together* Um.....impo I will say two nice long posts. More posts are better than one and less chance of family members shoving me off the computer because I've been on it too long hehe :) But either way I'm fine.

    And I'm probably biased as I've only seen the movie version, but Gerard Butler is THE Phantom for me....his voice wasn't as good as others I've heard, but I practically fell in love with his portrayal of Phantom. He made me cry. The ending was very sad. *sniffles*




      Obviously. That Cape is my most bestest

      THANK YOU! *dances everywhere* (lalalalala. pleats. Actually pleats are really easy to draw, for me. But I use skirts all the time, so maybe it's just normal for me to like to draw skirts? I don't even know anymore.)

      YES, A RAOUL POST BECAUSE RAOUL. MHMMM. Two Posts is a general ruling, so it looks like it's going to be that. lol. Hehehe, thanks.

      I think everyone's favorite Phantom is their first Phantom, my friend like Ramin Karimloo because we showed her the play first, but I will always be a Michael Crawford fan because he was my first. (His voice wasn't that great, but at least he didn't scream, which a big thing among Phantoms these days. *grrrrrr*) But yeah, the end always gets because basically SADNESS. SADNESS EVERYWHERE>

  11. PERFECT!!!!! People would 900% pay for these, I'M JUST SAYING! You should sell them, you really should. Paper dolls for grown ups XD

    Fave Phantom - #5. Fave Christine - wedding dress.

    Raoul post in two parts, I think, if you think it splits well. Not if it's going to ruin the flow, though.

    I always love your Picture posts, but this one was really a highlight! WOW!

    1. Awwwwwwwww you think so!? Wow! *yesss* I should. I shall think about it. :)

      Christine's wedding dress made me verra happeh indeed. ;)

      Yeah, I think i'm going to split it up, because the musical has an intermission and I can split it there.

      Aw thank you so much! :)


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