Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What up!

How do you blog?

I forget.

It was a crazy week, and I was worn out by Saturday evening. (And I didn't even do that much overtime!)


I think I really need to work on resolutions, because I drew like.... thrice last week. And I didn't even do the next pony!

I am a failure.

And when my nieces ask where the next pony is, I have to tell them she's not done yet, and they look so sad, I'm a terrible aunt. 

Oh well. In the words of Bertie Wooster, "One has tried, one has failed, one can do no more."

SO here's what happened lately.

1.) I drew some fun pictures which I did not post on Saturday because I worked and I didn't have energy after. I shall post them next Saturday.

2.) I stayed with the Sammi over the weekend while her family was out of town. We ate good food and watched Supernatural and Indiana Jones and I showed her the first episode of Agents of SHIELD and she likes Ward.

Sammi is my most favorite person. She is quite fabulous.

She's a ranger, I'm a hobbit, and I am at a disadvantage.
Cause I'm freaking short.
And that sword is basically a dagger.

2.) Basically, this whole week was preparation for Valentine's Day at the florist, and it gets really busy there, 'cause it's like the one day of the year guys remember to tell their ladies that they actually like them.

So we recruited extra delivery people. (My dad joined in.) And Sammi also helped out.

We got teamed up to do deliveries! It wasn't a bad way to spend Valentine's Day, actually. We blasted a mix of Josh Groban and country music, and sang, and made fun of people.

3.) On Sunday, the shop was closed so we all took the day to relax and chill out, so we went on a hike near our house.

 It was really nice, it was really refreshing. Naturrrrrreeeeee!!!! Nature makes me happeh.

And we ate lunch and we climbed a rocky thing and were on top of the world.

And group shots, because I have a thing for pictures.

4.) Monday was good, we had a pre Fat Tuesday celebration, with stuffed mushrooms, and bruschetta, and pizza. And we watched Guardians of the Galaxy.

I did not go into it thinking it was going to be Avengers caliber. SO! I freaking loved it. I thought it was hilarious and fun. And I chortled copiously.

And now whenever I talk to Sammi, I go, "I AM GROOT." and she just looks at me. And I'm like, "I AM GROOT." and she goes, "Shut up." "I AM GOOOOOT."

Basically, it was actually a pretty good week, despite my resolution falling through the cracks a little.

And now I'm going to go, because I have to watch some stuff before Lent starts. LENT IS COMING! And I need to party before it happens.



  1. I JUST WATCHED GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TOOOOO!! I literally finished it yesterday, although I watched the first half twice. lol Idk why I didn't ever finish it?? I don't think it was as good as the Avengers BUT IT WAS SO FUNNY AND THE MUSIC WAS AWESOME. I particularly love in the middle when Peter just saved the girl (I cannot spell her name 0_0) and he's like "I found greatness inside me" and she's just like "ohhhhh STAHP." And rolls her eyes. MOMENT OVER. XD haha. They're adorable.
    Also the end when Rocket is clarifying what's illegal.
    "But I want it MORE.'
    "It's still illegal."
    "But you don't understand. I want it even more than he does."
    Sounds like you guys had a fantastic week, though, and that hike looks niiiiice. ^_^

    1. I REALLY LOVED IT, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS REALLY DUMB. That part where he's mooching along dancing, that was hilarious. And he really comes up with the best insults. "You turd blossom." AND IT WAS FUNNY.
      I dunno, I thought the part where she's like, 'NO, I WILL NOT BECOME PREY TO YOUR PELVIC MAGIC." that cracked me up.

      HA YES.

      We did. And that hike was super epic..... after my lungs finished collapsing.

  2. Haha, sounds like fun.

    I love your use of GIF images in this post. Makes it really attractive, and brightens everything up a bit.
    I too have a blog. If you want to....could you maybe check it out? Maybe leave a little comment? Thanks!
    There's the link ^

    1. It was ,because we are FABULOUS.

      I am the queen of gifs... (ish. I think I'm hilarious when I use them.) Haha, I'll go check it out.

  3. Happy Late Valentine's Day. You know how much I looooooooove this holiday. XD

    I read this post like, "PICTURES! TRESKIE! BEAUTIMOUS... AAAAAGHHH starlord ew."


    So draw! Draw more and more! If I can draw every day and not get discouraged, you can! My drawings stink. Yours are amazing. XD

    Your poor nieces. I feel their pain. I was like, "Next MLP drawing??? pretty please???" XD Looking forward to it, but take your time. (LIES DON'T TAKE YOUR TIME POST NOWWW!!!!!) shh be quiet.

    what no I'm not schizophrenic.

    Anyways. You are all so adorable! Sammi sounds like an epic friend. I want to come and dress up and swordfight you.

    1. Happy V Day to you too!!!!!!!!! I love it SO MUCH

      YOU SHOULD give it a chance. lol.

      I shall draw and draw and send you them, because pain. JANNER.

      I love my nieces and they love me and it's adorable. I DREW RARITY. AND SHE'S CUTE.

      You are totally schizo.

      I am, I am. (le cough) Hehehe, she really is, and she's really ticklish, so that's fun for me. Hahah!. I WILL WIN BECAUSE I AM THE GODDESS OF OVERLORDS

  4. You live by those beautiful mountains and lakes?? Wow, you're so lucky, and I'm so jealous!
    Also, good thing you had some delivery partners for all those flowers! It sounds like a lot to do by yourself.
    - July, http://julyaemmance.blogspot.com/

    1. We're totally lucky to live where we live. XD

      Yeah, Sammi and I are besties for ever. lol.

  5. That picture of the view from the "rocky thing" is soooo pretty! I even Pinned it O.o

    1. I KNOW THAT VIEW IS EPIC. Really!?? *stalks your pinterest.*


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