Saturday, April 27, 2013

What I've been watching!

I was re-reading a few of my older posts, and I realized that I start most of them with the word 'So'.

At first I thought this was a problem. 

But then I thought, you know.... whatever. Trademark!


I've started watching Once Upon a Time with Kat. 

Quick summary:
The Evil Queen uses her magic to transport everyone from their Fairytale world to the real world. No one, save the queen can remember anything about their past lives.
Only Emma can save them from the curse. 

Le trailer!

This is prolly not going to be spoiler free, so continue at your own risk. 

HOLY COW! I was not expecting to like it as much as I do. I was expecting it to be average, since out of the three people I know who watch it, two weren't very impressed.

The sillies.

I think it's brilliant. 

Wow. I'm a little obsessed. Okay, a lot.

In fact, I only have one problem with it..... See, I usually have a really  hard time with Modern Speak in fantasy. (In my opinion, American accents should not exist in fantasy, since fantasy is set in medieval times, [usually in England] and America wasn't even discovered until the 1400s. So it's inaccurate. Booya!) But in this one, I can overlook it. I think it's because my favorite character can are able to make it sound like Fantasy talk. 

I love how the work two different worlds together. 

I love seeing how they do fairytale characters so we know who they are, but twist their stories just a wee bit, so it's totally unique. :)

The romances are cute, usually.

And I mostly love the costumes. There are some "hmmm" ones for the ladies. But all  the guys have cool outfits.

I have two favorite characters. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, and Prince Charming/David. 

Now, before you get all creeped out over Rumpelstiltskin's freakishness and scary makeup... believe me, the guy is a good actor (those of you who've seen Hamish Macbeth will understand.) And there's something oddly likeable about that little weirdo. He giggles funny, has a great accent, and he has a really sad back story. 

And he doesn't always look like that. 

Now, Prince Charming/David is a brilliant actor. He's such a sweetheart! And he fights like a boss. 

He was fighting while holding his baby!!

Snow White I like more in the "real" world rather than in the Fairytale one, because the actress is just a touch too modern when she's in the fairytale world. She's a sweetie though. 

I guess I'm not hugely  fond of Emma. She does grow on you, but she's just a little too 'hard' for the role. (I also thought they should have gotten someone who looked twenty-eight rather than thirty-five. But that's just me. :)

The Evil Witch is SO EVIL. Suffice it to say she is mean and awful and steals ALL the happy endings for herself. *scowl* We hates her gutses, we do.

I'm so emotionally involved. Haha! It definitely ranks up there with DW, Sherlock, Psych, and Leverage for me. Or maybe I'm just in the perfect mood to watch it... but right now. Wow.

^^^^^ I LOVE that quote. 

You should go find them and watch them. 

That is all. 




  1. Oh boy, oh boy. You and I, Treskie, must be secret twins. Have you ever seen Lost? The writers of Lost also write OUAP! I can see tons of similarities:) Lost is more of a thriller-mystery with A LOT of heart. That and DW and Sherlock and OUAP (honorable mention: Psych) are just the death of me:D :D :D
    Yes, that required three smileys!
    I am loving all your posts girl!!!

    1. Really? Cool!

      I haven't seen lost, I found out that Dominic Monaghans's (?) Character dies, and I sort of lost interest in trying it out. lol... I might give it a go, though. After I finish OUAT and White Collar. I'll see if it's at the library. :D

      Psych is so funny!

      I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Makes me happy.


  2. Treski ~ That sword fight while protecting the baby scene is one of the coolest fights I have ever seen. It is well done indeed. Both the choreographer and the actor deserve a good deal of praise for pulling that off so brilliantly.

    I didn't manage to get all the way through season one. I hated Emma, and the stupid love triangle thingy with Snow White, the Prince and whats-her-name in the modern setting... sorry :-/ But Rumpelstiltskin is my favourite character, and I want to find out more about him, so I will probably start watching them again for him. He *does* have the saddest back history, poor man, and Robert Carlyle manages to make him scary-creepy and sympathetic at the same time, which is really quite a feat.

    1. That is was sold on Charming when I saw that fight. He is really very athletic. :) He looks so sad when he puts the baby in the wardrobe.

      How far did you get? Did you get to the sadness with Graham? Emma grows on you... well she did on me. I think she just went too far with the "Hard woman" aspect of her character. The love triangle doesn't last long. Stuff HAPPENS. And... yeah, it's weird. I forgot about that though... I guess I can look over it since I figure that it's just part of the spell the Queen put on everyone.

      Actually, Rumpelstiltskin's isn't the only tragic story. (did you get to the episode with Belle? SNIFF!) Red Riding Hood is super sad too. And so's the Huntsman's. I LOVE Robert Carlyle as an actor. *sigh*

  3. I really want to finish these. I enjoyed the ones I saw, but I didn't get very far into them. When Charming fights with his baby in his arms I sort of melted. That was WAY COOL! :)


  4. Yes, I liked them all. The Evil Queen *actually* has quite a sad story (which you might find out tonight, if we stay up late to watch it! :) and her story gets even sadder in the 2nd Season.

    I love the BESTEST:

    The Huntsman
    Hook (not until 2nd Season!!!) But he's cyool. :)

    1. The Queen does have a sad story, but she's still pretty evil. :D

      I saw pictures of Hook. He looks epic.

  5. Wow, how exciting! The one with the prince holding his baby looks like he is holding scrolls or something in the blanket. And the evil queen looks good for 35. Out of curiosity, why did you feel like it should be in her twenties?

    The one who plays Snow White looks like the woman who played Aunt Beatrice of Beezus and Ramona the movie with Selena Gomez. She looks pretty in this clip.

    until next time, farewell and all the doo dads. :P

    1. No, it's his babby and I wuv him muchly. :D

      Ooh, I didn't think the Queen needed to be in her twenties, I thought Emma did. The blond one. Because she's supposed to have just turned 28 in the show. :D

      Snow White is Aunt Bea in Beezus and Ramona! She's actually cuter in the 'real' world, I think.:D

    2. ah cool!! <3

      yeah she looks cute. I haven't seen the show but the pic you posted of her is so freaking cute! (Where she has short hair).

      So what else have you been up to, my friend? :D

  6. Oh my goodness!!! I love OUAT so much!! Rumple's stories go in so many directions and you're always finding out new things all the time :) Don't get too excited about the second season, it's not very good. There is no common goal throughout the whole thing whereas in season one they are trying to reverse the curse. What part are you at?

    1. Me too! :D :D :D

      Pooooooor Rumpel!

      Oh? Hmmm. My sister likes the second one a lot though. I guess I shall have to form my own opinion then. lol.

      We're going to watch the last three episodes tonight. We just watched the one where you think the Mysterious Writer Guy is Rumpel's son.... and (dun dun duuuuh) he's Not. Which put me very much out. LOL.

  7. I should know better than to judge a show by the pilot episode, but I was so underwhelmed by it that I just didn't have the motivation to keep going. The modern speak was indeed one of the things that really bugged me.

    However, I am going to give it another try because you have excellent good taste. I may just watch it for Rumpelstiltskin, who was the only character that intrigued me from the very first.

    You know, as I scrolled through your post, something familiar caught my eye and I started flipping out about the Martha Jones red jacket of awesomeness!!! I actually thought it was a picture of Martha until I saw the blonde hair. Lol.

    1. The first episode isn't that great. And I shall be the first to admit that the show isn't for everyone, I think it's like DW, where you either love it or are indifferent. I think Snow is better in the real world than in the fantasy one... and I really don't care for a weird love triangle that lasts a really long time. :(

      Rumpelstiltskin is brilliant, and when you get to Belle? Sniffffflee!

      Oh I know. I LOVE that red jacket! She has a blue one too, and a brown one, but the red one is pretty epic. :D

  8. Ihidfifhfhfjdgdksbedfgeekeg!!!!!!!!! DUDE. I freaking love. This show and I cannot WAIT for the rest of it to go on instant play on Neflix!!!!!!!!! Gaaaah. Yup. Oi. *sigh*

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm glad you like it!! Where are you at??

  9. I heard about this TV show back when it came out and watched the trailer and thought it looked really cool, but my dad thought it looked like the usual cheesy/trashy TV show. So....we thinks we shall asks again, precious, so we shall. :)

    1. No, not trashy! :D Just a bit of swearing and a few plunging necklines. :)

  10. I have a friend who loves this show, but I'm not much of the drama person so I haven't watched it yet. (I do Grimm, mysteries and crime and people dying. That makes me sound evil)
    Anyhow, she used to give me a summery of every epoisde and I enjoyed it when she did that and got really interested and then she stopped so I've been out of the loop for the last season. Sad. Because everyone says Rumplesticksin is really cool in it. And now I think I really like Prince Charming. (He had a sword and was holding a baby and fighting. He won me over.) Also, the men's costumes I love! So....I might have to rethink this and try out an episode or two.

    1. It's not really drama... it's more like what I've seen of Merlin. :D I haven't seen Grimm... But I do the crime and people dying a lot! Woot!

      Aw, no you can't just have a summary, you need to watch it! Rumpelstiltskin isn't *cool* per say, he's just hard to explain. He's weird, and he can't decide whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. He has some serious charisma and acts beautifully, so I love him. lol. I love Charming! (I found out that he did theater before tv, and I think he did some Shakespeare, which is, I think, why he can make the 'modern talk' in the fantasy world sound good. :)

      The men's costumes are better than the girls. I especially loved the Mad Hatter's.... he had the coolest sleeves ever!

    2. If it is more like Merlin than I might watch it. I don't mind drama like that. I thought it was more of the..."I LOVE HIM AND HE HATES ME AND MY LIFE IS OOOOOVERRR!" Kind. I can't stand that.

      I like characters like Rumpelsiltskin if they are done well. Not everyone can pull them off, but when they are then they really make the story more fun. So....he might be one of the reasons I might end up watching it - and now, of course, Charming.

      The Mad Hatter is in it? Oh wait, you might have mentioned that in your post....anyways...I loved him in the book!

      Oh yes! I am like you with sleeping. I can stay up till one or so and be fine so long as I wake up at seven thirty. Or I could go to bed at nine, wake up at six thirty, and be half asleep all the next day.

      ACK! So glad to hear Iron Man was so good, and yet also slightly depressed because I want to see it sooo much! It is during moments like this that I wish I had a boyfriend.

    3. Hehe, the only time there's an, "I LOVE HER AND SHE HATES ME" moment is involved with a curse, so I don't think you'll mind much... and he's not a pansy about it. :D

      Rumpelstiltskin is done really well. He's everyone's favorite. lol. I like Charming so much! And oh ooh oh oh! He's on Thor! Umm.... he's the guy with the goatee and handlebar mustache from Asgard. --->

      The Mad Hatter is played by Bucky in Captain America. I love him.

      IRON MAN!!! He was so awesome in that. He was a lot more vulnerable in it... and he's so sweet with Pepper... and yeah. Let me know what you think of The Mandarin when you watch it. lol. :D

  11. I awarded you!

    1. Awesome! I might do it on saturday. :)

  12. I love this show!! Though the second season isn't quite as good as the first so far. And LOL, I agree. Costumes are awesome but some "hmm" ones for the females. o.O

    1. Hmmm. I've heard good and bad things about the second season. My sister likes it more because there's more Rumpelstiltskin, but other people don't think the plot is as good. Sigh. I shall just have to watch it then. LOL.

      I KNOW! Most of the girl's costumes would have been so much cuter if the skirts had come all the way around instead of cutting off in the front and having low necklines. :( lol

  13. That show sounds so good! I totally agree with you about the girls' costumes. They just seem too modern compared to the boys' ones, with their low necklines and all.

    New follower here, check out my blog at!
    -DP :)

    1. A couple of them are awesome, I LOVE all of Belle's and Red Riding Hood's is adorable, but over all.... *Sigh*

      I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks for commenting and following and.... BYE! :D

  14. Hi Treskie! I've been following your blog for a few weeks and enjoying reading it.

    I've heard a lot about Once Upon A Time but haven't gotten around to trying to watch it. I have seen several of the fairy world costumes and thought they were cool.

    I tagged you here:

    1. Melody~ Aw, thanks. :D :D

      Once Upon a Time is epic. lol... But I should warn you, I block a lot of some inappropriate stuff.... There are some serious kissing scenes.... and a love triangle that I don't like, but everything gets sorted. I'd just recommend a bit of discretion. :D Belle's and Red Riding Hood's costumes are the BEST. SO PRETTY!!!!!

      Thanks for the tag! I'm kind of swamped, so I don't know if I"ll be able to do it, but I'll see what I can do. :) Cheers!

  15. I am glad you trust my book recommendations, because I trust yours 8-D And I don't trust many people's. I've read so many reviews where they go, "This book is amazing! You MUST read it!" And then I read it and it was something bad in it so I spend a week sulking.

    You got the quote right, it was from RDJ's Sherlock Holmes. The first one 8-D It's my second favourite, my first being, "Did you just kill my wife?! Did you just kill my new wife?!"

    1. Hehehe. I don't read books with bad stuff in them. When that happens, I throw the book down in disgust and find something of Diana Wynne Jones's to console myself with.

      Haha! I love the "DID YOU JUST KILL MY NEW WIFE!?" quote. I really like those movies. :)

  16. Arg. I don't watch that show, but part of me REAALLY wants to. I have a friend named Grace, and we were pretty sure there was someone named Grace on there. Is there?

    You're making me want to watch it! ;-)

    1. Yeah, don't.

      This post was written when I was still only halfway through season 1. I gave up after season, and just overall, it really went downhill. Frankly, I don't think it's worth the time anymore. :)

      I think there's a little girl named Grace... but yeah. Don't bother. Do Merlin instead.


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