Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Driving, and baking, and Whovian-isms.


It has come to this. 

So, seeing as I'm turning eighteen in about five months, I finally reconciled myself to the fact that I really need to learn how to drive. 

For most people, this is a good thing. Driving is fun! Right? Right?


People: I'm the girl who's terrified of the presser foot on sewing machines. (Like literally.... terrified.)

For me,  the idea of driving is like:

only Gus runs like that..... don't know how he does it. 

It doesn't really help that the car we learn to drive in is...... kind of..... well..... it's old! Okay?! It's old! It rattles and shakes and squeals and groans! It's rusty! It's embarrassing to be seen with! It's a total bomb!

But we believe that knowing how to drive a stick is a necessity.

So I will learn to drive in it. 

In this bad boy. 

This picture makes it look way more attractive than it is in real life.


I have killed it so many times. But hey ho. Once I'm competent and confident with it, I shall move to the automatic, which is nice... I will not be taking my driver's test with it. Thank heaven. =)

I made banana bread today. It was amazing, even if I do say so myself. Haha! So after dinner we had tea or cocoa and banana bread. And then, while I did dishes Amy took out my computer, and showed people her Pinterest boards. Most everyone crowded around to look. 

I fear my nieces have lost any chance they had at ever being normal. They are already Whovians. Singing the Doctor Who theme song.


Poor little children, poooor little things! But seriously. That's cute stuff right there. 

Also, I may have gotten my brother addicted to the Kid Snippets. Kid Snippets are absolutely hilarious

This is for anyone who has ever helped a kid with math. 

And now I shall awa'.

Thinks to do. 

Books to read.

Worlds to save. 

Swings to.... swing on. 



  1. Ooh, sounds like fun. The car I'm driving in is dark green and disgusting, and I have to drive stick, so I understand your situation. And I'm terrified of the sewing machine pedal, too.. lol.

    You'll do fabulously, though. Just ooze confidence.

    The rest of your day sounds really fun! I love me some banana bread and Doctor Who. And what little sweethearts your nieces are... I went "d'awwww!" :)

    1. Finally! Someone who understands my presser foot fear! Haha, it's not so bad. I just get so nervous. :)

      They are *So* cute. I love it when they sing DW. ;)

  2. Ahaha. i wish I could drive! you're lucky. :) lol. Also, banana bread and tea! Sounds delish. My new favorite word: Snickersnort. Also, I love your bidding farewell at the end, it cracked me up. :)

    1. It is a good thing, driving. I just... have a hard time adjusting to it. Scary. lol.

      Haha, snickersnort is actually my sister's made up word. I love it too. It's... perfect. :P

  3. I love trying to run like Gus. Or like Shawn does in the space museum episode. :D hehe. I love driving....Maybe that's strange. I've never driven stick though, so I wouldn't know about that. lol. Automatic for me, please! lol
    fun post!

    1. Those boys.... I wonder if they put it on, or if they're really that un-athletic? Hahah!

      Well... sticks are a bit harder than automatics... this one is like... 25 years old so it's rather touchy. LOL

      Thanks! ox

  4. Lol!!! Guster has the best run, it slays me. xD
    I'm 18 and I still don't drive, not really ashamed of it, but everyone gives me bad vibes about it, and I'm going to HAVE to drive to school this fall, so I figure I might as well get my permit this month {I set it as last month's goal, didn't happen, so we'll see how this month goes} and start learning. bleh.
    I love this post!

    1. He makes me laugh so hard when he runs. :)

      I hate it when people give you a hard time for not doing something. It's like, "BACK OFF! Give me space!!" grrrrr. haha. Oh well.

      Well I hope you get it this month then.... Let me know how it goes. We can compare stories. hahah!

  5. LOL!!!!! How does he run like that?

    Oh wow, you know how to drive a stick? That looks hard. I love the pic with all of you on the couch looking at pics. :)

    1. beats me. lol

      Learning to, yeah. It's actually not as hard as it looks, the real problem is letting off the clutch without killing the car. haha.

      I KNOW! That picture.... seven people on a couch meant for four. So funny. :)

    2. LOL! Awww but it makes it special with all of you together.

      My brother drives a stick and I have no idea how he does it. He makes it look so easy.

    3. I know, people who drive sticks just make it look like... easy peasy. And then me, I'm like, "Shift to second..." Car: Dies. Hmmm.

    4. LOL!! aw you can do it. I wish you luck. :)

  6. Haha! I love snickersnort.

    I really wish I could see all these episodes of awesomeness that I am missing out on. I haven't seen any Phych or Dr. Who...

    That first pic is AWESOME!!! I am so doing that. :D

    I didn't want to drive either. In fact, my brother made me. ;) He is younger than me and was getting his permit and thought it would be totally wierd for a younger sibling to have it before his older one. So I got it with him. :D I'm glad now. Very glad. :D

    1. :) Me too. lol

      Ooh, well.... those shows are really fun. But with both of those shows, you need to watch as many at one time as you can the first few times you watch them. Just because... they're kind of an acquired taste.

      I KNOW! It's so applicable!

      I know that once I learn, I'll be more confident, I just... really hate learning. I don't like making mistakes. I'm a perfectionist. lol. :)

  7. Oh, Treski ~ I was just like you about driving. I only started learning in the first place, because I took that teaching job away from home, and figured I should be able to, just in case. I toddled around for weeks in 2nd gear, with a white-knuckle speed of 15 miles an hour, feeling like I was going to fly off the face of the earth, while boring Mom out of her skull. And now.... I am a *good* driver, just ask a certain British mechanic of our mutual acquaintance :-) And I like driving. And much prefer a stick to an automatic. (And, that car was old a rickety when I started learning, so you have my sympathy.)

    I never remember what a gawk Gus looks when he is running. You'd think a thing like that would stick with you, but it always takes me by surprise.

    1. Hehehe. Yeah, it's a big compliment from him, you know, he's very snarky about women drivers. :)I think my main problem is that there's always a couple of days between lessons, so I have nerves. lol

      Gus. *snort*


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