Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random thoughts

The Sierras have numerous lakes speckling the mountain sides.

Yesterday we went on a hike. 

There was one heck of a view. 

My mood at this time: Sort of.... melancholy. Like...... I think I might need to go use that punching bag which is currently standing in the closet of my bedroom.

Currently loving: Allied P.O.W.s during WWII. I think I will end up doing a post on them sometime in the near-ish future. They are awesome.

Currently reading: Just finished Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. She was a brilliant author and I love her books. The Colditz Story by P. R. Reid, and Moonless Night by Jimmy James. They are incredible books which will be included in my P.O.W post. :)

Currently watching: Doctor Who, Remington Steele (only the clean ones, the later seasons can get a little.... not clean.) Hogan's Heroes, Tintin, and the Avengers. We watch a lot of movies/TV shows.

Currently listening to: Les Miserables musical, the Clancy Brothers, the Script's Hall of Fame, and Awake by Josh Groban.

Currently planning: To go and take pictures of leaf trees. Lots of pictures. Maybe have a photo-shoot.
I also really want to find more time to draw, I've been super busy.
I want to watch The Great Escape again.
I want to write some more in my W.I.P.
I must find a way to make my school research paper as epic as I want it to be.
I should wash our doggeh, Sam.

That's all for today peoples! :)

God bless,



  1. I'm feeling sort of melancholy too, so we're in the same boat. However, Les Mis is wonderful and im so happy you're listening to it. XD Its one of my favorite musicals. Your dog is super cute too and I think its awesome that you have a punching bag in the closet of your bathroom. Not too many people can say that, you know? xD haha. i hope your day looks up lovely<3

    1. Do you say melancholy the way Megamind does? :) I do. It's more fun.

      My favorite character in Les Mis is Enjolras. And my favorite Enjolras is Anthony Warlow. How 'bout you?

      I want to get one of the big huge punching bags that don't really move when you hit them, as it is, I have a sort of puny one. It works well though. :) They're amazing for taking tempers out on.

      I KNOW! Both our doggies are adorable, but Sam is my favorite. He's such a silly. lol.

      Thanks, I hope yours does too. xx

  2. Aw, such lovely pictures! What a wonderful place to go on a hike!

    I love Josh Groban's Awake CD, it is one of my favourites tied only by his Illuminations.

    TINTIN 8-D Was it the movie or the TV show?


    1. It really was a beautiful hike. And I love all of Josh's CDs.... But yeah, Awake and Illuminations are my favorites too. They have the most amazing songs on them. :)

      There's a Tintin TV show???????? **goes to look it up.**

  3. Josh Groban is the best :) Les Miserable was awesome( though very heartbreaking)
    Yeah, it is so fun to watch TV shows (Dr. Who!)
    The pics are really pretty but the hike was **Gorgeous** (I should know I was there *Grin* ) IS TINTIN A TV SHOW??? :-o wow!!! I wanna see it!

  4. Nice blog :) Your dog is adorable AND... You have a piture of Moriaty on your sidebar!!!!! I love Sherlock :P If you have time could you pop round to my blog and leave a comment or something (so I know you've been)? Thanks anyhow for this lovely blog.
    Ruby -

    1. Awww thanks! Moriarty on my sidebar?? **goes to check** EEK! Badness. I love sherlock too, he's awesome.

      I'll be sure to check out that link. :)

      God bless

  5. LOL, when I got to the part where you currently watching Dr. Who, Remington Steele, Hogan's Heroes, Tintin and the Avengers, as WELL as currently listening to Les Mis, The Clancy's, Josh, and Hall Of Fame, I thought "Whoas! THERE is a girl who can multi-task like crazeh!"

    Cute picture of Sam. :-)

    1. Merherher, oh the wonders of my mind, to be able to take all that in at once! lol... Hmmmm. Next time I shall be more clear. .......But you knew what I meant, Kat! :)

  6. Oh! Life happened to you too? I thought about stopping life...but then we would be dead...which would be kind of odd. So I guess life has to keep happening.
    Anyhow, I was happy to get your comment 8-D
    Ehehehehe! I used to borrow my brother's debt card...siblings are great to have and borrow money from 8-D

    I hope you like the story!


  7. I am glad you are enjoying the POW books so much, and that the term paper you are doing on them really does end up being epic. One can't exactly say that POW stories are *inspiring* but I do find them encouraging, and I always feel that if they could put up with so much and still have a sense of humour, I can be pluckier about things too.


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