Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day twenty-six

A song you can play on an instrument.

I'm going to make this post super short, because I had a long day, and I am pooped. :)

I'm not much of an instrument player. I used to play french horn, but I got into singing more, and I was never really passionate about it.

But there is one song I was really good at. French horns get the main melody in it, and it's pretty. (The movie's not that great. It's not that bad, but it's not that great.)


I'm so tired right now, you guys.

Good night.



  1. I was tried too. I was falling asleep through Elementary, and then it ended and I was all ready to crawl into bed and sleep. And now I'm wide awake and it is bugging me because I want sleep but I can't and I have a feeling if I start another episode I'll be out of it, but it is on Hulu and if I stop it in the middle its a pain to pick it up I won't want to stop it and I'll doze off and miss some of the plot while Holmes is rambling then I'll feel bad for dozing through his show and then I'll wake myself up again when it is over from guilt. So I am doing the normal thing and rambling randomness to you in the hopes I can fall asleep while posting this comment.

    It isn't working.

    Also being random keeps me from doing this. "NOT THAT GREAT!?! has dinosaurs in it..." I skipped the first bits after the cool Austrilian tries to save that one dude. After that it is boring and evelutionary. But when I get past that I sit there and giggle and fan girl because I've always liked Grant. (The reason I don't like the other two as much.) So now I'm here going..."DINOSAURS!" and wondering if I should be a nice friend and say, "Aw, guess we can't share all the same likes." Or if I should throw my shoe at you. You do like Tintin though. Not even my kindred spirit likes you get huge points there. And you got my not so hidden, hidden SPN reference. And you're pretty much the only friend I have I can insult and you still like me. So, I will keep my shoes on my feet - unless they fall into drains.

    Man, I really need sleep. And to get over this dumb cold. That would help my randomness and temperment SO much...

    but since none of that is happening any time soon I will answer your comments real fast.

    I think it is the shepherd thing that gets everyone to like Maddock right off. I don't know why, but everyone seems really impressed with that. (He and I don't get along so great so I make it a point not to understand why everyone is so fond of him.) As for him trusting me, he doesn't. He knows I will gladly kill him again ever given the chance. he came back because he loves attention and I'm his only connection to all his adoring fans. He needs me - and I had to put up with him or risk getting murdered by said adoring fans.

    Thank you for liking Theobald. He's always had so few people liking him. (He's one of my favourites.) As for the picture - I think yours are just as smashing the way you do them. I've been trying to find a way to explain them, but I can't yet. They are like a cross between realistic and fantasy-ish. Whatever the word might be for it, I like the style.

    Now I will try and either get sleep or spend another hour with Holmes and Joan and Bell. (Because Bell is cool and I like him a lot.)


    1. Sooooo..... I take it that you're watching Elementary. How do you like it? I can't get over the fact that they freaking made John a girl. lol.

      I don't mind. lol!

      Hahah! Noooooo you misunderstand. I did like it. It's just not one of my favorites. I loved the way they did the dinosaurs, it was cool, and I really liked that weird fellow who's like, "Did you feel that? That was an impact tremor. I'm mildly concerned." But I didn't connect to the characters as much as I would have liked to, and therefore the movie didn't give me a happy skittles feeling. :)
      No throwing shoes at me, I will catch them and run away, and will not give them back. MWAHAHAHA!
      HOW can anyone not like Tintin??????????? Tintin is freaking awesome and I wuv his awesomenss!

      Is it hard writing a character that you're not too keen on, or is it easier, since you don't care as much?
      To be honest, I probably wouldn't trust you with my life much either, especially if you've already killed me once. lol.

      I tend to like characters not many people like. Especially in books. But I don't know why people wouldn't like Theobald, since he sounds like sweetie. lol.

      haha, aaaaaawwwwwww. Thanks, Jack, you're nice. TACKLE HUG! I mostly like them too, but then I look at other people's stuff and I'm like, "Haha! Haha. Ha. *dead*" LOL!

      Who's Bell? O.o


    2. Elementary is good if you pretend it isn't Sherlock and Watson. I refuse to call him Sherlock. Sometimes I will call him Holmes and then feel so guitly and like I've turned traitor I'll stop. But it is a cool mystery show and I LOVE detective shows. It has some good plots and fun moments, but he is definately NOT Sherlock - never will be. (It is easy to watch and pretend he isn't because he acts nothing like him. And Joan acts NOTHING like Watson.)

      *Throws a cookie instead.* You're forgiven. That is probably why I like it so much. I'm a bit too much like Grant. "Dinosaur! MUST HUG IT!!!!"
      Tintin is the bestest....bestest....I don't know what. But he's the bestest and everyone should love him to pieces because he's SOOO cool!

      It isn't easy writing with a character I don't get along with. He's kind of like Steed, where he flirts and I go, "You're kind of fun, I think I like you." And then he steals all of Theobald's spot light time and I go back to glaring at him. That's our main problem. I shamelessly like Theobald more and Maddock stole the book and got all the girls insisting the book was about him and he was the bestest character I've ever created and Theobald should be left in the background and so...I killed him. In the most tragic way I could dream up. And if I could get away with it I'd probably do it again. (Doesn't that sound so evil of me?) We try to get along. He's better now, a little, but he's still a fan girl stealer and I don't think we'll ever be on friendly terms. He's more careful around me though. Not that I blame him. I'd tip toe around someone who'd killed me too.

      Bell is a cool police man in Elementary. Sometimes he's the only reason I watch it. He's like Lassie, kind of, "Just do my job and let the annoying people in the world be annoying and I'll ignore them." Only he's more withdrawn and won't say if someone is bugging him, he'll just glare them into silence or walk away. He's really cool and fun.

      And now I should go to bed so I won't fall asleep during tomorrow's test.


    3. Haha, well you never know, I may give it a go at some point.... but it doesn't have priority. I need to watch Once Upon a Time, and Grimm, and Supernatural and s7 of Psych.... and Agents of Shield first, before I consider watching a show that tries very hard to be Sherlock and fails. :)

      *catches cookie* Merherherher. I've always thought that dinosaurs are the modern ideas of dragons. So dinosaurs a pretty coolio. *smirk*

      It looks like they're going to be making another Tintin movie sometime in 2015. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!

      LOL! Well, I guess that's a good reason to kill him off. I've killed off a great many characters in the few books I've written. (These will never see the light of day because they're so horrible. *grin*) But I've never considered bringing them back to life and killing them again if they annoy me. That's a good idea. ........... lol!

      So Bell's kind of like the Lestrade of that show then? Or is there an actual Lestrade and Bell's a secondary character after him. hehehe I love Lassie-esque characters.

  2. hahaha. i agree. not that great. not that bad.
    just meh-ish, huh? :D

    1. I think I liked it more than I would have, because my older sisters hated it, and told me all about it. So when my dad asked me to watch it with him, I was all prepared to hate it, and then I ended up kinda liking it. It's just... yeah. Not my type of movie.


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