Saturday, December 12, 2015

Picture Saturday || It's almost Christmas.

We've turned the lights down a bit, to revel in the glory of our Christmas tree.

Kat's working on a Christmas present.

Josh Groban is singing Believe on the Christmas CD we've got playing....

It really is the tiniest, little things that make the best moments.

I'm sorry, ladies, but, even though I missed last week, this Picture Saturday is going to be a bit sparse, because as I said in my previous post, a lot of the stuff I'm working on are taking a long time, because they're Christmas pressies so I'm being really careful with them.

And since most everyone I know at least knows about my blog, I don't want to spoil things, so... yeah.

1.) I don't even know, guys! I'm a bit art blocked at the moment. Like... I was off all day on Thursday and Friday and I sat down and tried all day, both days, to draw, and basically... I came up with...

It's enough to make one pull one's hair out. Like, "COME ON, HAND! WORK! I'VE GOT CRAP TO DO!"

2.) Also, I'm trying to maybe sort of get out of my comfort zone and draw people of different races.

3.) Let's um.... let's not do that again.

4.) On the other hand, I may have drawn Mary holding Baby Jesus, because I always thought she probably would have held Him, rather than just lay Him in a manger.... right?

I'm trying to decide if it's worth the risk to color it.

5.) I drew Alice in Wonderland.

6.) This one, I drew the guy first, and sent a picture of it to my friend, with the caption. "Halp, he's hot." and all she said was, "You should watch Hairspray, there's a song called I Can Hear the Bells, and it's totally you."

(I listened to the song and was offended. But then I drew the girl, and sent it to Sammi again with the new caption of, "#shecanhearthebells" and now it's a standing joke between us.)


Kate's mouth is not solid black, and I don't know why it looks like that

Yeah, so basically, Kate loves Christmas and made everyone wear Santa hats, and got all the boys to help her decorate their bunker.

So the picture is pretty much her going, "Tyler, no! Cookies are for after we're done."
And then Max steals one because he's pretty and that's what he does, and Kate goes, "Guys! Tristan, tell them no!"
And Tristan grumbles, "No. You made me where the hat, and you stuck me with the job of making the lights blink. You're on your own. This is payback."

And aaaaah. Dem's my peoples.

8.) And okay, last one and I'm sorry... But I have to make the date huge when I finish a sketchbook, so.... YEAH. COLOR.

Yep, okay, that's it this week.


Question Time!

Favorite overall this week?
Favorite colored?
Black and white?  
Best Christmas one?  
What was the last song you listened to?

Alright! I'm gone!


  1. I'm guessing Kate wouldn't be able to decorate the tree with cookies. That's the German way to do it, you know. (I've also heard it's the best way. My informant may or may not have been a wee bit biased, but on the other hand I'm inclined to agree on that point.)

    Favorite colored?-8, it's festive.
    Black and white?- I'm waffling between 7, because Tristan does not look amused with those lights, and 4, because that's a nice manger scene. Yes, I'm positive she would have held him, after things had quietened.
    Best Christmas one? -Out of all the ones I mentioned just now, you mean? 4.
    What was the last song you listened to?- I'm sorry, but by 'song' do you mean music in general? If so, than it was Howard Shore's 'Master Meriadoc, Swordthain'. Otherwise it was the wedding song from Fiddler on the Roof. They aren't very Christmasy, but they are very good.

    1. .... WITH cookies, like, put them ON the tree?? THAT'S SO COOL, WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT???? (But if Kate did, the boys would probably eat them because boys have no self-control.

      I liked how #8 turned out, it looks geooood.
      Tristan hates the lights, because half of them blink and the other half do not. lol.
      YAY I'm glad you like the manger scene, because you very sure about what you liked in a manger scene lol. XD

      MASTER MERIADOC, SWORDTHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Ehem. I've never seen past the first half of Fiddler on the Roof. XD


    Also #6 is gorgeous and amazing and they're both PERFECT. so I scream and also kudos. *high five*

    *goes and stares at all your art again* so fab. aw yiss.

    1. Hahaha, awwww. THEY ARE THE BEST, SERIOUSLY!

      lol 6 was a warm up. XD But thank you!! *high five*

      Aw yiss, thankee.:)

  3. CHRISTMAS IS SO PURTY. I really really love #7 because that scene is so adorable and afdjlsakd I love your style (which I've said 9000 billion times but still mean it. So there's that.) XD


      Hehe, number 7 has a lot going on, and takes a long time, I'm trying to decide if I should color pencil that sucker or if I should use copic markers, or if I should just leave it black and white...

      AW YOU LOVE MY STYE??? (I totally just wrote Stiles instead of Style...) THANK YOUUUUU. You sweet.

  4. Favorite overall this week? The one of Tristan and co. because the hats. They killed me.
    Favorite colored? The Alice in Wonderland one. Because I like the Cheshire Cat and always have. I relate to him. Adelaide says he's creepy. Therefore.....
    Black and white? OBVI THE TRISTAN ONE. XD
    Best Christmas one? THE LAST ONE.
    What was the last song you listened to? The Vegetables Song. You may YouTube it.

    1. Awwww hahaha, the hats were an afterthought. SO YES!

      The Alice in Wonderland is a pressie for a co-worker. lol. (HA Do you relate because you're not all there.... yourself? Or because of something else. Adelaide is correct.)

      THANK YOU.

      Erm... is it something horrid like A W E SOME? BECAUSE I DON"T WANT THAT STUCK IN MY HEAD, MKAY?

  5. that alice cover looks good & that tristan and the gang is fun drawing though I have to say the gang looks like each other...

    the last song I heard is David Choi's 'don't fade away... pretty sad but lovely to hear...

    have a lovely holiday.

    1. Awww thank you! .... *peers at the gang drawing* WELL POOP! They do look all similar, but I have such a hard time making people look different, like.... *HOW TO I DIFFERENT.*

      Ooh I've never heard that, I'm going to look it up.

      Thanks, you too. <3

  6. Dang, your drawing skill has rocketed since I was last here! Like seriously. Good stuff!
    I think my favourite is Tristan and the gang. :D Are you gonna colour that one?

    1. NONI!!!!!!

      Oh wait, you're not Noni anymore?

      But wow, thank you! That means a lot coming from you, because I've seen your art and you blow me away. :) So yeesss.

      Hehe, Tristan and gang is prolly my favorite too. And I think so, but I'm not sure. I'm waffling because on the one hand, wow it would look awesome colored, but on the other hand, I might ruin it. *has fear*.

  7. Yay for Picture Saturday! And sympathy for your art block. :-) Also, you made a good effort getting out of you comfort zone, and I like the drawing of the African-American lady.
    The picture of Mary and Baby Jesus is beautiful, so minimal, and yet so powerful. That's my favorite drawing from this week (and my favorite Christmas drawing). "Risk coloring it"...I sympathize. Sometimes color ruins all those perfect details. :-/
    Favorite colored--definitely the Alice and Wonderland picture!
    Last song I listened to? "All This Time" from The Count of Monte Cristo Highlights. It's a musical based on Alexandre Dumas's novel, and the songs and singers are great! The lady who sings the part of Mercedes is Brandi Burkhardt! Unfortunately, there isn't a whole soundtrack--just a highlights CD. But hey, it's better than nothing. *rant over*

    1. YAAAY! lol. All the sympathy is needed, cause sad. (My sister says she looks like the girl from Hunchback of Notre Dame...)

      Aw thank you so much! I wasn't going for detail so much as getting the *feel* of it, and I'm so happy you thinks it's pretty. XD
      RIGHT!??? Coloring things can be so scary!

      Hehehe, Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorites.


  8. Hai there!

    I agree with Hon Valencia, your drawing skills are just getting better and better!

    Overall favorite of this week: The Alice in Wonderland. GAH I LOVE IT! I'm It's good, very good. Your co-worker is one lucky person!

    Favorite colored: Can't decide between #5 and #8. They're both beautiful.

    Black and white: The one of Mary holding baby Jesus! I totally would have been holding that baby! It could look very nice colored, but it also looks nice as is... quite a risky decision. Hmmm...idk!

    Best Christmas one: I am very much in love with #8 because it looks AMAZING and captures everything Christmas-y. I especially love the cranberry and popcorn garland on the tree :) I also like #7 a lot. It's so fun! It has lots and lots of detail too, which I muchly appreciate.

    Last song I listened to: 'Selene' by Imagine Dragons. I was listening to Pandora while making biscuits for Robert's family Christmas get-together tonight. THE CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!!!!

    And I have no idea what you're apologizing for. This was an awesome Picture Saturday!

    Happy Christmas!

    1. HAI GURL!

      Awww you guys. *tucks feet in.* that's so sweet.

      That one turned out so well! (She loved it and I was pleased)

      #8 looked so bright and christmasy I was like YAAAASSS.

      Aw thanks! RIGHT? I ALWAYS Thought it was weird that people depicted her just leaving him in the manger. Like. IT WAS COLD! HOLD THAT BABY. (So risky, so scary)

      Gaaaaaaaaaaaw. You noticed the cranberry and popcorn! *dances*
      #7 was probably my favorite just because it's TRISTAN. lol.

      SELENE IS SO CATCHY. Aw yiss, Christmas festivities. XD

      AW you're so sweet. XD

      SAME! I need to reply to your email! I FORGOT OMG

  9. Where it tristan from? (e.x. a book?) other than that I laughed :) I wish I could draw people

    1. Tristan's my OC whom I love. He's not really a book, he's just sort of there, because I don't write. lol You can kind of follow his story on my blog. :)

      Aw really??

      have you *tried?* YOU SHOULD TRY!


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