Monday, October 24, 2016

October {4}

I was going to come up with this excellent story for why Picture Saturday is actually Picture Monday.

It was going to involve time travel.

It would have been hilarious.

I'm too tired to come up with a hilarious time travel story. So I'm sorry this is two days late, and short on pictures. It was just an off-week.

Today I was cranky.

I was really cranky.

But I watched Hawaii Five-0, chatted with someone, and now I am considerably less cranky.

Anyway, this week in drawings, we have some interesting art work, consisting 95% of Tristan and Gang..... Primarily Tristan and Kate because I'm a sap.

1.) So first of all. Our heater has been having issues. Sometimes it refuses to turn on, no matter how cold it is. This causes much distress, seeing as it's been rather chilly lately. I've been wrapped up in blankets, like a little burrito of angst.

Anyway, this prompted someone to suggest I draw Kate all bundled up, and so I did. Coincidentally, her heater's out too. She blames Tristan. He probably did something to it.

2.) Speaking of Kate and Tristan. I had this great idea that after everything goes down, and the battle is won, and a certain someone* has died in a glorious hailstorm of self-sacrifice, Tristan finds Kate and very awkwardly asks her on a date. AND IT'S ADORABLE.

*who's name shall remain mentionless.

3.) And then Kate, who was totally not expecting such cutes from Tristan, gets all embarrassed cause she's not dressed for a date...

4.) Soooo, she tells him to give her ten minutes, and rushes about like a fool. When she comes back, she's awfully self-conscious because Tristan's never really seen her dressed up. (They've been waging war on an Evil Company run by Max's Evil Brother, SO SHE HASN'T HAD TIME TO DRESS UP, OKAY?)

5.) And Tristan's hard little heart just melts.

Yep. It's official, Treskie ships her own characters. And she need some serious help ASAP.


6.) And moving on quickly before things get too awkward. One of my friends really loves the word "nefarious." Uses it all the time. And once, used the sentence, "It's a cesspool of nefariousness." Which I immediately stole for Max, because that's such a Max thing to say.

Yep, he's a dork, that Max. He's a lovable dork.

7.) In other news, Jack asked me to draw Japhet teaching his daughter how to dance, and I think that's cute. (You should read that book. It has many feels. Some of those feels were my idea, YOU'RE WELCOME.)  Jack mentioned that Japhet's hair is probably receding... Receding hair is hard.

8.) And there's this quote that Edward says in FMAB, which I thought was a really good point. (Have I mentioned that Edward is a tiny cupcake full of awesomeness and daddy issues?)

Yeah, this blogger needs help. She needs a lot of help. And sleep. She should sleep more.

Anyway, I'm going to Front Sight in like... a week and a half, and I have many fears. Look at me, venturing out of my tiny comfort zone! I am scared to death.

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best Tristan and Gang?
Am I getting to sappy for you guys?
Anyone here ever been to Front Sight?

I love you all!


  1. Favorite overall? #7 is so sweet but then again, I love all of these drawings, so I'm not quite sure I can choose, lol.
    Best Tristan and Gang? #1 and #6 were funny but all the other ones with Kate and Tristan are just...<3 Adorable. You know that feeling when something is so adorable you just can't stand it, but you can't get enough of it? Yeah, that's what they make me feel like. So I love them all. I refuse to choose.
    Am I getting to sappy for you guys? No! Keep it coming, please! lol
    Anyone here ever been to Front Sight? Nope, but it sounds interesting. :)

    1. Haha, awww. Number 7 was something I've been meaning to draw for Jack for a while. :)
      1 and 6 were the ones I drew when I was vaguely hyper, so they turned out kinda funky. :) BUT YAYYYYY FOR GETTING YOU TO BE ALL GOOGLEY OVER MY CHARACTERS!!!!! *dances everywhere* That made me so ridiculously happy. ;)
      hahah okay.
      Me neither. I have many nerves. :D

  2. Okay, a time travel explanation would have been hilarious. And a pretty good one as well. :-) Also, I'm sorry your heater broke, but "burrito of angst"is such a funny turn of phrase!

    1.) Nice way to take advantage of the chaos! Also good picture of Kate--I like the way she's bundled up but so grumpy-looking. Also the furniture looks great--I'd say this is the best overall!

    2.) Aw! That is adorable! (I love drawings of your characters.) Also, the flowers look really good.

    3.) Okay, this picture is even cuter! I like the outfit Kate wears in your drawings. Even if it's not date-worthy attire. :-)

    4. & 5.) Oh, she's gorgeous! And Tristan's expression is just...adorable. You've captured their expressions so well! (Hey, I ship my own characters too and get all squeal-y and melt-y over them.)

    6. & 7.) Max's expressions are hilarious in these pics, but my favorite detail is his hand holding the coffee cup. I'd say these are the best of Tristan & Gang...but really, it's hard to pick!

    8.) Oh, how beautiful! I love their expressions: his so patient and hers so concentrating and unsure.

    9.) Wow, that is a good quote. Also, nice work on his braid.

    1. I know right? *is sad cause too tired* LOL but yeah, it randomly decided to just start working again the other day, so HOLLAAAAAA.

      1.) Well thank you. :) Kate I think gets very grumpy when she's cold, and when the heater's broken because Tristan did something to it, it makes her doubly grumpy. But Thanks for commenting on the furniture. FURNITURE IS HARD and so I rarely do it. XD

      2.) Tristan is totes adorable. I wuv him and his solemn little face.

      3.) Awwwwww. Kate likes to be comfortable. She prefers comfort to attractiveness, which I think is kinda cute in itself. :D

      4 & 5.) I think that's the only time I've ever drawn either of them in something other than their regular clothes or stealth clothes. IT makes me happy to see them out of their element. XD XD (It took me ages to get Tristan's expression right. *facepalm*

      6&7.)Max is such a moron. I have just discovered that he has a slight caffeine addiction, and this amuses me. XD

      8.Hahaha... Those are tricky expressions. :-P

      9.) RIGHT? He says the coolest lines. XD (And thank you. Braids are fun.)

  3. There is no such thing as too much sap. Give us ALL the sap! ;) Also, PLEASE sell me the full story of Tristan and Gang. You're characters are totally real, I'm very much attached, and I want to see everything! I'd pay good money. :D

    Quick (and totally unrelated) question: My sister just started getting into musicals - starting with a Hamilton obsession, and moving on to The Phantom of the Opera, and Les Mis. Aaand, that's about where my musical knowledge ends. Do you have a list somewhere of all your favorites? She wants recommendations from someone who *knows* and you were the first person I thought of. :)

    1. Hahaha aw thank you. I SHALL. All the romance scenes, you can have them. XD I KNOW, I KNOW, PEOPLE KEEP ASKING FOR IT! BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE FULL STORY, IT'S NOT WRITTEN, I DON'T KNOW HOW IT WORKS. XD


      Well... I'd say
      Secret Garden
      Jekyll and Hyde (but i'd need to send you the songs to listen to because some of them are kind of inappropriate.)
      Jane Eyre,
      Finding Neverland
      Tale of Two Cities,
      Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
      Ghost the Musical....

      ANd if you need more let me know. XD

    2. But I NEEEED the whole story! You should totally get on that in your spare time. ;D

      Thank you so, so much! That list should keep her ears happy for awhile. You're awesome. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be asking for more recs in the future. :)

    3. But I DON'T KNOW IIIIIIIIIT! (I'd love to hear it too. lol.)

      You're welcome! Jekyll and Hyde and Tale of Two Cities are awesome. Let me know if you listen to Jekyll and Hyde and I'll send you the songs to skip. (And she's only allowed to listen to the one with Anthony Warlow, because the other one is terrible. *Terrriiible*

  4. Aw c'mon! I want to hear your time travel story!

    Favorite overall?- #1. It reminds me of me. Other people will go around in t-shirts, while I huddle around my tea and ask why it's so cold out.
    Best Tristan and Gang?- #6. It's pretty funny, and I like the graphic novel look to it.
    Am I getting to sappy for you guys?- leeetle bit. Wait, the villain is Max's brother? I don't remember hearing about this!
    Anyone here ever been to Front Sight?- I don't think I have one in my area. But there are other gun clubs and shooting ranges that I could go to sometime.

    1. Nope. XD

      RIGHT? I KNOW. SO LAME. lol.
      Hahaha, thank you. I love Max.
      Aw, I shall tone it back. lol.

      Oh yeah, I've never mentioned that? WELL HE IS.

      Oooh you should go. XD

    2. Never mind, I seem to be the only grumpy goat here.

      Plot twist!

    3. Hahaha! No, I like to keep Aaaalll my darling followers happy!

  5. I never comment - But I do stalk your blog :) I love seeing your drawings, and I LOVE Max!! His expression is so perfect!!

    1. I know. XD hahaha. But thank you very much. :) ME TOO!

  6. I like Max. He reminds me of someone I know very well. :u) Did you have to end on such a Cliffhanger??? The next picture Monday is 5 days away still!!!

    1. I like Max too, he's the comic relief. XD (Eek, who's that?)

      And yes, yes I do. It keeps people coming back. :)

  7. Favorite overall is all of them, but especially #3

    Favorite Tristan and gang is #3 and #4 and #6 and #2 and #1 :D


    ~D. Skye <3

    1. I love how giggly she looks in #3. XD XD

      Wow you really... narrowed that down LOL.


  8. Hi Treskie!
    I've been busy. Sorry! I guess my blog shows that though. *sheepish giggles*
    I love how consistent your character drawings are! I can never make my drawings like that. I draw one person that I'm like yeah about, and then I try to draw them again only in a different position and i'm just like this looks nothing like the last one. Oh well!

    1. HEEEY NOVA!!!!!!!!

      No worries, I've been busy too. XD
      Aw thank you so much. I've been really working on getting the characters to look consistently the same, it's really hard!! (And I can only really do it with my own characters, not so much with fanart. :-()

  9. Ohh, happiness....more Tristan and Gang! I would say my fav is #4 with Kate is that dress, but #5 wins because of Tristan's expression. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and thanks for answering my comment in your last post and sharing that link with me. Appreciate it.

    1. Hahah holla. XD (It took me so many tries to get Tristan's face right. I had this image of what I wanted and IT WOULDN'T TURN OUT. I'm surprised the paper isn't smudgy. XD
      Oh you're so welcome! XD


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