Monday, May 25, 2015

Geek power baby, stay strong.

Guys. It's Geek Pride Day.

It's also Memorial Day, but I always do a Memorial Day post, so I'm doing the geek pride tag instead.

HOWEVER, Amy, Kat, and I did a cover of Taps in three part harmony, so please do check that out.

Right, so, this is long.

1.) Who directed the first Star Trek Movie?
     Ehm. Ehm. I know this. Robert Weis? Wise? Robert? (Oh no, I'm not sure of the first answer! This bodes ill.)

2.) Where did the Winchester's live before Mary's death?
     Lawrence, Kansas. They only hammered it into your head every episode in s1.

3.) What do the Druids call Merlin?

4.) Who was originally cast for Han Solo?
      I didn't think there was anyone originally cast as Han? I don't know, Star Wars isn't my fandom.

5.) Who are Arwen's brothers?
     I KNOW THIS because I finally read Lord of the Rings! Elladan and Elrohir.

6.) Who was the first goblin to guide Harry around Gringotts?
     Ehm. Harry Potter isn't one of my main fandoms either. It was this guy, right?

7.) In what Star Trek episode did the Tribbles FIRST appear?

a.) Trials and Tribble-ations
b.) Amok Time
c.) Trouble with Tribbles.

8.) Who played the First Doctor?
     William Hartnell.

9.) What hits John on his way to see Sherlock in the streets in "The Reichenbach Fall"?
     Some jerk on a bike.

10.) Which of the following knights did not betray Arthur?
A.) Lancelot
B.) Gwaine
C.) Leon
D.) Mordred
E.) Elyan.

11.) What was Bones' first name?
       Sylvester. And his last name was McCoy. And he's a Doctor, not a insert name here.

12.) The Tesseract is one of six powerful "Infinity Stones." What are the other five?

1.) The Aether (Reality Gem)
2.) The Orb (Power Gem.)
3.) The Scepter (Mind Gem)
4.) The Soul Gem
5.) The Time Gem

(The last two I had to look up. I'm ashamed.)

13.) John Watson goes on a date with a girl in "The Blind Banker." What is her name?
Must I necessarily give her last name? I know it's Sarah.

14.) What does TARDIS stand for?

15.) Who killed Darth Vador?
        I dunno!

16.) What does the inscription on the colt say?
       So I knew that the English translation was "I will fear no evil" but I had to look up the Latin. The actual inscription is Non Timebo Mala.

17.) What words did Moriarty carve into an apple as a message for Sherlock?
       I O U. *Does happy dance 'cause I actually knowed it.*

18.) What episode of TNG were the Borg originally introduced?
       UNGH! I don't remember the name, but it's this episode. I think.

19.) How does Sherlock Holmes like his coffee?
       Dark and sweet, black with two sugars.

20.) Who finally kills Morgana?
       Merlin did it, with Excalibur.

21.) Who is older, Fred or George?
        Because it's always said as Fred and George, I'm going with Fred. Has J.K. Rowling ever actually said which one?


22.) What kind of plane does Han Solo fly?
       Some space plane?

23.) Where do Eowyn and Faramir settle (and rule) after the War of the Ring?
        Oh oh oh oh oh oh. I know this. I know this. Um. ITHILIEN! Right? Am I right?

24.) What does the T stand for in James T. Kirk?
       Tiberius. HA! See I do know stuff.

25.) What is John Watson's middle name?

26.) Who is the most famous Doctor?
       Pretty sure it's Four. Him or Ten. But I'm pretty sure it's Four.

27.) What is Chewbacca?
       RAAHRUUHMAAA. (that's Wookie for Wookie.)

I don't actually want a Wookie....

28.) What is the color of Gallifrey's sky?
       Red. Which never made sense to me, red's an angry color. No wonder the Timelords had issues.

29.) What does SHIELD stand for?
        Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.

30.) In Iron Man 2 what element saved Tony Stark from blood poisoning?
       Le Vibranium.

31.) Name the seven horcrox's.
       I should know this, I just watched the movies. Let's see

1- Harry
2-Tom Ridde's Diary
3-That snake
4-the pendant that made Ron a weirdo
5-that cup from Bellatrix's vault
6-the ring
7-the crown that he defiled with dark magic.

BOOM. I know stuff. *fist bump*

32.) Name the movie that goes with this famous exchange: "I love you." "I know."
Star Wars. (Supernatural has a gif for that too.)

33.) In which episode did the sonic screwdriver first appear?
       Fury From the Deep. I know this because I'm a geek, not because I watched that episode.

34.) Where was the HOUND group located?
       Liberty, Indiana. Woo!

35.) What is the Secret Word that opened the Gates of Moria?
       Melon.  (It's the Elvish word for 'friend.')

36.) Which college did Sam Winchester attend?
        Helloooo, Supernatural. Stanford. (He was supposed to be back by Monday. *snort)

37.) Who does Lavender give Ron for Christmas?
       According to google, it was a necklace that read "my sweatheart". She was obnoxious in the movies.

38.) In Doctor Who, who is Davros?
       He's that weirdo Dalek guy.

39.) In "The Blind Banker" which book does Sherlock use to crack the coded messages?
       London, A - Z.

40.) What action made Thor worthy of Mjölnir?
       He was willing to die for his friend on Midgard. Basically yeah, he died.

41.) In what episode was Arthur crowned King?
       I think it was The Sword in the Stone?

42.) How many kids are in the Weasley family?
       Let's see, there's Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. Seven.

43.) When did Bruce Banner "Hulk" for the first time?
        I actually don't know. Hulk is not my favorite, I feel bad.

44.) What is Ron's boggart?
       The spiderrrr.

45.) What is the name of the remote and uninhabited planet that was destroyed by the first test of the Death Star's laser cannon?
       Ugh, Star Wars, you're killing me, man. Didn't it have something to do with Leia? 

46.) Who saved Frodo from the barrow wights?
        I'm so glad I read the books. Tom Bombadil.

47.) What is the name of the Gentlemen's Club that Mycroft Holmes attends?
        The Diogenes Club.

48.) What iconic word is the Ninth Doctor known by?

49.) A character from Captain America: The First Avenger reappears in a later movie as a villain. Who is it?

50.) In which classic episode did Sarah Jane leave the TARDIS?
      I think it's the Hand of Fear.

51.) What did Hagrid give Harry the first time they met?
       A cake.

52.) Who was the father of Legolas?

53.) Which three people does Moriarty have snipers set on in "The Reichenbach fall"?
       Mrs. Hudson, John, and Lestrade.

54.) "Every life is a pile of good things and bad things...." complete this quote.
       "The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant."(HAAAAAAA, I knew that quote off the top of my head, because I'm fabulous.)

55.) What kind of car does Dean Winchester drive?
       Baby is a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, and she's beautiful.

56.) What team played in the Quidditch World Cup that Harry attended?
       I know it was between Ireland and Bulgaria, but I don't know the names of the teams.

57.) When was Agent Phil Coulson first introduced? What were his first lines?
       In Iron Man, and I don't remember....

58.) In Merlin, what is the name of the evil spirits that attack Camelot at the beginning of Season Four?

59.) The despised character Jar Jar Binks (who first appears in "The Phantom Menace"), hails from what underwater society found on planet Naboo?
       I have no idea.

60.) What political office did Pippin have in Gondor after the War of the Ring?
       He was Thain of the Shire.

61.) When was Lancelot first introduced?
       Wasn't the episode called Lancelot?

62.) What does Harry want to be after he Graduates from Hogwarts?
       Alive. HAAAAA. Ehem. He wants to be an Auror.

63.) Which Avenger has no personalized/superhero weapon?
       I'm going to say Black Widow, but technically, the Hulk fits that too, right?

64.) Which Supernatural character shares Dean's birthday? (hint: it's a girl.)
Jess and Dean share birthdays, which I find to be ironic.

65.) What three items does Sherlock steal to impersonate a waiter for his clever surprise “reveal” to John Watson at the restaurant?

A.) A comb, a fountain pen, and a boutonniere
B.) A monocle, sharpie, and a silk cravat
C.) A bowtie, glasses, and eyebrow pencil

66.) What are some other names used for Gandalf the Grey?
Mithrandil, Icanis, and the White Rider....

67.) What is the the licence plate number on the Winchester's car currently? (NO LOOKING IT UP!)

68.) Which Avenger movie did Hawkeye first appear in?
Thor, he was rooting for the crazed Asgardian

69.) What was the name of the waltz Sherlock played at John and Mary's wedding?
       He wrote it, and it was called A Waltz for John and Mary.

70.) When was the One Ring destroyed?
       Like... the exact date? I don't know. I'M SORRY!

71.) How many years had the Great Dragon been imprisoned when Merlin first entered Camelot?
       Like 20 years or something.

72.) Where is the Stark Tower located?
       New York.

73.) Who voiced the computer in the TNG?
       Majel Barret. She played Nurse Chapel in TOS too. Woot!

74.) There are five ranks of Wizards. What are they?
       White, Grey, Brown, Red, and Blue.

75.) How did Mary accidentally reveal her true identity to John? (This is for Sherlock, BTW)
When Sherlock tricked her and John was listening.

76.) Who is K-9?
He's the metal dog from Doctor Who, and he's annoying.

77.) What is the Name of Aragorn's ring?
       The Ring of Barahir.

78.) What is inscribed upon each side of the sword Excalibur?
       Take Me Up, on one side, and Cast Me Away on the other.

78.) What is Bucky Barnes' full name?
       James Buchanan Barnes.

79.) What was the gift given to Boromir in Rivendell?

80.) "You were right, okay? I see light at the end of this tunnel..." Finish this quote.
       "...And I'm sorry you don't, I am. But it's there, and if you come with me, I can take you to it."  

81.) Where did "The Last Battle for Camelot" take place?
       I don't remember.

82.)What were the names of the Eagles who rescued Sam and Frodo from Mount Doom?

A.) Orcrist, Sting and Glamdrin.
B.) Narsil Gladring and Hadhafang.
C.) Sting, Anduil and the white Knife of Legolas.
D.) Aeglos, Orcrist and Sting.

I'm making a new letter, E, because the Eagles were Gwaihir, Landroval and Meneldor.


83.) How did Sherlock fake his death?

This took forever guys. I think I qualify as a geek... even thought there were a few questions I wasn't 100% on. How many of them did you know the answers to?


It was like:

Le me, "AW YEAH GEEK TAG! I'm a geek, this should be easy!!"

Le me, *Reads questions....*

Le me:

Le me, *keeps reading*

Le me, "I"m seriously beginning to doubt my geekiness."

BUT I FINISHED, and I got most of them, and so!

 And with that, I shall wish you all a very happy Geek Pride Day, (and Memorial Day.)

Treskie out.


  1. It's nice to meet you, Ms Geek *bows*
    If I was to do this with no Google, I wouldn't get any right *hides in shame*

    1. Nice to meet you too! *bows back*

      (awww don't worry, I tend to just absorb knowledge, and it disturbs people.

  2. I guess I'm not a geek almost all the questions would be answer with the 'I don't know!' gif, rows and rows of it

    I think some of these questions are too detailed oriented, I mean, who remembers license plates numbers and what planet this creature or that creature came from and secondary characters or unlikeable characters?

    fun read though, love all the gifs. hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Hahaha! I did cheat with a couple of them and ask a sister who knew but yeah, I like my fandoms and I get a little obsessive. lol.

      YEAH RIGHT!? TOO DETAILED EXACTLY!! I was like "I'M A GEEK!" *reads questions* "I AM NOT A GEEK!" I knew the license plate number because it's shown in almost every episode. But yeah, some of that stuff you're like, "Who even *Cares*!?"

      Thank you. lol. You too!

  3. shhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadhffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffssssssawhdndf HOW DID YOU ANSWER THOSE ALL IT MUST HAVE TAKEN LIKE 600 YEARS

    also i know like 5 answers because i forget everything. oops.

    FABULOUS JOB, TRESKIE DEAR. I am impressed.

    1. aa;sfaldfslakfj;alskfjalskdfj adfsaiit it took like three evenings, but that's a lot so. lol.

      I have a good memory for unimportant stuff like fandoms, but school? WHO IS ABRAHAM LINCOLN AGAIN!? (Okay, I know who he is, but that's just to prove a point.)

      Thank you. I'm impressed too. lol.

  4. I'm ashamed. You are so much more of a geek than I am. But I'm a doctor not a physicist so whatever. (Hee hee)

    That version of Taps was so good. When my brother, sister and I try to sing in harmony, it sounds bad. Like, out of tune and not pretty. But you sound pretty. And the editing of the video is really good.

    Happy Memorial Day!! A day late...

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. I believe myself to be Queen Geek so..... (I understood that reference. )

      Aw thank you! Yeah, harmony is tricky, and it takes me a little while to learn it usually. (Luckily Taps is easy, so it's okay lol.)

      Same to you!!

      XD cheers.

  5. *sits quietly in awe of you* SO YEAH I DON'T THINK I'M A GEEK. Like. At all. WOAH. I knew like maybe 10?? Mostly the SPN ones and a few Sherlock ones but geee they were so detailed and complex. I THINK YoU NEED A GEEK AWARD FOR THIS OR SOMETHING. You nerd.

    1. Yeah you better sit there quietly! I"M BASKING IN MY AWESOMNESS. THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF GEEKS THOUGH, you are more of a book geek, whereas, I'm the queen of tv shows. (I READ, but I'm really PICKY) EHEM. I KNOW I WAS STRESSED OUT A LITTLE AT THE HARDNESS OF THIS FREAKING TAG.

      I should have a geek award, give me one.

      I know. I'm a giant nerd. I win. XD

  6. Soo...I'm a new follower here...(because I know people who know you...I'm not a stalker, I promise :D) and I'm just going to say that your geekiness is so fabulous that I was near tears while reading this was so beautiful and nerdy and are literally my new favorite person. :) ANNNNDD your cover of, how do you even produce something that gorgeous from your vocal chords...??

    1. OOOH HELLO, NEW FOLLOWER! I love new followers. lol. And nah, I don't think you're a stalker. XD

      Yeah, you think so? Good, because sometimes I get worried that my geekiness drives people away. Hahaha, I'm glad you thought the post was beautiful, I put a lot of work into it. XD *squeeee* being people's favorite person is son nice. XD

      YAAAAAAY I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT!! we had such a good time recording and filming it. :)

  7. Great job Treskie! I need to work on my geekiness... XD

    I knew almost all of the LOTR ones! But I don't watch TV so that is my only disadvantage :'(

    1. Haha, it was longer, but I took out all the game of thrones ones lol.

      Wow that's awesome!! (Well TV is a dangerous thing, because once you like a show, it's hard to go back to watching movies. lol.)


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