Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In which resides a great deal of questions and answers.

The lovely Kellie is hosting a blog part for..... people who are feeling uninspired in the ways of blogging, and seeing as I have been feeling as such, have decided to join. 

This ought to be jolly!!!!!!!

Gray Days to Glimmering Blog Party

1) What's your favorite thing to do when you've been feeling uninspired?
     Oh this and that. Usually it helps to take a walk, read a few brilliant books, or watch a movie. I don't know... I guess watching/reading other people's awesomeness tends to get my creative juices flowing. 

2) Tell us about a really great movie/show that you've just discovered.
     Hmm, let me think. Rise of the Guardians and The Hobbit were incredible. SO much love, people! But lately we've been re-watching Doctor Who and even more recently, watching Leverage again. 

Leverage is freaking awesome. It's kind of like a mashup of Robin Hood and Ocean's Eleven..... It's usually very clean. 

But mostly, it's awesome because of this guy: Eliot Spencer. He's a fighter, and a musician, and a cook.... what's not to love?

3) What do you like to do to change your mood?
     I read and pinterest a lot. *Grins unabashedly.*

4) Your favorite drink is currently...
     Oh... you know. COOOFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! And TEA!

5) When you hear the word exuberant, what's the first word that comes to mind?
     Amy. Don't ask why. 
     And my niece, Sammie. 
     And Daisy. Our beagle. 

6) What made you smile last?
     Eliot Spencer. 

7) What five songs would make a playlist to describe your week?
     1.) Brave- Josh Groban
     2.) The Rose- Andre Rieue (My sisters and I learned it in harmony like that. We sound that good. *cough* I wish. I hope. I think we could be. :) Okay. I'm just going to stop now. LOL. 
     3.) Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift.
     4.) Lover of the Light- Mumford and Sons
     5.) I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons.

8) What's at the top of your creative 'To-Do' list?
     Drawing Percy Jackson. (He's pretty awesome) Just drawing more in general. And possibly make a Doctor Who themed doll set. 

9) The last thing you crossed off the above list was...
     I drew my character for the letter game. 

10) Quickly - the first movie quote from the top of your head, please!
      "Who are you?"
      "No one of consequence."
      "I must know."
      "Get used to disappointment."
      *nods* "Okay."
     From the Princess Bride. (But seriously, if you didn't know that..... if you didn't know that. Just go rent it. Now. 

11) The best thing about January is...

12) The worst thing about January is...
      The cold. The snow. The end. 

13) What's your #1 resolution for 2013?
      I didn't really make resolutions. I don't know... be braver, I guess?

14) And lastly, share a quote or verse that you've found especially inspiring lately.


And now I must awa' and write about Rose and Chris. (for some reason, watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, really put me in a writing mood.)

Cheers, people!


  1. First of all, I LOVE LEVERAGE and I love ELLIOT. What a great show.

    And The Princess Bride is one of my favourite movies ever. Definitely!

    I looked at your doll tutorial, and suddenly I feel inspired to MAKE ALL THE DOLLS! Doctor Who themed ones sound great. I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend :)

    Loved the Sherlock Holmes movies a well. You have very good taste :D

    1. YAY! FINALLY someone who knows about Leverage! I was starting to think it was just me and my family in the whole blogosphere that knew about it. Eliot is my favorite.... I love how he's a tough guy, but such a softy underneath. :)

      The Princess Bride.... should not be as good as it is. It's so corny! But yeah... it's one of my favorites too.

      Oh really? Awesome! I thought my dolls were just sort of par, but if you liked them, I may have to do the same think this weekend and see if I have the right color material for the Doctor and Amy and Rory. :D

      I only JUST watched the second one a few days ago. They're really good. I enjoyed the fighting bits... they were really tight in their choreography. Thank you! So do you. xo :)

  2. HOOT HOOT! Eliot! I loves him, so much. :D

    My favourite was the last quote. My only question is, why haven't I met him yet?! LOL

    1. Because he's probably British and can't get to America yet. :)

  3. Oh! Leverage IS awesome!! I've only ever seen maybe 3 eppys, but I already know I'd be soo addicted to that show. And I love that guy, Eliot that is. ^_^
    When I think of "exuberant" I always think of Tom Hiddlestons smile..its so exuberant. and adorable. ehehe. *_*
    This was a fantastic post!!!

    1. Oh well, if you've only see three episodes.... You really must watch more. Lots more. There's one... the Wedding Job, which is one of my favorites. There's very rarely a weak episode, and I love that about them. :D

      Yes, his smile IS exuberant, innit? He seems like such a nice guy.

      awww, thank you for the compliment. :)

  4. That Leverage show looks rather interesting. Plus, I nearly always take TV show recommendations from fellow-Whovians. ;) Can it be watched online anywhere, like Hulu or youtube or something?

    1. Leverage is BRILLIANT!!!! It's not a lot like Doctor Who really... It's.... a lot like Ocean's Eleven and Robin Hood mixed. :D I think most of the episodes are on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tas3DYRnRxA There's the first one.... there is one part in an elevator that gets off color. You can kind of see it coming. A girl does a quick change but other than that it's totally clean.

      Let me know what you think, yeah?

    2. I feel a bit silly replying to you so late, but whatever. :)

      Thank you so much for the link! I've seen up to season 4 now. *grins* I do like it - I'm not OBSESSED with it, but I like it enough to watch more than one episode in a day, that's for sure! My favorite character is Parker. She's so weird and adorable and awesome. :) Then comes Hardison, then Sophie, then Nate, then Eliot. I'm afraid I don't like Eliot as much as you do...Nate can be very annoying, though, so maybe he should go last. Hm.

      Thanks again for introducing me to it!

    3. Oh, I'm glad you replied! I was wondering if you were going to enjoy it. :)

      I get why a lot of people don't like Elliot. He is a hard character. So I forgive you for not liking him as much as me. LOL. I just really love fighters. People with a past are the most endearing to me.

      But yeah. Then I love Parker and Hardison about the same. They're so cute together. :)

      You're welcome. Cheers!

  5. The word exuberant reminds you of me? *Gulp*
    Leverage rocks. :)
    Fun post, Peskie!

  6. Thanks so much for joining, Treskie! Loved your post.
    #11... hehe:) I bet those DW dolls are going to be simply adorable!

    1. I hope so! If I could just find TIME to make the dolls that would be brilliant in itself. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Game of Shadows is a brilliant movie, I liked it even more then the first which surprised me. "Did you just kill my wife?! Did you just kill my new wife!?!"

    A clean TV show, I shall have to check it out!

    And I knew the Princess Bride quote, and your right, to those who didn't know it they must go and watch the movie.

    Also, you have snow. I have a camera and someone who needs to be shot. Be right up.

    1. Yeah, same here. That part on the train was HILARIOUS! It's so quotable, I'll occasionally pop up with that, "MY NEW WIFE!" reference. :)

      You should, Leverage is really, insanely addictive. :)

      Okay! Can't wait. I shall put the kettle on and make cookies. ;)

  8. Lagging in school is annoying. I had days like that when I was in school and then I would get behind and have to make up for it and didn't want to, and would lag more. It is like a circle, a very mean one.

    Creepy and immature romances, some of those come to mind. One I read not so long ago, and I'm not a teen and I was blushing. Seesh! It was awkward and not needed, and ruined what could have been a fun story.

    Oh yes, Lisbeth and Isidore, the two who decided to throw off all my original plans and make me wonder what they were up to.

    A friend of mine told me about The Sherwood Ring. They loved it, I plan to read it someday. It sounded brilliant.
    I MUST find Socery and Cecilia! I love the subtitle!!! It sounds like a wonderfully fun book, and I love those. I will have to see if my library has it.

    Thanks for the list! I'll keep it for when I need to find good, romantic books.

  9. Haha! YES! I do the same thing! "I should catch up.... *chortles* Just kidding!"

    Oh, yes. Sherwood Ring is one of my absolute favorite books... one of those I go back to when I can't think of anything else to read and want something that will make me feel happy.

    Sorcery and Cecilia is a letter game book. That's where Amy and I got the idea for ours... and gosh, it's hilarious. A little slow to start out, because they need to explain the story a bit, but other than that. Awesome. And a really tight plot. :)

    You're welcome! Let me know what you think of Lark. :)

  10. You list so many films and series I have not seen... but Princess Bride and Doctor Who I know. :D
    I love the A.A. Milne quote.

  11. We do watch a lot of movies. It's one of those things where we get them recommended to us and watch them to please people. ;D We have a wide range of movie likings, from romance to action, to drama, to suspense and we love them all. ;)

    A.A. Milne was so cool. I wish he'd written more. :)

  12. Isn't Pinterest addicting? Far too many of my hours have been spent there. ;) And I love those quotes!

    1. Hey, Kara! Thanks for commenting! Yes. Pinterest is ridiculously addicting. I love it. :) I'm glad you liked the quotes. I'm rather partial to them myself.

  13. :D Can I do this? I have been feeling a little uninspired lately. :-)

    I love the A.A. Milne quote! <3

    1. I don't see why not, just link back, pretty please. :D

      I LOVE A A Milne. He was so cool. :)


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