Saturday, April 26, 2014

Picture Saturday + Update

There is so much going on in the living room right now.

Nothing special, just kids running around screaming "you fight the fairies!" (which, I'll admit, was my bad, for shouting "Fight the fairies!" in the first place.) There are people singing loudly to Taylor Swift and Hayley Westenra. Bella is sitting next to me cackling in fiendish glee over someone's pain regarding The Winter Soldier. The dogs are barking. I keep feeling the urge to read aloud hilarious pinterest pins.

I'm really distracted.

*crosses eyes*

RIGHT. Picture Saturday. I'm not gonna lie, this week was a bomb when it came to drawing. I did not feel like drawing.

So we have two. We have the one I did, spur of the moment, before dinner.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd! *drumroll* We have the Doctor Who fanart that I ended up being really proud of. It even looks like them!


And now for the update. 

* I've been re-reading the Gallagher Girls books. They're quite hilarious. There's something about the matter-of-fact way that Cammie says things that makes me chortle. 

* My friend found out that I hadn't seen Lion King, Tarzan, or 101 Dalmatians. She was so indignant that we ended up having a sleepover and a movie marathon. (Cue insane cackle. Whatdoyoumean,toomuchcaffeine?)

*I have my driver's test on Tuesday. 


Please pray for me!

*It snowed again. It's cold and gray. Yay, spring!

*I'm almost done with making my etsy shop an actual thing. Lalalala. When it's up I shall post it and make a big deal about it. :) 

*We're going to have tea and cookies and watch Red 2 tonight. 

*I'm excited. 

*That is all. 


Yours sincerely:

The Frenchiest Fry


  1. YOU SAW THE LION KING?! Hugging Sammi for me if she got you to watch it. I love that movie.

    I hate how you can just do an amazing picture before dinner. Just like that. How come you get to be so talented? Can I have even a small bit of it?

    Only true friends cackle at their friend's suffering. I'd pretend to act offended and hurt...but I've done it to you more than once so I can't say anything. Except....BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I DID! IT WAS GOOD! lol. I will give Sammi a hug. lol.

      Awwww. You're cute. I'm gonna keep you. lol. I can shaaare, if you'd be interested in *learning*

      She was cackling and clapping and making a big to-do over the fact that you were having feels. And then I joined in, because HA. That's why. BUCKKKKYYYY.


    2. It is a cool story, I love it!

      Thank you, I liked being kept. It makes me happy. Really? You'd attempt to help me learn? I'd love that! I'm a cruddy student, sloooow learner....but I'd really love it. (I've always just wanted to be able to draw things)

      I always have feels. I'm an Author, I operate under feels. I just used to suppress them so no one would know, then I met all of you, and that doesn't work anymore.



    3. I like it when other people are interested in drawing. Makes me happpyyy. But it's okay, depending on the thing, I'm a slow learner too. How do you want to do it?

      HA! We turned you into a feeeeler. lol. Or a vocal feeler, at least. XD one must voice one's feelings or one has a mental break down. lol.



    4. I could just email you.....but I'm not.

      I have always been interested in drawing. It would be lots of fun. I coudl do all those random pictures I want to do for fun.
      I have no idea. How would it work to do it?

      Oh yes....I am getting more of a showing feeler. But right now I just write long emails or posts or send texts.

    5. This is as good as an email.

      Drawing is fun. And it would be fun to have you draw too!! .... I don't know... youtube tutorials? Or... picture tutorials? Or video chats? ... hmmm.

      Feeeeeel. Texts are good.

      lol. Jerk

    6. Any of those would work. Which do you like best? (Then I could always email you if I can't figure something out and whine and you could throw your shoe into the Asgard portal.....I think that was random even for me.)

      (Now I want to say Punk....and I forgot to insult you in that last comment. That...that just can't happen. I will have to do it double now to make up for it.)




    7. It depends on what you want to learn. Faces? Hair? People in general?? :) We could start with the picture ones, I like it for the face in profile....? (I could throw my keys too, if it would make you feel better. lol.)

      .................. You know I have to respond with the appropriate response, right??




    8. Yes, people in general 8-D Faces though mostly. I'd love to be able to draw a face.
      Picture ones sound good to me.

      Yes, throw in your keys, that helps. "What's with all the shoes?"

      It is my turn to fall off the train.



    9. I can do zat. XD Perhaps for this picture saturday, or the next one, we'll do that. *grin*

      You falling off the train makes you Bucky. .... Am I your mission, Jack?



    10. I will be watching then 8-D

      If I'm your mission you're my friend and I'm with you to the end of the line.



    11. lol hurray.

      End of the liiiiiiiiine! *sobs*



  2. Your family sounds gloriously chaotic. Also, your pictures are adorable. I, too, am entering the world of cars. Not the test of actually driving a car, but the one that says, "Yes. Now you CAN drive a car." Which is quite different. But still freaky. Yeah... my whole family said they're not giving me driving lessons unless I buy them life insurance.

    1. It tends to be pretty chaotic, yeah. lol.

      Aww, thank you!

      Driving tests are scarier than permit tests because there's someone *you don't know* in the car with you *taking notes* and *freaking you out*. lol. I think you''ll be fine though.

    2. Yep. I believe you. Your test sounds much freakier. Good luck. ;)

  3. its okay, i haven't seen the Lion King either. Or Bambi, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pocahontas and Mulan.... I know. Terrible!

    I love your drawings!! They where both fabulously amazing!

    Oh, I know how it feels to have so many things going on at once! Having 4 brothers becomes quite adventurous sometimes. And because our house is small, you can hear people in their bedrooms, the kitchen, the office, etc. ;)

    1. oh, well you must watch Mulan, because Mulan is hilarious.

      Thanks! I liked them. lol.

      Same here. Smallish house and loooooads of people make lots of noise.

  4. The Fried Frenchy is impressed. Your drawings are so good that I have to like jump around to vent my feelings of wonderfulness. ;-)

    DRIVERS TEST IS SCARY. And I'm not even taking it soon. I still have to have my permit till July since I only got it last July. And I don't have the hours to get my license. But it's still scary. So yes, I be praying for you.

    Also, I haven't seen any of those movies either. O.o

    1. *Bows to the Fried Frenchy* Thank youuuuuu.

      DRIVERS TEST IS INCREDIBLY SCARY. Ahh, I had my permit since August last year, so I technically don't NEED to take the test, but I need to get a job and it's easier to do that when you have a car. lol. Thanks for the prayers.

      Defo watch 101 Dalmatians. Is cooooooooooooot.

  5. 'Kay, both sketches are fantastic, but the one of River and 11 is absolutely awesomesauce. River's gun is quite wonderful. :)

    GG looks like a great series. I read and loved Heist Society by the same author, so I think I'm gonna give the Gallagher Girls a try.

    Best of luck on your driver's test!! I don't have my license yet, but I've driven a car (gotta love country living, eh?). I'm sure you'll do great!! :D

    Blech. Snow. I thought we'd finally gotten rid of the last of it, then we suddenly got a lovely gift of 10 cm. Yay, spring!!!

    Good day to you, Frenchiest Fry! *Tips hat*

    1. Thanks! I actually had a picture of River's gun up to copy when I was drawing. Woooo!

      GG is a great series!! Looove. I own most of them. I will say that the first couple books are more teenagery than Heist Society, but by book three things start getting tenser and Cammie & Co grow up really fast.

      Fanks. I'mma need it.

      Snow comes sneaking up on you in the spring and destroys lilac buds, which cuts me to the bone.

      And to you, m'dear!

  6. Yeah, the 11 and River picture is really lovely. The whole feel of it is perfect...DOCTOR!

    I am praying very hard that you pass. You'll be fine. Don't freak out. Contrary to how I behave when I'm in the car with you, I do think you're a good driver. So...relax and rock it!

    Right well. Cheerio!

    1. Darn straight. lol. I was ridiculously proud of it.

      Me too. I'm nervous. Cold sweats, tears, not sleeping... the usual. lol.

  7. Your drawings are awesome! I agree with Jack, I don't know how you just pump them out like that! It takes me forever just to complete one :P

    I'm praying furiously for you! And look on the bright side, if you don't pass the first time, at least you'll have a better idea of what to expect the next time. That is what I keep telling myself anyway. The dreadful day will be over soon, Treskie! Mine will be happening soon too, but first I have to renew my permit (for a *cough*third time) :P Yeah.

    I'm adding the Gallagher Girls to my reading list :)

    Haha, I didn't see the Lion King until I met Robert :D Tarzan was always my favorite though. What did you think of it?



    1. Thank you! I tend to do better drawings when I really don't care. lol.


      You must, it's good......

      Tarzan was good. I was surprised how much I liked it. The end bothered me a little though.... I don't know why. :)


    2. I should try that sometime! I think I always care far too much about perfection with my drawings :P

      *squeal* YAY! *Throws confetti* CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! Details, please! Whenever you have time :) Was it as difficult as you expected? Whenever I ask someone about their experience with the test, they can never seem to remember too much :P

      You inspire me, you brave woman, you!

      I'm glad you liked Tarzan :) I'll have to refresh my memory on the's been awhile.

    3. Just start with a doodle. Doodles are great starts for masterpieces. XD


      It was easier than I expected, actually. I only had to change lanes once, and I didn't need to pass anyone. I had to back up along a curb, and go across traffic without lights... but that was everything that stood out to me. Everything was basic driving. I'm really lucky because I live in a little down, so we don't need to take freeway testing, or parallel parking (I didn't even need to do a 3point turn.) So I'm not sure how much my experience will match yours. I was prepared for a lot more rigorousness, but I was taken aback by how easy. The Tester Lady was really nice too, and didn't freak me out, so that's a bonus. I've heard Drivers Tests tend to be easier than they make them out to be on the DMV website... but that could just be in California. I'd recommend being excessively prepared and go in with a prayer. Lots of prayers. (I think if you've had to renue your permit three times, you're definitely ready. :)

      Awww, thank you! That's so sweet. XD

    4. It sounds like you've practiced a whole lot more than I have! I've been a very stubborn and willful person through all of this and have refused to drive at times :P I know, I'm a complete chicken.

      It's gotten better over the past year, but I haven't driven at all during the winter and I feel like I really need more practice than I already have. I usually ride my bike to work, so I don't have a ton of places that I need to drive to, y'know?

      My town is pretty small too though, so maybe it will go smoothly! Did you have to do maneuver ability? I have to :P Luckily I can practice at the actual place where I will take my test.

      I just feel like it's going to be super simple and I've been worrying about absolutely nothing ever since I got my permit. *banging head against desk*

      I just want it to be done and I mean to get it done this month! Pray for me, pleaaaase!

      Thanks for all the info! It has made me feel better about the whole thing :) *hugs*

    5. Hehehe. Me too. Driving scares me, and I'm still not a confident driver at all. I just *can* drive now, if I want to. lol.

      haha. Well.. yeah. Not driving over the winter could make you a little rusty, might want to brush up a little. lol. Start taking drives with Robert when you have free time. It helps. :)

      I got to practice where I was going to take the test too. lol. I'm not sure about the maneuverability.... I don't think so. It's a really small town. lol.

      I think it's better to be a little freaked out than over confident, you know? This is hypocritical of me, but try not to worry. Worrying make everything worse. lol.

      I shall pray!!! :)

      you're welcome. *hugs back*


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