Monday, October 28, 2013

Day twenty-eight

A song that makes you feel guilty


Okay, see here's the thing. 

If something makes me feel guilty, my first inclination is to think it's probably a sin and/or not good for my soul. And therefore, I tend to avoid it. 

Yeah. Deeeeeep, right? 

So anyway, I don't actually listen to very many songs that make me feel guilty. I can name a few that have swears, which I am slightly ashamed to like, but since they have  swears, I don't want to post them.


There's this one Nickelback song that I don't even know why I find kind of cool. It's really kind of dark and grim. I'm fairly sure they wrote it after someone they knew got into drugs and stuff. 

It's really loud and angry, and way more 'heavy metal' than I usually listen to. So if you don't listen to it, I would totally get why.

I think I just really like the part that goes:

"Tell me what you know.
Tell me what you've gone and done now."

*Coughs, a little awkwardly* 


Just for kicks, I found the best ever description of my current fandoms.

Only two days left. 

Praise heaven!




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