Wednesday, June 12, 2013

They really should have let Khan sleep.

So. I've tried several times to start this post without using the word 'so.'

As you can see, the attempt failed. But I be not bovvered! I got tired of backspacing.


My dad, my brother, and I went and watched Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday, and I was actually surprised at how much I liked it.

It was an epic movie! It had good dialogue and the most awesome villain aside from Loki. (OH! That reminds me. Have you noticed that all the BBC actors are all making movies where they're the bad guys? Hiddles, Cumberbatch, Christopher Eccleston, Karen Gillan... What's the deal?!) It had great special effects and the story itself was pretty good too. It left me with a bit of that happy skittles feeling I mentioned when I talked about The Eagle. In fact, I'll probably end up owning at some point in my existence.

But um.... here's the thing. After watching it, I came to the conclusion that I am an Original Series Trekkie..... and I'm a bit of a Star Trek purist. So maybe it's just me, since everyone else seems to have liked it just fine. (My dad and brother both love the Original Series and they both love the movie too.) But I had a hard time with a couple of things.

Now, remember that I said that I did love this movie! (Yes, that had to be underlined, italicized, and bolded! Bolded? In bold? Whatever. You know what I mean.) I don't want you guys to think I didn't like it, 'cause I did. I'm just super persnickety.

1.) Chris Pine is not, and never will be Kirk.

He's a good actor and everything, (he was great in Unstoppable.) but he's not William Shatner's James. T. Kirk. (kudos if you know what T stands for.) But in fairness, I will say that it would be nearly impossible achieve that level of awesomeness.

And Chris Pine was awesome! But he's just not that awesome.

He does have some seriously beautiful eyes though. 

2.) The ship didn't look right. I know. I know they updated it to make it more realistically futuristic. But let's be honest.


Doesn't look anything like this:

and this:

really doesn't look like this:

I completely get that they updated it to make it look less sixties and more 2259. But couldn't they have sleeked it out and still have it look like the U.S.S. Enterprise that we all remember? It was too white and curved, in my opinion.

3.) The Spock/Uhura relationship. No.

4.) The costumes. (really persnickety here.) Hehehehe. I know short pants are out. But come on... they're iconic. And... the slick tight space suits were a bit weird. lol.

5.) The way they hold their phasers and the way they transport.

I know it's more realistic to hold a phaser like a Glock. But you just don't, kay?


not this:

and this:

not this

6.) The totally unnecessary bad scenes. They were short. They weren't needed. They were only there to draw in the perverts.

NOW! The stuff I DID like.

1.) Duh.

This scene. SO RELATABLE! 

2.) Bones. He was probably the best cast.

3.) Scotty. Loved Scotty. *heart*

4.) All the references to the Original Series. There were quite a few parts where I was like, "I see what you did there!!"
     Like the, "Darn it, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a torpedo technician!"

And the seventy-two "photon torpedoes". Which is only relevant if you have just watched the episode with Khan.

And the scene in the radiation room....

And the Tribble!!! Which I couldn't find a picture of so I'll just use the old ones. 

5.) The fights were really good.

Right, so overall, yes, I really, really did like this movie. It was fast paced, it was fun. But it's not Star Trek for me. It felt more like a really good science fiction story than something that would happen on the USS Enterprise that I know and love. And it could just be that I have a hard time when the movie changes the show, and I could just be getting caught up on the details. I think I would have adored it if it hadn't been Kirk's crew.

As it is, if you're not a fan of the TV show, you will love it. It's awesome. It's worth it. However, if you're the kind of fan I am, I'd advise going to it for Benedict Cumberbatch, because he's a scene stealer and he owns!

And now I will tell you to live long and prosper. But darn it, guys, I'm a human, not a vulcan! (that was lame, wasn't it......)


  1. I didn't read like 98% of this post because I haven't seen it yet, but once I see it I will come back and read this. :D I can't wait to see it though!!! <3

    1. lol sounds like a plan. :D Let me know what you think! It's really good. :)

  2. Loved, loved, loved this post! It's actually made me want to see the movie...and that's saying a lot. Other than Benedict Cumberbatch, I had absolutely no desire to watch it for pretty much the same reasons you've listed above. It just didn't look like Kirk's Star Trek! And Kirk's star trek is the only series that I absolutely love! :) But I think if I look on this as just a Sci-fi movie, I'll probably like it.

    You're "darn it guys, I'm a human not a vulcan' really made me laugh. I was like "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!" lol. Clever girl.

    And I love the Watson, "Hahaha...NO"

    Anyway, great post, Treskie.


    1. Aw, really? I was worried that I might come off as a bit harsh. I didn't want to, but those things needed to be said! lol. Yeah, we'll have to rent it when it comes out, because I want to see what you think of it.

      It made you laugh!? haha! I thought it was almost too embarrassing to publish. lol.

      I know the "hahaha! NO!" was so perfect.

      Thanks, Pernder.


  3. I haven't seen the new second Star Trek (I looooved the first one). I'm obviously not a purist...since I've only watched the new ones. (Eep. Shame on me. ;) But OH MY...Bones. Bones looks EXACTLY the same in both movies. That's kind of...creepy. ;) XD I think Scotty looks remarkably similar too!

    1. I haven't seen the first one, so I wouldn't know. lol.

      Well, if you don't like cheesy sixties effects, you might not like the Original Star Treks... but the characters are awesome, so I'd say give it a go. lol.

      Yeah, Bones was perfect, and I just... really like Simon Pegg, so Scotty has my stamp of approval too. lol.

  4. "So. I've tried several times to start this post without using the word 'so.' "

    THIS MADE ME LAUGH. hahahaha. :)

    Also, I realllly want to see the new Star Trek... the trailer looked good. Plus, I never saw the old, orginal star trek so I feel like I might enjoy it more. Does thatmake sense? Like I never grew up watching the old one so I don't have anything to compare the new one too or say; "Hey they cant change that! That's just wrong" type of thing. I totally get where you're coming from though. Its kinda like if they were to re-make Star Wars... I feel like id probably be disappointed in any remake of that because I know they'd have to change things, and I grew up and loved(love) the Star Wars they already made.

    1. Hehehe. It's a problem, really. It's almost impossible for me to not use 'so.' lol. :D

      Oh, if you haven't seen the show, you'll really, really love the movie. It IS really fantastic. So, yeah. It completely makes sense. The more I'm away from it, I like it more, actually. Let me know what you think of it, yeah? :D

  5. I've only seen two partial episodes of the old one, and the first new movie. I'm sure I just got a dud episode when I watched the TV show, but it was... kind of... 60's. If you know what I mean. :) As for the new ones! Ah! I loved it! You're right Spock and Uhura were really... random. Yep. Random. Suddenly they're smooching in an elevator, and I sit there, saying, "I did not get that at all." Though I did like it that Kirk was the cool-guy, and always got beaten up in every fight, and never got the girl. :)

    "I would say live long and prosper, but in this case it would be oddly self-serving. I shall just say, 'good luck.'"

    1. Hahahahaha. Well,.... a lot of them were very sixties. Which is why so many people adore the movie.... but if you want to watch a hilarious, good episode, see if you can find, "The Trouble With Tribbles." because that one is one of my favorites.

      See, Spock is... not ever even sort of romantic with Uhura in the TV show, so their relationship irritated me. Especially since he's supposed to "not feel" (Actually, since he's half Vulcan, he's only supposed to want... hmmm... to mate every seven years? It's lame but there you go. LOLOLOL)

      Kirk... fights a lot.

      LOL same for you. lol. :D

  6. I recognize that dude on your number 2 list... Bones. He played Julius Cesaer in Xena warrior princess!

    I hate it when there are inappropriate scenes in movies. you are so right, they just draw in the pervs. Sheesh, we don't want to see that junk!

    Funny you and I say "so" a lot. hey, it's just the way we are. ;)

  7. Oh, really? He's also Eomer in Lord of the Rings, and the other assassin guy from the second Bourne movie. And Red. He's on Red too. lol.

    Yeah, sick scenes make me ill. lol.

    I say so way too much. LOL. :D

  8. He is? LOL, oh my gosh I didn't recognize him on LOTR.

  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I've been complaining about how Chris Paine is not Captain Kirk and making enemies left and right because of it. I mean, he is a good actor, but he just can't replace William Shanter as Kirk. If you make as many enemies over this as I have we can run away and live in a cave as hermits.

    I don't like the new ship's layout either. It looks like some super lighted version of the TARDIS.

    Spock and Uhura was disturbing and awkward.

    How did I NOT notice those space suits?! Really, how? Those are so...weird! I must have been too busy grinning over BC being brilliant as Khan to notice. (Thank you BC for distracting me.)

    I agree about the bad scenes. That is mainly why I don't like this new Kirk. He might have kissed a good many girls, but he NEVER would have done that.

    If we ever meet, I'm letting you sleep. (BC was amazing. I would watch it over and over and over just for him.)

    Bones was cool too. His actor did a good job.

    Scotty...there are no words. I loved him, in both movies. He is just, wonderful. "Well, if it isn't Captain James Perfect Hair Kirk. Did you hear that? I called him perfect hair." Simon Pegg needs to be in more movies. With Jeremy Renner.

    Aw, you liked the radiation room scene! I didn't think anyone else did because it wasn't Spock in there. I liked it better then the original, but I have original Khan issues.

    THE TRIBBLE! I squealed shamelessly.

    Wondeful review! Now I want to see it again.

    1. haha, I did sort of make a few enemies over the Chris Pine idea. lol. My friend never watched the TV show and she has a crush on him, so we agree not to speak of the new Kirk. HERMITS UNITED!!!

      Yes! It does look like a TARDIS, doesn't it! I didn't notice before but now that you mention it, I have to admit, it really does. lol.

      Spock and Uhura was so not right. (My brother really liked it, and I feel betrayed because he loves the old Star Treks, and I think that he is silly for thinking their 'relationship' is okay. lol)

      Haha, the spacesuits didn't bother anyone else really.... I personally just thought they were a bit weird.

      OH MY GOSH, YES! WHY can't anyone make classy ladies' men? Like you said, sure, Kirk kisses most of the girls, but he was never sleazy like they made it in the movies.

      Haha. Oh, I don't mind being woken up... I just don't like being woken up before seven. lol. I promise not to pop your head open if you do. Haha!

      Bones is Eomer!!!!!!!

      LOL that scene in the pub cracked me up. He was so funny. I think they are making a 5th Mission Impossibe with both Renner AND Pegg and I'm just sayin' if they do.... I'm going to watch the midnight showing. :D

      OH, see, I thought that seen was clever. I've only seen the original Khan movie once before and that was a really long time ago, but I remember the radiations scene and I remember being horrified that someone would do something so terrible as kill Spock. (you know, Kirk dies in one of the other movies, and that was a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD call.) Which movie is the one with the horrific bugs clambering around inside Chekov's ear? Uuuughghghg.... that gives me shivers of ew whenever I think about it.

      Yeah. I was expecting to have a mention of Quadrotridicale in there at some point because of that Tribble. (in fact, after watching that, we went home and turned on that episode. :D)

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Jack! It made my day knowing that you liked the review.

      Cheers and God bless!

  10. haha I loved the "I'm a human not a vulan" PERFECT!!

    YIKES! USS enterprise has gone all TARDIS on us! And I don't like it. Too white. Way too white. AND FASERS ARE NOT GUNS!!

    Spock and Uhura? really? I think I'm gonna die. But you're right. Bones does look really good. and he's Eomere...*Grin*

    yeah I'll probably watch it for Benendict. He's so awesome you guys!

    Yeah! what is with the viallainy?


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