Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life Update || All the new things!

Wherein Treskie actually wrote the life post she's been saying she was going to do for months...

Hey guys! And welcome to the not-very-frequent information dump about what happens to be going on in my somewhat dull existence.

Alrighty! So what's been going on since.. gosh the last time I updated was... I don't even remember. June? Well, buckle up, here we  go.

1.) Chloe turned into an Avatar because I bought The Last Airbender series and it made Chloe fangirl. It was adorable.

2.) Sometimes we go to the lake and watch the sunset, because why the heck not, our lake is wonderful.

3.) I BOUGHT A GUN!! And it's so pretty and black and it makes me happy. It's a Glock19, and I want to get to know it so I can actually say that I can shoot well. (We're probably going to go shooting on Sunday. I'm excited.)

4.) We went on a hike up Desolation Wilderness and it was gorgeous. It always amazes me how I can live here my whole life and still have my breath taken away by a view. Like wow, God is so good.

5.) I saw this sign while I was delivering flowers, and that's just a testimony of how contrary I am. Because I saw it, and my initial reaction was, "No! Don't tell me what to do!" (A friend of ours has taken to calling me 'Your Honor' because I'm so judgemental. I think it's accurate.)

6.) I went on a boat for the first time ever... which is weird, considering we live like five minutes away from the lake. But whatever... Let me just say: Holy goodness, that's one amazing ride, people.

7.) We walked around in Hope Valley, and it's so pretty there. I think I want to go again, now that the leaves have probably changed color. (Everything turns gold and it's amazing.)

8.) And finally!! I actually went through with it, and chopped my hair off! (I know, crazy, right?) 

Not gonna lie, I really, really like it. I'm absurdly pleased with myself for doing the thing. (Anyone who knows me or has followed my blog for any length of time, knows that I do not like trying new things. So getting my hair cut was a way bigger deal than it should have been.)

(Just so you know, I don't usually take this many selfies. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE PONYTAIL? I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A PONYTAIL THAT FLIPS LIKE THAT.)

That is the last selfie I'm going to post for a while, because I'm really not a selfie-just-to-selfie kind of girl. But yeah, I'm really happy with the hairstyle. I think it suits me so... yay.

9.) I'm currently feeling very sentimental about Roy Mustang. *Facepalm*

10.) And also about the Magnificent Seven because reasons.


It looks like we're going to take the gun class at Front Sight next month. (*Cue panicked screaming from the general area of Treskie*) Hopefully I will not have to go to jury duty, because that would suck, and I wouldn't be able to shoot things at Front Sight. So if you could maybe just say a quick prayer that I don't have to go, that would be wonderful. I have to check on Friday. (*Dies inside*)

Question time!
What's new with you guys?
Have you ever been on a boat?
Have you ever used a gun?

I love you all!



  1. Oh my land, you are a privileged lady. LOOK AT THE BEAUTY YOU LIVE BY. And speaking of beauty, OH MY GOSH YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!! Okay. I love long tresses as much as any girl, but that looks super, super cute. Very clean. Very fetching. And still very YOU!!! I love it! And cutting your hair can NEVER be too big a deal O.O. Especially when it's been long for a while.

    Jury duty is AWFUL. I thought I'd really enjoy it because law and justice and truth and what could be awful about that? But the thing is, somebody has to do a heinous crime in order to be tried!!! So on jury duty you have to sit and listen to the awful details of a crime (in my case an unintentional murder) for dayyyyys. And what makes it worse, you can't vent about it to anyone at home because you are sworn to secrecy!!!! Gaaaaah. It's so yucky. I'll pray you get out of it :).

    Your gun is beyewtiful. You should get really good at shooting it.

    8D I want to see Magnificent Seven after your favorable review of it. I was so pleased to read that it's pretty clean :D. Smart move, Hollywood. Now EVERYONE CAN WATCH IT. (When will they catch on.)

    It was so nice to hear about you and all you've been up to :D. And you may not like taking selfies, but it was good to see your face <3.

    1. I know right!? I'm totally spoiled, because people show me where they live, and I'm like, "Yeah.. but... it's not that.. pretty." XD BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! (I know, I actually think longer hair is prettier, but I've been wanted to see what it's like to have my hair styled and GAAAH IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Like... I've never had short hair, and now it's so FLIPPY.)

      IT IS. It's horrifying, and terrifying, and it stresses me out. (I mean, ra ra for justice, but I'd like to not be a part of it, please and thank you.) WOW, you had to serve on a case for unintentional murder? That sucks! Thank you for praying, I appreciate it. :)

      I know right? *dances* I want to be like, "That tiny target? yeah, I can shoot that."

      Squeeeeeeee. IT'S SO GOOD. (I mean, there's a bit of swearing and some intense violence, but I think the pros outweigh the cons.)

      Haha, thank you. (I feel awkward posting selfies, like, I swear I'm not that conceited. XD)

  2. I have so many things to say. lol. first of all, I love the pictures of the lake! wow! all the pictures actually. I wish there were those kind of lakes and valleys where I live. (#cityprobs.)
    secondly, your gun omg. thats amazing. I want one.
    thridly. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS IN THOSE SELFIES. SLAY GIRL SLAY. (also super proud of you for trying new things!)
    lastly, my professor was just telling me about the Magnificent Seven. he loves the original Japanese or whatever one. how is the remake??

    1. Hahaha okay! I know right? The lake is so PRETTY. *dies* (Yeah, we live in a tiny little city, so it's barely a city, and I like it a lot. It's not too overwhelming and if you really have to, you can literally just hike into nature without having to travel for it. It's nice.)
      ;adflkajsdlfkasjf isn't it though? (It's a little intense getting one, but soooo worth it.)
      LOL Well thank you very much!! XD (Me too, I was like, "I am queen.") Okay, I haven't seen the original Japanese, or the remake of the Japanese one with Steve McQueen, but I can say that the new one makes me really happy and proud to be 'Merican. XD

  3. It looks as if life has been good as of late. The hair cut looks very nice. Congratulations, you tried a new thing, and it worked out well! (I was not so lucky)
    Funny you should mention The Magnificent Seven (again)- I've just discovered I own it! Apparently I don't look though my videos often enough. (yes, I said video. I still watch things on VCR, and that is why I am so behind the times when it comes to entertainment.)

    What's new with you guys?- 'How Green Was My Valley' finally came in to my library, which was awesome. I picked the apples off my tree, and filled two big boxes. My co-workers discovered that I can get slightly feral around fruit-flies.
    Have you ever been on a boat?- I actually don't think it's occurred to me that there are people out there who have never been on boats! Rowboats, kayaks, canoes, speedboats, ferries, they're all over the place in my region.
    Have you ever used a gun?- I don't suppose those ones they have at camps count? Your'es is a very beautiful gun, though.

    Small question: do you participate in blog tags?

    1. It actually hasn't sucked lately so WOOO. XD Thank you! (Oh no, I feel sad that your new thing didn't work out. :'()

      Weeeeeellll... It took me by surprise. I was expecting to like it, but not as much as I did. (AH VIDEOS. lol, we have this giant collection of old movies on VHS so don't even worry, I still watch those too. XD)

      Well holla, that's exciting! :) (our climate isn't hugely welcoming to apple trees, so we're lucky if we get like... 10 apples. XD and they're tiny, so what's with that?)
      Who doesn't get slightly feral around fruit-flies? TAKE 'EM ALL OUT.
      lol, they're all over the place here too, I've just never thought to try them. XD

      I do participate in blog tags, although I will admit that I forget to do the tag sometimes. XD

    2. Well, here is one tag- if you would like to take it:


  4. GLOCKS ARE AWESOME!! A Glock is an amazing and hardy gun. (Yes, I've shot one. :-))

    Beautiful photos of the lake and the mountains. Also cute photo of your sister--her pose and the paint on her face and arms and legs is adorable!

    Oh, haha, I'm kinda the same way, although for me it's "don't tell me what to feel." If someone says "Oh, that movie you're about to see is a real tearjerker," there's a 99% chance that I will *not* cry. Not sure if this is a refusal to be manipulated or stubbornness. :-/

    Ooh, your new haircut looks nice. Especially in a ponytail--high ponytails are fun. :-)

    I have been on a boat--a canoe, specifically--with my Dad. We paddled far out into the lake, and there was something exhilarating about being surrounded by water--and getting there by our own effort.

    Also, I will pray you don't have to attend jury duty.

    It was fun to read this and learn what you've been up to (besides drawing, of course)!

    1. THEY REALLY ARRRREEEE! (And they're pretty easy to use, so I feel like I can handle the responsibility of it. XD)

      Thank you!! (The scenery is very photogenic. XD) And right? Chloe is adorable.

      LOL That's awesome. Although, tearjerkers tend to not make me cry either. Stupid things like Magnificent Seven or Cinderella Man will make me cry more than things that proclaim, "A REAL TEARJERKER!" or "Bring tissues!"

      Thank you. *is bashful* THE PONYTAIL MAKES ME SO HAPPYYYYY.

      Aw that's so fun. I'm kind of in the mood to invest in a kayak and just explore...

      Thank you for praying!! I don't have to goooooo.

      lol! cool! *Finger guns*

  5. YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING. And I totally hear you about hating trying new things!! IT took me like...18 years to get my hair cut. hhaha. I mean, I had it trimmed in that time, omg, I am not Rapunzel, but like to go from mega-long hair to super short. BUT BEST DECISION EVER. Hair is so heavy sometimes.😂
    Also yayyy for being on a boat and double-yay for living in a beautiful place!😍 I have been on boats before but, eh, I don't really like the trapped feeling. Or like the possibility of being devoured by a kraken. (shh, possibility is real.)

    1. WELL THANK YOU. (Ugh, it's a problem though... IT TOOK ME 21 YEARS SOOOOO. Although, I've taken a bunch off before, when it was down to my hips and then I chopped it to mid-back. BUT I LIKE LONG HAIR, IS PRETTY. I Just wanted to try it so I could say that I had. XD [ALTHOUGH, I never used to get headaches when I put my hair in a ponytail, and I have since I cut it, WHAT'S WITH THAT.)

      lalalala. Congratulations me. XD (It wouldn't be a kraken here, it would be Tahoe Tessie. *blinks at you*

  6. looks like you had a good month(?); I heard when a woman or a girl cuts her hair, it meant they are about to do something life changing or at least, doing something new, so I suppose this is a good time to have had that hair cut. looks great!

    I went to jury duty a few times and most of the time all I do is wait around, sometimes gets questioned but I was never chosen for any case so that was good. but then I heard that every 7 years, you have to go to jury duty so now I think there is no way of escaping it ever...

    I definitely think watching sunsets are the best especially where there are no tall buildings to block your view.

    hope you have a lovely autumn.

    1. It was a good month, and I love it when that happens. XD Wow, really? that's cool! MAYBE I'LL DO SOMETHING AWESOME NOW! (hahaha, thank you. )

      Well that's a sad story. Maybe it rings false for me because I'm so adorable???? (I know it's mostly just sitting and listening but it bothers me so....)

      Yeah, I think so too. Maybe that's why I'm not a huge fan of cities. :)

      you too! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Haha! I finally stopped lazily blurking and actually signed up to follow this amazing blog (which I got onto from your wonderful Wingfeather Saga fanart, that Florid Sword is just perfect). Your art is so pretty and whimsical, I love your style so much!!
    I just finished watching the Avatar series for the first time and I'm marginally insanely obsessed, so I can relate to your sister a lot right now. The feels are too real. Also your haircut looks amahzing, it kind of reminds me of Clara from Dr. Who.

    1. hahah well holla! Hai, and welcome! (Also, thank you for liking it enough to follow and tell me it's amazing. My ego is happy now. :) (Ooooh the Florid Sword picture is probably my favorite fanart that I drew for that series. That and the sad death scene at the end. XD) But thank you so much, I really appreciate that. :)

      Riight??? Riiiiiiiiiiiight? IT"S SO FUN. And Zuko and Sokka are fabulous, and Aang is a dork, and Katara is surprisingly good. :) (Ooooh it does kind of look like Clara's hairstyle! *dances everywhere cause happiness*)

  8. Ooh, A Glock! Lovely! I can't wait to get my concealed carry. And your hair is so fluffy and looks so light (but also really thick, wow)! I've idly considered cutting my hair, but my dad likes long hair and it's about three feet long, so I can't make myself do it yet.
    And my dad went to Front Sight! He talks about it a lot. I think he learned to shoot playing cards in half. From the edge. It was pretty cool.

    1. Right? aaaaah I love it. :) (Concealed carry is really hard to get here and it makes me mad. *Blinks*) I know! The fluffiness was kind of unexpected, I was like, "WOW." haha but thank you! (Also, yeah, I know that feeling. My hair used to be that long too, pretty much all of us girls have waist-to-hip length hair. Long hair is gorgeous. XD

      People who go to Front Sight always come back and won't stop talking about it. (a couple of my sisters, and my best friend, and a family we know all went and it's like, "YES I KNOW IT'S AWESOME, OKAY?) But wow, your dad's a good shot.


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