Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lifey Update

It's December!

Which means I am insanely busy with Christmas preparations, which means I haven't been drawing as much.

It's December!

Which means Advent is here, and I love Advent!

It's December!

Which means, due to the random changes in temperature, I am sick, which mean I haven't been drawing as much.

It's December!

Which means.... a lot of the drawings I have been doing are Christmas pressies and I can't show them until after Christmas.

And those are the reasons why I missed Picture Saturday. (I'm sure you were all so sad.*)


I'm going to try to post this coming Saturday, but I have a vague notion that a lot of us are going Christmas shopping that day, so you never know, it might end up being Picture Sunday again. In all actuality, I should probably switch it to Sunday officially, because I seem to be busy a lot on Saturdays. But I don't want to, because I kind of think Picture Saturday is my trademark, and it seems weird to change that. (Is it my trademark? Do I even have a trademark?)


I have quite a few posts planned for the next couple of weeks before Christmas. (I received a bookish tag from Hannah, which I plan on doing for one...) BUT don't hold me to that, because I'm easily distracted by shiny things and I might forget.

Anyway, yeah.

Are you interested to know what's going on with me?

1.) Sometimes we go to the lake and it's just so pretty, we have to take lots of pictures

2.) Sometimes it's so cold, even my coffee cup needs a sweater.

3.) Sometimes Amy and I take pictures of Christmas tree decorations.

4.) Sometimes I take pictures at stop signs and thank God for letting me live here.

5.) Sometimes I yell, "SMILE!" and people actually do.

6.) Sometimes I ask Chloe and Sam if they want to take a picture, and they go, "YASSS."

7.) Sometimes I film myself drawing and it's weird. But here, have a sneak peak of what's going to be in the next Picture Saturday.

8.) Sometimes my sister in the Midwest tells me she wants more pictures of the family, and I shamelessly hold up my phone and snap a selfie. Just for her.

9.) Sometimes Charlie Brown is me.

10.) Sometimes Kit and I set up our Christmas tree while listening to a mixture of Christmas music, like Bing Crosby, Hayley Westenra, Josh Groban, and Il Volo. (Because no one can ham up "Let it Snow" quite like my Italian boys.)

11.) Sometimes it snows.

Question Time!

Does it snow where you live?
Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?
Are you sick with some stupid cold? 
Do you love the Christmas Season? 

I love you all! Merry Christmas!


  1. Hello, good to hear from you again.
    It's December? (eyebrows rise) It's December? (looks at calendar) It's December! (eyes widen) Oh my word! A week and a bit into it, no less!
    Looks like you're enjoying it, so far!
    Does it snow where you live?- Now and then. But I live in Wet World. It usually rains.
    Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?- Yes. Refreshingly minimal decorations this time. i'm happy with just lights and a star.
    Are you sick with some stupid cold? - It's only a matter of time....
    Do you love the Christmas Season? - Ja!

    1. Hello right back. :)

      Hahaha, are you making fun of my "IT'S DECEMBER!" quips?

      Mmm I like rain. I like it a lot, but I'm glad I don't get it all the time. lol. We usually get more snow than we have been getting *lately*, but there's a drought and we get all excited over like... a foot. A food of snow used to be boring. lol.

      Haha aw. Well I like decorations *too*. I don't like it when the tree is overloaded, but when it's all up there artistically, yessss.

      This is true.


    2. No, that is just my mentality. I wasn't done with November yet.
      Update on the tree: someone put stuffed animals in it while I wasn't looking.

  2. WE HAVE NO SNOW!!! AND IT UPSETS ME! What happened to snowstorms in the middle of October, I ask you? Why is it the same temperature on the East Coast as it is in TEXAS?!?!?!?! Boo.

    My little sister wants to set up our tree tonight. And she wants me to help. And I have too much stuff to do. And I might just blow that stuff off to set up our tree. YAY productivity!

    I have no cold, for which I am truly grateful, and Christmas is wonderful. Especially WHEN THERE IS SNOW! Ahem.

    Thank you for the Matt Smith gif. It makes me happy. :)

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. THAT WAS ME LAST YEAR! LIKE.... We didn't get snow for Christmas last year, but we used to get so much snow.... like 2 feet per storm wasn't that big a deal. But now we're like, "SIX INCHES, YES!" because it's been a good few years since we've had a big winter like we had when I was little. (WE USED TO GET SNOW IN OCTOBER TOO. hahaha.) at least we're not as warm as Texas, what's with that?

      ..... Well it's productive to set up a tree... ditch the important stuff. XD

      Lucky you. XD WE HAVE SNOW HAAAA. LOL.

      You're welcome, it makes me happy too. XD

  3. To answer your questions:

    1. We have been blessed with snow/ice balls occasionally, but not before January 25th.

    2. YES! We got it a few days before Thanksgiving, but waited until the Sunday after to decorate it.

    3. I was, actually. Stupid bronchitis has hit me several times each year ever since a couple years ago, when I may or may not have swallowed too much saltwater during a family vacation. Luckily, I was only slightly under the weather for about a week this time. Hope you feel better soon!

    4. YAS! Christmas! But not before Thanksgiving. It boggles my mind to see Christmas decorations in stores when it's still October.

    1. 1.) Well that's not as awesome as soft fluffy flakes... And not before the end of January?? What about Christmas!??

      2) Woot! I love decorating, it's the best part. XD

      3.) Aww *fist bump for being sick* Bronchitis is the worst... except whooping cough, that might actually trump bronchitis... BUT you swallowed saltwater? Why did you do that!? lol. Thanks. Me too.

      4.) YOU SAID 'YAS'! *I* SAY YAS! It irritates when people decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. It's like, "Guys! Halloween was like... a week ago! Chill out!"

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. I think I remember having only one or two white Christmases. Usually, we don't even get white stuff unless it's hail, and that's just oh so annoying.

      Oooh, never had whooping cough, but I've heard it's terrible. Yeah, we were at the beach, and for some reason I kept swallowing a little salt water every time I came up for air after diving for sea glass. Half-way through the trip I started hacking, but did that stop me? Nope. So I was still coughing a month later. :/

      I know, right! I'm positive that there are only three people when it comes to Christmas: The ones who are super duper excited, and want to decorate as soon as physically possible. The ones who are tired of all the enthusiasm, and want to decorate as soon as possible to get it over with. And, the sensible ones who wait until Thanksgiving, or a little after, before going crazy.

    3. Yeah, here it's very rare that we don't get snow for Christmas, and when we don't everyone's like, "WHAT'S GOING ON, WHAT IS THIS, WHY IS THERE NO SNOW!?"

      It's baaad lol. Haha that's awesome, oh my goodness.

      Yeah, we're the ones who wait til after Thanksgiving, because we like to give Christmas it's own season instead of merging it with others, you know? XD

    4. Yeah, everyone here gets ecstatic whenever any form of frozen water falls out of the sky, regardless of when it happens. :)

      The good thing is, nobody else caught it. I've had it twice already this year, so Mom refused to have me be sick a third time.

      Of course, who would want Thanksmas instead of Thanksgiving and Christmas separately?

    5. Haha, well I guess if you live in a place without snow, you take what you get and are happy about it. XD

      I love it when Moms refuse to let you get sick.

      *snort* Thanksmas.

  4. Yes to all of those. Come by and see my tree sometime. It has cranberries and popcorn and the cutest hedgehogs in the world because your mummy is sweet.

    I have a cough which makes me sound like I have the plague.

    I get to see you on Saturday! Your mummy invited me to go shopping too.

    It snows were I live. Funny thing, the place I live looks JUST like where you live. Weird, right?



    (By the way, I just feel like shouting it...MY COUSIN GETS TO COME OUT OVER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. I'm goooonnnnaaa! Because I have your christmas cds, but no cases, and they're just sitting here like... sad. But yeaaah the hedgehogs are cute. And yeah, my mommy is the besssst. XD

      SAME. Well... more like I'm a man, but plague works too.


      Omygosh, it does look the same! Omg! That's so cool! hahaha.




  5. aww lovely pictures! happy December!

  6. Ahaaaa I love this and you and yes. :-D *bear hug*

    Does it snow where you live? YES LIKE A BUNCH.

    Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? NO I WANT TO. I HELPED SET UP SOMEBODY ELSE'S BUT NOT MINE.

    Are you sick with some stupid cold? NO THANK GOODNESS I GOT OVER MINE.

    Do you love the Christmas Season? YESSSSSSSSSSS.

    Congrats. You got all caps on all answers.

    1. Hahaha, you're a dork.





      I noticed. I apparently make you flail. XD

  7. I'm sorry you've been sick! Are you mostly recovered by now? Funny you should ask if your readers are sick as well, because yeah, I came down with something yesterday. It's not too bad, but enough to slow me down for a while. It's also an excuse to watch movies as I rest. :-)
    Ooh, thanks for the picture sneak-peek! I did miss Picture Saturday, but I look forward to the next Picture Saturday/Sunday. Also, the "smile!" snapshot of you and your family is a beautiful picture! Your photographs of the landscape are lovely too!
    No, it doesn't snow where I live (usually, that is; sometimes we get a few inches). Which is okay, and I love my home state--but just once, I'd like to read a book or see a film with a setting in which it doesn't tend to snow. And also where it doesn't magically snow in time for Christmas Eve, because that's life sometimes. :-)
    Oh, yes, we have our tree up! My siblings and I take care of that once Thanksgiving is properly over, and the house is quite festive now. And Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday! (Easter goes without saying, and anyway, I consider it much to important to be a mere "favorite") Christmas decorations are so pretty, and I love shopping, wrapping presents, giving presents and getting them too!
    I hope you and your family have a good Christmas!

    1. Mostly I'm okay, but my throat is sore, so I can't sing, which is bothersome, since I want to sing lots of carols, and I CAN'T. lol. (I"m sorry you're sick too.... BUT movies are fun. lol.)

      Haha you're welcome. :) (You look forward to picture saturday!? Aw yiss. :X) Aw thank you! Yeah, that one of some of us turned out really well, I like it a lot. :)

      Aw I'm sorry for you. It's not really Christmas without snow. lol. But but but.... SNOW! lol. You know, I can't actually think of a single Christmas movie that doesn't have snow by Christmas eve, that's sad for you. XD

      Oh cool! Yeah, same here. 'Cept we usually wait until about St. Nicholas Day to actually start decorating. And then as the month goes on, Amy and I tend to go over to Home Base and start putting up garland and wreathes and make it pretty. XD
      I like wrapping the present *I* get for people, but a lot of the time, my parents will get some of us older kids to help wrap what they got, because there are so many of us, and I'm not wild about that. It kind of takes the magic out. XD BUT YEAH I LOVE GIVING AND GETTING AND PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS LIKE YES.

      I hope you do too!

  8. Ooh, like the pictures!
    Yes we get snow. Usually a lot, but we don't really get it until January.
    We got a lovely balsam fir tree and set it all up. It's pretty.:)
    Yes, I agree! Christmas is awesome!

    1. Aw thank you!
      Wow, it seems to be a thing, with people not getting snow til January. What's with that???
      Yeah... ours is fake. It's kind of sad, and I'd like a real one, but we've never actually had a real tree that I can remember. O_o.

      Yep yep, it is. XD

  9. THIS IS SO PRETTY. SNOOOOOW. No it doesn't snow where I live. Not even in Winter. D: Although it snows further South so I suppooooosoe I could go down there and view it. But this hobbit likes her hobbit hole. Just sayin'. *ahem* Your shameless selfies are things of fantasticness. and OMG I LOVED THE VIDEO OF YOU DRAWING. That is so cool. And maybe you should call it Picture Whatever-Day-I-Want-To. AHHAHA. XD *dies laughing at self's lameness* aHem.

    1. THANK YOU. LOL. ... Yes, well that's because you live in a crazy part of the world where summer and winter are at the wrong times and you're too close to the freaking equator. Seriously, what is wrong with your country?? LOL. (*have* you ever seen snow???) (Have you seen Saving Santa? Because there's an elf in there who's voice by Martin Freeman, and at one point, he says, "NO LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm a DELICATE SNOWFLAKE!" and it just reminds me of introverts.

      haha, yeeeaaah. *cough*.


      *Laughs at your lameness too.*..... eh... no.

  10. Oh, good, you're back! Seriously, I checked on Saturday... nope... Sunday... nope... Monday?! She's dead for certain! But you posted on Pinterest, so I calmed down.
    Does it snow where you live? Yep. But not yet. *angrily grimaces at the sky*
    Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? Yes! It's the most beautiful part of Christmas, sitting out in the Christmas light glow at night.
    Are you sick with some stupid cold? No, thankfully* I got that over with back when I had singing lessons and performances.
    Do you love the Christmas Season? It's the most wonderful time of the year.

    1. Hahahaha, wow, really? That makes me feel loved. XD *dances everywhere*

      It did that to us last year, and we didn't get snow on Christmas, and it was quite distressing.

      RIGHT? RIGHT? Christmas trees are the best part of decorating. It's like seeing magic, and I love that.

      Oh my gosh, you got sick when you had to sing and perform? THAT *ALWAYS* HAPPENS! It's like, "Aw yiss, I can finally take a singing class again!" *promptly catches laryngitis.*

      It is, it really is.

  11. I agree with your sister... You should post more pictures of you and your family. :)
    Speaking of your sisters... I NEED their phone numbers! Like...Laura and Gina! So... how shall we figure out that? Keep writing posts about you and your family! It brings back such happy memories!!

    1. HANNA. HEY! HI!

      lol... I guess I should. ;) But this is more of an art blog than a family blog, so I feel awkward posting about my family sometimes. Haha.

      Oh eh... Well I don't really want to put their phone numbers on the internet, but if you want, you can email me, and I can send them to you that way?
      But awww, okay, I will keep posting about that. I'm glad it brings back happy memories, that's always a bonus. Haha. :)


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