Friday, October 12, 2012

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Happiness, I've decided, resides in a hot cup of tea and banana bread.

Happiness is re-watching the first season of Sherlock, and marveling at how dear John Watson manages to keep his temper in check even though Sherlock is such a pill.  

Happiness is knowing that Martin Freeman is playing Bilbo Baggins. 

Happiness is a cozy house when it's cold outside. 

Our house doesn't quite look like that, but.... Well you get the idea, right? =)

Happiness is knowing that your best friend is willing to go out into the cold, cold, cold, weather and take pictures with you. 



There was a random glass just sitting on that boulder. It was novel. 

Happiness is having the time to work on your WIP and actually liking what you wrote.

Happiness is watching Basil of Bakerstreet in The Great Mouse Detective.

Happiness is maple leaves....

Happiness is listening to the Phantom of the Opera and attempting (vainly) to sing that high E that Christine hits so prettily.

Happiness is just being happy for the fun of it, and laughing because it feels good.

How 'bout you? What makes you happy? Anything special to report? 


  1. High E? Thought as much. Cait's trying to convince me it's not the right note. I say E. We have the sheet music--Cait has the piano part, and I play the singing part with the flute. But it's missing that last note. I play E. She says no. But anyway. :) I can't sing high for the life of me.

    Oh, American leaves are so pretty! We don't really get falling leaves like that. :)

    1. Yeah, it's high E. On good days, when I'm really warmed up, I can hit high D.... but that is pushing it. :( SADNESS! I will never be able to play Christine!

      But hey ho... If you can't sing high, there are loads of gorgeous songs for altos. :D

      Ooh, I never thought about that, that Australia wouldn't have the same kinds of trees as us. I mean... well obviously you DO have trees...but you're missing out when you don't have maples or aspens.

  2. Oh my gosh! Favorite post. :) There are so many things I need to say! Like for instance, that big huge field where you took pictures? INSANELY GORGEOUS. I'm incredibly jealous. Also, your outfit and your friend's outfit is sooo stinkin cute. I love it. And i love the maple leaves, the fact that your title is a quote from Anne of Green Gables, Phantom of the Opera, The Hobbit, Tea, banana bread, this post. It was a great post. It made me happy. :) <3

    1. Oh, wow! If you liked it that much, I must look into doing more.

      Haha, that meadow is just down the street and to the right from where I live. It's nice to have it there. Aww, thanks! I think skirts are super pretty, and it's good to have vibrant colors when you're shooting in the outside. They really stick out.

      I'm glad you liked this post. :D You made my day by telling me so. :)

      God bless!

  3. Hehe. that is a pretty good list! I love Great Mouse Detective. What makes me happy? Well, I am happy when I am hanging out with friends. Happy when my baby siblings do something adorable. Happy when the trees turn red and orange. Happy when there is a fire in our wood stove. :-D And hpt tea is one of the happiest things EVER!!! <3

    1. Thanks! It didn't take long to come up with. And hey, your list is pretty awesome too!

      I LOVE Basil! He's so perfect as "sherlock". :) It's insane how many people these days *don't* have woodstoves... how do they survive the winter?

  4. If you were not formerly aware, I'd like inform you that you are beautiful. On the Jealousy Scale, with one being Pfft and ten being I WILL HACK YOU INTO TINY SHREDS, I am at thirty-two.

    I. Love. Sherlock. Read "love" as "am hopelessly and irrevocably, crazily and senselessly, madly and unrequitedly in excessive and utter adoring love with". Yeaaahhh. You get the picture ... :S

    1. Wow! Awwwwwww. Thank you so much. I haven't been told that very much so now I am insanely happy. xx

      I love Sherlock too. But... not, I think to the extent that you are. lol I'm more of a Watson person. haha!

      Thanks for commenting

  5. Martin Freeman is going to be sooooo good as Bilbo from what I've seen in the trailers! I cannot wait!!! =D

    And I awarded you! :)

    1. I KNOW! HE'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!! He's such a perfectious hobbit.

      Ooh, thanks for the award! I'll do it asap. :)

      God bless!

  6. omigosh I love this post! ^_^ I have a lot to say:
    BBC Sherlock is wonderful. Benedict Cumberbatch is a doll. He does a fantastic job. and yes, Watson is pretty fab too. <3
    Tea? meh. COFFEE. ;) <3
    The Great Mouse Detective has to be one of my all-time favorite cartoons. It's so cuuute!
    You and your friend are adorable. :D I love dressing up and going out into the cold to take pictures. I actually tend to do a lot more outside pictures in cold weather rather than hot. O.o
    I *love* the PotO soundtrack. It's so gorgeous. plus, I can sing along pretty darn good. :D I think I sing Saprano really well. I prefer Alto sometimes though.
    That cat picture *really* made me lol. :D I love it!
    cutecute post Treskie!

    1. Haha! This was one of the easiest posts to do! I was not expecting it to be a hit. XD

      Sherlock.... Oh. I love you for loving it. :D

      Actually, I prefer coffee over tea. And I really hated tea for the longest time, but I've developed a taste for it. Meh. But in the evenings my whole family has a cup of tea and a chat. It's nice that way. Camaraderie and all...

      THANK YOU! You would not believe how many people either haven't seen The Great Mouse Detective or don't like it. and I'm like.... HOW CAN YOU NOT!?

      Well.... With cold weather the chill brings out a delightful color in faces rather than hot weather, which... just makes you look overheated. And... teeheee.... I wasn't really dressed up. Sammi was, but that's how I tend to look under normal conditions. (Give or take a jean skirt or two.)

      The POTO soundtrack is brilliant, isn't it? I actually preferred it over the original broadway cast for a while, but then I started taking singing classes and was like... "You know... The originals were better." I LOVE Michael Crawford's Phantom! You can sing soprano AND alto? Dang girl! You have a range. :D

      That cat picture makes me laugh every time, I love it. It's so true too!

      I'm so happy you liked the post. Thanks for saying so! :) xx


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