Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do you wanna take down Hydra?

So I saw this thing on pinterest:

And I sat there staring at it, thinking, "Bucky? Do you wanna take down Hydraaaa?"

But since Steve technically needs to save Bucky before they can take down Hydra, I figured that those lyrics wouldn't work.

So yesterday, Bella and I brainstormed, and came up with this, to the tune of the Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.

Let me know what you think, yeah????

SPOILERS, if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Bucky...? Are you the Winter Soldier?
Have you been him this whole time?
Now I don't know you anymore. 
You've really changed for sure...
I thought that you had died. 
We used to be best buddies,
and now we're not--
what happened to that guy?

Why don't you remember me?
You're name is really Bucky--

Who the hell is Bucky?

--You knew me....

So you're the Winter Soldier?
This really changes things, I know
They've turned you into someone new
what have they done to you?
Can you regain control?
(hang in there, bucky)
I don't want to have to kill you
You're my best friend...
When I had nothing, I had you
(winter soldier, winter soldier)

.... Bucky? Please, I know you're in there
I won't hurt you, you're my friend

You have to fight back
I believe in you
there's still good in you,
don't let them win.
I think you're still my best friend.
And I'm with you, pal
'til the end of the line.

You can beat the Winter Soldier.....

You like?


WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.?? I am overcome with feelings and hatred of a certain character who's name and gender shall remain anonymous. But daaaang. S.H.I.E.L.D. started off kind of slow and carefree....

And then all of the sudden....

Plot twists, and betrayals, and Hydra! and! ...And!


I hate Hydra.

Will you help me take down Hydra?


  1. Ummmm....that song. Brilliantly done!! Brava!! <3 <3

  2. First, I need to catch up on SHIELD.... Second. OH MY GOODNESS THE FEELS ARE OVERFLOWING IN WATERFALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I'VE ALREADY READ THE LYRICS ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In retrospect it might be because I *just* got back from seeing it again with a friend. And yeah. She cried. I almost cried again, we hurt, I was tense like the whole time and I think that's why I was sweating by the end of it (it was rather warm in the theater....) **cough** To answer our question...Jerk Face did die. Fury shot him. He got off too easily I still think. :P Anyway, I think I broke Claire. Cause we saw the movie and fangirled for like 40 minutes at least and then I put on "Bad Blood" by Bastille which is like the most Bucky & Steve song I own. I think she almost started crying again. She, like I, *never* cries in films.

    Ah yes. The feels. I will die of them. But your song is amazing and I loves it!

    ~A very distraught Anna aggressively worrying about Bucky

    1. Yes, you really should. Because it just got goooood.

      YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!1 THAT WAS THE DESIRED EFFECT!!! Mwuahahaha. lol. Oh your poor friend. Tenseness does cause sweating I believe. lol.

      I *knew* Jerk Face died. lol. So death wasn't enough? LOL Would you rather that Fury shot his kneecaps and then his elbows, and THEN his face? (But not his ears, because those must be perfectly preserved. Get it?)
      Poor Claire. You are not a nice friend. Bad Blood? *goes to look it up*

      Hehe. Unfortunately, feels also bring you back to life, so it's a never ending circle of feels. I'm glad you liked it such much. LOL.

  3. Do I like it?!?! Um, yes! After reading your magnificent lyrical composition, I immediately made my little sis belt it out with me. Our out of tune voices didn't do it justice, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. :)

    1. Lala! I'm so happy! You have no idea how much happy. lol. (I just thought about people singing it and freaked out-- in a good way. :)

  4. Okay, that's fine, go punch me right in the feels. ;'( But seriously, that was beautiful (in a painful, heartbreaking way that makes me want run to Netflix and watch the first Captain America movie in which Bucky and Cap are still relatively happy).

    I hate Hydra.

    1. Punched right in the feels?! Did you just make an SPN reference when you don't even watch it? O_o.

      Heee. I wanted it to be sad to do Winter Soldier justice. lol. I know! I've really been wanting to watch the first one again too. But I think watching Bucky and Steve is going to hurt more, because I know what's in store for them. lol.

      *puts both fists down* Me too.

    2. O_o WAS that a Supernatural reference?? Well that was weird. *raises eyebrow*

      Yeah, that's true. It would be especially painful seeing Steve "lose" Bucky the first time. :(

    3. It was. In a recent episode, someone actually says, "Punched right in the feels!" and it was very applicable to how that episode affected me. lol.

      ... I need to watch it. I like pain. I do self-harm through my fandoms

  5. On the subject of SHIELD..... *glares* How has THREE deaths/betrayals NOT been enough payback for not warning you about Bobby????? I found out via pinterest *totally accidentally* that what's his face (can't remember his name....but ummm not the Scottish guy, but the fighting one) is HYDRA!?!?!?!? I need to catch up. Big time! :P I need to catch up!

    Anyhow, how dare you not warn me??? I *totally* shipped Ward (THAT'S HIS NAME!) with the girl (sorry. I haven't seen it in awhile...hence the name forgetting). :P

    The spoiler was right...right? Ward IS Hydra? :'( PLEASE TELL ME IT ISN'T SO!!!!


    P.S. Tell Bella she's not the only one with no remaining ships. All mine have sunk.
    Post P.S. Actually I still ship Gwen Stacey and Peter they better not kill her. EVER.

    1. Oh, hun. Nothing is ever going to make up for Bobby. I DIED that day! lol. SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! NO SPOILERS ABOUT SHIELD BELLA AND TINY HAVEN'T SEEN IT. SHHHHHH.

      I don't tend to warn people about stuff like that, because *I* like watching things and not knowing. (except Bobby. A heads-up on that one would not have gone un-thanked.) The girl SKYE or the Girl MAY??

      I Say Nothing further about it. HYDRA NEEDS TO DIE THOUGH.


      PS. Hawkeye and Black Widow haven't sunk yet.
      PPS. You know she dies in the comics, right?

  6. I haven't seen CA2 (I know, I know, crazy, right?) but I found this most amusing and sad at the same time. Amusing because I really love spoofs and have co-written (with my sister) SEVERAL spoofs (including one for each Avenger) and find it a generally wonderful occupation. Though recently it appears my time has been taken up by writing sad fan songs which are not funny at all.

    But anyway, excellent job *rises to feet and applauds*

    And now I want to see CA2, dang it.

    But yeah, on moral grounds (mostly some objections raised by my sister, and then I realized for myself the same things) we decided to stop watching Agents of SHIELD a while back, not particularly for where they WENT but for the reasons of where they were okay to GO if that makes any sense. I was disappointed in not watching anymore, but with what I see on reviews or simply comments of other people who are watching it, I find myself glad that I'm not watching it anymore.

    And that whole thing is why I'm hesitant to watch CA2. But I don't know. I'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD and to my library. Maybe that will help with my problem at having delayed gratification. XD

    Anyway, when I clicked on your blog in my favorites, I was like, "PLEEEEASSSEE LET TRESKIE HAVE POSTED PLEASSEE POST TRESKIE PLEAAASE" and then I saw that you had and I looked at my sister and went, "YES I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS." XD She might have been weirded out, except for the fact that she has had me around for 17 years and has by now figured out how weird I am. XD

    Then again, she's just as weird as me, so we're even.

    But I am getting off track. Sowwy.... I'm just in a super good mood because the sun is shining and I AM ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR BABY. Just....a......few......more......days.........*pant pant pant*

    1. Writing spoofs is great fun, I'm going to have to do it more often. lol. Sad ones are good too though....

      *bows to applause*

      Oooh you *must* watch CA2. It. Was. Awesome.

      Aww. SHIELD had a couple of dud episodes with May and Ward (is that what you're referencing?) And that's when I decided that I aggressively wanted them dead, because I couldn't stand them, or their morals. It was too weird.
      But I kind of wish you'd start back up, because, yeah, they're weird, but Coulson and Fitz and Skye keep getting better and better. And honestly, it's cleaned up and tightened up so far. The plot just clicked, and all of the sudden there is a LOT at stake. :)

      Eeeeeeeh. No. You should watch CA2 in theaters. Because Cap is from the 40s and therefore a loooot more moral than people of today. (That kiss with he and Black Widow in the trailer was not what it looked like. It was fine.) There was absolutely nothing objectionable with the movie.... (lol actually at one point, Natasha recommends that he ask this girl out, and he goes, "She has a nose ring, doesn't she? I'm not ready for that." which I thought was adorable.) Steve is a good guy... I thought the 2nd movie was better than the first, and I freaking LOVED the first one.

      LOL I'm in your favorites?? That makes me giddy with pride. lol. *snort* Were you saying PLEEEEASSSSEEE. in a Gollum voice, or is that just how I read it? Hehe! Now I feel like I waited forever to post, but I just posted on Saturday!
      It's good that your sister isn't weirded out by you. Because I'm not weirded out, and I haven't known you that long. lol.

      AAAAAAAAAAAAH GOOD FOR YOU!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Finishing school is one of the best feelings in the world! (It's grey here though, so don't talk to me about the sun shining. lol.)

    2. Yes! Spoofs are the best. But I don't know if I can agree about sad songs... sometimes they're just TOOOOOOO SAAAAD. :-(

      Actually, I stopped SHIELD before Ward and May (thankfully wasn't subjected to that because May USED TO BE my sister's favorite character so finding that out was lame...). I'm glad that the other characters are making up for them though. XD

      LOL you make me laugh. XD I will see about CA2 in the theater... unfortunately my schedule isn't fitting that in right now. Neither is my budget. YOU MUST REALIZE THIS, TRESKIE, I'M SAVING MY MONEY FOR MY POSTERS FROM YOU. ;-D And also Jack's books. So I think you'll agree with me that those are worthy causes.

      But I'm really, reaaaaalllly, really glad to hear that Steve's still good old Steve. I was hoping they wouldn't make him go downhill.

      YES you are in my favorites! Actually, you're also in my "most visited" section thingy.

      I wasn't saying it in a Gollum voice, but now you have tainted my memory and I almost think I was saying it in a Gollum voice. XD Funny how those things work. And no, I am just one of those people who wishes that my favorite bloggers would post EVERY DAYYYYYY because I love reading their stuff so much. To me, if a blogger posts a lot, it's ALMOST the equivalent of living next door to them..........which would be awesome.

      Not weirded out by me? I shall have to try harder! ;-) I kid, I kid.

      :-D :-D :-D :-D I KNOWWW SO CLOSE. SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE WITH CHEMISTRY FOREVER AND EVER! And then one more year of school in general. But no time to think about THAT yet. FIRST...SUMMER!

      I am sorry about it being grey there. It's REALLLLY nice today. Not a cloud in the sky. "Shall I describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?"

    3. Ooh, then you stopped SHIELD early. lol.

      You're saving up for my posters!? Lol! You know they're not super big, right? I don't think they could even be called posters. The biggest ones I do are the size of a notebook paper. lol. JACK'S BOOKS ARE QUITE DELICIOUS, they are indeed a worthy cause. (but seriously. Make an effort to see CA2.)

      I was worried about them trying to ruin Steve's character too, but he's still as good as before, and that makes me *sooo* happy.

      How often to you come here?!

      See that? I planted that seed of an idea in your mind, that you said it in a Gollum voice. Now, I'm planting another one: You're on train. You don't know where it's going, but you know where you want it to beeeee!"
      Anyway, that was weird. *snort* You know, it's quite difficult to post everyday. I run out of things to say, and then my quality of post goes down to something like, "I saw a watermelon. Banana's are good."

      *High fives* You go, girl. Run towards summah.

      I'd prefer the box, thank you very much. (That STILL only counts as one.)

    4. Yes. XD Early.

      HEY YOU SHOULD GET THOSE BIG SKETCHBOOKS SO YOU CAN DO BIG DRAWINGS. I have one big sketch book thingy. I could send it to you because I don't need it. If I can find it. Which I probably can. I just have to rip out all my horrid drawings. XD

      Okay, I shall make an effort to see CA2. Even if it's on DVD. Which is possible. XD

      I come here a lot. XD Probably more than I'd like to admit. Let's least twice a day.

      So I don't know if you meant this, but when you said, "beeeee!" I totally imagined you singing it like the Phantom of the Opera. XD

      And I know what you mean. I pretend to blog (over email though, my mom didn't want me to have a real basically I just write blog posts and send them out to a group of friends) but writing posts EVERY DAY is impossible. Absolutely impossible. I'm doing great if I post once a week. XD

      *gets you a box* *stands there epicly with bow drawn* And if it makes you feel any better, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. :-P

    5. lol. Is it specifically for pencils? Big drawings are hard, because, not only are they especially time consuming, they require a lot more precision when it comes to proportioning things right. I'm not very good at drawing big.


      Hehehehehe. And I wondered why my pageviews were going up. lol.


      ... I never thought of blogging via email. lol You know you can do private blogs, where only people who have permission are allowed to view it. Mine almost was that way. (It's really nice, it won't give you access to the page unless you request permission from the blog owner. So yeah. You could mention THAT to your mummy.)

      HA! That's what you get for bragging!

    6. Yeah, I think it's for pencil. But I know what you mean. Small drawings are cool too. :-D

      Oh dear. I am the only reason your pageviews are going up? XD


      Yeah, it's kind of weird, I grant you. But now that I've been doing it for like three years, I love it so much. So that's why I wouldn't make a private blog. Just because it's fun to go on my email and see lots of "comments" or "guest posts" from my friends.

      XD Well the weather report keep changing, so we'll see...

    7. There is a very real possibility that my pageviews are being aided by you, but I'm not complaining. I'll take all the pageviews I can get.


      Ahaa. I see. Snazzy.

  7. Hi! I'm semi new to your blog, I'm just too shy to ever comment :P I think it's great ( the song and your blog). I loovvee Capt. America and loved this new one! I can't wait till the 3 one. lol ;)

    1. Heeeeeey, gurl!

      Awww, don't be shy. I like comments. I like all comments. I treat comments like Tony Stark treats his Iron Man suits. (I know what you mean though. I do it too. lol.)

      Thanks you such much! I like that people liked it. lol.

      Captain America is SUCH a gentleman, I am sad he's not real. lol. BUT YOU KNOW the third one is probably going to be all about Steve saving Bucky, and then Bucky is going to turn good.... and then he's going to DIE saving Steve, because that's the way fandoms WORK. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (I can't wait for the third one either. lol.)

    2. I know, Capt. is my favorite! Why can't there be some sort of machine that makes fictional characters real... :P Oh noooo that's going to be so sad. :( lol Oh and to be stalkerish, we follow each other on that amazing thing called Pinterest! Before I went and saw Winter Soldier I went on Pinterest and *almost* saw tonnnnsss of spoilers! :O hahaha

    3. Cap is such a gentleman. Aaah can you imagine if there actually was a fiction-made-real machine!? O_o There would be so many fictional boys running around. lol.

      Ooh, we do? *checks* We do! I knew I recognized your picture. lol. I do pin spoilers. I'm not good about not posting spoilers. I love stuff and need to tell the *whole world* how awesome said stuff IS. lol.

  8. ITS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its absolutely genius! I love it :D I also really really really love CA2. Its even better than Thor. Which is saying a lot because Thor is just so darn cute!! But so is CA. So... know I'm not really sure which one is my fave Avenger. :'(

    Anyways, I applaud you! That song is just genius!

    Now, for the rest of the day I'm going to be singing
    "Bucky...? Are you the Winter Soldier?
    Have you been him this whole time?
    Now I don't know you anymore.
    You've really changed for sure...
    I thought that you had died.
    We used to be best buddies,
    and now we're not--
    what happened to that guy?"

    *cries* why Bucky?!!!??!!

    1. THANK YOUUUU!!!! CA2 was even better than the first one, and that's saying something.

      Who says you need a favorite Avenger, anyway? Pick several. Makes things easier. lol.

      poor Bucky.

    2. No worries!! :D Yes, it is saying something! I am quite happy with Marvel at the moment (except for Shield). *cough cough*

      okay! I love ALL OF THEM!

      i know. stupid Hydra.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! In Avengers 2 it'll be all about killing of Hydra for good (I hope)! And I'm dreading the day Black Widow dies. :"( I hope that is one thing they change from the comics. :(

    And I really really really need to catch up on Shield, I haven't seen it in AGES! I was just hoping that the movies would fill in all the gaps.

    And I was wondering where was Hawkeye in CA2?? Shield was compromised? WHERE WAS HE?!

    I'm am so filled with mixed emotions about these series. WAAYYY to confusing!


    1. They just took down the ships that were going to destroy a bunch of things in CA2. They didn't take down ALL of Hydra. MWuahahaha.

      Black Widow dies in the comics?!!!!!!!?????????????? EEEEK!

      No, the movie adds to Agents of SHIELD, but it doesn't fill in the gaps.... it widens them. lol.

      Hawkeye was probably taking down an entire Hydra facility all on his own, because he's awesome like that.

    2. Oh, shame. :'''(

      No, wait! My mistake. Hawkeye does but is resurrected.

      Oh, no!! So I'm guessing I must watch Agents of Shield?

      Yes, he is very awesome. :D

  10. You got me all teared up. *Sniffle*

    I can't write much, I should be getting ready for bed. But I saw it. I loved it. But still....ouch. I was curled up into a little ball by the end of it.

    I LOVE the Falcon!!!!!!

    I will email tomorrow if I get a chance.



    1. I diiiiiiiiiiid? *does a little dance of joy.* I got Stoneheart all teared up!!!!

      I KNOW! I was curled in a little ball too. A little ball of feels

      Me too! I was not expecting to like him that much, he's *awesome*!

      You should.



    2. I am glad my pain made you happy 8-P

      I've been a ball of feels all day today. I kept wanting to ask people at work if they'd seen it and what they thought of Bucky.

      I KNOW!!! He was SOO cool! I want him to stay in the next movie.

      I am so mad at you know who right now. I thought I would be okay with him doing you know what and it wouldn't bother me. But now all I can remember is how he was with certain everyone elses but HER and now I am really mad at him.He was SO cool with everyone else.

    3. Best friends laugh in the face of each other's pain. Hahahaha!

      All of the sudden, I cannot find any Steve Roger's gifs and it makes me sad. I wish the tragic villains would stop stealing the hero's thunder. I LOVE Loki, and I LOVE Bucky, but I think Thor and Cap deserve more credit.


      You know who needs to dig a hole, and then die in it. You know who is playing the Other youknowwho, and the other you know who deserves better than that so-and-so. *sobble.*

  11. Wagh! Hi, I'm actually a friend of Hannah Joy, and she sent this post to I'm kinda new to this.


    This song is amazing and it shall be stuck in my head the whole day. XD


    1. Haaaaiii!! Well, a friend of Hannah Joy is a pretty high recommendation in my book, so welcome. XD

      DID IT GIVE YOU FEELS, FOR REAL? *dances* I like giving people feels, I am wicked.


    2. Yes, it gave me tons of feels! You are wickedly good at that. XD


      I am also determined to memorize this and sing it to people, so I shall be spreading the word. ;-)

    3. *dances*

      Ooh cool! lol. I like people spreading the word.

  12. I did actually think Do you want to build a snowman to this

    1. Haha really? Awesome! that's what I was going for!


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