Saturday, October 8, 2016

Picture Saturday || October {2}

Hey guys!

Look at me actually posting and stuff!

I'm working on my life-update post because I have fun things and pictures to share, and I did something brave and I'm delighted with myself. So... yeah. No bragging...


Let's get this party started, because I'm pretty sure by the end of this post you're going to either A.) Desperately want to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or B.) never want to hear of it again.

1.) Currently I'm an itsy bit in love with a tiny little, metal-armed anime character.

2.) I love him dearly. He has the Napoleon Complex so bad.

3.) I also like his superior officer. That dude is one tough cookie.  (He makes fire. I like pyros.)

4.) In other news, I drew a dancing girl and she's awfully cute.

5.) I also drew a not-as-cute girl, but I'mma post her anyway.

6.) *Sneakily inserts yet another Fullmetal Alchemist fanart*

7.) LOOK AT TRISTAN FLIRTING WITH KATE BECAUSE #OTP. (And when it's Tristan, Kate likes it so.... holla!)

8.) I've always been a little in love with the moment when daddies dance with their little, little girls. IT'S ADORABLE.

9.) So Edward does very cool things...

10.) And holy heck yes can we talk about Roy Mustang? Please and thank you.

11.) ALSO JIM AND PAM ARE LIKE.... RELATIONSHIP GOALS. LIKE WOW. (And let me just say: I'm extremely proud of how well Jim turned out because yes.)

12.) SO! A bunch of us went and saw Magnificent Seven because A.) Wild West. B.) Christ Pratt as a cowboy, like duh.

C.) Underdogs against big bad guys... And sweet heavenly mercy me, that was a good movie. But WOW SAD, LIKE WHOA. I loved it. I loved the sacrifices and the whole Wild West Justice aspect of it, and how surprisingly clean it was. And all the cowboys in their cowboy outfits? Yes. Yes please. Can I just say how hard I've been looking to find a good Western? IT WAS REALLY GOOD.

So here, enjoy this rough, decided-not-to-overdo drawing because cowboys.

And that concludes the Treskie Fangirl Session for this week, tune in next Saturday for more craziness.

Question Time!
Best overall?
Favorite black and white?
Best colored?
Have you seen Magnificent Seven?

I love you all!
Treskie out


  1. Me likes the little girl and daddy dancing.

    I want a picture of my little shadow from work. She looks like the little girl you drew but with curlier hair in pig tails.


    1. Same. *bows*

      Awwwwwwwwwww THAT'S ADORABLE.


  2. 1. Wow!--awesome pose, expression, and hairstyle! It's a simple structure, but somehow conveys strong emotion--the red coat probably contributes. :-) Bella was telling me about Fullmetal Alchemist and other anime shows the other night--and I, who knew nothing about anime, called "Legend of Korra" as "Legends of Zorra"! I'm still laughing at myself for that.

    2. I like the poses you draw for this character. They convey his emotions quite well.

    3. Wow, great expression in this one too! And I like those cheekbones.

    4. Aw, she is cute! I love that she's wearing a pretty dress and not some weird, neon green, open-backed costume. Also, lovely ponytail!

    5. I think the problem here is her looks a little big, and is missing the shadows that should be on the underside, given the angle of her head. I like the way you drew her hair, though. And good for you for posting something you're not absolutely proud of...I'm still working on that myself. :-)

    6. Nice coloring on the braid--and the dramatic colors and swoop of the cloak.

    7. AW! Awesome poses--especially Tristan's hands--and expressions! Kate looks adorable, kind of pleased and amused all at once. Best overall!

    8. I LOVE IT WHEN A DAD DANCES WITH HIS GIRLS!! Forget the ripped muscle men; *this* is what's most handsome. :-) I love how gently he's holding her little hands. And I love her cute flowered skirt. And her curls. And Daddy's expression. *melts*

    9. The deep folds on his coat really add to the drama of this piece. So does his straight-into-the-camera gaze. Your drawings of this character have the best poses and compositions out of all your artwork I've seen! Also, best colored!

    10. Ooh, the splash of yellow flame is an awesome contrast to the dark shades. Also, amazing clothing folds!

    11. I love their expressions here. Pure happiness.

    12. I did wonder if you'd seen the movie when you started pinning pictures from it. :-) Also, the rough look really suits the subject. And wow, nice work on the gun and its reflected light! This is my favorite black-and-white.

    I have not seen Magnificent Seven yet...or, at least, not the remake. We watched the '60s version the other night, and thanks to the '60s acoustics, I couldn't really hear what was going on. :-) I would like to see the remake eventually, though.

    1. 1.) Hehehe. Thank you. He's a little cupcake and I love him. ;) (Fullmetal, I'mma warn you, has some swearing... and this one girl wears some peculiar outfits, but IT HAS GOOD MESSAGES LIKE, this lady is expecting, and the boys say, "Wow, it's like you have a miracle in your stomach." and I WAS LIKE YES!!!!! anyway. Don't watch Korra, she's got bad morals. :D

      2.) Thank you. Edward had deep-seated emotional issues.


      4.) Ponytails are funnnn. (And right? What's the deal with the tweaky little dance outfits? Nooooo.

      5.) That angle will be the death of me.

      6.) Mmm that one needed work, but I didn't feel like working on it so I just posted as was. I'm glad you liked it though: HIS BRAID KILLS ME.

      7.) Tristan is a fool and he's smitten with her and IT"S SO CUTE> (and thank you.)

      8.) RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT???? Ugh. Yes. (haha, I had a picture of my brother in law dancing with my niece and I was just like, "AW YISS." lol that might be my favorite this week, actually.

      9.) Okay, I'mma just pause for a second, because his coat is literally the most fun thing to draw besides hair. LIKE YES. So thank you. (He is an easy character to draw, I don't know what it is about him, he's adorable and quite strong so holla.)

      10.) *dances cause Roy Mustang* Anime clothes. (Fyi, if you want books that help with drawing movement, I highly recommend just glancing at Manga, because they have a lot of good tips.)

      11.) *squeals*

      12.) Thank you!! (oooh yeah, that movie is gooooooood.)

      I haven't seen the original Mag7, but the new one was really good. It had a lot of good points and sacrifices and... lots of death. Which was sad. BUT it was good. We just went again last night. :X

  3. You found some new fandoms, eh? Awesome! That means more art!

    Best overall?- #9.
    Favorite black and white?- #10. Epic expression and uniform!
    Best colored?- #6. I like his swoopy cape.
    Have you seen Magnificent Seven?-
    COWBOYS?- Cowboys!

    Erm, that last gif there...why did they turn into octopuses?

    1. I did, I did. (Fandoms are so easy to draw for!)

      #9.... Hehehe. Hehehe. Edward.
      #10... Hehehehehehe Royyyyy. XD (his uniform has so many details, like DUDE.)
      #6... wow really? Cool.
      LOL I knew you hadn't. XD

      .... They turned into octopuses cause... Anime. I DON'T KNOW. The animation is so WEIRD because they'll be normal and then some strong emotion surges and they turn into an entirely different creature. LIKE WHAT THE HECK.

  4. How do you do such good almost-kissing pictures? They're adorbs. Also I love the dancing girl and the father-daughter dance.
    So, hey, my sister and I marathoned Voltron: Legendary Defenders. Um, we're slightly a lot obsessed. I've been making myself NOT draw the characters for a while. Pidge is my amazing space peanut. And Shiro is tortured perfection. And man, Allura got SO much better. She was really annoying.

    1. lol I used a reference picture for that one, because Jim Halpert has to LOOK like Jim. XD Thank you!
      lol those two turned out pretty well.

      WASN'T IT GOOD!? lol. Why are you making yourself not draw them? If something inspires you, you should go for it! (I called Pidge being a girl. I was like, "I KNEW IT." I like Shiro. (And yeah, Allura did get better, she's still not my favorite, but when I first started, I was like, 'MAN SHE IS USELESS." and then I didn't mind her so much after that. XD)

    2. Well, ya know... There's a difference between "inspired" and "losing sleep in obsession". I'm kind of fasting from it until it tones down to a healthier level of fangirling. XD (Yeah, totally. My sister wasn't so sure, but I was telling her the evidence was aaallll there.)

    3. (A lot of my best work comes from the "loosing sleep in obsession" stage so...)
      RIGHT? UGH


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